Diana’s Tales – Tennis Pt. 01

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Disclaimer — All characters are 18 or older.

Author’s note — This story was written in collaboration with Diana R.


“Good shot!” I called out as another ball whizzed by.

What the hell have I gotten myself into? My husband’s nephew, Will, was in town for spring break week with his mother, my sister in law, Carol. He was a freshman at a small university on a tennis scholarship, and he wanted to keep his ground strokes sharp while away from school, so I had promised to dust off my old racket and try to give him some practice.

“Good backhand!” I shouted as a two-hander screamed past.

I warned my sister-in-law I hardly played anymore, but she had insisted I needed to practice with him, otherwise, he wouldn’t come out to visit. They lived hours away and had not been to visit in over 5 years. I was surprised when I saw Will; he had filled out nicely in those 5 years, and now he was a strapping 6’1″ and a lean 160 pounds.

Still, I’m not sure what I was thinking trying to keep up with an 18-year-old on the tennis court. I’m a 53-year-old woman, and, even though I’ve worked hard to maintain my 36C-29-35 figure, I’m still not in the kind of shape to go toe to toe against a collegiate athlete.

I finally relented after my sister guilt tripped me into promising to practice against Will. “You just need to hit baseline with him,” she insisted. “You know, I never played, but you’re a good player.” Correction, I was a good player. But that was a while ago now, and I can tell that Will is toying with me, hitting easy ground strokes back up the middle till he gets bored, and then he blasts one or two to the corners that I hopelessly can’t catch up to.

“That was great, Aunt Diana,” Will said as we wrapped up the hitting session. “Thanks for practicing with me. I want to keep my strokes sharp. The season starts in two weeks.”

I laughed. “I’m not sure how much practice I actually gave you. It seemed like I was barely able to keep up with you out there.”

“You did fine. You got the ball back, and that’s all that matters. I can tell, you’re just a little rusty. With a little extra practice, your shots would be cleaner, and you’d be hitting a bunch of winners.”

“Now you’re just being kind to an old lady.”

“It’s true. Besides, you look good out there.”

“You’re a terrible liar,” I deadpanned.

I finished packing up my tennis gear and then we headed to my SUV for the ride back to the house.

“So how is college treating you?” I asked on the ride back.

“It’s been a big change. It’s my first time away from home. It’s hard starting over, not knowing anyone, but I’m making friends.”

“Any girlfriends?” I wondered.

“I had my high school girlfriend, but she went to a different school, and doing a long-distance relationship was just too hard. We just broke up last month,” he said sadly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you date for a long time?”

“3 years,” he replied.

“That’s a long time. Are you doing ok?”

“Some days are better than others,” he admitted.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said, trying to comfort him.

“I’ve been pouring myself into tennis more than usual to take my mind off it,” Will confessed. “That’s why I really appreciate you taking time this week to help me practice.”

“It’s my pleasure. As long as you don’t mind being with an old lady.”

“You’re not old, Aunt Diana. Honestly, your legs and that short skirt were kind of a distraction at times.”

“I need every advantage on the court I can get when I’m hitting with you,” I laughed. Truth be told I was flattered. I hardly play tennis anymore, but when I do, I like to wear the old school women’s short tennis skirts. Partly because it’s easier to maneuver around the court in a skirt that never gets in your way, but also because I’ve worked hard to maintain my figure, and I like to show it off a little when I get the chance. Today I wore it out of habit, not thinking I’d catch the eye of my own nephew, but it seems that may have been the case.


We got home, and I cooked dinner. It ended up being Will, Carol and myself for dinner. My husband was working late at the office, which seems to happen more often recently. Either he’s working late or he’s out of town on business, but the results are the same, either way; he’s rarely home. So, I played the role of hostess for our family house guests, and we all enjoyed lively conversation and catching up on our lives. Carol and Will had made the time and effort to visit us, so I took the week off from work, although my husband declined to take any time-off, so that left me to entertain them.

I sneaked glances at Will and couldn’t help admiring how he had grown into a good looking and strong young man. Carol is a lovely woman, but she’s something of a blowhard, and Will and I exchanged knowing glances behind her back while she droned on.

