Eyl 02

Detours Pt. 02

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Six years ago…

It was Friday night, a week before Bonnie was to head off to her sophomore year in university. She had decided after her freshman year that she needed to go to a university away from her hometown. Her father, as always, understood, and though he was sad to see her leave home, he was very proud of her decision to do so.

As a parting gift, he had surprised her by giving her his car to take with her.

“When we get there and get you settled in, I’ll take the bus back,” he had said.

While she kind of wished that he had told her earlier –it was going to be a scramble to find a place to keep it at university on such short notice– she couldn’t thank her dad enough. It made her a little sentimental thinking about it. She knew it was his way to encourage her to visit home often.

So it was time to celebrate. Bonnie drove her group of friends around town, all six of them crammed into the Malibu. They hit all their favourite spots one last time: the Burger Hut, the park, the coffee shop, the school yard. She got a kick out of reminding them that she was driving her car and, as a responsible driver under the legal drinking age, that alcohol was a no-no. That didn’t stop her friends from imbibing a few beers and swigs of gin swiped from their parents’ liquor bars.

“I’m dumping you on the side of the road if you need to puke,” she warned, “I’m not cleaning up puke from these car seats ever.”

This was before Boomer entered her life.

Despite the revelry, the evening went off without a hitch and she dropped off her friends one by one, safely home. If there was going to be any vomiting to be done, at least they could do it in the comfort of their own toilets.

Finally it was down to her and Collin. The guy that she guessed had been her boyfriend for the last five months sat shotgun beside her. They really hadn’t discussed how things would work now that they were going to separate universities. Maybe in some way, they knew there was nothing to say. This was it.

As they drove slowly through the streets of the town towards Collin’s house, she could feel him looking at her. He had those soft brown, puppy eyes that the girls at school all fawned over. Bonnie glanced over to him, smiling. He had a very mischievous looking grin on his face, his red lips pushing up his pink, alcohol-infused cheeks.

“Want to take a little detour?” he asked.

Bonnie frowned and looked over at him suspiciously. “Where?”

“The Ridge.”

She grinned and shook her head; “The Ridge”, of course. It was make-out point, a five minute drive up a gravel road on a wooded hill that overlooked the town. They had never actually been there as a couple.

“It’s kind of late,” she said, checking her clock. Her dad would likely have started making calls about her whereabouts approximately ten minutes ago.

“C’mon, Bonnie,” Collin said, “the view is spectacular at night.”

Bonnie chuckled, “Yeah, the ‘view’ .”

He shrugged. “So I heard.”

She looked towards him, that impish smile looking so perfectly cute on his pretty-boy face.

Several minutes of bumping up the secluded road to the top of the hill, Bonnie pulled into a small clearing and turned off her engine. Darkness and silence engulfed her car inside and out.

She continued to stare out the windshield, out across the town. She shifted her eyes right to watch Collin as he still sat in his seat, leaning against his door, looking at her with a very lurid grin. Finally she turned to him and said, “What?”

He nodded his head back. “Come here.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Come on, Bonnie.”

She remained steadfast, crossing her arms, cocking a brow, and smirking back at him.

Collin decided to peel himself up and lean in towards her. Just as his lips came within a breath of hers, however, Bonnie said, “Wait.” She turned away.

He frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”

She switched on her high beams, opened her door, and got out of the car.

“Where you going?” he called out to her.

Bonnie ran around to the front of the car, to the edge of the ridge. Standing in the glare of the headlights, she beckoned to Collin with a wave of her hands. As he grudgingly climbed out, she turned around to face the town, swept her long blonde hair over her back, cupped her hands around her mouth, and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Goodbye everyone!”

Collin ran up beside her and laughed, “What are you? Nuts?”

Waving her hand across the stars in the sky, Bonnie continued to yell, “Goodbye, Burger Hut! I’ll miss your milkshakes, but your onion rings are gross!”

Collin chuckled then joined in, waving and shouting.

“Goodbye, high school! I’ll miss everyone except Mr.Davis!” Bonnie screamed, “Thanks for the ‘B’ in chemistry, jerk face!”

Collin stepped forward with a middle-finger.

After a few more minutes of alternately touching and damning farewells, Bonnie was nearly out of breath.

