Daughter’s Stormy Comfort

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(Author’s note: this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this story are at least 18 years of age. This work is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any way by any person(s) without the express written consent of the author.)

Melissa lay in the bed listening to the storm approaching. It was a little after one in the morning and the distant storm had awakened her out of a sound sleep. She was a light sleeper to begin with, but even at 18 years of age she was still scared of thunderstorms. So when the first distant rumble of thunder from the coming storm echoed through the night sky, she was instantly awake.

It only took a few minutes for the storm to arrive, the first drops of rain hitting her window as the wind picked up. A second or so later the first flash of lightning lit up the dark sky, the peal of thunder following it less than two seconds later.

“Oh!” she gasped as the thunder rolled overhead. She held one fist to her mouth and could feel her heart beating faster in her chest, her breath coming faster as well.

“This is ridiculous!” she said softly out loud, trying to beat back the fear building inside her. “You’re nearly a grown woman and you’re still afraid of thunderstorms! Silly goose!” she said, talking to herself. Just then the lightning flashed again and the thunderclap came almost immediately, loud and hard enough to rattle the windowpanes. The storm was right overhead now and was building quickly.

“Damn right I’m still scared!” she said, throwing the covers back and getting out of bed. She slept in an overly-large, loose-fitting tank top that barely covered her butt, and she never thought to throw on a robe as she scurried out of her room to the only place in the house where she knew she’d be safe — her father’s room.

She padded down the hall and stopped in the doorway to his room, her hands clenched at her chest, looking at her sleeping father for a moment. He was sleeping on his left side and was facing the door; the covers were down around his waist so she could see that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. She always thought her father was a handsome man and had a good build, especially his chest. He was muscled without being ripped like a bodybuilder, and Melissa thought he looked really good. Her mother was sound asleep behind him, lying on her side and facing away from her.

“Daddy?” she whispered, hand still at her chest. The thunder rolled overhead again, making her jump. She walked into the room and stood right at the edge of the bed as she spoke again, a little louder this time.

“Daddy?” she said, breathing a sigh of relief when her father groggily opened his eyes, stirring a bit.

“Mm, hmph,” he mumbled as he woke up, wiping the back of his hand over his eyes. He looked up at her, his eyes fully open now, his brow furrowing as he saw his daughter standing there looking as if she’d just seen a ghost.

“Mel, what’s wrong?” he whispered, calling her by his pet name for her. Just then another peal of thunder sounded, and he realized what was happening. “Oh, okay, a thunderstorm,” he said. “Gotcha.”

“Daddy, I’m scared!” Melissa said, still clutching her hands to her chest, her voice a barely audible whisper. Her mother had always chided her about her fear of thunderstorms so the last thing she wanted to do was wake her up and get chastised again. “Can I sleep with you until the storm is gone? Please, Daddy? Please?” she begged, the fear evident in her eyes.

“Sure, baby, c’mere,” he whispered, holding his arm out to her as he glanced over his shoulder to make sure his wife was still asleep. Melissa quickly climbed onto his bed, sliding under the covers before her father could stop her. He intended to cuddle with her and make her feel better, but he hadn’t intended for her to be under the covers. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and had no idea that Melissa wasn’t wearing panties.

“Thank you, Daddy!” she whispered, turning onto her left side and pushing her body back up against his, snuggling with him as closely as she could. The bottom of her tank top had pushed up over her ass so she could feel the material of his boxers against her skin as he put his arm around her, holding her close.

“You’re welcome, baby,” her father said softly into her ear, hugging her close to him to calm her nerves while resisting the urge to push his hips back against her shapely ass that was pushing against him. He didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose, but her ass was pressing right onto his cock, and as she wiggled to snuggle with him all she did was wiggle her butt against it more and press it harder against him.

