Eyl 02

Depravity Ch. 05

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We became steady, Mother-Son Lovers. Our sexual activities became quite varied and open. I fucked my son at the park. I sucked him off under the bleachers at a high school basketball game. One day my son visited me at work and was eating my pussy as I sat at my desk talking to my boss. I still can’t figure out how we got away with that. I got him back for that one; he worked in the ticket booth at the local movie. I paid him a visit and when no one was around, I slipped inside and started sucking his cock. His boss came up outside and started talking to him. He came in my mouth twice before his boss left.

I encouraged Lawrence to date girls his own age and he only agreed to do so when I assured him I wouldn’t cut him off or be jealous. I even set him up with a couple of blind dates. He dated several girls until one became a steady companion in his life. I never talked to him about his sex life with his dates, it just didn’t seem necessary. Our sex life, while he dated others, remained constant, even when he constantly went with Cheryl.

I liked taking drives and looking around, so we took many long country drives. What I liked most was sucking his cock while he drove. Lawrence liked to slow down next to someone he was passing, so they could see me sucking his cock. We would always stop somewhere for a picnic and fuck before heading home. I think more people should do that as it’s such a nice way to spend a day.

A coworker of mine was always telling me of her exploits of having sex with her brothers. They had started having sex in high school and continued even though they were all married. She was into tattoos and piercing. She didn’t do anything that showed, it was all covered by clothing, but she would always show me her latest, no matter where it was. Her tits, ass, stomach, and upper thighs were covered with the most beautiful flower designs I have ever seen, not vulgar at all. You couldn’t see any of her tattoos through her clothes. I know, I tried. They covered her so completely, she could have been nude and you would think she had on bra and panties. Her pussy was pierced when she got the job and she had it pierced several more times and always had to show me her new jewelry. One day she came to work walking like she either had a wild fucking or new piercing. It turned out to be neither, she had a new tattoo. She had a lily tattooed on her pussy, including the inner lips. I was absolutely blown away by it. We were caught by the boss while I was helping her put salve on her sore pussy. Actually, I was just holding her legs apart as she gently rubbed it on. The boss thought something else was going on until I explained things, but he didn’t leave, he stood there fidgeting and watching until we were done. . I noticed a wet spot on his pants before he quickly turned and left. After that he never would look either of us in the face.

I thought about it for a while and with Lawrence’ birthday coming I figured I would surprise him with a ring in my pussy. I talked to my coworker and she took me to, ‘her guy.’ I was nervous, expecting some dirty little guy in a nasty tattoo parlor. Boy was I ever wrong. This guy was clean cut and just like my coworker with nothing visible, and his place of business was immaculate. He was very nice and talked to me to make sure I knew what I was doing and was sure about doing it before he let me pick out my jewelry. I looked and looked and finally spotted a small ring with a heart made of small diamonds. It was expensive but not out of reach for me. He called his wife out and we went into the little room he used for piercing. I became really nervous and he sensed it so he excused himself and his wife came back to talk to me. She set me at ease as she explained that her husband had done this many times and was very good at not hurting people. And, I shouldn’t worry about being turned on by a strange mans hands on my pussy, “It’s only natural for the body to respond to someone’s touch. It doesn’t mean you’re unfaithful or bad.” “Well duh,” I thought, “I work in the ‘Human Physiology Department.” I calmed down and removed my panties, pulled my dress up around my waist and sat in the chair with my feet in the stirrups. He came back in smiling and asked if I was ready. I nodded and he tore open the wrapper of a piercing kit. He put on gloves and sat in front of my pussy as he told me what he was going to do. He applied a topical numbing agent as he told me of the different types of piercing. “Some women want the clitoral hood pierced, across or up from underneath. Some women want the ring around the end of the clitoris. Some women want the ring just below the end of the clitoris. And some women want the ring around the clitoris and the clitoral hood.”

“Gee I don’t know,” I said, “Do you have any pictures?” He showed me some pictures and I pointed at one and said, “That one, definitely that one.” I had chosen the ring to be around both my clit and its sheath. He said OK, and started looking and pulling on my clit and sheath. Then he produced more topical and said he Ordu Escort needed to numb the inside of my sheath next to the clit. He took a q-tip and stuck it in the topical and then pulling on my sheath he inserted the q-tip. He rubbed it back and forth a little and left it there. He then did the same thing on the other side. Then he put more topical on the outside. It looked strange having two q-tips sticking out of my sheath next to my clit.

