Destined Lovers Ch. 03

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Before beginning to write, I would like to say thank you so much to all those who have been reading my story. Thank you


George woke up in the morning feeling a little better. He was weak but not as weak as he had been when he woke up the first time. He sat up looking around the room when suddenly he heard the door of the room opening and quickly turn. There were butterflies in his stomach as he saw Henry coming in with a food tray.

“Good morning.” He said with his million dollar smile.

He placed the tray in front of George and there were eggs, sausages, vegetables and a big glass of orange juice. I look at him with a look that says, “I don’t need all this.”

Henry chuckled to himself.

“I thought you may be hungry when you wake seeing that you have not eaten for a day.” He said while sitting in front of George. When George looked at him, he was wearing a navy blue tight shirt that revealed his muscles with black jeans but the thing that caught his attention where his beautiful irresistible blue eyes.

George began eating and noticed Henry watching him and staring at the large window which was open as if deciding or thinking about something but he was looking so cute to George.


George stared at the boy whom he really loved as he was eating his breakfast. He was looking really handsome as he ate and it was good to see him looking a little better. Henry couldn’t have asked for anything more than to see him in a good or better condition. Then Henry began staring at the window thinking about what had happened earlier and how he had saved the boy his heart was yearning for.

He had looked for George when he came out of the bar. He looked everywhere for a few minutes. Around the bar and a little further from the bar until he came to a conclusion that maybe he had mistaken someone else for George since he was thinking of him so much.

“I am going insane.” He said hitting his head.

He was about to go back to the bar when he suddenly heard a faint cry for help coming from the alley. He stood there but he was feeling so uneasy about it but he had decided to check it out. When he reached there he found a huge man on top of a small guy. Though he did not know who it was at first, he recognized that it was George and he was filled with rage. He went and ripped the man who was on top of George and before he could say anything, he gave him a brawl to the noise and he was bleeding. Henry took him and punched him more. The man tried to fight back but Henry’s anger had made him so strong that time. He took the man hit him on both walls until he was bleeding. When he left him, he was unconscious from all the beating he had given him.

When Henry looked, he saw George crawling weakly away from him so he rushed to him and touched him on the back. He had asked him if he was all right but he did not respond. Henry picked him up and noticed he was bleeding. Before he could say anything, George had passed out. Henry had rushed him to his car and had called Andrew. Andrew was in no position to attend to George as he was drunk so Henry had called another doctor to meet him at his house and that was the doctor who had attended to George, gave him medicine and assured Henry there was nothing to worry about.

When George had woken up the next day in the afternoon, he was not looking so good. He was dizzy so George had given him his medicine and sleeping pills and he slept the rest of the afternoon and the night. Claire had told him everything and the reason George was there. She had been so worried that she came to check up on him almost every hour until Henry had assured her he would take care of him. Henry felt he was to blame for what had happened to George and he had stayed up late and found himself sleeping while sitting on the bed. He had his shower and brought George his breakfast which he was now having.

“How did I get here?”

George’s question got Henry out of his thinking.

“What?” Henry responded looking at George’s beautiful green eyes.

“How did I get here?” he said trying to swallow what he was eating.

“Um….. I was the one that found you when you were about….”

Henry thought about it and he did not want to mention what had happened the other night.

“Anyway forget about it. The good thing is you are here and you are safe.” Henry said smiling.

He noticed that George was not eating anymore. He was looking at his plate as if he did not like the food.

“Thank you so much for saving my life. I owe my life to you.” He said still looking down.

“It’s nothing.” Henry said touching his shoulder.

“But why did you bring me to your room?” George asked in a low voice Henry barely heard him. It was like he was feeling uncomfortable.

“I wanted to personally take care of you. Remember I am the reason you are like this.” Henry said suddenly feeling hurt for what had happened to George.

“I should have killed that son of a bi…………..” Henry casino ┼čirketleri suddenly stopped after he saw George who was looking at him wide eyed.

