Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 10

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Chapter X

George went in the room the doctor was using for a theater in order to check on June’s condition. She was now conscious but her pain was returning. The doctor gave her a bit more laudanum and proceeded to clean her wound and stitch it up neatly. George held her hand and kissed her gently as she dozed lightly.

“She’ll be fine, George. The ball passed cleanly through and I cleaned a bit of material and dirt from it. She’ll be on her game in no time.”

After the doctor left, he stretched out beside June and placed a tender arm around her. He thought of how the events of the day had thrown his life sideways again. He’d been functioning on sheer hate and anger for months and suddenly his loving family was returned to him whole. His mind could hardly grasp his new situation.

He felt a presence and turned his head to find Abby standing at his side. She knelt and buried her face in his neck, sobbing quietly for awhile. She stank of blood and burned powder, but he’d never smelled a sweeter scent in his life. He made room for her and she laid down beside him.

“I love you, Papa, so much it hurts. I’ve hoped and prayed for so long to find you that it doesn’t yet feel real to me,” she said softly.

“Me too, dear Abby. When I heard the cry of ‘Winston’ today, I think my heart nearly stopped beating, then when I saw you I actually felt it stop for a few moments. We’re truly blessed today, daughter. Your mother is rejoicing in heaven I’ve no doubt.”

“Have you been ok, Papa? Is your health good and strong?”

“I sometimes wonder. I’ve been filled with thoughts of hate and violence for so long I sometimes don’t feel human.”

“I understand completely, I’ve felt the same for months but perhaps not as badly. I’ve had June, Rose and Alec to love and it’s helped me considerably,” she said quietly.

“So you’re in love with this young fellow, Alec?”

“Yes, Papa. Terribly in love. We’re as one now in every way but matrimony. I’m his and he is mine. I’ll not be parted from him.”

George heaved a deep sigh. His sweet daughter had grown up so quickly in her absence, he’d missed out on it and it saddened him greatly.

“As you know, sweetheart, such things these days are frowned upon, living together without the benefit of marriage and such, but as you’ve discovered I’m no saint myself. I trust your judgement concerning your man. I may work him over the coals just to let him know I’m not a pushover, but I’ll accept him in our family because you wish it. Will you please tell me about him soon?”

“Of course, father. I promise, but right now I just want to get cleaned up and eat something, we’re starving.”

“There’s an octaroon maid working in the kitchen by the name of Maddy. Let her know what you need and she’ll make it happen. She quite good at it and runs a tight house. She’ll also get the washroom ready for you to use.”

Abby leaned down and kissed his forehead while ruffling his hair. “I missed you so much, father. I hope we can be together for awhile during this damned war.”

“We shall, sweetheart. I swear it.”

Abby went to fetch Alec and together they found Maddy working in the kitchens. She was quite an attractive woman of around 35 or 40 years old. Black of hair, a hair taller than Abby and a bit thicker. She had a full bosom that strained the confines of her blouse, to the point that Alec thought her buttons may fail at any time.

To say she was shocked at the sight of the couple would be an understatement. Alec was still naked from the waist up and covered in matted blood and the filth of battle. His wounded arm was weeping red that dripped slowly to the floor from his fingertips. Abby’s shirt left little to the imagination as it was tied up under her firm breasts and her tight tummy peeked out between the shirt hem and her leather belt. Her golden head was wrapped in the remains of her shirt tails and her long locks were caked with dried blood.

“Oh, mercy sakes alive, Mistress! Wherever have you been! Come with me child and I’ll fix you up in no time!” She tugged Abby down the hall leaving Alec in her wake. Abby stubbornly pulled her up short.

“Maddy, my man comes with me, always. If you need to make accommodation, then do it.”

Maddy drew a breath to argue and Abby cut her short with a gesture.

“I’ll not hear it, Maddy.”

Alec walked up standing almost uncomfortably close to Maddy and put a thickly muscled arm on her shoulder.

“Please, Miss Maddy. We just want to get cleaned up and eat. We understand that you’re the best lady in this house to make that happen. Would you do that for me?”

Maddy eyed him speculatively from head to foot. He shifted as if uncomfortable and adjusted the thick cock in his tight trousers with a big hand. Abby watched Maddy’s nostrils flare as she took in his masculine scent of sweat and blood and her eyes fell to see the massive bulge protruding down his thigh. She audibly gulped and raised her now subservient brown eyes to antalya escort meet Alec’s.

“Yes, Master,” she quavered. “I’ll get right on it. Please follow me.”

She spun and rapidly led them down the hall to a nearby washroom. Abby followed him and poked his tight ass with a sharp fingernail, giggling as he leapt in surprise.

“Naughty boy!” she whispered and caught up his hand to kiss his fingers.

