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Deanna’s Delight

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She was thoroughly enjoying her summer. Soon Deanna would be off to college and a new life, though she knew she would miss her Dad like crazy. He was so in love with her mom and since she passed away a short while back, Deanna started looking after him like mom did.

Deanna was so exhausted that sultry summer afternoon. She had a morning session at the dance clinic and then a yoga class, but she loved it. Dance was something she would totally loose herself in. She had been dancing since she was a kid, starting with ballet and had now become really good at contemporary jazz.

She was supposed to go out for lunch with her friends that afternoon but decided instead to go home to recoup. She also planned to spend some precious time with her dad while she had it and surprise him. They had a special bond. She was just glad that at least college would keep her in the same state and she would be able to pop in whenever she could.

As she entered her home she gently dropped her gym bag by the door and shut it behind her quietly. Deanna removed her sneakers and socks and started to balance her petite frame on her toes softly making her away across the hardwood floor towards her dad’s den. Gliding quietly across the hallway as a dancer would, she wanted to surprise her dad by spending the day with him instead of her friends. Little things like that mattered so much to him and thinking about that brought an impish grin to her face.

She slowly approached the open door to his den. Her nimble body crouched as she tied her long brunette hair in a neat pony, ready to spring in and surprise him by coming home early. She quietly peeked in to see where he was and stopped dead in her tracks as if struck by lightning. She could see her dad feverishly masturbating to two pictures of bikini clad brunettes laid side-by-side on his computer screen. One picture was of her mom at the beach from back when and the other was Deanna’s own in a bikini from earlier in the summer.

The utter confusion, shock, anxiety, excitement of that sight mingled with a myriad of emotions for Deanna as she tried to comprehend what she was witnessing. She was overwhelmed by the sight…but she just could not get her eyes to move away. She straightened up from her crouching position in the doorway as her ears filled with the slapping sound made by her dad’s firm grim on his penis as he stroked it with increasing vigor.

His soft occasional moans gave her goose bumps and made her knees grow week. As she steadied herself, her feet made the floor creek.

“Shit,” she thought as she looked down quickly at her bare feet on the hardwood.

As she looked back up, her eyes were facing her dad’s blood shot eyes. He was too close to stop and Deanna was too mesmerized to look away. He groaned loudly, still looking at her with his fist pumping his penis with even more purpose. Another loud moan and his cum came spurting out like an erupting geyser.

Deanna snapped herself out of it and ran upstairs to her room. She quickly stripped herself out of her sweaty gym clothes and got into the shower. She tried to forget what she just saw in the fog of the warm water beating down on her body, but she just couldn’t. There were just so many images and memories that kept flashing in front of her as she soaped across her very erect nipples and a very wet and tingling vagina.

Still weak in her legs, she stepped out of the shower and started applying moisturizer across her legs and arms. She felt tingles run across her body from head to toe as she started thinking about the times dad had recently started helping her do that. She put her bathrobe on and armed with her hair brush sat on the edge of her bed in front of her vanity. She looked at her reflection as she brushed her hair and then started probing even deeper into herself. She lost track of time as she tried to come to terms with what she saw and her own feelings and desires.

Deanna was an attractive brunette. Though shy and easily flustered, she had embraced her young womanhood and her 5’4” petite dancer’s frame, slender legs, lush long hair and her mother’s good looks had got her a fair share of compliments. However, no compliment ever mattered to her as much as when her dad would look at her, caresses her soft cheeks with his hands, softly peck her lips and tell her she was pretty.

Despite her shyness, dancing would bring the real unbridled Deanna out in the open. As she matured into a young woman, that also earned her some admirers. Deanna had even dated some of them. There were a lucky few who she even made out a little with. However, there was no one she could bring herself to go all the way with.

“Why haven’t I?” she pondered as her thoughts also wandered to the many times she had peeked into the open bedroom downstairs, drawn by the muffled moans and groans to see her dad ravage her mom in their bed.

