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David in the Bookstore

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Like many married bi-sexual men, David has a favorite place to meet men looking for some quick sex. A few miles from his home is an area where a large part of the city’s adult-type entertainment is concentrated and David drives there periodically when he feels the need to suck someone off. His favorite place there is the back room of Carnal Club Books, a porno book store with booths in the back room. Each booth is about five feet square with a tile floor and a wooden chair where a patron to sit while watching pornographic videotapes. The size of the floor and the presence and mobility of the chair are important because, when the chair is pushed against the wall farthest from the screen, another person can kneel in front of the patron and suck his cock while he watches the tapes.

Even more important is the attitude of the owner of the bookstore. There are laws against sex in places like the store’s back room but they are only enforced if somebody complains. Not only does the owner of the store never complain, he sometimes visits the back room to be sucked off. Besides his own sexual enjoyment, the owner benefits from the patronage of David and others because they always run videotapes when they are active in the booths and the hundreds of dollars they feed into the machines represent pure profit.

The last time David went to Carnal Club Books, the owner recognized him and smiled when he saw one of his favorite customers walk directly to the back room. He was horny that morning and, after seeing David, expected to get a good blow job when his employee came to work and he could leave the cash register. Although the owner didn’t know the customer’s name or anything else about him, he knew from experience that David would be willing to suck him off skillfully in a little while.

There were two other men in the back room and they watched as David stepped into one of the booths, started a tape running and turned around to stand in the door, looking out into the room. Before entering the book store, he had removed his dentures and put them in the Tupperware container he uses for that purpose. The container, along with condoms, Aquaglide and mouthwash were contained in what David called his “slut bag”. The bag was stashed under the chair, out of anybody’s way.

“Good morning,” one of the other men said to him softly, holding one hand on his crotch. Men NEVER speak to each other in places like this, so to do so was to express interest. Holding his hand like that meant that he wanted to be the one sucked off, rather than wanting to suck somebody else off.

“Come in,” David responded and stepped back so the other man could enter, push the chair back against the wall and sit down. That was the extent of the conversation and David’s response was actually redundant because gaziantep escort stepping back had been enough of an invitation. Both men were there for the same reason; they both knew it and no more words were needed.

After locking the door and feeding more coins into the machine, David knelt in front of his instant sex partner. Wordlessly, he unfastened and pulled down the other man’s pants and pulled his cock through the crotch of his shorts. For sanitary reasons, nobody ever sat on his bare ass on the chair. The man’s cock wasn’t even close to being erect yet but that was a plus, as far as David was concerned, because he likes the feel of a cock stiffening in his mouth, and he enjoyed the sensation as this one did.

Slowly, David bobbed his head up and down, relishing the feel of the stiffening cock as it glided across his bare gums, getting bigger and harder every time he engulfed it with his mouth. The man was horny and, although his cock was rather small, after it was fully erect it gave David a nice mouthful. Slowly, because he was in no hurry and wanted to prolong the mutual pleasure, David sucked the rigid flesh in and out between his lips, giving enjoyment to himself and to the other man. While the cock surged in and out of his mouth, he caressed the shaft with his tongue, loving the firm, warm feel.

David loves everything about sucking cocks, especially the feel of the head massaging the back of his mouth. He also relishes feeling his lips being tickled by a man’s pubic hair and the salty but clean aroma of a man’s crotch. Judging by the sighs and moans and the way he was squirming in his chair, the man was also getting extreme pleasure from David’s ministrations.

While the two men were sharing their fun, David unzipped his pants, took out his own cock and started pumping it with his right hand. The pleasure of the stiff cock going in and out of his mouth had given him a full erection, and he hoped to cum at the same time as his partner did. He was somewhat disappointed when the man grunted and ejaculated early into David’s mouth. The disappointment was mild, though, because David relished the texture and the taste of the semen that squirted onto his tongue. He swallowed the first load, noting the slight sweetness, and tightened his lips and gums on the man’s shaft, squeezing out his reward. David always swallows all the cum, considering it to be his reward for doing a good job of sucking a cock.

When David had pulled the man’s cock through the fly of his shorts, he had used his fingers but once it was in his mouth it stayed there, without being touched by anything but David’s mouth. Once the man had finished cumming, and David had squeezed all the semen from his cock, David took it out of his mouth again and licked all the cum off the head and the shaft. When everything had been licked off, the man tucked his cock back into his shorts, refastened his pants, stood up and, wordlessly, left the booth. David put his own cock back into his pants and stood in the doorway again.

