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“So, how are things on the home front this week,” Jason called over his shoulder as stood at Katie’s sink. He smiled to himself as he heard Katie’s footsteps approaching from the opposite room.

“I bet you can gueeesssss,” Katie chirped in sing-song as she bounced through the kitchen with the laundry basket held to her shapely hip.

“That bad, eh?”

Best friends since childhood, Katie and Jason had a long standing tradition of meeting up once a week to work on household chores, house projects, and to generally bitch about life, the meaning of the universe, and everything in between.

“You know those dishes you are doing?” Katie’s voice rose a timbre as Jason’s snarky comment had reminded her of just how she was with her husband, Adam. “I have practically been begging Adam to do them since Monday! That’s three days of him ignoring me!”

Jason sucked air through his teeth in grimace as he leaned into the sink and picked up the last dirty plate from the dishwater. “Yiiiikes. At least it wasn’t four days?” A playful smile spread across his face.

Katie’s head popped around the corner, her curly, auburn hair falling gracefully over one shoulder, “if you had come tomorrow it would have been” she offered with her most insincere smile and an overly exaggerated eye roll. Katie then placed two fingers together in what everyone can easily identify as a “finger gun”, put the barrel to her temple, and proceeded to blast her brains all over the wall.

Katie’s pantomimed over-dramatics proved too much for Jason at the moment and a great laugh tumbled from his mouth and rocked him on his heels. Momentarily unbalanced, flailed his arms and caught the edge of the sink in such a way that resulted in the entire front of his shirt and shorts being saturated from the soapy sink water. “Ah, hell!”

Katie, reanimated from the dead, looked up and laughed, “I know I’m hot and all but could you please try and control yourself?” All jokes aside, she couldn’t stop herself from noticing a very clear outline of Jason’s genitalia, accentuated by the wet fabric of his gym shorts. She also couldn’t stop the way her heart skipped a beat upon seeing this scandalous silhouette.

“Oh please…” Jason replied flippantly and flicked his wet fingers water towards the doorway sending droplets across the room to where Katie leaned in the doorway. Katie screeched, and turned to race back into the bedroom to avoid being splashed, the bottom of her crop-top momentarily being snagged on an errant splinter of the doorway.

Katie laughed to herself as she slowed from her escape and let her thighs rest against the bed. She reached down and inspected her shirt to see if any rips had occurred. Ensuring her garment was free of tears, she shook her head in surprise at her own reactions to seeing Jason in that way, the way the outline of his cock ran down his thigh. ‘I mean his penis. Jason does not have a cock. Jason is my best friend and best friends have penis’, definitely not cocks,’ she corrected herself. ‘Just how big was he?’, she wondered. She put one hand across her forehead and thought to herself ‘girl, you have got to get a grip. Stop thinking those ridiculous thoughts right now.’ As she stood there convincing herself not to think about Jason’s cock (penis!), her free hand rested on her exposed belly and rubbed at the hem of her leggings.

At the same moment Katie was willing herself not to think about what Jason might look like naked, standing in front of her kneeling form, Jason was chuckling to himself and finishing up the dirty dishes. He grabbed a towel to dry his hands and blot the majority of the moisture from his crotch. He was a little surprised to find his dick at the very early stages of a full blown erection. “Well, when did that happen?” he said to himself. He quickly went over the events that had just transpired and determined it must have been caused by Katie retreating to the bedroom. Specifically the way her ass bounced in her leggings, or maybe it was just the faintest flash of abdomen and underboob he had seen her top had snagged on the door frame. He wondered what she would look like kneeling, naked before him, her hand reaching out to wrap around his…

‘All right pal, that’s about enough of that’ he chastised himself. He took a moment to gather himself, to loosen the tightening in his abdomen and exhale deeply. His erection already beginning to fade.

It had always been this way for them. Through their fifteen years of friendship. Always present was an undercurrent of sexual attraction, an ephemeral pining that they had never capitalized on (unless you count that ONE drunken kiss that both swear was a mistake and had agreed to never speak of again.)

His task finally finished, and in full control of his body once again, Jason confidently walked to the bedroom to help Katie on the next task, folding the mountain of laundry.