He was hoping against hope that he wouldn’t have the natural tunceli escort reaction that stimulation like this would cause, but of course he did. He felt his cock stirring as his erection began, the shaft slowly but steadily getting thicker, longer and harder as Melissa’s firm ass stayed pressed against him.

‘Oh, shit!’ he thought, powerless to control what was happening with his cock.

‘Oh, shit! Is he getting hard? His cock is getting hard!’ Melissa thought to herself, her eyes opening wide as she felt the tube of his cock pushing against her, moving on its own as it steadily grew bigger. ‘Did I do that?’ she wondered, immediately knowing that she had.

And much to her surprise, she liked knowing that she was having that effect on him. What’s more, she could feel her pussy beginning to tingle as she felt his cock slowly but steadily growing against her ass.

Tentatively, moving slowly but firmly, she pressed her ass back against her father’s growing cock, moving it up and down the tiniest bit, biting her bottom lip as the knowledge of what she was doing excited her more and more.

‘What the fuck! Is she pushing her ass against me?’ her father thought to himself as she rubbed her ass slowly up and down, his cock growing quickly. ‘And she’s not wearing panties, either!’ he thought, feeling her ass cheeks separating to accommodate his growing erection.

‘I’ve got to be out of my mind, doing this to my own father!’ Melissa thought to herself. ‘This is so wrong, but I want him so bad!’ She didn’t know where the desire came from, but there it was — she wanted to fuck her own father, and she wanted to fuck him in the worst way. Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment, and she could feel her nipples hardening beneath the shirt she wore. An idea struck her then, and she knew that if she got away with it that her father was going to be hers; if not, she wasn’t sure what would happen, but she was prepared to take the chance anyway.

Moving slowly so as not to wake her mother sleeping right next to her father, Melissa took her father’s hand and put it on her right breast, squeezing the back of his hand to let him know she wanted him to do the same to her breast. She bit her lip again in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

And much to her surprise and delight, her father closed his hand over her plump breast and squeezed firmly, his grip strong on her breast. Then he surprised her again by pushing his now fully erect cock against her ass — not much, just a little lest he wake his wife, but enough to let her know that he wanted her, too.

‘What the fuck am I doing?’ he thought to himself as he squeezed his daughter’s breast in his hand, feeling her ass rubbing up against his turgid cock. He was hard, harder than he’d been in a long time, so hard it nearly hurt. ‘This is so wrong, but — but I just can’t help it! I want her so bad!’ he thought, rubbing her breast with his hand and then pinching the hard nipple lightly between his fingers.

Melissa gasped slightly at this, pushing back against him and flexing the cheeks of her ass, effectively gripping his cock with her ass. She bit her lip yet again as her father slid his hand down her body and up under her shirt, sliding his hand up her naked torso to find her soft breast again. He closed his hand on her breast once more, squeezing firmly, gently pushing his cock up against his daughter’s clenching ass.

Melissa wasn’t all that experienced at sex, having been with only two boys in her entire life and both of them not until after she was 18, but she did know that she had to be very, very careful in how fast she moved. The absolute last thing either of them needed would be for her mom to wake up and catch them in the act. The smart thing to do would have been for her to simply get up and leave, go back to her own room, lie down in the bed and masturbate, but even if there hadn’t been a storm thundering overhead that would have been out of the question. Her pussy was soaking wet by now and her desire for her father was so intense there was no way in the world she would have been able to deny it.

She was going to fuck her own father right then and there, and that’s all there was to it. She had to be very, very careful so as not to wake her mother, but she was going to have him pumping his cum inside her pussy come hell or high water. She was on birth control (something her father knew about, but her mother didn’t), so she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant.

Melissa slowly reached around behind her, moving her butt out of the way so she could reach his cock. She felt the hard, throbbing tube pressing against her hand through the material of his boxers, and she sighed softly. She rubbed her hand up and down his cock tunceli escort bayan a few times, then opened the fly to his boxers and pulled his cock out. It took a minute for her to do this, but she got it out. She wrapped her fingers around the thick, hard, warm shaft, squeezing it and pumping it in her hand. She heard her father take in a sharp breath and felt him tense up just a little, so she squeezed his cock harder in response.