He looked away and apologized.

“I am so sorry for that. It’s just that I feel so pissed when I remember what had happened to you,”

They stayed silent for a few minutes. Henry could not say anything to George and George was eating his breakfast in silent. After a few minutes Henry decided to break the silence.

“Do you need anything else?”

George raised his face to Henry trying to put up a smile and Henry noticed that he had oil on his cheek.

“You have oil on your cheek.”

George tried to get the oil off but he still could not remove it. Henry tried to signal him but he still did not get it so Henry decided to help him out. He got up and went closer to George’s face until their faces were almost meeting and he removed the oil. He looked at George and their eyes met. Staring in those beautiful green eyes had him hypnotized. He was unable to stop staring. It was like the eyes were speaking for themselves. George saw need in George’s eyes as they were staring at each other. This time George did not move his eyes but was also staring at Henry. Henry slowly moved his hand and touched George’s cheeks and he started caressing them. While he was doing this, he also feared that what he had just done would be a mistake and it would bring problems. Why was he doing this?

Henry was about to remove his hand when all of a sudden he felt George’s hand touch the hand which he was caressing him with and began squeezing it. Henry’s heart began racing with excite.

“Could this be a sign that George liked him too?” he wondered.

He continued to look in George’s eyes and he could see as George smiled shyly.

He was dying to kiss those lips that looked so inviting to him. He was hungry for George’s lips that he even licked his own lips. Their eyes were looking at each other like they both yearned for each other’s company. Henry’s whole body wanted to feel George’s body as they kissed. He knew he had to do the right thing but his whole body was betraying as he found himself getting close to George’s face. He was breathing so fast that he prayed George would forgive him after this but as he got closer he did not know if he was imagining things or his mind was playing tricks on him but he could see George’s face getting close to him. Their nose touched and Henry could see that George had already closed his eyes ready to kiss Henry and he knew he had to do the same and just let George’s kiss take him to the heavens.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Henry withdrew faster feeling embarrassed when he looked at George who was also looking shy but Henry smiled. His whole being was feeling happy that George was about to respond to the kiss he was about to give him. His heart jumped with joy. A knock was heard again before Henry responded in an ecstatic voice which he had a hard time recognizing was his own.

“Come in. the door is open.”

The door opened and Claire came in smiling when she saw George on the bed. When she looked at him, he looked away suddenly feeling shy. When she looked at Henry, he also had the same reaction.

“Hmmmm……….what is wrong with you two? I came here to see how George is doing this morning and was happy to see him in a good condition but…….” She chuckled. “I think I got another surprise. George looks like a shy bride on her wedding day and you look like I just disturbed you when you were doing something important.”

“Come on Claire.” Henry smiled getting up from the bed and holding the woman whom he had come to love as other over the past few years.

“George and I were just talking about something that you don’t need to know.” He said with a huge smile.

“Okay. You have had your time with him. Can I now have some time with him?” she said literally telling him to go out of the room.

Henry just raised his hands in the hair as if he was surrendering, smiled and just left.


George couldn’t believe that he had almost kissed with Henry. He was so surprised that he was feeling so happy that they had almost kissed. Claire noticed too as she kept snapping him out of his thinking. She stayed in the room long and both of them chatted and laughed over a few jokes which she was making. A few hours later, Greg came to check up on him and the three of them had a good time before Henry came back from wherever he went and Claire and Greg left leaving him with Henry. It was hard to look at Henry as he was feeling shy.

“It’s time to bath.”

“What?” George responded quietly.

“You have not bathed since yesterday.” Henry said suddenly looking away.

George got up feeling weak, started walking towards the bathroom and stumbled. Before he knew it Henry had caught him in his arms taking him to the bathroom. When they had reached the bathroom Henry asked him a question which left him speechless,

“Do casino firmalar─▒ you need my help taking off your clothes?”