“Since we have to wait a few minutes for the topical to work,” He started saying, “Now’s a good time for me to tell you about what to do for the next few days. Do not engage in sexual activity until the soreness goes away.”

“How long will that take?” I asked.

“Everybody’s different; sometimes it can take a week.” He stated.

“A Week!,” I said surprised, thinking, ‘I don’t have that long until my son’ birthday’.

Chuckling, he said, “Just hope for less time.”

“Damn Right, I will!” I said seriously.

“Any way,” he continued, “clean the area and use the antiseptic salve several times a day. If the area starts to hurt a lot or gets real red, go to a Dr. immediately. Do not move the ring around until the soreness goes away. After that, if you haven’t had any problems use the oil I’ll give you to lubricate the ring and gently rotate it from side to side. It will be slightly stuck, so it will pull the skin, but apply gentle pressure to break it free. After that you shouldn’t have any problems. Just remove it and clean it frequently, including the hole in your skin. Do not take it out and leave it out for long. Did you understand all of that?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good, would you repeat it back to me?” He asked. I did and he smiled. “Now let’s do this, if you’re ready.” He stated.

I nodded Yes, and he picked up a pin, then he slowly pulled the q-tips free and poked around the area with it and asked if I felt anything.

I said, “No,” and he picked up a strange looking clamp. It didn’t suit him so he went to a drawer for another. Pinching around my clit through the sheath, he pulled it up and positioned the clamp on the mark he had made, right where I had pointed as where I wanted it. He picked up a thick needle and told me to look away if I wanted to. I didn’t as I wanted to watch it all. He put the needle to a hole in the clamp and bang it was through almost faster than I could see. He removed the clamp, picked up my ring and showed me again, slowly, how it opened and came apart. Then he put the end of my ring in the end of the needle and slowly pushed it through. He had to squeeze my clit and sheath to get the ring through, but he did it quickly. He then set the heart and handed me a mirror. I touched all around it and got a good look through the magnifying mirror. I was amazed that there wasn’t any blood, and he said it would start bleeding in a few minutes. I started to get up but he said he wasn’t done yet. He put a big glob of antiseptic salve on me and patted it in a layer all around the pierced area. Then he taped a non-stick pad on it, covering it up, which made me sad. I paid the bill of three hundred dollars and left with my friend.

That night it was all I could do to keep Lawrence from fucking, but he finally settled for blowjobs. In fact, all he got were blowjobs until his birthday. The soreness was gone in two days. I didn’t have any swelling or redness so I worked the ring loose as I was told, then I got myself off by hand for an hour. It was very hard keeping Lawrence away from my pussy until his birthday but I managed.

For Lawrence’ birthday I wanted to do something special for him. I arranged a blowout birthday party for him at our house with his school friends and of course Cheryl. The party lasted all afternoon and into the evening. Those kids were wearing me out trying to keep up with them, but I was having so much fun, I stayed in there. Several of the boys openly came on to me and a couple of them copped feels of my ass and tits, which had my pussy wet.

As the day wore on, the kids thinned out and I noticed Lawrence and Cheryl weren’t around, so I went looking for them. I found them fucking in my bedroom, I watched for a little while and then slipped back to the party.

Lawrence’ friend Steve was there, a quiet kid that seemed awkward in the crowd and I started talking to him. We were having a good time and I noticed he was constantly looking at my tits, legs, and feet. I asked him if he liked feet and he said, very softly. “Yeah, there’s something about small women’s feet.”

I noticed a bulge in his pants and put my hand on his knee, making him squirm. I didn’t move my hand away as I joked and kidded with him for several minutes; I gently squeezed every so often. Every time I squeezed, he squirmed a little. He abruptly said he had to go and I noticed he had a very noticeable hardon. I softly said, “Don’t go,” as I gently placed my hand on his bulge.

“Ah, Um, Mrs…” He stammered.

“Shhhh.” I whispered, and put my fingers to his lips. Then I Ordu Escort Bayan took his hand and said, “Come with me.” And I led him through the crowd, down the hall, and into the closet. Pressed against him, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him while pressing my stomach against his cock. Leaning back, still pressing against his cock, I sultrily asked, “Ever had a blowjob?”

“N, N, N, No.” He stammered.

