Kas 20

Dee Does Daddy Ch. 01

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“Damnit Dee, that’s the last time you’re going to sneak out.” “Oh Dad don’t have a heart attract. I just went out with my friends and besides I’m 18 and going away to college soon.” “I don’t care, you’re grounded.” “Shit, Dad you don’t understand me.” “Look, your mother left and I’m in charge. I don’t want to be a Grandpa yet.”

Dee sat in her room thinking how she could get out to see her friends. She thought to herself, ‘Dad has had it rough since Mom ran away with her boss and he must be horny as hell. Maybe I could ease his pain and get to see my friends. He may not want to be a Grandpa but would he like to have a good fuck?’

She put on her Baby Doll PJs, you know the see through type. Dee went down to the family room where her Dad was watching a ball game. “Who is winning?” she cooed. Having no clue who or what they were playing but that wasn’t important. Bob said something as she sat next to him on the couch and snuggled in on his arm. “Huh?” He grunted as she slid her 35 double D’s against his side.

“I didn’t know you liked football” “Oh yes Daddy, I like those tight pants on their hard buns.” “DEE! Cut It out. All you think about is sex.” “Well Daddy I am a growing girl with needs. It seems to me you have some needs that are not being met.” “Never mind. I manage.” “Yah, I hear you beating off as you surf the porno web sites. Wouldn’t you like the real thing?”

As Dee spoke she stood up and opened her Baby Doll top exposing her big tits which were punctuated by her erect red nipples. “Like these Daddy?” Dee slid her panties to the side exposing her trimmed pussy mound. She slid her finger in bursa eskort bayan her slit and then moved it to her mouth making a loud sucking sound. Dee couldn’t help but notice the bulge in her dad’s pants. Dropping her top Dee knelt before her father and began blowing her hot breath on his throbbing cock through his pants.

“Dee stoppp……. Thaaat…..” Bob couldn’t believe it, he was being turned on by his daughter. He had seen her in varies states of undress in the past and it always turned him on. She was beautiful and sexy and had a killer body. BUT SHE WAS HIS DAUGHTER! Dee unzipped his fly and stroked his cock. His dick popped out like a jack-in-the box and Dee’s lips engulfed his Purple headed prick.

“Oh Dee – baby…… You shouldn’t beeeee….. Ooh suck it Dee…. suck your Daddy’s cock…. Oh baby-girl….” “Mmmmm daddy you taste sooo good. I love your big bad cock! Cum in my mouth Daddy.” “No baby, not now, I want to eat that tight little pussy of yours.” As he pulled down her thin panties, “Oh Daddy…. Yes suck my cunt….. Yah…. lick my clit…. Ooh Daddy…. Oooh Daddy! I’m CUMMING!!Ohhhhh! Daddy.”

“You little slut…. I’m going to fuck that tight twat of yours. You want to go out with your friends? Well you’ve got to fuck Daddy first…….. And when you come home you got to fuck me again.” “Gee Daddy I think I’d like that…… Oh daddy fuck me… fuck me…… Fuck your little girl Dee…… Ooh Daddy.” Bob shot his load in his daughter’s hot pussy, filling it to overflowing. Dee reached down and scooped a handful of her Dad’s cum and licked her palm. Dee then cleaned bursa merkez escort her Dad’s cock as he sucked his cum from her cunt tasting the mixture of their love fluids.

“Okay you can go out with your friends tomorrow night but when you come home you have to tell me all about it.” Oh daddy thank you. I’ll tell you everything that happens.” The next night Dee went out with her boyfriend Rick. “Where are you going?” “Dad, I’ll tell you all about it… don’t worry.” “What time will you be home?” “About 1 AM.. Okay?”

It was 10 PM when Dee walked in the family room. Bob was watching a porno movie as Dee approached him. “You’re so early.. anything wrong?” “Well it was a bummer… Do you want to hear about it?” “Well… yes… what happened?” Can I sit on your lap to tell you all about it? …… Rick’s parents were out for the night so we went to his house. We sat in the family room and started to watch a soft porno movie on cable when he told me he wanted a blow job.” “So what did you do?” “I unzipped his pants…. like this and pulled out his cock…. Oh daddy you are so thick and hard already.”

“Yes… go on..” “I began stroking it ….running my fingers from the top of his balls to just under the knob…. like this.” “Ohhh… yes… go on..” “He said stop teasing and suck it…. I wanted to play for a while like this…. do you like me to play with you daddy?” “Yes baby… Yes.. daddy likes it when you take your time and.. and…” “That’s what I thought….. Young guys are always in a hurry. Anyway…. I bent over and kissed head of his dick like….. Mmmm…. He bursa sınırsız escort bayan reached in my blouse and started playing with my tits.” “Like this?…. Oh your nipples are rock hard baby.”

“I like the way you do that daddy… Rick is always so rough and clumsy…. then I sucked up and down on his shaft like… Mmm…. Ugh… Mmmmm.” “Slow down baby daddy doesn’t want to cum yet..” “Yah dad.. that’s the trouble with Rick… He shot his wade so fast.. he was finished before I could get off and I was so pissed I wanted to come home early…. I’m so horny.”

“Here… baby stand up with your back to daddy… That’s it…. Now pull your skirt up… Yah…. now put a finger in each side of your panties and slowly slide them down over your beautiful butt….. Oh… Yes… wiggle your ass like that….. Let them drop to the floor and bend over….. O Dee you have such a pretty pussy…. I love your pink little lips… Now daddy is going to….”

“Ohh daddy …yes lick my butt crack….. Ohhh….. Daddy… Yes.. Yes.. my cunny.. Oh.. Oh my clit…. Oh daddy.. suck it daddy.. suck my cunt… Oh daddy… Your making …me… CUUU… MMMmmm.”

“Okay baby slide back down on your daddy’s rod and ride it….. Yah.. that’s it… ride it like a cowgirl…. RIDE IT BABY…. RIDE YOUR DADDY’S COCK… Look at our reflection in the mirror…Oh watch your daddy’s cock slide in and out of your hot wet pussy.. Oh Dee… fuck your daddy…fuck your daddy.”

“Oh daddy… oh daddy… yes… daddy….. yes. Yes. YES… Ohhh.. Mmmm… Ohh.. Mmm…. Daddy… Daddy….. I’m Cumming againn…. Ohhh…. Daddy… you fuck better than any boy out there…” “And don’t you forget it little girl.”

“Daddy I love fucking you ……what are we going to do when I go away to college?” “Don’t worry baby…. We will figure something out. You know you won’t be far from where your grandparents live….. we will work something out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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