“Goodbye, Dad,” Bonnie pushed out, Marmaris Escort her voice cracking, “Thank you. I love you. I love you so much, Dad.” She doubled over, leaning on her knees, gasping at the cool night air.

“I fucking love Bonnie Sinclair!” Collin shouted, nearly busting a gut as he did.

Bonnie stood upright, breathing hard and her blue eyes alight as she gazed at him, astonished. “What are you -?”

She was cut off, interrupted by the sudden clash of Collin’s moist lips upon hers. Within a heartbeat, his arms were around her, pulling her close, pressing their bodies in an unexpected embrace.

That was another thing about Collin that the girls went nuts about: the almost delicate shape of his so-red lips. Only Bonnie had the satisfaction of actually having them touch her own. She was always surprised by how soft they actually felt. Still, no matter how delicate or soft they appeared, they were pressing upon hers right now with the most tantalizingly forceful kiss.

“Collin,” she managed to gasp during the split-instance of a break. Quickly her voice was smothered by another heated kiss.

Her hands and arms held onto him, more to keep herself balanced as he back-stepped her away from the bright headlights and around to the side of the car. Their kissing never ceased as he deftly opened the door and eased her down onto the back seat.

Inside the car, the sounds of their gasps and kisses became much more pronounced. They were lurid and lustful, and somehow swept up Bonnie in a way she had never expected. She and Collin had never gone any further than intense make-out sessions before, usually on a sofa during a party. Now in a matter of a few moments, inside of her very own car, she was suddenly overcome with a ravenous desire.

Collin mashed his crotch against hers. It felt like a baton had been slipped into his pants. Each time it rubbed against her, a tingling surge erupted around her belly and pelvis. She rolled her hips, pressing herself into him.

Collin sat up, her legs splayed around his sides, smiling. He had received her approval loud and clear, and he was more than ready to pounce on it. Bonnie watched breathless as he removed his hoodie and tossed it into the front seat. His lean, taut body caught the light of the high-beams handsomely. His eyes, normally gentle and sad but now lit like a torch, stayed on hers as he popped the button on his jeans.

Bonnie was all flustered, trying to settle herself, desperate to put an expression upon her face that was sexy or alluring. She knew and she could feel that she looked nervous and apprehensive. There was yearning in her eyes and it served to stoke Collin’s fire.

The young man fell upon her again, kissing her again. His tongue shot past her lips when she gasped, and it lashed around inside her mouth like a live wire. His fingers reached down, groping at the bottom of her top, then pushing it up over her belly and chest. Quickly his tongue left her mouth and blazed a slick trail down her chin and neck. Her top was summarily dismissed before he buried his face between her two soft, white breasts.

Bonnie shifted on her back, trying to find a comfortable position. Yeah, like that was going to happen in the backseat of a car. She pushed her fingers through her hair, the silky strands damp from the rising humidity inside. She felt Collin’s steady hands reach behind her and effortlessly snap open the clasp of her bra. How could he be so good at that? she wondered for a moment, before her bra was tugged off and his hungry red lips settled over her straining nipple.

His lips and tongue steadily active along her two pert breasts, Collin’s busy hands moved away from her smooth waist. They worked to undo her jeans and pry them off her hips and down her legs.

Bonnie had little time to think of how awkward it was to get undressed in a car. In the space of a few moments, she was raising her butt up, bracing her hand against the front seat, twisting to the side, then looking up at her legs and feet brushing against the ceiling. Sneakers thumped to the floor, socks were bundled aside, and her jeans were pulled off like a banana peel. Then suddenly she was naked, her bare body exposed to the wanton gaze of Collin seated between her legs. Instinctively, her arms drew up across her breasts, given a moment to recover as he took his time to pull his jeans and shorts off as quickly as the confined space allowed him.

Bonnie didn’t have the chance to really look at Collin’s exposed cock before he settled against her again, her arms pulled apart. She felt it though, brushing against her thigh before pressing against her lower belly. The entire sensation of his bare body pressed against hers was electric but there was something very stern and foreboding about the feel of his hard, hot shaft sliding against her. She quivered and trembled, trying to smile but unable to mask her anxiety.

A firm hand grasped her wrist. Collin gazed at her with intensity as he pulled her hand down and guided Marmaris Escort Bayan it between their crotches. He drew her palm against his cock and, almost without thought, her fingers gently wrapped around him.