“Can I give you one?” I sultrily asked as I wiggled against him.

“Oh God!” He moaned.

“You deserve to play a little first.” I whispered as I dropped the top of my dress exposing the tits he had tried so hard to see. He stared with his mouth open and I pulled his hands to them. He wasn’t rough at all, he just gently rubbed and squeezed. Meanwhile, he didn’t act as though he noticed that I undid his pants and pushed them past his hips.

He was licking his lips, so I whispered, “Go ahead and suck them.”

He slowly bent to kiss and suck my nipples, while I cupped his balls in my hand and caressed his neck and head.

When he came up for air, I kissed him and stroked his cock. Then I whispered, “Want me to suck your cock?”

“Yessss.” He moaned.

“Will you cum in my mouth for me?” I whispered.

“Yes. Anything.” He moaned.

I kissed him again and knelt down to suck his cock. I knew he’d cum quickly and he did, but I kept pumping and sucking until he was good and hard again, for the long cock sucking I wanted. He was grunting and moaning as I gave him a slow deep-throat sucking. When he came in my mouth, I thought he was going to collapse, his legs shook so much. I took his spent cock from my mouth and kissed it before standing.

Putting his hands back on my tits, I sultrily said, “Your cum tasted, soooo good.” Then I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

I made out with him for a few minutes as he played with my tits before pulling my dress back into place.

“This is our little secret. OK.” I said, and checked the hall to see if it was all clear.

I shoved him down the hall as I sidestepped into the bathroom to regain my composure. When I rejoined the party, I discovered Steve was gone. One of the kids said he just reappeared and disappeared out the front door. I wondered if I had ruined him for life.

It was almost eleven before all the kids left, except for Cheryl. Lawrence gave me a quick kiss and told me he was just going to take Cheryl home and wouldn’t be long. As soon as they left, I hurried to the bathroom to give myself an enema. I had decided that for my son’ birthday, I would let him fuck my virgin ass, and was told that an enema is appropriate preparation. I was extremely nervous waiting for him to return and hurriedly put tubes of anal-eze and lubricant in the living room and bedroom. To ease my apprehension I turned on the TV and lay on the couch to wait. I dozed off, not thinking of Lawrence but of Steve and I in the closet.

I was awakened by the sound of the front door being unlocked and lay there playing possum. Lawrence quietly walked over to the couch and softly touched my face. I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. I went after him like a mad woman and could taste pussy on his mouth. Cheryl’ pussy, he had just eaten his girlfriend’ pussy and it turned me on even more as I tasted her. It was very hard for me not let him touch my pussy, but somehow I managed. I did let him remove my dress, which left me in panties, garter belt, hose and heels. He spent several minutes sucking my tits as I fended off his attempts to play with my pussy. Wanting to show him my ring I told him to get undressed and I moved to sit on the edge of the couch and lie back. As his hard cock sprang into view I almost jumped up to suck it but just massaged my tits in anticipation. From my position he knew what I wanted and knelt to remove my panties. As they slid down I followed them with my hands and covered my pussy. He moaned in disappoint.

“Why, my son, whatever is it that you want?” I asked coyly.

“Oh Mom, you know!” He moaned.

“Now, now, tell mommy what you want.” I continued with my game.”I want to eat your pussy.” He begged.

Slowly, I parted my hands, moving them to my thighs. As my pussy became exposed, his jaw dropped as he stared at what became visible.

“W, W, When did you do that?” He exclaimed. “Is it, real?”

“Of course it’s real, silly.” I giggled. “Like it?”

“Wow, yeah, did it hurt?” He said as he touched it.

“It hurt some after it was done, but not when it was done. I’ve had it for a few days. I had to keep you away from my pussy until it healed and to surprise you for your birthday.” I told him.

“Oh, wow, that explains why you kept me frustrated all week.” I was beginning to think, I did something wrong.” He said.

I rubbed his hand on my piercing, and said, “Oh No, Baby, I just wanted to give you a very special birthday present this year.” I said sexily. “And this is part of it.”

“Part Escort Ordu of it.” He said, questioningly.

“Oh Yes, you’ll get the rest of it in a little while. But first, I need your mouth to ease my yearning.” I said as lustily as I could.

His hot breath was already warming my pussy; he was looking at my ring so closely. He kissed my ring and flicked out his tongue, causing a tingling sensation in my clit. He quickly gave my pussy the pleasure I wanted from his lips and tongue, bringing me to a rapid boiling orgasm.