‘Holy shit, her hand feels good!’ he thought to himself as Melissa pumped his cock in her hand. Then she moved her hips up a little bit and pointed his cock downwards, and he immediately knew what she was doing — she was moving his cock down to her pussy. She wanted him to fuck her, of that there was no doubt.

And it simply was not within his power to resist.

Melissa lifted her right knee up to move her thigh out of the way as she pushed the head of his cock down between the cheeks of her ass and towards her opening. She pushed her hips back, arching her back to improve the angle, moving her upper body away from her father a little bit to help out but not so far as to force him to release his grip on her breast. She felt the head of his cock nudging between her smooth-shaven outer lips (thank God she shaved her pussy!), parting them as it moved it, and then she felt it rubbing against her wet opening.

Her father felt it too, the wet, hot warmth of her tunnel pressing against the top of the head of his cock. He struggled to stay still and quiet as Melissa rubbed her pussy along the top of his cockhead for a few moments, moving slowly and deliberately, spreading her juices all over the top of his hard shaft. He felt the hard nub of her clit rub against the ridge of his cock, and heard a very small, nearly inaudible gasp from Melissa. She pushed harder against the underside of his cock, her fingers pressing against the hard tube, lifting her hips up just a little further to let him enter her.

She felt the head of his cock slip inside her pussy, sliding in easily because she was so wet, and her mouth fell open in a silent gasp as she felt the head of his cock stretching her pussy. She pushed her hips back, slowly and deliberately, taking as much of his cock in her pussy as she could.

It was all he could do to keep from moaning as he felt the head of his cock slip inside his daughter’s very wet and very tight little pussy, followed by the sensation of her pussy sliding down onto his cock and taking the first three inches or so inside her. She was hot, wet, and very tight, tighter than any pussy he’d felt in a very long time, and it felt absolutely wonderful!

When she had taken all of his cock inside her pussy as she could, she held her hips in place for several moments, adjusting to the girth of his cock inside her and just relishing the feeling of her father’s cock being inside her pussy. His cock was average in length but was very thick, so he was really stretching her out and filling her up. She bit her lip again to keep from crying out as she began to move very slowly, rocking her hips and sliding her pussy up and down on his throbbing cock. He squeezed her breast in his hand again, hard, and she let out a very small gasp as he did. Then he pulled on the nipple and pinched it between his fingers, making her jerk back against him harder than she intended.

They both froze, waiting to see if her movements had awakened the sleeping woman in bed with them, both of their hearts pounding in their chests. When there was no movement for several long moments they both relaxed, and Melissa began rocking her hips again, sliding her pussy up and down her father’s cock.

‘Holy shit, this feels good! She’s gonna have me cumming in no time if she keeps this up!’ her father thought to himself, squeezing her breast in his hand as she slowly and silently fucked him.

‘Oh my God, his cock feels so good inside me! I can’t wait to feel him cum!’ she thought to herself as she fucked him, rocking her hips slowly and sliding her wet pussy slowly and deliberately up and down the first half of his cock. She could feel it throbbing inside her, and the urge to just let loose and shove back against him to drive his cock as deep inside her as possible was tremendous — but she kept control of herself, knowing that if she did that then life as they both knew it would be over.

Her pussy was hot, wet and so very tight on his thick cock, and her father let out a silent sigh as he relished the sensations of her pussy slowly sliding up and down over and over again on his throbbing shaft. He squeezed her breast in his hand, not as hard as before but hard enough, gently but firmly tweaking the nipple in his fingers as she slowly fucked him.

Melissa was enjoying it immensely escort tunceli as well, loving the sensations of his thick cock stretching her tight pussy and filling her up. He was such a tight fit that she was sure she cold feel every vein on his shaft as she slowly rode him, sliding her pussy up and down on his turgid cock.