Could it be those memories and the desire to experience what her mom had that was holding her back? As bursa suriyeli escort escort she brushed her hair she thought of all the past many weeks as an 18 year old taking dance seriously to help with getting a college scholarship. She thought about how supportive and attentive her dad had been. She smiled as she thought of the many times since that her dad would give her these divine massages, especially after a grueling dance practice.

Her thoughts went to how amazing his touch would feel to her flesh and the goose bumps he would give her. Was there more to the many tickle fights they had started having at the end of these massages and the raspberries he would blow across her body? Did the recent cuddles on the sofas when she and dad would watch a movie together and the caresses he would lavish her with mean more? Even as a grown young lady now she would playfully sit in his lap and were the occasional bumps she would feel, really actually be his penis…yearning for her?

She got jolted out of her thoughts as she saw her dad stand in her doorway looking at her longingly. He sheepishly smiled at her and slowly walked across to the edge of her bed where she was sitting and kneeled right in front of her. As his hands rested on her thighs Deanna subconsciously parted her legs a little so he could position himself closer sand stare intensely and deeply into her eyes.

Steve was a very passionate man and loved Deanna’s mom dearly. Her untimely passing took a heavy toll on him and made him retract into a shell. His entire life started revolving around his precious Deanna. How she had grown and what a pretty young lady she had transformed into. ..just like her mom, maybe even more.

Steve grew so much closer to Deanna after his wife passed away. He was devoted to her and wouldn’t care much for other women. Something snapped in him when she turned 18 and being a hot blooded man, he could not help but notice as his sweetheart morphed into a beautiful young woman as he started getting increasingly consumed by her presence around him.

Steve started aching in his trousers seeing Deanna strut her lithe young womanly body across the house. He would break into a sweat watching her stretch and practice her dance routine – many times in not much more than a flimsy tank and tight boy shorts. His eyes would be transfixed on her nipples clinging to her sweat soaked tank as she would sashay in front of him.

He so looked forward to every time she would ask him to work the magic of his fingers across her sore body after practice or when she needed help moisturizing herself after a bath. It started becoming very difficult for him to control his trembling as he would massage her. Invariably it led to him going to his bedroom and locking himself in to relieve the pent-up passion in his groin.

At first it was Deanna’s stunning similarity to her mom that excited him and then it was Deanna in her own light -not as his daughter, but a very attractive young lady that he was hopelessly falling for. He started thinking increasingly more about her through the day. He taught ancient history at college and was always oblivious of the attractive girls in his class, but now his eyes would wander. He started imagining the pretty young thing sitting in the front row of his class to be his sweet Deanna. He started fantasizing about her flirting and naughtily revealing what lay underneath that short skirt as she would uncross her legs for him as he would lecture.

That would also get him frustrated as to why Deanna would not take his offer to enroll at the university he had tenure at for free – why was she so goddamn adamant to go to another?

He was also startled at finding how jealous he would become when guys started calling on her or how badly he wanted to punch the boy who had the audacity to take her to her high school prom…

“…and soon she will be off to college…sigh.”

Such thoughts would get him hot and bothered, as they did that day. Thinking Deanna was out with her friends for the afternoon, he carelessly left the door of his den open as he adoringly looked at her picture next to her mother’s as he masturbated. He was too excited, and in his mind also too late, when Deanna caught him. There was no hiding his intense yearning to be her man.

And now here they were – Steve kneeled between Deanna’s invitingly open legs as the sides of her robe dropped off her upper thighs to her sides. Steve’s hands gently rested on her thighs just above her knees as his fingers gently kneaded her bare flesh. They stared into each other’s eyes as the moments ticked away. They could feel the other’s breath on their cheeks. His trembling hands slowly snaked up from her thighs to her arms and then to cradle her face as he planted a very sensual and lingering kiss on her face. Half expecting her to slap him and then pleasantly surprised at not being slapped, Steve reluctantly broke the kiss to talk bursa ucuz escort to her.

As he opened his mouth to speak Deanna immediately placed a finger on his lips and moved her head gently left to right – there was nothing to be said. Steve was too consumed in his own passion to notice Deanna’s body tense up as his hands traversed from her thighs to her face or how she had melted when he kissed her – were they standing she would have collapsed in his arms.

