David and Peter

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David looked into Peter’s face; there was no one between them now.

Peter opened his eyes filled with tears. He looked at David and for the first time understood David’s feelings for him all through his life, his possessiveness, his care, his tenderness, his silent love for him. The tears ran down his face.

David licked Peter’s tears tasting the saltiness. His heart welled up and he whispered “Let me kiss you Peter” as he captured Peter’s mouth.

Peter could not move at the wave of emotion which spiraled into his gut at David’s kiss.

David did not allow Peter to think as he ravaged his mouth. He stretched out on Peter’s body as he sucked in Peter’s tongue and bit his lips roughly. Peter yelped. David suckled to soothe. He licked his face and neck. He nipped at Peter’s neck. A sweet sensation rippled through Peter’s body. David shivered at this and with trembling hands held Peter’s face. He sought back Peter’s mouth again and again to kiss deeply.

The mood shifted. David was in hurry to devour Peter. He reached between them and touched Peter’s nipples, thumbing the nubs roughly, pinching and pulling at them. He circled each one, with his tongue and sucked them into his mouth with hunger. He blew on them, bit and sucked until Peter started to moan. All the while making fucking motions with whichever body part of Peter he was currently in contact. He continued to assault Peter’s senses with hands, mouth and thrusting against him; never letting up.

Peter thrashed at the pure delight which shot to his toes.

David moved lower to Peter’s belly, dipped his tongue in belly button and he bit into the flesh. Peter’s eyes glazed at the sensation, His cock full mast.

David left trail of saliva as he wet kissed and moved lower and lower until he reached Peter’s throbbing penis. He cradled Peter’s butt in his huge hands. He raised his head to look at Peter and waited.

Peter instantly missed David’s burning wet mouth on him and opened his eyes.

David was breathing heavily. He gazed at Peter for long and he slowly lowered his mouth to Peter’s member which had all their juices casino ┼čirketleri on it. Peter reared at the feeling. His eyes rolled back and he bellowed at the ecstasy of hot wet mouth on his penis. He closed his eyes at the pure bliss. Never did he feel anything like this. David had no plans of giving Peter any respite and he slowly twirled his tongue on Peter’s pulsating cock and blew on it.

Peter let out guttural cry. He went berserk. David started to suck. He nibbled Peter’s cock. He continued to suck between delicate bites while his hands massaged Peter’s balls.

Peter withered and trashed in the bed bucking at the feeling, his hands tied behind. He pulled on the ropes so that his hands can be released to grab and fuck David.

After sometime David moved and lay completely on top of Peter. Both their engorged cocks were now lay between their bellies.

David held Peters face, eyes glazed he rasped “Ask me. Ask me Peter, to fuck you. Please ask me Peter”.

David knew this was the moment, the core for his existence; towards which he galvanized his entire life. He touched his forehead gently onto Peter’s and waited.

Peter no longer had any doubts. The emotions and experience were new to him but he knew now that he wanted David in the most primitive way. This was what he would cherish and craved to experience. He whispered “Untie my hands”.

David pulled back and looked at Peter with blood shot eyes,. Defeat writ on his face, He reached over and untied Peter.

Peter rubbed his wrists and. He raised his arms to hold David’s face and slowly lowered it to kiss David’s forehead first, and then moved to David’s lips. Peter licked David’s lips open and breathed in “Yes David, yes, Fuck me”.

David’s tears spilled upon hearing this. He finally found his destiny.

Peter reached out to run fingers on David’s back. He suckled at David’s neck and bit into his neck. He lowered his hand between them to touch David’s engorged member. David reared at the feeling.

Peter said ‘Now David, now”.

David raised himself onto his knees and lifted Peter’s legs on to his shoulders casino firmalar─▒ and positioned himself at Peter’s virgin hole. Though it was still coated with their juices, he knew and quietly said “It will hurt”.

Hearing this Peter moved his hands to David’s hips, shepherding him towards his hole. David pushed unopposed with Peter’s aid.

Peter eyes rolled in pain as David nudged and entered into him.

David stopped.

Peter deep breathed to ease the pain. He realized that he was the one who needed to show the courage, the resilience needed, As David would not force himself onto him. He gritted his jaw and continued to push David into him.

David saw bravery of Peter, with tears in his eyes he again started to drive gently into Peter. Both men fought the pain, one at heart and one at body, as they battled to deepen the connection between one another.

After what seems like an eternity, David’s whole thick cock was snugly in Peter. He slumped onto Peter.

Both men were breathing hard bathed in each other’s sweat.

After sometime as their breath was returning to normal, Peter turned to kiss David. Both men at once moved eagerly to kiss deeply; hungry for touch, feel and breath. They could not keep their hands and mouth still; grabbing, touching, licking, sucking, clawing and biting into where ever they could reach the other.

David moved inside Peter, pulled back to ram in again. Peter whimpered, David caught that sound with his mouth. He kissed again and breathed “yes Peter, for us “. Peter answered by clawing into David’s hips, guiding them into age old dance of mating. David placed his mouth over Peter’s so that he can catch every sound of their first copulation into him. He fucked his childhood friend slowly with long gentle strokes.

Sarah twisted her head and saw the pain and bliss on Peter’s face. David’s cock glistened in the candle lights as it moved in and out of Peter’s hole. Peter was moaning out the pain and ecstasy at David’s deep thrusting. Peter’s own member was rock hard between their bellies like a cuddled treasure. The rapture on David’s chiseled face g├╝venilir casino made him look like pagan god in ritual. David plunged into Peter with increased rhythm. He leveraged himself on his elbows and started to plunge more deeply.

Peter moaned “faster David, faster, more, more, please more”.

David lost control on hearing this and he raised himself back into original position with Peter’s legs on his shoulders and started to pump indiscriminately. He spit into his hands and reached between them, taking Peters pulsating penis in his hand and stroked it; in sync to his fucking.

The sensation of David’s hand on his cock was blowing Peters mind.

Each one was driving for other’s orgasm. David eyes glittered and he bellowed his pleasure. He threw his head back as he thrust into Peter with abandon, rubbed Peters cock simultaneously.

Peter rose on his elbows and fucked back David’s hand. He guided David’s hips for deeper thrusts raising the bar.

David increased the tempo on Peters cock to match.

Peter no longer was conscious of anything but the pure animal craving and drive in himself to climax; Peter raised himself to kiss David as his howl filled the room and he ejaculated into David’s hand.

David roared and fucked Peter like crazy now. He smeared Peter’s juice in heathen act onto his own face and lips as he fucked without restrain anymore. He dropped Peter’s legs and to lie fully on Peter and thrust into him like a demon.

Peter circled David’s waist with his legs. David moved in deeper and deeper. He fucked into Peter as he leveraged himself on Peter’s arms. David was fucking in frenzy wanting to release into Peter, wanting to brand Peter as his possession.

Peter saw all veils dropped from David’s face as the pure glory of marauding Peter’s crack was etched on his face. David reached pinnacle of his quest. He grabbed Peter’s hair to look into his eyes, as each looked into his beloved’s face; David filled Peter’s hole with his semen and soul.

Both friends drifted into sex satiated slumber.

Peter became conscious of David’s weight on him sometime during the night. He shifted, stretching out his legs on David, circling them at ankles and held his arms across David’s shoulders, in full body hug. As he drifted back into sleep he realized wetness on his shoulders as David’s silent tears.

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