As he entered the bedroom, Jason was stuck in place by what he saw. Katie was bent over, gathering the next garment to fold, and Jason could şişli escort not help but stare at the two perfect, round globes of black spandex stretched to its very limit before him. He could not stop himself as he licked his lips in lust as he stared at the way Katie’s labial folds were highlighted by the skin tight spandex. The sudden desire to bury his face between her shapely legs was almost uncontrollable. He inhaled sharply, and all of the sexual tension roared back thought his entire body, mostly coalescing in his quickly hardening cock (penis Jason!, do not start thinking about your “cock!”‘

Katie noticed Jason’s mis-step and looked back over her shoulder as Jason quickly scooped a towel from the pile to fold. Unfortunately, Jason was not quite fast enough and Katie saw his large bulge straining at the seams of his grey shorts, the water that had previously soaked him now highlighting his thickening member.

At the sight of her best friend’s quasi-erect penis (‘cock?’), Katie noticed a physical reaction happening to herself as well. Her heartbeat doubled and she felt her blood rush to her face, and it sure felt like the temperature of the room increased by at least 50 degrees. She was instantly aware of the way her old t-shirt crop top just barely grazed over her now erect nipples and she definitely felt her pussy flood.

“Sploosh,” she said under her breath. Her eyes widened in disbelief that she had just said that outloud.

Jason had turned around to fold the towel, expertly tucking his cock into his waistband. Anybody who has ever been a 13 year old boy knows that’s the oldest trick in the Hide Your Boner Playbook.

Katie recovered first and asked “You ok there Jason?” as she flashed a wink at Jason when their eyes met.

“Uhh yep, yep. Yeah, sure, yeah” Jason stumbled as he resumed folding the towel, “just got a little wet there in the kitchen.”

‘You and me both’, Katie thought to herself with a laugh ‘ What is going on? What am I, some sort of teenage nymphomaniac?’

Deciding to change the subject quickly before any more intrusive thoughts could begin, Katie offered an update on her situation. “Things are fine. I mean they are always fine with Adam. He’s fine, I’m fine, the kids are fine, my work is fine. Blah blahblahblahblah. Everything is fine. As always. Perfect little suburban life,” she huffed and slumped against the bed to grab the next garment to fold.

At this Jason raised his eyebrow and looked incredulously towards his best friend. “Oh yeah, I totally believe you about that,” he drawled sarcastically.

“It’s all just so very boring Jason. I mean I never thought that life would be so boring as a stay at home wife and mother,” she chuckled as she threw herself face down across the bed dramatically.

“Well, what did you expect?”

“I dunno. Nothing? Just more. More spontaneity. More excitement. More passion. I just didn’t think I would be in my 30’s and already be bored of life. Doing the same thing in and out every week, cleaning the same house, hanging out with the same friends, complaining about the same things. Every. Fucking. Week.”

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t just insinuate that I was part of your boredom,” Jason quipped with a smile, his brain and body transitioning into a more congenial mood instead of that of a teenage boy who just found out what sex is.

“I mean you kind of ARE to blame. You’re here aren’t you? Just like every other week for who knows how many years now. You’re here, we are cleaning, Adam is at work, and everything just continues” Katie huffed, now clearly well into the pouting stage.

“Fair enough. Harsh criticism, but apt. Well, what do you WANT to do?”

‘I WANT you to fuck me with that cock of yours until I am nothing but a puddle on this bed.’ The thought flashed through Katie’s mind before she even had the chance to think anything else. She felt her leggings instantly soak through. She slammed her legs closed, pleasantly surprised at how good the sudden pressure felt on her clitoris. Determined to make her mind ignore those lewd thoughts, Katie quickly answered “I don’t know man, I just want more.”

The room was silent as Katie tried desperately not to think about Jason pushing her up against the wall, his hard, thick, monster cock stretching her pussy. Her poor neglected pussy that hadn’t been touched by anyone in weeks… She unconsciously wiggled her hips against the mattress as her short, lusty day dream continued.

Jason stood transfixed as he watched Katie’s ass wiggle on the bed. He longed to seize her legs and pull her towards him until her bottom half was bent over the bed, ripping her leggings from her hips and burying his face into her beautiful cunt from behind… His shorts could do nothing to hide his now throbbing erection. Absent-mindedly, his hand reached down and rubbed the head of his cock. ‘Fuck man, what has gotten into me today? This is ridiculous’ he chastised himself for a second time.

Now acutely aware of the pregnant silence in the escort bayan air, both parties completely panicked and quickly moved to do another action, any other action to move their mind, and time itself, along. Katie started to turn over so that she could run to the restroom to collect her thoughts, and Jason scooped the entirety of the laundry pile, four full loads worth, into his arms and threw them at his long time friend (and very recent sexual obsession.)