A smile started forming across her blushing face as her eyes welled up with joy knowing inside that the man she was looking for had always been right there with her. They momentarily rested their foreheads against each other and then Steve placed his right hand under her chin to tilt up her beautiful face. As he did Deanna opened her lips and her arms went around his head as they exchanged that very precious kiss – that first intense kiss that lovers exchange when they acknowledge the desire they have for each other.

The fire burning inside the two of them finally came to the fore as they kissed with passion so intense, it would have burnt anyone looking at them then. He gently scooped her up in his arms without breaking the kiss and walked down to his room. He gently laid Deanna on his bed – the same bed on which Deanna had spied her mom in orgasmic rapture so many times and her dad with fire in his eyes…and after so long she saw that fire in his eyes once again.

Steve could not restrain himself any longer. He turned her around on the bed, grabbing her robe and stripped it off of her in one fell swoop. He promptly flung it to the side and stood dumbfounded reveling in a sight that had tortured him so much in his dreams recently – Deanna’s beautiful naked young body sprawled on his bed. For him she glowed as the sun beams streaming though the partially open blinds bounced of her body. Deanna’s eyes were wide open staring at him in excited, fearful anticipation. Her flowing thick locks framed her beautiful innocent face – just like a blushing bride on her first night.

He then quickly tore the clothes off of himself and Deanna blushed – they were both naked. Yes, she had made out with a few guys and let herself be groped as they made out, but no one had ever seen her naked and she had never seen a man for real in his full glory either. Seeing his penis like that had a hypnotic effect over her. It was as beautiful as it was threatening.

Deanna was going red all over and tried to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands but he moved them and tied her hands over her head to the bed using the undershirt he just tore off of himself. The sight of her squirming dainty feet was maddening for him. He started kissing and nibbling and licking her all over starting from her toes and slowly inching his way up her feet, thighs, tummy, breasts, neck and face.

He was lustfully desperate as he tried to make his tongue, lips and fingers become familiar with every inch of her body, deliberately exploring every nook and cranny while getting intoxicated by the scent of her freshly bathed nubile young body. Her breasts were so perfectly formed for him as he squeezed them, licking and sucking on her perky erect nipples.

He finally went down on Deanna determined to give his pumpkin her very first orgasm. From the moment he spread her thighs and his tongue started flicking across her vagina, it made her get goose bumps all over. She could so feel his stubble tickling against her inner thighs. The way he nibbled, licked and sucked on her clit drove her wild. Steve’s tongue also amply peppered her dripping wet pussy with long licks and probes, and Deanna totally lost control over her body.

All her muscles started tightening and her thighs just started squeezing his head between them on their own. Her mind was all blank as she stepped into sort of a drunken delirious state that she had never felt before. Deanna’s entire body shook as the first waves or her orgasm hit her and she bucked violently and screamed as Steve tried to hold her down.

As Deanna’s spasms and screams subsided, he undid her hands and cuddled with her for a bit asking her if she liked it and Deanna just hugged him tight as she hid her blushing face in his chest. After a few minutes like that he sat up with his penis in front of her face and asked her to suck on it. Deanna had never done that before and was hesitant at first.

On his urging, she sheepishly stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his penis with the tip of her tongue. Realizing the joy Steve was experiencing through his moans, she became bolder and started planting soft kisses on the head of his penis. She then started to very gently nibble its head. As Deanna nibbled, licked and kissed it, she rolled her eyes up to see if Steve felt she was doing it right.

Steve was in heaven as Deanna diligently followed his moaning instructions. She then started licking its length and started sucking it, drenching bursa üniversiteli escort it with her saliva. It felt so warm, velvety – then smooth and throbbing in her mouth. She tasted something salty which she later learnt was his pre cum. After just a few licks and sucks Steve grunted, heaved and suddenly turned, got up and went to the bathroom.