That night I went to bed with mixed emotions. I had known Will since he was a little kid, but now that he had grown into tempobet yeni giri┼č a handsome young man, I felt an undeniable attraction to him. In addition to his dark-haired good looks and strong face, he was witty and polite. I’d become so used to my husband’s shortcomings — his apathy and emotional absence, that Will shone like a beacon in comparison. He reminded me so much of the emotional connection that was missing in my life. Still, he was my nephew, even if he wasn’t a blood relation.


The next day again, Will and I returned to the tennis courts for another hitting session. Will’s admission that my legs and short skirt were a distraction kept running through my head the previous night. Did he actually find his aunt attractive? I felt flattered, and I also wanted to raise his spirits since he was obviously still getting over his break-up. To be honest, the attention he gave me made me feel good. I just hoped his interest in me was real and not just fake politeness. I’m not sure if it was a smart decision, but I decided to wear a thong under my short tennis skirt today and maybe give him an extra glimpse of myself.

That day, I exerted myself even harder while hitting around, chasing after every shot, and scrambling like mad to give every chance for my short skirt to flip up and reveal myself. It was hard to tell while trying to focus on the tennis ball if Will noticed, but I could swear I caught him on several occasions quickly turning his head away, not wanting to get caught staring at me.

We ended up talking again on the ride back home.

“You hit the ball really well today, Aunt Diana.”

“Thanks Will. I even took note from last time when you said my legs and skirt were distracting, and I tried to give you some extra distraction today, but you still easily out hit me.”

“I noticed,” Will started and then paused for a long second. “And it definitely was more of a distraction than yesterday. But I like your distractions,” he said with a wink, as I eyed him playfully.

That evening I sat in the den watching tv with my husband, Carol, and Will. Will was definitely flirting with me, but it couldn’t mean anything, could it? Then again, I had been just as guilty of creating the flirtatious environment with my thong and short tennis skirt. But what was my end goal? I mean, it was all just harmless fun, but, in the end, Will was still my nephew, and I was his aunt. Nothing more could ever come of it, could it? At first I thought no, but the more I thought about it, the less sure I became.


The next day I decided to up the ante even higher. Again I wore a short tennis skirt, but this time I opted for no panties. It seemed like a good idea as I got dressed but I started having second thoughts as soon as I descended the stairs from my bedroom and felt the air brushing against my shaved pussy. My skirt was so short it would take nothing to completely reveal myself. I carefully maneuvered around the house before we left, making sure not to inadvertently reveal myself in front of Carol.

After we arrived at the courts, the winds really picked up, and it made it difficult to hit the ball well. The whipping winds also constantly flipped my skirt up, and Will had many opportunities to get an eyeful of his aunt’s bald beaver and ass that day. He didn’t say anything while we were hitting, but the wind kicked strong enough there were several times the front or the back of my skirt flipped up and stayed up until the point ended before I had a chance to straighten it. Luckily, no one else was anywhere near the tennis courts, but it still felt odd, but thrilling, to be so openly brazen in public. The whole hitting session passed by quickly as I enjoyed the excitement of being on display, even as Will continued to easily blast baseline winners past me.

“Aunt Diana, can I ask you a question?” Will asked after we had finished and were driving back home.

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Do you always dress like this when you play tennis?”

Crap, he called my bluff. It felt like one thing to tease him, but now he made it a discussion topic, which, who knows where this could lead. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this, but I had been stoking the fire, so I couldn’t complain. My mind raced for a response as I blushed in excited embarrassment.

“Was it that obvious out there?” I responded, trying to feign innocent ignorance.

Will slowly nodded his head yes.

I sighed deeply. “I’m sorry if I made you feel awkward. Please don’t tell your mother about it.” It didn’t occur to me till then how much I had risked with my stunt. If Will reported my actions back to Carol or my husband, I’d never hear the end of it.

“No, it’s not like that,” he reassured me. “I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the show.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad. My husband doesn’t always give me a lot of attention, and I guess I just like feeling special and desirable for once.”

“My uncle is a fool if he tempobet giri┼č doesn’t appreciate having a beautiful wife like yourself. If I had a wife like you at home…” Will’s voice trailed off.

“If you had a wife like me – what?” I wanted to know.

