Dear Jim Ch. 07

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Hi Jim,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful weekend, you guys were great to me again! It was really nice to spend some time with the both of you together, you have a wonderful home and, of course, Lori is GREAT! I really enjoyed working with you on your project before dinner as well, I know how hard it can be to get those kinds of things done, especially when you don’t have much help, if you need any help on finishing it or others please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Dinner was super as I’ve come to expect from you guys and Lori seemed both incredibly nervous and excited throughout, Its such a turn on to see her like that, she’s incredibly exciting anyway and when she gets like she was Saturday it was just overwhelming. What a wonderful woman.

She sure did surprise me with some of her ideas over the course of the weekend, I knew she had a wild streak but no idea it ran to such … interesting kink! I sensed that at least some of it was unexpected by you too. My reluctance for some of it was more because I didn’t want to upset our new friendship by moving so fast, perhaps we should talk about some of her unfulfilled requests and see how we feel before our next get together. I will also go ahead and say, wow, you have quite a nice body yourself! I know she isn’t lacking for cock at home, that’s for sure.

I must also say Whew! All the way over I was afraid I’d misread Lori and that when we tried to get the mfm going she’d freak and I’d lose the best thing that has ever happened for me. I thought seriously about aborting until I could feel her out more but I’m glad I didn’t. We both read her right, regarding her interest. I damn near fainted when she walked over to you by the pool and pulled your cock out and started to suck you off right there in the back yard and right in front of me. Wow that was hot! Of course when she reached back and pulled her thong aside and motioned me to her pussy I knew we were in for one hell of a weekend!! I wish we had thought to set up Holly’s video recorder, you didn’t did you?

Kissing her right after you had her mouth full of cock was incredibly erotic, I could almost taste you on her tongue, once you’d cum of course I could with no mistake. Talk about a turn on, I had no idea!! I hope the creampie was ok for you, never know how that might go over but Lori sure seemed to get off on it, of course your expert tongue work was likely the primary source of her incredible orgasm while you were eating her.

I almost felt bad for her, she clearly needed/wanted a break after that one and both of us were so hard that we simply changed ends without giving her much of a break. She didn’t miss a beat and I know the creampie I got sure was hot for me and seemingly for her as well as she came hard again.

The pool was certainly welcome after that hot session, I hope the neighbors eve gelen escort didn’t mind the noise or the nudity in your back yard! If they did it was just ’cause they are jealous. If they say anything to you tell them next time they should join in, especially that hottie next door to the north of you, she was outside pulling weeds when I pulled up, NICE ass for an older lady and wow what a rack!

Our after dinner get together was incredible, great choice in movies Jim, really turned us all on, well shot, nice realistic performers and a plausible plot. I almost thought you had written the script as it followed our little trio so closely. I now know one of the sources of Lori’s desire to see you and me together. I must admit, I was certainly turned on while watching but that could have been because I was sitting next to a very naked Lori and the fact that my fingers were sharing her pussy with yours! That was a first for me and something that I found wildly erotic.

Of course there were so many fantasies being fulfilled simultaneously at that point, so many sources of stimulation. Watching Lori take our cocks in hand as we continued to share her pussy, her wonderful tits moving so enticingly as she worked our cocks together in unison. WOW, what a woman! I was amazed that she was able to maintain her stroking so effectively when she so clearly orgasmed at one point. I hadn’t seen her squirt like that before, quite a turn on.

Her licking your cum from her fingers and then kissing me after you orgasmed sure did set me off, I don’t recall ever cumming so hard or shooting so far. I must say that when you bent and licked my cum from her tit so sensually like that and then kissed her was powerful, I think the three of us really cemented our friendship, and more, at that point.

Having all given one another such powerful orgasms and having been so comfortable with one another’s bodies was really special.

I was really impressed when you were able to immediately slide into Lori’s hot wet pussy after having just cum in her hand, I stayed hard myself but you seemed to have become really turned on, what a fucking! As you know, that really got me going again, watching you pound her like that, her obvious passion at your fucking, well, that and her taking my cock deep into her mouth and throat. God that woman can suck cock!

I was more than a little surprised when she took me from her mouth and rolled you onto your back like that, she’s stronger than she looks, but she really blew my mind when she then told me to take her ass. I never thought we’d talk her into a DP like that, especially not so early in the weekend. So to have her ask for it, well, demand is more like it, was great! I can’t tell you how incredible it was to slide my cock into her ass that first time, to feel her open for fatih escort me and yet still feel in exquisite detail, your cock throbbing in her pussy. I wasnt sure you could feel mine as I slid into her ass, I know I did when we swapped spots later but that first time was simply incredible.

