Decadent Fantasy

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Music pulsates around us as we enter the decadent surroundings, the heavy base seems somehow at odds with the elegance of the setting. The scene is grand, yet slightly ostentatious, a sweeping staircase draws our eyes upwards to a balcony which affords a spectacular view of the foyer below. The chandelier, hanging in the centre of the ceiling, throws out rainbows as the light refracts through the glass, the chequered floor beneath our feet leads into a sophisticated lounge, where all around us masked party goers move to the DJ’s track, writhing and grinding to the rhythm. They’re all well dressed, the invitation specified evening wear, men in sharp, tailored suits, women in gorgeous evening gowns; all are wearing striking masks of some kind to disguise their true selves. Suddenly I feel an incredible rush of excitement as we watch them dance with abandon. I know why they’re here. I know why we’re here. We silently snake our way to the bar and order drinks.

The atmosphere is electric, my mind involuntarily wanders back to the taxi ride, where we’d put on a show for our driver…A smile plays across my lips as I recall your fingers slipping inside me, stroking me deftly till I came knowing he was watching me in his rear view mirror. I realise I’m wet thinking about sucking your cock and you sliding me onto your rock hard dick…I’m jolted back to the moment by your familiar, sexy voice whispering suggestively in my ear, you run the tip of your tongue enticingly up my neck, I shiver. I adore your touch and hearing you describe, in intimate detail, how you’d lick my pussy drives me wild. Your voice is thick with desire, I want you so badly and you know it, you can read me so well…you trail your fingers slowly over my collar bone feeling my breath shorten in anticipation. You’re controlling yourself. You’re controlling the urge to push me hard against the bar, one hand around my throat and the other in my knickers. I know you want me. My breathing quickens. I can’t help myself whenever I’m near you, I’m intoxicated. I want to give in to you, submit to you; yield to you. Reading my mind you place your finger under my chin lifting my gaze to yours, your intensely blue eyes twinkle mischievously, you kiss me passionately and I press myself against your broad chest, your strong arms wrap around me and I feel safe, ready for the excitement that I know lies ahead of us…

We’re drawing glances as we break apart, neither of us care, we enjoy having people’s eyes on us. You revel in having both men and women staring openly at me, it ignites a spark in you and I adore watching your body language shift as you trail your fingertips down my now tingling spine, making it clear that I belong to you. I’m aware that the dress I’ve chosen shows off my curves to perfection, the sleek black taffeta flatters and enhances my figure. It’s floor length, the neckline can only be described as plunging and the thin straps that hold it in place seem somewhat fragile and delicate. My necklace is a slender ebony cord, made from soft leather. It loops gracefully around my throat and the violet feathers at the end of the strings dangle tantalisingly between my ample breasts, it is an invitation. The back of the dress, in contrast, is modest, the fabric clings in all the right places and the height of my satin heels allow it to fall just short of the polished floor.

I’m aware of the slightly predatory way in which our audience is viewing us, it’s exciting. The charcoal suit you’re wearing reminds me of a debonair secret agent, the cut of the jacket accentuates your muscular shoulders and your lithe waist. Almost subconsciously, I stroke your arm, you smile charmingly at me, and select a cocktail for me which I sip slowly whilst watching the people around us. My eyes fall on a small group of attractive men, there are four of them. All wearing masks. My own mask is exquisite, I designed it myself, it’s not quite a mask, more facial art; it is an intricate collection of lace and butterfly wings printed onto black latex which adheres directly to my pale, ivory skin. My sexy, sea green eyes are lined dramatically and my full, pouty lips are stained a vibrant scarlet, with my straight, dark hair falling past my shoulders and my blunt fringe I look like a fantasy gothic creation. Your mask is striking, yet simple. A defined line of shiny obsidian latex runs across your face horizontally, from cheekbone to brow-bone, against the black your calm, azure eyes seem almost mesmerising.

