Detention with Miss DeVille Pt. 02

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Aaron often visited the cafe on campus so he could spend time with fellow student Beth. She worked as a waitress there and would often spend her break with Aaron. They were both students of Miss DeVille’s and loved to chat about many things.

Beth had jet black hair that sat just above her shoulders, smouldering green eyes, kissable lips and an eye pleasing 36DD bust all in a compact five foot four inch frame. Her pale blue uniform was a tight fit and outlined her bust perfectly. Beth was a couple of years older than Aaron and at least fifteen years younger than Miss DeVille.

Aaron enjoyed Beth’s company as she was flirty in a playful way and had on numerous occasions made it clear that she fancied him. As they chatted Aaron longed to tell Beth about his detention with Miss DeVille. Thinking it best not to, in case Beth went off him, Aaron finished his tea, said farewell and left. As Aaron crossed the street Beth watched out of the café window examining every inch of his six foot frame.

Aaron’s light brown hair stopped just short of his broad shoulders and were covered by an expensive leather jacket, whilst his meaty backside was wrapped in a pair of dark blue jeans.

Beth was replaying their earlier conversation in her mind, she had gazed into his dark green eyes, his luscious red lips sitting just above his square jaw. All the while she had been wondering what was underneath Aaron’s white tshirt.

Her earlier flirting, which was an attempt to turn Aaron on, had only half succeeded before he left. Turning away from the window, her saucy thoughts were rudely interrupted by a customer who required serving.

Two hours later and Aaron was once more standing outside Miss DeVille’s study door. ‘Come in Aaron we have an urgent matter to discuss that has displeased me.’ Aaron gulped and entered nervously. The study was exactly as he remembered it.

The hearth to the right, the wooden cupboard straight ahead and Miss DeVille sitting behind her desk to his left. The only difference was a mannequin on a stand positioned a couple of feet to the left of the desk. The mannequin had been decorated to resemble a witch, signifying that tonight was Halloween.

Miss Deville was sitting behind the desk. Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing a red gown that pushed her 38D breasts upwards holding them firmly in position. The style of the gown was from the eighteenth century. There was a cold steely look in her pale blue eyes and her cherry red lips were pouting in a disapproving manner.

‘Sit down Aaron and we shall begin. It has come to my attention that you spend a great deal of time flirting with Beth, the waitress from the café.’ Aaron wanted to convince Miss DeVille that they only discussed coursework, and that there was nothing to it, but for some reason was unable to speak.

Miss edirne escort DeVille continued. ‘Now it is time for you to face the music.’ With that Aaron was instructed to take the wooden chair he had been sitting on and place it in front of the study door. As Aaron was walking towards the door he noticed the sturdy wooden cane hung on the wall above. As expected he was instructed to stand on the chair and remove the cane.

Having carried the chair and the cane back over to Miss DeVille’s desk Aaron was ordered to remove his trousers and pants. ‘Put on this blindfold, then lift up your shirt and bend over the desk.’ Aaron did as instructed without protest and was soon half naked with his bare buttocks in the air, exposed and vulnerable.

‘I think you deserve three strokes on each buttock for daring to flirt with a fellow student in public.’ Miss DeVille said angrily. Aaron nodded that this was fair at which point Miss DeVille took several practice swings with the cane. Each time the cane stopped just short of Aaron’s bare buttocks. ‘I will now begin.’ Aaron braced himself for the first stroke.

Instead of feeling the cane across his bare arse cheeks all he heard was the crack of wood against fabric. ‘It would be a shame to redden your buttocks as it will spoil the treat I have in store!’ Miss DeVille continued, skilfully administering the remaining five strokes upon the mannequin pretending it was Aaron stood before her. Aaron’s relief at having escaped the cane was abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door.

‘Come in and join us my dear,’ invited Miss DeVille. Aaron could make out light footsteps approaching the desk. Who could this be? Miss Deville had her right index finger raised up to her lips gesturing to the visitor to remain silent. ‘Remove your uniform then sit down on the wooden chair.’

‘Aaron stand up and remove your shirt.’ barked Miss DeVille. Once Aaron was naked Miss DeVille grasped his right hand and led him round the back of the chair. She then guided Aaron’s hands forward until he could feel metal hooks that had been sewn on to lace. After a few seconds he recognised what was in his hands. ‘Now undo the hooks and remove the garment.’

Aaron unclasped the bra, carefully located the straps and gently slid them down the outstretched arms before him. ‘Good now hand me the bra.’ With the bra in her left hand Miss DeVille raised it to her nostrils and took a deep breath. ‘You smell divine tonight young lady, coffee has such a stimulating aroma to it.’

With that Aaron was led away from the chair and soon found himself lying face up on the desk. He was becoming familiar with the smooth feel of the wood against his backside. The intrigue of who he had removed the item of lingerie from had aroused him and he was fully erect. ‘Oh good I wondered how long it would edirne escort bayan it take before you were standing to attention!’ exclaimed Miss DeVille.