They kissed for a long while as Bonnie held him, stroking him. She rolled her palm over his tip, gathering a thick, bead of moisture there before smearing it down his length. It was as if her hand had a mind of its own but Bonnie didn’t stop even as the solid shaft of muscle pulsed and twitched in her grasp. It was both fascinating and arousing to hold and touch his stiff member.

Collin sat up. His movements were quicker now as he reached for his jeans and rifled through the pockets. Bonnie knew what he was looking for and she wasn’t surprised when he held up the condom.

Seconds later, with the empty square packet dispatched and his cock enrobed in latex, Collin sat upright on the seat and pulled Bonnie up. Her legs bent and straddling over his thighs, she held his face and pulled him in for a driving kiss.

Strong hands clutched at her ripe bottom, quickly moving her into position. She felt his cock slip and slide along her pulsing slit, teasing her to a frenzy. Within moments, he was pushing her up, shifting his hips, and then easing her down.

Bonnie’s anxious blue eyes looked past Collin’s head, to the blackness outside her rear window, as she fell upon him. His stiff length slid into her slowly, hungrily. Her mouth rounded open and her cheeks blushed as she felt his cock sink deep within her, a twinge of pain driven out of her mind by the ache and excitement threading up her spine. She clenched upon his shaft, felt the throb and the warmth of it. Her head drifted aside as she moaned a breathy sigh.

Collin quickly broke into quick, gyrating, upward thrusts of his hips. The floodgates had long been opened and his desire spilled forth like a raging river. He drove into Bonnie with stiff, demanding strokes of his cock, surging deeper and deeper as he bounced her upon his lap.

Bonnie tossed her long hair back, her hand pressed up against the low ceiling of the car, steadying herself, pushing herself back down upon him. She felt his tongue swirling against her aching nipples and his fingers dig into her butt. He was all over her, inside of her, at once. It was impossible to focus on any of the sensations, yet it felt so good.

She clutched at his head, pulling him against her, gasping and panting aloud, drowning out the creaking of the car. Each time he exploded his hips upward, she cried out, pitching backward and forward.

Collin, the prettiest boy in school, grunted and swore as he banged into her roughly. If one didn’t know any better, it sounded as if he were involved in some desperate struggle.

It was a chaotic session in the car, straining and adjusting in the tight, hot interior. They were both out of breath, sweating, and sore. While Collin’s knees were wedged painfully against the backs of the front seat, Bonnie lost count of how many times her head bounced off against the ceiling. Thank God it was padded or else she would have had a concussion. Still, nothing deterred them as they approached the crest of their lustful encounter.

She felt everything spin within her. Her thoughts and feelings made her dizzy. The one thing clear in her mind was the relentless surge of Collin’s cock, driving her to the brink. She dropped her head upon his shoulder and simply held on tight.

Bonnie’s breaths hitched and shortened. Every gasp pitched higher and higher. She could feel Collin’s entire body clench and tighten. Suddenly she heard him loose a lusty groan, felt his fingers scratch into the flesh of her damp, pink butt as he shook and trembled. His cock jerked and throbbed inside of her, expanding and contracting.

Intimately sharing the sensation of his cock as it released its fluid desire within, Bonnie held her breath for a second then moaned, her head lolling to the side, her chin dragging against her shoulder. She felt herself spill over Collin’s length with a delicious rush that tingled along every part it surged past. She couldn’t breath properly, couldn’t even open her eyes, as her head continued to roll back and then fall forward as she leaned against him, still holding him close. Her shimmering body quivered, lit up by the headlights beaming across the town.

As he settled down against the damp seat, she found his mouth and they finished each other off with a long, quiet kiss. Their breaths subsided to a steady rhythm until silence engulfed the car once again.

Later on, it took a long while for Bonnie to let Collin out on his driveway. Suddenly, in the span of a couple of hours, things that had been previously resolved became much more confusing. Still, with sadness and melancholy, and verbal promises that neither believed could be kept, they let each other go.

Bonnie didn’t even look back in the rearview mirror as she pulled away into the night.

While there was a lot of unpredictable things Escort Marmaris to think about in the days ahead, there was one true thing in her immediate future she would have to deal with: She was going to catch some fire from her dad, for sure.