The group of men seem to have picked up on the subtle signals and nonchalantly saunter across the room towards us. The music seems to fade slightly allowing for conversations and arrangements to take place. People are separating into more intimate groupings based on unknown commonalities or desires. The masks the men are wearing are distinctive and colourful. Three of the men are dark haired. The other is a dirty blonde. Their identities will remain unknown but the disguises allow me to distinguish them from each other. The tallest of the four is dark, bahis siteleri he has a rough beard and green eyes which are fixed on me from behind his stylish blue mask. He begins to talk to you as I watch the others. The blonde is wearing a red mask, more detailed yet still masculine. The shortest and stockiest of the men is possibly the most interesting, judging by his choice of mask, it’s clearly based on a jaguar, the print runs across his skin and it seems to suit his animalistic gaze. The oldest of the men is more conservative in his black and gold eye mask; it’s fun for me to imagine their fingers and mouths teasing me. I begin to join the small talk, and before long the chat turns sexual.

I’m enjoying the flirtation, the attention and the intention behind it, you catch my eye momentarily and an unspoken message passes between us, you make the suggestion and I can tell instantly by the looks exchanged between the men that they won’t hesitate to take you up on your offer. You leave briefly to make the necessary preparations. Almost as soon as you’re gone the mood changes, the dynamic shifts and I find myself in the centre of these attractive strangers, I’m incredibly turned on and as the man in the blue mask moves in to kiss me I respond instantly to his advances. He tastes of whiskey. He pulls me to him, I sense how much he wants me and as his hands roam over me I feel a second man behind me, I turn instinctively to kiss him, it’s the blonde, he squeezes my tits as the man in the black and gold mask turns my head and kisses me himself, the short, stocky guy presses himself up behind me and I feel his hard cock against my arse. I slip my arm up around his neck, so the length of my back is on his chest, he pulls my hair gently, I moan quietly, the other men are all over me, their hands groping me, their mouths on mine. At this exact moment you return, the look on your face is one of pure lust, and, as you watch me, I make full eye contact, holding your gaze. You can see how turned on I am and dominantly step in front of me, you kiss me deeply and lead me away, urging the men to follow. I’m wet with anticipation, my heart is pounding and I know that all you want to do right now is slide your cock into me…

We arrive at the room, the sexual tension is bubbling beneath the surface and the air is heavy with it. You pretend to fumble slightly with the key, giving you time to quietly check that this is indeed what I want, I nod my agreement and tell you what a good little cum slut I’m going to be. Your eyes dance with excitement and the door opens with a click. We enter the room and you pull me to you kissing me urgently, the men pour in behind us but stand back waiting to be invited. My back is to the door, I feel you unzipping the beautiful evening gown and my whole body shivers in excitement, the zip reaches the bottom of my spine and with a seductive wiggle the fabric pools on the floor, I hear mummers of approval and raw desire. My curvy arse is encased in sexy lace knickers the colour of a Cadburys chocolate wrapper, you sink your mouth to my full, pert tits and eagerly suck my nipples, they harden as your warm mouth envelops them. I moan quietly, stretching upwards, as I run my hands through my hair. The men at the door watch excitedly. You leave me standing, almost naked, apart from my glossy ebony heels, and slowly move behind me. You tell me to spread my legs and bend over, as I do so you sink to your knees…you peel the knickers down inch by inch; there are further mummers from our audience.

You finally expose my smooth, shaven pussy, giving the men a tempting glimpse of the glistening wetness between my legs, you pull my arse cheeks apart, and sink your mouth to me. You run your tongue over me, licking me slowly, slipping it inside me, teasing, tasting…tantalising me. I moan with arousal. I’m aware of the men around me inching closer. I want them to watch. I glance seductively back over my shoulder and to my great delight, I see that they have their cocks in their hands and they’re wanking over the scene unfolding in front of them. I love being the object of their desire. You can tell how turned on I am by the gasps of pleasure escaping from my ruby lips, you want me to cum and I beg to have you fill me with your hard cock. I beg to have you deep inside me, I beg you to fuck my tight little pussy. You give me what I want, rising quickly, unzipping as you do so, you ram your full length into my hot, wet slit, I cry out your name as you enter me.

Grabbing my hips you pull me back firmly onto your hard, throbbing cock, you feel me tighten around you as you begin to move inside me and, as I rest my hands on the edge of the expansive bed in front of me, you grab a handful of my hair, yanking it roughly as you fill my slick, slippery pussy. You dominate me, calling me names as you bury your cock fully inside me. You can feel my pussy clenching repeatedly, you growl as you fuck me harder, slapping my sexy arse and pulling my hair forcefully as you feel me begin to shudder and canl─▒ bahis siteleri arch in front of you, you know I’m about to orgasm. I know that having an audience is pushing me over the edge, I’m incredibly turned on by the feeling of being watched. You take me hard and fast plunging yourself into me, you slip your fingers into my arse and I feel my breath shorten as I cum intensely around you. I cum repeatedly, the waves of my orgasm hitting me again and again. I know how much you love feeling me squirt over your cock as your dick makes me climax. You hold me firmly in place till my shaking subsides…you pull out, still hard and pulsing.