Panting, I said, “It’s time for the rest of your gift. I want you to fuck my ass!” He didn’t say anything and I was handing him the analeze. He just looked at the tube and I said, “Rub that into my ass.”

“Huh, are you sure?” He said, questioningly, but excited.

“Do it, baby. I want you to fuck my virgin ass. That’s my special gift for you.” I said, pleadingly.

He started rubbing the cream on my ass and I was getting excited by what we were about to do. “Put some on your finger and stick it in me.” My voice was full of wanting lust. Seconds later, I said, “Use another finger and twist them around,” with the same wanting in my voice.

I was moaning and rolling my hips because he was also using his thumb on my pussy. Suddenly, my mind said, ‘Now’ and I wantonly said, “Fuck Me, Fuck My Ass.”

My eyes were closed as I felt his cockhead pushing at my puckered ring. The head of his cock popped in and I screamed from the instant pain, he froze, and then I felt him try to pull out. “NO, Push It In,” I ordered as the pain was gone. As I felt the inward pressure, I said, “Slow, do it slow.” I felt the slow pressure of his cock sliding in my ass until his legs touched my ass. The pain shot through me again, and I yelled out, “OH God,” while quivering.

“What do I do? What do I do?” He pleaded.

“Don’t move.” I said. “Just give me a minute.”

“God, Mom, are you sure!?” He asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes, I want this. I want you to have this. I want my Baby to fuck my ass!” I said emphatically.

We stayed still for a few seconds until the pain subsided and my lust again took over. I started moving my hips and slipped into rolling them and said, “Start fucking me slowly.”

As he pulled back, my hand went to my pussy and the pain was completely replaced by pleasure. As he pushed back in my desire increased rapidly causing me to flex into him.

“Faster,” I moaned, “Faster, Faster.” I was now pleading. “Oh God, Fuck Me.”

Holding my hips, he pulled me into him with each thrust as I squirmed through my first ass fucking..

“Cum in my ass. Cum in my ass. Cum in my ass.” I kept moaning.

As I felt his cock throbbing while unloading in my ass, I gasped and passed out. The next thing I knew, I was cradled in my son’ arms, as he was saying, ‘Mom,’ over and over.

Coming to my senses, I grabbed his head and pulled him down to kiss me. When I released him I asked, “Well, how did you like your present?”

“That was great. Your ass was so tight, especially when you squeezed my cock with it. But, why did you want me to do that?” He answered.

“Because I decided to give myself completely to you and my ass was the one place no one had ever been. I gave you my virgin ass because ‘I Love You So Much!’ and I wanted you to have everything.” I whispered. I scooted up and began making out with him. We were like newly weds and went at each other for several minutes. I had another thought and stood up, grabbing Lawrence’ cock while doing so and led him to my bedroom. Once there I let go of him and got my cock from its drawer. I quickly helped Lawrence put it on and sucked him to get him ready. I got on my knees on the bed and said, “Now fuck me with your cocks.”

He smiled real big and stepped into position.

“Wait,” I said, “use the lube on your cock.” I pointed at it and he quickly lubed himself up and once again got in position. He had some difficulty getting both cocks to go in both holes at the same time but finally got them lined up. My cock was already half in my pussy as his cock opened my asshole. There was still some pain but nothing like the first penetration as the head on my son’ cock entered my ass. I wanted this so badly that I started pushing back immediately to get the rhythm going. ‘My son is fucking both my pussy and my ass,’ I thought, and wanted it like a whore.

“OH Baby, Fuck Mommy, Fuck Mommy Hard.” I grunted. My son was spreading my asscheeks with his thumbs and stroking into me rapidly. The orgasms running through me from both holes was almost overwhelming. Rocking back into him and flexing my hips I was fucking him back, matching his rhythm.

“Oh God, Mom this feels so good!” he exclaimed, the lust in his voice driving me on.

I reached between my legs, straining to find his balls and as I wrapped my fingers around them I felt his cock throb and unload in my ass. He started to slow down and I yelled out, “Don’t stop fucking!”

He sped back up and I rocked back harder into him, his cum making my ass sloppy. When I felt his hardness stretching my ass again, I told him I wanted his cock in my pussy. We changed positions and he was able to slip his cock in my pussy and my cock in my ass at exactly the same time.

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