Just as Katie turned to announce she had to use the restroom, the full force of the catapulted laundry hit her square in the face. Stunned and surprised, the sheer unexpectedness of Jason’s assault caused her to laugh uproariously. “Oh you are dead mother fucker” she announced from beneath layers of flannels, old band t-shirts, leggings, and approximately one million baby socks.

Katie launched herself blindly forward, crashing into Jason. He tried to defend himself but was quickly tangled in limbs and freshly laundered undergarments. Tumbling to the floor, Katie felt something twist in her back and cried out, collapsing onto Jason’s chest. “Owowowow,” she winced, “fuck.”

“What happened, are you ok?”Jason immediately froze, aware of three things. In order of importance: One, his best friend was in pain over something that likely was his fault. Two, her spandex clad crotch was pressed firmly on top of his turgid cock. Three, penis! Not cock!

“Fuck, just give me a minute. Something popped in my back. Ahhhh, hold on,” Katie cringed. Katie was also immediately aware of three things. In order of importance: One, Jason smelled fucking awesome (‘what kind of cologne was that’). Two, her pussy was straddled over a huge hump of clothes. Three, lighting bolts of pain were shooting up her spine.

Katie closed her eyes, trying to get ahold of the pain in her back, and the pleasure rolling from her aroused state and that large lump of laundry. She pressed her forehead against Jason’s chest, breathing him in deeply. She could feel his hands on her shoulders steadying her.

“Ok, I’m going to get up now real slow. Could you help me?” she asked.

“Of course,” Jason silently prayed to every god that had ever been worshiped by any population that Katie would not notice his hard on.

Katie slowly sat up, keeping her back straight, rotating her hips until she was straddling Jason. It was not lost on her how much her back hurt, nor how good that lump of clothing felt as she ground her clitoris over it while sitting up.

Jason’s eyes went wide with disbelief and he held tight to Katie’s arms as she pivoted up. His breath caught in his chest as her crotch rubbed the length of his cock and came to rest with his head nestled securely between her lips. Jason didn’t dare move, lest he draw attention to his… situation.

Katie exhaled and gingerly swung her leg over the top of Jason, pleased at how the twisting move felt against her clit. She reached down to steady herself, and to move that naughty balled-up sock or whatever it was that had recently been titillating her. As soon as she touched the warm (‘hard?’) hard offending article of clothing, the gravity of the situation became very clear. Her palm was resting on Jason’s rock hard (and large) cock (‘definitely cock now.’)

Trying desperately to figure out a way out of this situation, Katie left her hand there and pushed herself up. She didn’t want to yank her hand away in revulsion or surprise and embarrass Jason she told herself, even though she knew that was a lie.

‘Did… did she just stroke my fucking dick?!’ Jason’s mind raced. ‘Surely not, surely she just didn’t know. I mean, who WOULDN’T confuse a hard cock with any number of things?’ he told himself, clearly delusional.

Shifting her weight to her heels in order to stand, Katie subconsciously trailed her fingertips down the center line of Jason’s erection. She then gripped her lower back and hip while lighting bolts of pain sizzled through her sciatic nerve.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…” Katie groaned as Jason gripped her shoulders and helped Kaite to her feet. She limped over to the bed and slowly, slowly laid face down.

“Shit Katie, are you ok?” ‘What. A. Dumb. Fucking. Question. You. Fucking. Idiot.’ Jason couldn’t help but be amazed at his brain sometimes. Jason rolled his eyes at his own stupidity and sat beside Katie on the bed, resting his hand gently onto Katie’s shoulder.

“Yep. I’m great Jason. Just 900 years old and now an invalid,” Katie mumbled into the pillow she now held to her face.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Jason was desperate to help her in any way.

“Just give me a minute” Katie hissed through the pain. “Ooooowwwww, fuck.”

Both sat in silence as events replayed in their head. Both knew what was happening, or rather, what WOULD happen if this little play went to curtains. Both breathed in muffled silence, hearts racing. Both hesitant or unwilling to break this new touch barrier that lay before them.

Jason sat on the edge of the beşiktaş escort bed, his hand still very much in the “friend zone” of Katie’s back, resting high up on the shoulder nearest to him. “Do you want me to go get some ibuprofen from the bathroom?” he asked.

