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Dawn’s New Life Ch. 01

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“I’m so glad we waited!” Dawn said as she kissed her new husband full on his lips. “You get undressed out here and get into bed, while I change in the bathroom. I have a special teddy for our first night together as man and wife!”

“Sure baby, if that’s how you want it.” Matt smiled as he replied.

They had dated for nearly two years before Dawn had thoroughly checked him out and agreed to marry him. A nearly nine month engagement followed for Dawn and her mother to plan the wedding to end all weddings. The Armstrong-Albertson wedding had been the largest Beloit had seen in some time. Now alone in the hotel room, Matt was more than ready to take what his virgin wife had saved for him alone.

Dawn had insisted on waiting for the wedding night before any sex play. Sure there had been some hot and heavy nights of kissing. She had finally allowed some brief fondling of her breasts on a couple of occasions before pushing Matt away. She claimed it was mostly out of her fear she would not be able to resist his advances should they continue. Dawn had assured him that she wanted to have sex, but she wanted to wait.

Finally, the night he for which he had hardly been willing to wait arrived. Dawn was a cute petite blond, just over 5’5″ tall. Her hair fell to just below her shoulders. Her breasts were a large “A” or small “B” depending on who was doing the measuring, or who made the bra. Although she had been intrigued by some of the shaved women she had seen in the locker room, she hardly ever trimmed her soft blond bush. During the summer, she would clip a few unsightly tuffs which were prone to escape from under her bikini bottoms. Other than that, she did not see the purpose in depilatory use. She was fit, but not a weightlifter or bodybuilder type. She was just the slender, girl-next-door type, with an innocence that is seldom found today.

She had been involved with a “true love waits” program since her junior year in high school. After making it through her freshman year at college, she reaffirmed her choice and was firmly committed to waiting until marriage. Matt was not at all the “wait” until the wedding night type. He had spent 4 years in the Navy before attending the University of Wisconsin. He had been with a few women in “the day” but had decided that there was no real reason Dawn needed to know his past.

He pulled off his pants before removing his red cummerbund, with matching bowtie and crisp white shirt. Wearing nothing but his boxers he scrambled under the covers in ample time to wait for more than a few minutes for Dawn. In the bathroom she worked her way out of the wedding dress he had tried to remove after undoing the catch. Dawn smiled at the thought of how she had shut him down. She had always been in control in the relationship. While sexually naive, she was well aware of the benefits that society bestowed on young attractive blonds. She was well able to use her feminine charms to her full advantage.

“Turn off the lights!” Dawn commanded from the bathroom in the honeymoon suite.

The Şirinevler escort candles she had previously lit sprung alive as the room darkened. Dawn slowly entered the room, her white teddy covered by a thick robe which the hotel had provided. The light from the bathroom made her silhouette pronounced.

“Let me see you, baby, please!” Matt pled.

“Have you waited long enough, darling?” She smiled, as she lowered her robe just off of her shoulders. “Do you want to see what you have been waiting for?”

“You know I am dieing to see your body!” Matt said as he swallowed in anticipation.

With that, she let the robe fall to the floor. The powder-blue teddy was all lace and bows. Somehow it made her appear to have some cleavage. She pulled back the covers as she slid into bed next to Matt. She left the covers down as she nuzzled up next to her new husband.

“So, do you want to undress your bride?” Dawn continued to tease him.

“I don’t see any snaps, how do you get this thing off?” Matt asked honestly. Although he had been around, most of the time it had just been a matter of the girl wiggling out of her 501’s.

“They are between my legs, silly!” Dawn played with his chest hair.

Matt reached down and slid his hand up her thighs until he found the snaps. He fumbled somewhat as he unsnapped them and allowed the material to relax and expose her blond covered mound. She moved to assist him as he pulled the garment over her head, exposing her body to the glow of the candles. Her breasts, while “small” by the standards of most, were nearly perfect in firmness and symmetry. Her areolas were the size of an eagle silver dollar; her nipples were somewhat larger than pencil erasers, and longer. The light pink color betrayed the fact she had never been pregnant. She had claimed to be a virgin and from all appearances, her claims were true. Matt had never been with a virgin, and had begun to think that there were no virgins over the age of 16. He was more than eager to boldly go where no man had gone before.

“Do you like what you see?” Dawn quizzed. “Am I worth the wait?”

“Oh baby, you are a goddess!” He was now nearly drooling over a female form the likes of which most guys could only see in their dreams.

“Now it is my turn!” Dawn exclaimed. “I want to see your thing.”

As she proclaimed her wish, she tugged at both sides of his boxers, pulling them down with such force as to necessitate a quick movement by Matt to raise his hips from the bed. Matt watched her eyes as she was exposed, for the first time, to his much neglected cock. For the past 3 years he had been satisfied with the tug of his own fingers on his cock as he waited for this moment. Her eyes betrayed her innocence once again as they responded to the sight of his member.

“Oh my god!” Dawn let out. “It is huge.”

His dick, while yet semi-flaccid was over nine inches long, and well over 5 inches in diameter. He knew, because he had, more than once measured it in various stages of Ataköy escort arousal.

“Touch it!” Suggested Matt in a soft voice.