A few minutes later another man approached and David recognized the store owner. Knowing exactly what this man was hoping for, he stepped back into the booth again and got to his knees when the owner sat in the wooden chair. In this case, neither man felt any need to put money into the video machine because anyone who saw the two men step into the booth knew what they intended to do, and no pretense was needed. David saw no point in spending his money and the owner knew he would just be pocketing the money later anyhow so he didn’t bother.

Still without speaking, David pulled down the man’s pants and worked the stiff cock out through his underwear fly. It was already fully hard because the owner had been anticipating the good blow job he knew he would be getting from David once his employee reported for work. This cock was slightly bigger than the first one he had sucked but David was able to take it in just as deeply and enjoy the feel of it against the back of his mouth. Once again, David started slowly bobbing his head, sucking his second cock of the day.

He didn’t expect this one to be as pleasant as the first had been because the owner had a pungent odor in his crotch and David knew that his semen would have a rather fishy taste. Neither negative would be enough to keep David from sucking him off and enjoying every minute of it but they would somewhat dampen his pleasure. The big problem was that sometimes the owner had been known to grab the head of somebody sucking his cock to try to get deeper penetration. David hated this because he had to overcome his gag reflex when something pressed against the back of his mouth near the entrance to his throat and he didn’t always succeed when something was forced in. Any time somebody grabbed his head David pushed the offending hands away and would stop sucking the man’s cock if he persisted.

This time his head wasn’t grabbed and David truly enjoyed sucking the man’s cock and hoped to enjoy sucking it for a long time, feeling it slide between his lips and across his gums to touch gently against the back of his mouth. Although the second cock was thicker than the first, the lack of teeth or dentures allowed David to accommodate it, and for his tongue to massage the entire length while it was in his mouth. Once again, his own cock was rigid and crying out for attention so David unzipped his pants and pulled it free.

As David’s head bobbed up and down in front of him, the store owner tried to concentrate on the big bald area in order to make his pleasure last a long time. He knew that David disliked having his head touched while he was sucking a cock so he refrained from doing that. He also knew that David, like most people who suck cocks, insisted on controlling the depth and everything else about the thrusts into his mouth so, although he was squirming on the chair from the pleasure of what was being done, he sat otherwise quietly.

David was happily surprised at the way the store owner sat passively on the chair and he took great pleasure from the way the cock felt in his mouth. He also enjoyed the feeling in his own cock as his hand pumped, slowly at first and faster as the pleasure increased. When the cock in his mouth started throbbing and twitching, increasing the good feeling and indicating that the man’s ejaculation was imminent, David stroked it faster between his lips while he jacked off faster. Seconds after cum filled his mouth, his own cum spurted onto the floor.

The taste in his mouth was pleasant, despite the slightly fishy taste of the semen, and David closed his lips and gums tightly to milk everything from the cock that remained stiff in his mouth. At the same time, he squeezed his own ejaculate onto the floor. Before he left, he would wipe it off the tile floor, using paper towels from the dispenser on the wall and depositing the used towel in the waste receptacle by the door to the main room of the book store. That is what considerate people do when they masturbate in a place like this, and David has always been a considerate person.

With the man’s cock drained, David held it in is fingers and licked off the cum from the head and under the ridge, and then returned it to the man’s underwear. The store owner, smiling happily from the good time he has just experienced, adjusted his softened cock inside his underwear, pulled his pants back on, fastened them and stood up to go. Neither man had spoken a word while they were together and the only contact between them that wasn’t strictly sexual was a light pat on David’s shoulder by the other man just before he left. Nevertheless, the two men considered themselves to be friends and both expected future pleasant times together in the back room of the Carnal Club Book Store.

After the storeowner left, David adjusted his own clothing, wiped his cum from the floor, licked lips to get anything that leaked out and looked out the door again. He had really enjoyed sucking off the two men and his own masturbation and, since nobody else gave any indication that they were interested, David decided to leave. He would definitely be back, and fairly regularly.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I appreciate knowing people’s opinions, either good or bad, so you are invited to vote to tell me what you think and to leave public comments or email me. I promise to respond to anybody who leaves his or her email address.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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