She had never broken curfew. Not once. Bonnie was a good girl. It almost amused her to think that she had to come up with an excuse for coming home late for the very first time in her life. So much for a perfect record.

“Sorry, Dad,” she mused.

She had been expecting every front light of her house to be on. They were. What she hadn’t been expecting was the way the lights lit up the police car parked on the driveway. She pulled up to the side of the road. Even before she got out of the car, an officer was walking across the lawn towards her.

Did Dad call the cops? she thought.

“Bonnie?” the officer said as he come up to her. “Bonnie Sinclair, right?”

She nodded, puzzled. “Yes.”

“Hi… sorry, you might not remember me. Officer Stone. I know your father?” There was an odd, strained gentleness, almost tension, in his voice.

“Um… hi.” She still was thinking her dad had called the police.

The officer looked at her for a long moment. He finally breathed a heavy sigh, “Bonnie. Can you come with me, please?” His face was twitching.

“Why? Where?” She wasn’t sure if she had actually spoken the words. Her heart was beating so loudly. She looked past him towards her house, searching for her dad.

“To the hospital, Bonnie,” the officer said softly, repeating her name. He sighed again, “There’s… your father was involved in an accident.”

Bonnie froze for a moment, then her world suddenly tilted, her legs buckled and she stumbled back against the Malibu. A pang twisted in her gut, pulling everything in. She couldn’t speak. Somewhere, deep inside her head, she whispered, “Dad?”


Bonnie and Donovan drove for about fifteen minutes along the main, two-lane highway before he directed her to turn off onto a small road. It circled under a bridge that went under the highway, and they continued on for another ten minutes before he told her to turn again down another winding road. She was good at remembering directions in her head, but a few more turns and she would be completely lost.

Overhead the sky had become overcast, a blanket of grey clouds covering the afternoon sunlight. The green trees around the road grew dark, more grey. Bonnie noticed that it had been a while since they had passed any cars on the road in either direction.

“Here,” Donovan said, tapping a knuckle against the passenger window.

Bonnie frowned and pulled over. “Here?” She noted a dip on the side that led down to a dirt road.

Donovan got out of the car and walked down the road, stopping at a low, fenced gate. Beyond it, the road led right into the woods. Without hesitating, he lifted a latch and pushed the gate open. Then he turned around and looked back at Bonnie, waiting.

Bonnie shook her head slightly. Yeah, no. This is stupid, she thought.

Donovan remained beside the gate, waiting passively.

Again, she gave her head a visible shake, resisting his magnetic gaze.

He remained unfazed and, after a moment, he slowly walked to the gate and began to close it.

In that instant, Bonnie beeped her horn. A moment after that, she turned and moved the car down the road towards the gate. As she pulled up, Donovan climbed into the car. Then they slowly made their way into the woods.

“Is it far?” Bonnie asked as they slowly rambled along the dirt road.

“A little ways in,” Donovan remarked.

She checked her rear view mirror, the gate and the opening to the paved road were swallowed up by the turns and the trees. They were still definitely driving on some sort of road, though rough and overgrown on the sides. It narrowed as they continued until Bonnie could hear the branches from bushes brushing against the side of her car.

After a few anxious minutes, Bonnie noticed a structure ahead, a large shack. As they approached it, she made out a few signs stuck on it and recognized it as some kind of official monitoring station. She’d often seen them off to the side of roads. Though slightly worn, it wasn’t decrepit and likely operational. God knows why they would put these things out in the middle of nowhere. It was as if they wanted to provide hobos places to store their murder victims.

Oh, lovely thought, Bonnie, she chided herself.

“Just a little further past this,” Donovan said, “There’s a place you can stop and turn your car around.”

‘You mean we’re not going to stop at the slaughter shack?’ Bonnie wanted to say, but thought better of it.

About a hundred yards past the monitoring station, they finally came upon a small gravel clearing — very small. Forget a three-point turn, it took her about seven-points just to avoid pinballing against the trees. Adequately reversing her direction, she put the car in park. “Okay,” she said, scanning nothing but trees and bush around her, “I don’t see a grotto.”

“We have to walk further in,” Donovan replied and got out of the car.

Bonnie dragged her jaw to the side and grimaced. Somehow, she had been expecting him to say that. Hesitating, she finally switched off her engine and opened her door.

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