“You’d always feel special and desirable,” he asserted.

I flipped up my skirt to reveal my bald pussy as I drove on the busy thoroughfare back home. “You know, I’m older than your mom, right?”

Will licked his lips while eyeing my pussy. “What I see looks like perfection.”

I immediately pulled over to the curb and stopped a few miles short of the house.

“Look, we’re both obviously attracted to each other, but we have to set some ground rules,” I said in earnest. “Number one, no one can know. Not your mother, not my husband, not anyone, not ever. Is that clear?”

He nodded. I wasn’t sure if he really heard me or if he answered unconsciously since his eyes were transfixed on my exposed crotch.

Great, I thought to myself. He had seemed so mature and caring, I almost forgot he was a college freshman. I had a horny 18-year-old boy on my hands, but I realized I was just about as horny as he was in that moment. I bit my lip trying to figure out what to do next. My SUV’s side and rear windows were heavily tinted. And this part of the road was still before my neighborhood, so the roadside was just treed land.

I reached over and grabbed his crotch. I saw the surprised look on his face as I ran my hands over the outside of his pants down over his shaft before cupping his balls. He was already rock hard. Oh, the wonders of youth. And then I slid my hand inside his shorts and wrapped it around his cock. His member bulged in my hand as I began to jerk him off.

“Slide your pants down,” I whispered.

Will looked around nervously. There were some cars passing back and forth, but his horniness outweighed his shyness, and soon his shorts dropped to his ankles.

I leaned over and took him into my mouth. His crotch was hot and sweaty from our tennis practice, and the pungent odor momentarily deterred me, but his cock looked so enticing, I was determined to get him off. I ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, the saltiness of his sweat hitting my tongue.

As I worked over his member, he leaned over, and his hands began fondling my tits and fingering my pussy. The displaced air from the cars zooming past us on the road caused my SUV to shake, but I kept my lips pressed tightly to his shaft as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.

Before I knew it, his body tightened, and he ejaculated into my mouth. I held his cock tightly between my lips as it pulsed several times, and more cum spilled out with each pulse onto my tongue. After he finally started to soften, I let him fall out of my mouth and wiped my mouth clean with my hands.

I looked over at Will with a mischievous grin as I looked at the drips of cum I had just wiped onto my hands. He looked stunned, still disbelieving that he received a blow job from his aunt.

I adjusted my top and flipped my skirt back down before I put the car back in drive.

“You should pull your pants back up, honey,” I advised.

He obediently responded, and a few minutes later we arrived back home.


That night I treaded lightly. I felt awkward around Carol after having sucked off her son and avoided her as much as I could that evening. I could still taste Will’s cum on my tongue as I exchanged pleasantries with Carol after returning home.

I went upstairs and showered as soon as I got in, but, afterward, I avoided looking at Will as much as possible out of fear Carol would notice the attraction in my eyes. On the other hand, I could swear that Will was shamelessly ogling me, oblivious to the risk of his mother’s notice.

I avoided Carol that evening out of fear she might pick up on any hints. I didn’t want any slips to give anything away — flirtatious looks, inadvertent offhand comments, or even sexy signals we might try to covertly send. I joined them for dinner and laughed nervously at Carol’s stories, but I feigned a headache and headed for bed as soon as the meal was done.

I laid in bed, my mind still a whirl in conflict. The naughtiness of our fling excited me. Will was a handsome, strong, young man and I couldn’t wait to be alone with him again. On the other hand, I knew I was flirting with disaster if Carol or my husband ever found out.

The whole situation turned me on so much, I fingered myself in bed, imagining my body wrapped up in Will’s arms. I still couldn’t quite believe I’d been brazen enough to give him a blowjob in a car parked on the side of a busy road, and the excitement of that moment coupled with the anticipation of what tomorrow might bring left me highly aroused.

That night, my husband came home late from work again. Normally when he comes home that late, he just watches tv till he’s ready for bed, but tonight, he approached me, wanting to canoodle. I tempobet g├╝venilirmi was so turned on thinking about Will, I let my husband make love to me, but I imagined it was Will the whole time. My husband marveled at how wet and ready I was for sex, but if only he knew why. His self-centered mind probably assumed I was just that horny for him, desperately waiting for him to insert his cock into my pussy.