George was speechless for a moment.

“N-No I can handle it myself.” George stumbled.

Henry got out and George took a quick shower. When he came out with Henry’s towel tied around his waist, he found Henry had already brought clothes for him to change in including boxer briefs which made George feel uncomfortable that Henry had brought his underwear to him. He quickly changed and later Henry brought dinner to him and he ate quickly. That night when Henry returned to the room after he had his dinner, it was around 9 pm and George did not know how they were going to sleep. He tried to convince Henry to allow him sleep in his own room but all he had to say was,

“I will take care of you until you are fine.”

George did not argue and he just let Henry have it his way. Henry gave him his medicines and his eyes felt heavy and he slept leaving Henry who was watching over him.


When Henry saw that George had drifted off to sleep after giving him his medicines he saw it as his chance to touch him. He took his hand slowly and held it in his hand. He took the hand and kissed it putting it on his face. He caressed his hand missing George so much even though he was right in front of him. He was hoping for the time when he and George would be happy together as a couple and not just any couple but a couple who are so much in love with each other. He could see the light because of what had happened earlier in the day and he had a feeling that very soon it would come to pass.

Henry glanced at George and saw how peaceful he was while he slept on Henry’s huge bed. He was looking so angelic and really handsome. Henry got up and went into the covers next to George and held him into his arms. The heat that was coming from George felt so good to Henry’s body and his breath was music to his ears. Henry’s face was so close to George’s face that whenever George exhaled, his breath landed on Henry and he liked the feeling. He touched Henry face exploring and admiring it that he did not know when he had even slept.


George woke up the next morning feeling much better than before. Somehow he had a feeling that Henry had held him while he slept he had thought it was probably a dream. He sat up and surprisingly his head was not wrapped. A few minutes later, the door opened and Henry came in carrying with a tray of food and smiled at George. He placed the tray in front of him but George was just looking at him and their eyes locked.

After breakfast Henry was about to take the tray but George held his hand. Now it was time for the big question which George really needed an answer to.

“Why did you kiss me the other day at the beach?” George asked feeling a bit uncomfortable at his question.

Henry just opened his mouth but no words came out. It was like he was at a quiz contest and was asked a very difficult question which he had no answer to. George was still holding his hands and he was looking shy like a bride on her wedding night with the groom she has never met before.

“Because I…….I…..” then he stopped suddenly.

He got up about to leave but George held his hand and he looked at him and it was like he was suffering.

“Say it. I am not going to judge you or anything.” George said hoping his words would calm Henry down wondering why he had asked the question.

“I love you okay. Ever since I met you I have never had a night in which I did not dream about you….that day at the beach I just couldn’t control my emotions anymore and that was the reason why I kissed you….” Henry gasped. “I know I had acted like a fool but that was the reason why I had left so that I could give you time to forget about that incident…… I did not know how to face you and I know that you probably hated me from that moment.” George could see as Henry’s eyes watered as he spoke quietly. “I acted like an ass. I should have known you were not gay and if you don’t want to see me…………..I will understand.”

Henry turned about to leave looking really sad. George did not know what drove him but he got up fast, touched Henry on his shoulder and when Henry turned to face him, he locked his lips with his kissing him passionately and slowly. George could feel the beautiful scent of Henry’s cologne, his breath and his body. He closed his eyes allowing the emotions to control him until he felt Henry responding to the kiss. He could feel as Henry tried to push his tongue in his mouth and he slowly opened and allowed Henry as he explored his mouth. George felt hot all over from the emotions of the kiss which Henry was giving him. He could feel Henry playing with his hair caressing it slowly and George couldn’t help but moan in Henry’s mouth as they kissed. He felt weak in his knees that he thought he could fall but he knew that this was the moment to show Henry how he felt about him. He was not g├╝venilir casino a great kisser as this was his first time kissing someone aside from the kiss Henry had given him at the beach.