Miss Deville turned her gaze back to the topless young lady sat in the front of the desk. ‘Stand up and remove your panties and hand them to me.’ Once in her possession Miss DeVille smelt the lacy panties whilst gently biting her top lip. ‘Mmm your vagina smells delicious if a little dry, we need you to be moister than this my dear.’

With that the young lady was instructed to unlace the straps situated at the back of Miss DeVille’s gown. The red gown fell away with ease onto the floor and Miss DeVille was soon naked. ‘Elizabeth stand in front of me.’ Once in position Miss DeVille inserted two fingers from her right hand up inside Elizabeth’s vagina, quickly locating her clitoris. Flicking soon turned to gentle stroking. ‘That’s better I can feel your juices starting to flow.’

Aaron was becoming more and more aroused as he listened intently. But who was Elizabeth? The mention of a uniform and the coffee aroma? Then the penny dropped. Elizabeth was Beth from the café! If only he could see her.

‘I see you are still nice and hard for us Aaron! Now which one of us should have you tonight?’ pondered Miss DeVille.

‘Let me have Aaron,’ pleaded Beth. Aaron was excited by the thought of being ravished by Beth as it had become a fantasy of his.

‘Okay as you wish Beth, I will satisfy myself with a front row seat,’ sighed Miss DeVille.

Miss DeVille was sitting comfortably in her leather chair as Beth climbed up onto the desk and straddled Aaron. Steadying herself, Beth leant forward and gently whispered in Aaron’s ear ‘You’re not allowed to see me yet my darling.’

With that Beth gently kissed Aaron on the chin before leaning back. Using her left hand she grasped Aaron’s still erect manhood and lifted it away from his abdomen.

Beth quickly noticed Aaron’s birthmark now it was no longer obscured by his manhood. With her free hand she gently ran her fingertips up and down the blemish before concentrating on stroking Aaron’s shaft before declaring ‘You’re ready!’

As Aaron felt Beth sliding down his shaft he noticed that she was tighter than Miss DeVille had been around his cock. Beth’s breathing had slowed as her breasts began to swell causing her nipples to harden until they were like bullets. Soon she had all of Aaron’s seven inches inside her.

Beth took hold of both of Aaron’s hands and placed them on her breasts. ‘Pinch my nipples Aaron whilst I ride you!’ Beth then started to gyrate up and down at a gentle pace. Whilst riding Aaron she began to run her fingers through his wispy chest hair. After her nipples had been pinched for ten minutes Beth removed Aaron’s hands. She seductively whispered. escort edirne ‘That’s enough for now Aaron.’

Miss DeVille, enjoying the view, gently massaged her pussy lips with two fingers from her right hand. The tingling sensation caused her to lick her lips. She stopped several times to wipe away juice that had seeped on to her fingers.

She caressed her left nipple with her moist fingers before resuming her masturbating. ‘Mmm you have been paying attention during your detentions Beth, you will soon be top of the class!’ After a further ten minutes of stroking Miss DeVille stood up and presented her moist fingers for Beth to lick.

Beth, encouraged by Miss DeVille’s words and the taste of her pussy juice, leant forward and gently removed Aaron’s blindfold. Beth gently lowered her breasts so Aaron could fully feel the silky smooth touch of her flesh and her ever hardening nipples on his face. Beth was thrilled that Aaron’s cock stiffened further as she smothered his face.

In response Aaron quickly located Beth’s left nipple with the tip of his tongue. He could feel Beth inhale sharply just as she released a squeal of delight. Aaron raised his hands up and slowly starting stroking the back of Beth’s neck. The feel of Aaron’s fingertips sent a tingle down her spine causing her to bite her top lip with desire.

Beth’s left nipple was now clamped between Aaron’s front teeth enabling him to flick the tip with his tongue. Beth increased the speed of her gyrations, her vagina muscles tightening their grip around Aaron’s cock. Aaron began licking and kissing Beth’s right nipple. Beth increased her gyrations further, sensing Aaron was close to coming. After a further five minutes of riding she felt the warm pleasuring sensation of Aaron exploding inside her.

Miss DeVille had watched intently and had adjusted the rhythm of her strokes in line with Beth’s gyrating. When Beth and Aaron were close to coming she withdrew her fingers to prevent herself from climaxing. Just as Aaron and Beth had climaxed Miss DeVille was wiping the last of her pussy juice across her breasts, flicking each nipple in turn. Picking up Beth’s panties she wiped herself down with them.

Beth still had Aaron inside of her, still savouring the contours of his cock and the warm semen that had filled her quim. Beth had her head resting on Aaron’s chest and had closed her eyes. Aaron was gently running his fingers through Beth’s hair. Both of them shared the same thought that they could happily have stayed in this position for the rest of the night.

‘Aaron, Beth, it’s time you left each other alone.’ Aaron and Beth uncoupled themselves and dismounted from the desk. As they started to gather up their clothes Miss DeVille stood up still fully aroused and enquired, ‘Where do you two think you are going? I have more planned for the three of us.’

After having put her dress back on Miss DeVille grasped Aaron and Beth by the hand and led them to the door situated behind her desk. Just as the three of them disappeared from view, a gentle click came from the mannequin as the hidden video camera stopped recording.

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