But that’s just what he did. His cock slid inside me, and I imagined it was my nephew, even though I knew Will’s cock was significantly thicker than my husband’s member. Nevertheless, I was so horny, even my husband’s smaller cock felt good inside me. Being older and out of shape, my husband doesn’t last very long during sex, and he came in about two minutes, which left me still horny and wanting more. Nevertheless, my husband shut off the lights and promptly fell asleep. I was still naked in bed and left to surreptitiously finger myself to the mind-blowing orgasm I longed for as images of my nephew ran through my head.


As I slept naked in bed that night, I dreamed about Will. He entered my bed and caressed my naked body, and his hands quickly slid down to my pussy. He kissed the back of my neck, and my head leaned back into his body as his fingers slipped inside my slit. I quickly grew wet in my excitement, the sheets in that region becoming damp with my arousal. His fingers pulled back and reached for my clitoris, finding just the right spot, and my body goes limp as allow him to just have his way with me. The dream felt all so real as he crawled over to my feet, stood on his knees on the bed and then spread my legs wide before plunging his cock deep into my tingling pussy.

“Oh God!” I screamed loudly.

“Shh. Don’t wake up my mom.”

Suddenly, I realized it wasn’t a dream, as my senses were shocked back to reality. My eyes shot open to the sight of Will hovering above, slowly pumping his cock into me. I panicked. What time is it? Was my husband still in bed? The bedroom was still darkened, but the first rays of daylight shown through the slats on the window blinds.

“Uncle left for work 10 minutes ago,” Will whispered. “My mom always sleeps in till at least 9. I thought we could steal some time to play.”

I mumbled an acknowledgement, still trying to process the situation. The clock read 7:07 AM. My husband leaves for work before 7. And Carol had slept in every morning so far. Maybe this could work, I reasoned.

As if I needed more encouragement, Will’s cock had an immediate stimulating effect on me. Any concerns and defenses I had quickly evaporated, and I relaxed to focus on my pleasure. I couldn’t help but contrast Will against my husband. His cock felt so much larger inside me, both stretching my pussy wider and penetrating deeper with every hip thrust. But everything else about him was so much more sleek and fit compared to my husband. His arms were wiry but hard, and his body had none of the pudginess that resulted from my husband’s rich food intake and lack of exercise. I ran my hands over Will’s backside, and his strong shoulders and firm buttocks felt so good on my fingertips as I wrapped my legs around him. He was so much more confident this morning as he took control of my body and drove me toward an orgasm.

It occurred to me that my husband had just made love to me last night. His cum was still in me, and Will was getting sloppy seconds to some extent. He didn’t seem to be aware, or, if he could somehow tell, he certainly didn’t seem to mind. He eagerly made love to me, his eyes staring into mine, burning a hole into my soul and hungrily gazing over my naked body. I tousled his hair as he leaned down to suck on my tit.

I was close to cumming but struggled to not make too much noise and wake his mom. Will’s cock had my pussy at the edge of glory, and his tongue on my nipples only increased my arousal. I wanted to scream; I wanted to call out his name and tell him to fuck me harder. Nevertheless, my heavy breathing told him the effect he was having on me, and it turned him on even more, as he pounded even more vigorously into my pussy.

“Oh God, make me cum, please,” I pleaded in a hushed hoarse whisper. “You feel so good inside me.”

“Can I cum inside you?” he politely asked.

I kissed him tenderly on the lips before responding. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Will had already lasted far longer than my husband last night, and he was close to bringing me to the climax that my husband failed to achieve last night. My muscles tightened and I stuffed the blanket in my mouth to keep from screaming as I closed my eyes and let the orgasm ripple through my body. When I opened them, Will was smiling down on me.

“It’s so sexy watching you cum,” he breathed.

His pace slowed as his own climax quickly approached. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and pulled him deeper into me as his throbbing cock exploded inside me, his warm sticky cum coating the inside of my pussy. After the last drops dribbled out of his cock into me, he collapsed on top, his tight chest in rough contrast to the fleshy mounds of my titties.

“That was incredible. I’ve never cum inside a woman before,” he confessed, his breath short. “I always used a condom with my girlfriend.”

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