The room stayed silent, seconds passed like hours. Both friends’ hearts pounded inside their chest, their pulses throbbing in their respective sexes.

Barely audible, Katie whispered “Maybe… maybe you could…” and rubbed her lower back, illustrating where the pain was focused.

“Oh!” Jason exclaimed way, way too enthusiastically “I mean, of course,” he over corrected.

Katie removed her hand from her back, turned her face to the side facing Jason, and placed both of her hands under her cheeks. “Just be careful.” Her whole body tensed, waiting to feel Jason’s hands on her.

Jason scooted so that he was seated in line with Katie’s knee and rolled his shoulders. He didn’t know why, probably just a nervous tic. He quickly rubbed his hands together and exhaled on them to warm them and then reached out.

His fingertips tentatively, slowly settled against the small of Katie’s back. Her skin bare as her crop top only reached halfway down her back. As his fingertips traced up from the waistline of her leggings, his palms slowly descended until the entire surface of his hands were on either side of Katie’s spin. As he pushed down with a small pressure, and let Katie’s skin roll under the pads of his hands, Jason could feel and watch as Katie’s exhaled, her body relaxing.

As his hands reached the apex of the available skin, Jason slipped the tips of his fingers underneath the bottom of Katie’s shirt, and slid his thumbs across the bottoms of her scapula, before reversing and using the heels of his palms to apply more pressure and glide down Katie’s spine.

Katie let out an involuntary moan and exhaled deeply, all pain associated from the incident earlier now being soothed away by Jason’s ministrations. Jason continued to work Katie’s lower back and iliac crest while he watched and adjusted to Katie’s reactions. To his credit, Jason was a damn fine (amateur) masseuse. He watched and adjusted accordingly based on Katie’s reactions to his touch.

Neither said a word and just enjoyed the moment. Jason was completely hypnotized by Katie’s smooth skin beneath his hands, and Katie felt herself relaxing deeper and deeper. Jason’s thumbs had now started kneading the very crest of Katie’s ass. He worked his thumbs in small circles to either side of Katie’s tailbone where he could feel the knotted muscles.

“Oohhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuck that feels good,” Katie said, her voice barely above a hum. “I could stay like this forever. You want to just move in here and keep massaging me for the rest of my life?” Jason watched as Katie smiled to herself, he didn’t bother with a reply.

The massage continued in this way for another ten minutes, Jason’s hands sliding inside the back of Katie’s shirt higher and higher until his hands were rubbing over every inch of the surface of Katie’s back. Both Katie and Jason deliberately ignoring how turned on they each were.

Jason’s cock tented his shorts and he was glad that Katie’s eyes had remained closed though he was pretty sure she wouldn’t tease him for this, (‘who wouldn’t be turned on from this?!’)

Katie’s clitoris throbbed, begging to be the target of Jason’s focus. She was glad her tights were black and that her legs were closed so that Jason could not see the damp spot that was growing (though she was pretty sure he wouldn’t tease her for this, who wouldn’t be turned on from this?!)

Lost in thought, Jason didn’t even realize he had completely moved away from Katie’s back and was now in the process of massaging her ass. His hands started below, where her plump cheeks met the back of her thighs, squeezing and then pushing forward in almost a spreading motion.

“Ummm, Jason?” Katie quietly said.

Snapping back to the reality of what he was doing, Jason was horrified by his wandering digits. “Oh my God! I am so sorry. Sorry, I was lost in thought and was just totally spaced out and.. fuck, I am so fucking sorry.” Jason was instantly beet red in embarrassment.

“It’s ok Jason. It’s really no problem. I was actually just going to ask you to rub my thighs a little..” Katie clarified, her voice small and tentative.

Seconds (or hours) ticked by as the weight of this new step in their friendship sank into the room. Jason’s hands trembled as he reached out and placed both hands on the back of Katie’s right thigh. Katie gasped and was shocked in herself as her legs spread ever so slightly to accommodate his hands and her bottom almost imperceptibly rotated up, lifting her hips off the mattress.

Jason grasped Katie’s thigh, the finger of his right hand a hair’s breadth from Katie’s most personal area. ‘Touch me Jason’ Katie’s mind screamed.

Jason’s hands squeezed onto her thigh and slid down all the way to her knee. Jason watched as Katie’s mouth opened and he could read the telltale pleasure on her lips. She exhaled and lifted her hips off of the mattress and he looked directly up her thighs to the obvious wet spot there. He knew then that nothing would ever be the same between them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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