I couldn’t believe Lori’s response as we filled her up, I’ve never heard a woman make that kind of sound, and her orgasms seemed to be simply a rolling wave of increasing magnitude as she rode us like that. I have no idea how many she enjoyed before we came, but it seemed to be quite a few. It was so wild to feel you spurt in her pussy while I was buried in her ass, I could feel every jet of your cum, every convulsion of her pussy, and, of course, her ass. Incredible!

That huge shower after we regained our legs was wonderful, I’d not ever seen such a a large, natural rock shower with the heads in each wall as well as the ceiling, I think we would have all hade a great time in there together had we not all been so fucked out at that point. I know it sure was hot, in every sense, when we showered together later and I think we took FULL advantage of it then.

I don’t know about you, but I sure slept well Saturday night! Lori’s tiny little snoring is kind of cute isn’t it? I can’t recall when I’ve felt better waking up in the morning than I did Sunday, incredibly refreshed, and surprisingly horny as I remembered the previous night. I am glad Lori wasn’t overly sore when she woke up, that could have derailed the rest of the weekend for sure. Do you think she was really awake when we took her hands and put a cock in each? If not she sure faked sleep well! Glad she knew just what to do when she did wake up. Such nice soft, yet strong, hands, perfect for stroking cock.

I still marvel at her ass as she bent to take you in her mouth, what a sensational view when she’s on her knees like that. No wonder I couldn’t pass up the chance to slide home while she was blowing you. I was afraid she’d be a little tender or maybe even have lost some of her nice snug fit, but sure wasn’t an issue Sunday morning. There is just not much better than the view while fucking doggy style as she gives head to another guy is there? Especially given Lori’s world class ass and overall shape. We are two very, VERY, lucky hombres amigo, very lucky.

As nice as it was I will admit some relief when she asked us to swap ends like that, she’s so delightfully crude when she wants to be, as I really wanted to be back in her mouth. Plus I get a little rush when a woman takes me directly from her pussy to her mouth like that.

Her capacity to orgasm is astounding, topped only by her inventiveness and passion in seeking them out. After she had cum at least two or three times as we tagged teamed her to start the day I would have thought she’d want halkal─▒ anal yapan escort a little break while in the shower before breakfast. Wrong.

I have to say, watching her use that shower head to get herself off was one of the single most erotic things I’ve ever seen. I knew that shower had potential, but I greatly underappreciated that potential. Wow! Did you place those heads for her to be able to direct an adjustable stream to both tits and her ass or pussy simultaneously? If you did you are a genius! I thought I might erupt just watching her get off like that, when she turned and held your shoulders as she ass fucked that water jet it was mindblowing! Sure did get her off.

I’m glad you guys liked the breakfast, it was the least I could do after such a spectacular weekend. I must say though, frying bacon while watching you two going after one another was amazing, I’m so glad I didn’t burn anything! I loved her riding you like that and watching me cook as she did. I wasn’t sure the table would hold up a couple times, but sure was glad it did. I may have to bring some whipped cream for next time! Her nipples were begging to be sucked as she rode you and when I teased them with the ice cube she sure seemed to respond. Whipped cream might be fun to play with.

Speaking of next time, I sure hope there will be a next time, I have a friend with one of those sybian machines, not sure if you are familiar with them or not. He tells me that his wife absolutely loves using it. I’ve asked if we might borrow it sometime for Lori. He just laughed and said if we could get his wife off of it we could take it but that we had better be ready to buy one. Think it over, I can try to grab it some weekend if you guys would like. He did also offer his wife to demo it for us sometime but warned me that it makes her insatiable and that he wouldn’t be held responsible for what might get stuffed up his wife’s pussy after she demos the machine.

Our time together after breakfast was another hot one, I was so glad we were able to do another DP with you in her ass this time, incredible isn’t it? I must say that being on the bottom in her pussy gave me a whole new perspective that was completely different from being in her ass last night. I didn’t realize how much purely erotic input was to be had when you can see her face, watch her nipples go so incredibly hard, feel her urgency so intensely. It was an incredible experience being the bottom part of the sandwich like that. Maybe next time we can do another DP in a different position,we will have to watch some porn and see if something looks interesting. One other note on the morning, it meant a lot to me, and Lori sure seemed to appreciate your taking my cock in hand and guiding me into her pussy, very erotic.

I will also admit that when you fucked her as we were in a 69, I didn’t mind at all taking a lick at your cock, I hope it didn’t bother you, didn’t seem to. Maybe next time you and I can also enjoy one another a little more, I know Lori would like to see that.

Got to go for now Jim, thank you again for the wonderful, wonderful weekend, I am sure well and truly fucked out for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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