Dianna was scared that she did something really wrong but he came back in no time and comforted her saying he would explain later but she noticed he had washed his penis and it was limper. He made Deanna suck on it some more and she felt it almost immediately come back to life and grow hard in her mouth. Steve then laid Deanna on her back again. He spread her legs as he kneeled between them with his hard erect penis right there resting on top of her vagina.

Deanna suddenly felt very flushed, warm, excited and scared – she knew all about sex talking to her girlfriends and had seen pictures – but this was real.

“Will this hurt?” she asked sheepishly as her wide open eyes and heaving chest betrayed her own lust.

Steve looked at her smiling with that fire in his eyes and caressed her cheeks as he told her that it would pain a little as he stroked and slapped his penis a few times across her vagina. He then let out a gruntish moan as he started putting it into her slowly.

Nothing could have prepared Deanna for that feeling. As Steve’s penis entered and started breaking through her hymen, it pained like crazy. With every little thrust of his, her hips instinctively pushed a little away from him and her hands would push against his belly. He grabbed her hands once again and pinned them over her head with his left hand. Then, using his right hand he grabbed his penis – steering it as he pushed through with a long, hard, deliberate and deep thrust till he was inside Deanna completely.

She just wanted to scream but it got stuck in her throat as her eyes popped wide open. Deanna let out this painful long, loud groan and bit down on his shoulder real bad to stop that scream as her hands freed themselves from his grip and her nails dug deep into his back. Steve brought his hands up to hold Deanna’s face as he stared deep into his sweetheart’s eyes.

He stayed like that for a while letting her get used to him inside of her and telling her to relax as he kissed Deanna repeatedly while mumbling sweet little things into her ear.

“I love you so much baby and I will never hurt you,” he softly moaned.

“This is such an incredibly beautiful way for us to share our love,” he said as Deanna nodded in agreement with tears of joy starting to stream down her cheek.

“You are so much like your mom and so much more pretty at the same time,” he said as he licked her tears and his hips started gyrating slowly as he began to grind into her.

“OH MY GOD – WOW!” exclaimed Deanna as it slowly started feeling really, really awesome.

The initial pain soon gave way to an intensely pleasurable sensation for Deanna as she again started experiencing that tingling and dazed feeling. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hips started moving in rhythm with his grinding which he started punctuating with occasional little thrusts.

Soon Deanna’s body just started moving on its own. He licked her nipples as her back arched up with each little thrust and her breasts met his hungry mouth. For Steve it was literally a dream that had come true. Deanna’s eyes were glazed as she started moaning loudly and her hands clutched at the sheets. Seeing her like that was the most beautiful sight he had seen. He then made her unlock her ankles from behind his back and spread her legs wide as he started moving in and out of Deanna with more energy.

Steve then grabbed each of her feet with his hands and stretched his arms out so her legs were wide apart and he started thrusting very deep into her. Deanna felt the pain come back and gritted her teeth but after a short while he pulled his hands in so her legs were together with her feet resting on his chest. He then grabbed her dainty little feet by the ankles, bringing them forward and started licking her feet as he kept moving in and out of her.

Her soft feet had always been very sensitive and Steve had started paying a lot more attention to them recently as he discovered from her body language how much she liked it. Deanna would bliss out when Steve massaged them after a strenuous dance session. She would also go wild when he played with them during their recent tickle fights. But what was happening now was so beyond all of that for Deanna.

“Ohhhhhh Daddy! It’s feeling so amazing. I Love you so much!” she exclaimed in a shrill musical moan.

Steve got very excited seeing Deanna squirm with pleasure. Encouraged, he flicked his tongue across her cute little toes, sucking on each one of them as he kept alternating pumping in and out of her with a grinding movement that made him look no less of a dancer. The explosion in sensation began overwhelming Deanna quickly as she slipped deeper into her impending orgasm. Her feet arched forward begging for more as she started feeling light headed. Her glazed eyes rolled up as a very tickly and tingly shiver ran though her feet and down her legs to mingle with the sensation in her vagina that immediately spread to every part of her body.

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