Maybe it was the excitement, maybe it was the feeling of his daughter’s wet pussy wrapped tightly around his cock and sliding up and down on it, maybe it was the knowledge that what they were doing was so wrong, or maybe it was a combination of all of the above, but all he knew was that he was going to cum very, very soon, and that it was going to be a big one.

Melissa, too, was feeling the very same thing, the same sensations racing through her young body. She could feel her clit tingling as the head of her father’s cock rubbed against the top of the inside of her pussy, right beneath the hard little nub. She fought the urge to go faster, concentrating instead on keeping the movements of her hips slow and deliberate as she slid her pussy up and down on his cock. She had a feeling that her father was getting ready to cum, as she felt his grip on her breast get tighter and she could have sworn that she felt his cock expand inside her pussy just a little bit. She pushed her hips back against him just a little harder, driving his cock just a little deeper inside her, and that was all it took.

It was all her father could do to keep completely silent and remain totally still as he came, his cock erupting inside his daughter’s pussy and blasting stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her tunnel. He came just as hard as he thought he would, and he squeezed Melissa’s breast tighter than ever as his cock pumped and throbbed inside her pussy, filling her up with his cum.

When his cock exploded inside her pussy Melissa thought she would scream, so she put her hand to her mouth and bit her knuckle instead, squeezing her eyes closed and struggling not to make a sound as she felt her father’s cock pumping inside her pussy. Then, literally without warning, her own orgasm hit, and she bit down on her knuckle hard as the waves of pleasure went crashing through her body. She gripped the sheets with her free hand, struggling not to make a sound as she came so hard it shook her to the very core of her soul.

Her father felt her shaking against him and knew that she was cumming too, and he hoped that the shaking wouldn’t wake his wife up. Thankfully, Melissa’s orgasm was powerful but short, and after a few tense moments he felt the shaking stop and her body relax, just about the same time as his own orgasm faded. The pumping of his cock slowed and then stopped, leaving him panting quietly for breath. Melissa was also panting for breath, with the both of them trying to remain as still as possible.

They lay motionless for several minutes, both of the recovering from their intense orgasms, her father’s hand finally relaxing its grip on her breast and laying motionless against it. She knew her tit was going to be sore tomorrow and most likely bruised as well, but she didn’t care. It was well worth it!

Somewhere along the way the storm had passed, and it was quiet outside once more. Melissa reluctantly got out of the bed, her father’s now soft cock slipping out of her pussy as she did. She clamped her muscles tight to keep the flood of his cum inside her and prevent it from leaking out onto the bed, and once she was on her feet she turned and faced her father. She leaned over towards him, looking into his eyes in the moonlight, putting a hand on the mattress for support. She kissed him on the lips, a soft, gentle kiss that only lasted a few moments. Then she looked into his eyes and smiled as she spoke in a hushed whisper, her voice barely audible.

“I love you, Daddy!” she breathed.

“I love you, too, Mel,” he replied just as softly, reaching up and running his hand along the side of her face as he spoke. She took his hand in hers and kissed the palm, then smiled at him before turning around and padding quietly out of the room. He lay there and watched her go, then rolled over onto his back. His wife moved next to him, shifting her position so she was laying on her stomach, and then was still once more.

He lay there for the next several minutes, wondering where all of this had come from and where it was going to take him next, finally coming to the conclusion that he had no idea but would simply take things as they came. Two doors down the hall Melissa lay on her back in her own bed, also looking up at the ceiling and having the same thoughts, and also coming to the same conclusion as her father. They both drifted off to sleep within minutes of each other, both of them sleeping soundly.

It never happened again, nor did they ever speak about the one time that it did on that stormy night. Neither of them regretted that it happened at all, and every time there was a thunderstorm they would both remember that one stormy, special night.

And Melissa was no longer afraid of thunderstorms.


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