George was caressing Henry’s back as they kissed and Henry was now holding him tightly. Finally they broke the kiss to get some air. George stared at Henry’s swollen lips which he had just tasted at smiled at George who was looking at him surprised.

“Wow!” Henry said as if it had just been a dream to him. All the time he had his eyes closed.

“Does that answer all the questions you have?” George asked him in a sweet tone.

“Did that just happen?” Henry asked in a surprised voice which sounded so sexy.

George could not say anything but just stared at Henry who was still standing in front of him with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes, they looked satisfied and Henry took George’s hands and held them as sweetly as he brought them to his lips and slowly kissed each of them. It felt so good to George that he had finally faced his feelings and done what he had always wanted to do since that kiss at the beach. He was just smiling as Henry kissed his hands.

The day had been so good. They just lay on Henry’s bed holding each other’s hands like newlyweds. Henry couldn’t leave George alone. They had lunch and dinner in his room and neither of them even bothered to shower that day. George had even lost count of the number of times Henry had kissed him that day. It was like the best day ever to George. Apart from Henry being a very famous business man. He was a great kisser too and his kisses were like heaven to George. George saw that Henry was happier that day and he was extremely happy that he was the reason for that happiness that Henry was feeling.

A week passed and Henry did not go to the office. All he ever did was stay with George whole day. No matter how many times George to convince him to go to the office he did not listen all he kept on saying was,

“I am the boss and they will be able to handle to handle things without me for a few days. It’s what I pay them for.”

George could not argue. He was all better but still Henry refused to let him out of his sight. He tried to get back to his room but Henry told him he would move in his room as well. All they did was kiss and cuddle in Henry’s bed. Claire had caught them one time kissing and George almost died from embarrassment but Clare just smiled and she kept on teasing him. By a few days everyone in the mansion knew about him and Henry being in a relationship. They had never gone anywhere else apart from the house and the rooms in the house. It was like Henry was glued to him all the time.

The crazy thing was Henry had asked George to stop working around the house but when George had refused and began his work he was surprised to see Henry join him to clean the room. Of course he had objected to it. But from all that he had experienced the past few days by now George had come to learn that if Henry was focused on doing something, no matter how you object to it he would still do it. At least it was what he was doing to him. While cleaning the room, George had noticed that Henry had his eyes on him the whole time which made him blush. From nowhere George felt Henry’s hands on his waist holding him tightly. George managed to get his hands off and continued working. Things got worse when he went to make the bed. Henry just lifted him and threw him on the bed. Before he knew it, he was on top of him breathing like he had been running on a long race.

Henry had George’s hand held on top of his head before coming in with a hot kiss which George could not resist. He released his hands and began kissing his neck. It felt so good that George felt like he would pass out from all the pleasure Henry was giving him. Henry kissed his neck while George moaned to the pleasure that he couldn’t just resist. Then he slipped his hands in George’s t shirt and began playing with his stomach. He kissed his chin, nose, and forehead and then went back to the mouth sucking on George’s lips like it was the last thing he would ever do on this earth.

After a while both of them gasped for air and they laughed when they looked at each other smiling. George knew that he was really under Henry’s spell. Whenever he touched him, George could tell that it was Henry’s touch. It was a feeling he could not even explain. His whole body vibrated when Henry touched him and he knew that he was really in love with his boss.


The next morning George woke up to a wonderful smell. He knew it was not Henry’s cologne unless he had changed it. When he opened his eyes he was greeted by a bouquet of beautiful flowers. He picked up the flowers and they were beautiful. His whole heart jumped with joy at the thought that Henry had bought him flowers. When he looked at the whole bed, his eyes froze as he realized that the whole bed was filled with tiny red flowers. George smiled when he saw them and thought that Henry really loved him and was making him feel special. No one had ever made him feel that he was special aside from his late parents. This feeling was so special that he was at the verge of crying. He saw a note on a small table and read it.

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