Things happen quickly, you pull away from me and tell the men that they can have your little slut, you tell them that they can use me however they like that your little slut will take all their cum. The men need no little to no encouragement, no sooner have you spoken than there are fingers and tongues all over me, licking, sucking, pinching, stroking. I’m soaking, within minutes my tight little pussy is slick and ready, you watch as I’m overtaken by my desire to be fucked. You smile devilishly as I beg and plead to have their fingers in me, their cocks in all my holes, your eyes glitter as you hear how desperate I am, my voice filled with lust. The men oblige. They push me to my knees and encircle me.

My eyes widen at the sight of the gorgeous, erect cocks in front of me. You call me a dirty slut as you offer me your throbbing dick, you’re glistening with pre-cum and as I take you in my mouth I know that I need to suck you slow. Your fingers pinch my nipples as I take you fully, licking and teasing every inch of you. You hold a handful of my hair forcing me to take all of you, you’re so hard and I gag as you shove your cock deep into my throat. You adore the feeling of having me submit to you, you tell me to take every inch of your hard dick and thrust your hips urgently, enjoying the sensation of using me in front of all these men who clearly can’t wait to feel my mouth round their dicks. They are wanking over me and I love it.

Without warning you order me to stop, I do so without question. I hold your pulsating cock steadily in my mouth my lips wrapped round you. I gaze, almost innocently, upwards and our eyes meet as my tongue twirls over you. You’re close to climaxing as I feel the circle tighten around us. At the last second you release yourself and order me to pleasure the other men surrounding me. I lustfully oblige, wanting to submit, wanting to please, wanting desperately to be covered in their cum. The man in the blue mask offers me his massive dick, I eagerly take him, sucking and licking him as he moans loudly, I pleasure him expertly and then move my lips to the next cock presented to me…I’m in my element and work my way round each of you in turn, spending time on each cock, turning you all on individually and I know the sight of me sucking the dicks of other men is creating arousal in each and every one of you. I want you all to cum. I take the blonde’s cock in my left hand and begin to wank him slowly and firmly. I see you wanking your rock hard dick close beside me and the man in the jaguar mask places his throbbing dick in my right hand, I rub him firmly; until he’s moaning with desire.

I know you want to see them cum over me and I suck and wank the men until all I can hear are the animalistic groans of men desperate to orgasm. You tell them to call me names and I hear the words “filthy slut”, “dirty bitch” and “little whore” being uttered gutturally as I please them on my knees. I can feel the men are close to climax and I release the blue masked man. I beg for their cum, I plead to be covered in it, I beg to have it all over me. It’s too much for them… Stroking themselves furiously, they climax in quick succession, swearing loudly as I seductively part my lips. Great arches of cum hit me repeatedly as they deposit their hot sticky spunk all over my face, down my throat and over my pert breasts. I’m covered…it drips from me and they pull back, spent and panting. You stand before me, rubbing the spunk into my tits and my nipples stiffen under your fingers. You bend down and lick the cum from me, you kiss me deeply and we pass their spunk between us, trails of it linking us momentarily. I love being used and you tell me what a good little cum slut I am.

You want more from me and I notice as you rise to stand over me that the floor beneath me is rubber. The other men are now recovering yet I know that they aren’t done with me yet, they came to play and play they will. You stand confidently in front of me your gorgeous cock in hand. You tell me what a good little slut I am and how much you want to cover me in piss and cum. I respond by taking you in my mouth sucking you deeply, your fingers slip seductively around my throat and tighten slightly, restricting me just enough. My heart races and my breathing quickens, I’m incredibly turned on. You pull back and, as I arch backwards in front of you, hands resting on my canl─▒ bahis ankles, you slowly, slowly let your piss trickle over my tits. I moan in pleasure as the warm liquid runs over my skin. You call me a dirty little bitch; hold me firmly by the hair and continue to cover me in it.