Dawn’s only response was “Oh my god, my god, it is immense!”

Matt took her hand and moved it towards his cock. She at first stroked it as one would pet a cat. At Matt’s instruction, she had attempted to close her fingers around it and make a couple quick tugs. The attention was not lost on his cock and it flooded with blood. The engorgement was so striking that Dawn withdrew her fingers in what approached horror.

“It’s grow—-growing” She was nearly stuttering now.

Once again Matt placed her hands on his cock. Before long it had grown to its full 11¼ inches. Not only had its length expanded, but its circumference had also expanded now to over 6 inches. It was not as large a coke bottle, but it was close, very close.

“That is never going to fit inside me!” Dawn said, as tears started welling up in her eyes. “Oh my god, Matt, why didn’t you tell me how big it was!”

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I am sure I had heard you say that size did not matter. Isn’t that part of your whole belief system? That love is more than penis size? That sex is only a part of a relationship?” Matt was trying to help, but he was not making things any better.

“Baby, of course marriage is more than sex, but that thing will hurt me baby. I am a virgin; you will rip me apart with that.” Dawn was now crying as Matt tried to hold her.

“Look, I will be gentle, I will be slow. You’ll see it will be ok.” Matt wanted to tell her that other girls had been able to handle his cock. He wanted to give her some real life evidence that she would not die from having sex with him. But he had led her to believe that he too had waited until the wedding life, so at this point honesty would not be the best policy. “Look, let’s just make out for a while, and when you are wet and ready we will give it a go, ok?”

Without answering a word, Dawn moved to kiss him. Terrified or not, ready or not, she had vowed to be a good wife. She had to at least try; even if it was against her better judgment. Matt moved so that he could fondle her breasts. As he pinched and pilled her tits a little, he moved his free hand between her legs and rubbed her virgin mound. He slipped his finger between her labia. He ran it up and down until he felt her folds moisten.

His cock was already pulsing with excitement, he could feel it jump. He pushed her thighs apart and up towards her shoulders as me moved to mount her. His cock now replaced his fingers gliding up and down her pussy lips. He then brought the now purple head-bulb up to the small opening to her vaginal canal. He clenched his buttocks together as he pushed slowly against her hymen. The resistance gave way, and as it did Dawn let out a blood curdling cry.

“Of my god, it hurts, it hurts.” She sobbed, as she dug her fingernails into the flesh of Matt’s shoulder blades. “Oh my god, it is too big, it’s too big.”

“It Bakırköy escort will feel better in a second” assured Matt as he pushed deeper into her now soaking pussy.

He pulled it nearly out and pushed it back in, this time fitting nearly all of his massive cock into her. Once again, she cried out as he struck her cervix.

“What are you doing, this should not hurt, Oh my god, please baby, take it out! Take it out!” She was now pounding on his shoulders with her fists.

“Just a minute, baby, just hang in there, we are almost there.” With that Matt pumped a bit faster but not as deep, for less than a minute before his cock exploded into her pussy. He made three distinct thrusts as his cum spurted deep into her.

Dawn now opened her fists and pushed him back. “That really hurt me Matt!” She was crying once again, shaking her head back and forth.

Matt fell to his side off of his young bride. “I’m sorry baby. I wanted you to like it.”

“I am never doing that again! I don’t care what you say; you are way too big for me.” Dawn sobbed.

“Now honey, you are my wife, you can not just tell me on our honeymoon that you will not have sex with me! THAT is NOT acceptable to me!” Matt is shouting now.

“You are not normal; you have some kind of freaky monster thing. You have no idea how badly you hurt me.” Dawn now too was raising her voice.

“Look honey, let’s not argue!” Matt said “It’s our wedding night. I’m sorry it hurt you. We will figure out something. Maybe there is something the doctor can do for you.”

“Do for me? I am not the freak; I have a normal size vagina.” Dawn once again became defensive.

“Baby, you will get used to it! Women have babies and my dick is not as big as a baby.” Matt defended himself.

Dawn rolled her eyes. Matt knew what that meant. It was past time for him to back off.

“I just want to go to sleep, but it hurts so badly. Matt I need you to get dressed and go and get me some aspirin.” With that she turned and went to the bathroom.

Matt could hear the shower running. He got dressed and headed for the drug store.

When we returned Dawn was still not back in bed. He called out her name, but she did not answer. Finally, he knocked on the bathroom door. Still no answer, so he tried the knob. The door opened to expose another empty room. But there was a note on the hotel stationary.

“Please keep the room, and try and have a good time. I have gone home to my mother; she will help me annul the marriage. I am so very sorry; you are a great guy, the best I have ever dated. But I was wrong, I should have checked out things before the wedding. It would not be fair to either of us to go on. I hope you understand. –Dawn”

Matt got into bed. Although he turned out the light, the darkness would not stop his racing thoughts. Dawn had not been the first girl who could not deal with his size. More than once girls had gotten out of bed and ran for the door once they saw his cock. He had thought that being married would ensure cooperation and commitment. He had thought wrong. Matt considered giving it all up, but suicide was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. He would win her back. Somehow, someday, he would fuck her again. His plans lulled him to sleep, and in his dreams his honeymoon continued.

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