It flows quicker and I beg you for more as it runs down my neck and over my erect nipples, you oblige and, before your stream weakens, I turn to let you piss all over my curvy arse, it drips off me and you tell me I need to be your little piss slut. You slip your fingers inside me turning me on, you spit on my arsehole and begin to play with it as I sigh excitedly in anticipation. You stretch me fully and slide your dick firmly into my ass, you fuck it slow as I rub my clit below you. You tell me to take all your piss and proceed to fill my sexy arse with warm liquid. I’m so turned on as I feel it seep inside me. It trickles slowly from me, down the backs of my thighs. The surrounding men are now watching intently, I hear them growling their approval at my submission and it turns me on, knowing that you’re using my tight, little arse however you like. You pull out and flip me over. Standing dominantly above me you splash your piss across my tits and down my stomach, I arch my back and play with my soaking, little pussy as you continue to cover me in it. You moan as your stream slowly ends.

Kneeling before you, I beg for all your cum. You re-establish the restrictive hold on my neck; I take you in my mouth and suck you hard again…it doesn’t take long until you’re throbbing with lust. My tongue runs over you, teasing you, tempting you. Within minutes you’re unable to hold back and, holding my throat, choking me lightly, you wank your delicious hard cock in front of me. I’m ready for you to orgasm and I hear the men around us calling me names as you order me to open my mouth. You swear loudly, grabbing my hair firmly, holding me in place so you can see your spunk cover me as you climax. You groan passionately as you finally shoot your hot, sticky load down my throat and across my cheeks, I swallow, taking as much as I can, some trickles from my scarlet lips and, panting, you slide your thumb across my mouth, gently wiping your cum from my lips. You slip your thumb into my mouth and I suck it sexily, tasting you, as you recover your breath in front of me. I recover too and you tell me to shower in the central glass cubicle. I do as you ask…I allow the warm water to rush over me, the soap bubbling over my skin. The men around me are leering through the glass and I put on a show, running my fingers seductively over my tits, firmly pulling my nipples and gently rubbing my pussy so they can see how ready I am to be fucked, how ready I am for their recharged cocks.

Once showered, I emerge and sensually rub oil into my skin, allowing the men to watch as I pay careful attention to my pussy, spreading my legs so they can watch as I rub the oils into it, I confidently ask two of them to help me and the blue masked man and the older one eagerly respond. They begin to pour oil over my body, rubbing it in with rough masculine hands, I arch under their touch and they pinch my nipples roughly as they caress me. They slather my arse in oil and before too long their deft fingers slip into both my holes as my legs are held apart. Their thick fingers fill my pussy and arse, the blue masked man strokes me expertly and, as my arse is being played with, he senses how turned on I am and stretches my pussy tantalisingly, he takes his time until he is able to fist me. I beg to cum, he responds by fisting me more firmly, I hear gasps of approval from you and the men now surrounding me, it ignites an intense desire, my heart races, my breath quickens, I orgasm loudly as you watch them pleasure me, he makes me cum over his hand; wanking as he does so. They’re both hard as they watch me, their cocks pressing against me; I want them inside me. I tell them so and they release me, I stand and you encourage the men to fuck me. Once again, their mouths each find mine, their fingers probe my soaking little pussy and oiled up arse, their tongues trail slowly over my nipples and breasts.

They lead me to the plush bed, push me forcefully onto it and arrange themselves to their own advantage. The blonde lies on his back and tells me to wank him slowly. You order me to do so. I’m on my knees, astride his thighs, pussy in the air, fully on show to you and the other men. My oiled hand slides around his lengthy cock and I begin to turn him on until he’s throbbing under my touch. At the same time the man in the jaguar mask kneels behind me and slips his fingers into my tight pussy, I sigh loudly when he runs his thumb over my clit and, as I shudder with pleasure, the older guy, with the black and gold mask, presents his throbbing dick in front of me, Without a sign of hesitation I take him into my mouth teasing him with my tongue. I suck him deeply as the man behind me pushes his thick cock into my hot, slippery pussy, he begins to fuck me, slow and deep pulling me by my hips onto his dick. With every powerful stroke he forces me to gag on the lengthy cock in my mouth. I’m wanton and desperate. I moan eagerly as I, like a good little slut, take massive cocks in both my holes.

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