She chuckled to herself. Her handsome man was learning to use his good looks to manipulate the ladies. She’d have to be on her guard, she thought with amusement.

Rose was already in a huge tub of steaming hot water and Maddy fluttered around her trying to shield her from Alec’s sight. Her eyes bulged when he strode over and kissed Rose on the cheek. She caressed his thigh with a wet hand, then tugged him close to examine his wounded arm, innocently revealing her wet breasts to his admiring gaze.

“I didn’t realize you were hurt so badly. Does it hurt much?”

“Like fire, but after I clean it we’ll get the doc to look at it.”

Maddy let out a horrified squeak when Abby stripped naked and slid in the tub with Rose. The girls started washing each other and Alec thought poor Maddy would faint dead away. To hide her embarrassment, she bustled about and prepared another tub for him. There seemed to be an unlimited supply of hot water and Alec asked her about it.

“Master Durham insists that we do it this way. Our soldiers seem to be constantly filthy, and we also serve the wives, widows and orphans. It’s quite a job but it keeps us all clean and healthy.” she stated proudly.

By the time his tub was ready the girls were squeaky clean. They wrapped towels around themselves and went to undress him. Maddy covered her mouth with a hand to cover her surprise at their actions. Abby struggled to pull his boots free and went ass over teakettle when one slid off suddenly. Rose was choking with laughter as the little blonde bounced right back up only to have the second boot do the same and she fell down again.

Alec was laughing too while trying to pull his tight trousers down. From long habit, Rose knelt and helped him, exposing his thick cock for their approval. Maddy couldn’t have been more shocked as his manhood was revealed to her wide eyes. Her nipples stiffened and she felt a flood of wetness in her pussy as she saw her first naked white man in all his glory. Thankfully, he slid down in the tub and she fluttered her hand in front of her face as she flushed with heat.

Abby caught her eye and winked saucily. “He’s something else isn’t he, Maddy.” she giggled.

“Yes Ma’am, he sure is, mercy sakes!”

Alec colored a deep red and slid further down in the tub. Admiring comments still embarrassed him, but deep down inside he was growing to love them. After they were clean, Maddy ushered them to the doctor’s theater where he dosed both Abby and Alec with laudanum, then cleaned and stitched their wounds. William and Rose had found some clothing for them that would do for now and escorted Alec, Abby and June to dinner. George ensured that it was a simple affair and he watched his family fondly as they stuffed themselves with good food and wine, the best they’d had in months.

When they were finished, the companions could barely keep their eyes open so George showed Alec and Abby to their room. Alec looked at George in surprise, thinking that he’d demand that they sleep separately. As Abby turned down the sheets, George spoke to Alec in a low voice.

“The only reason I’m allowing this is that Abby’s happiness is paramount to me and I hope it is for you. Take care of her or I’ll have your guts for garters.”

“Yes sir. Her well being is my reason for living. She means the world to me.”

George clapped his shoulder and smiled thinly, “Let’s keep it that way, shall we?”

“Papa, are you hassling my man?” Abby teased, but Alec heard the steel in her voice and noticed she had George’s full attention as well.

“Just man talk,” he protested, but he didn’t fool her for a second. She came to hug him and pecked his cheek.

“Good night, father. We’ll see you in the morning,” she said firmly. When he turned to leave he swore he heard his heart crack and break. He’d never dreamed he’d find his long lost daughter, only to lose her again on the same day. He retired to his room to find June waiting patiently in bed for him. She saw the tears in his eyes and winced in pain from her wound as she pulled his head to her breasts and comforted him while he sobbed his heart out.

Abby and Alec finally slid into bed and they both breathed huge sighs of relief.

“Finally, alone at last. I can’t remember the last time,” Abby said in an exhausted voice. “And in a real feather bed too, unbelievable.”

He put his arm under her head and she turned to lay it on a thick slab of chest muscle. “Come, my love. Let me hold you,” he urged while tugging her up to lay on top of him. She burrowed into his furry antalya escort bayan chest and inhaled his clean smell. She wriggled around until she got comfortable and before he knew it she was snoring lightly. He smiled gently and ran a hand over her back and shoulders, caressing her smooth skin while she slipped deeper into sleep.

In minutes he followed her, and together they slept completely through the night.

The following morning after breakfast, Alec asked George and William if he could speak with them in private. George showed them to his office, then closed the door and offered Alec a seat.

“I’ll stand for now, sir. Thank you.”

“As you wish, what’s on your mind?”

“Gentlemen, I’ll get right to it. During my time living with your women, I’ve become more than intimate with them if you take my meaning. I need you to know that up front. It’s weighed on my soul heavily of late.”

Alec noticed with surprise that neither man turned a hair at his statement and he was quite taken aback.

“Was this intimacy consensual or did you force yourself upon them?” William asked calmly.

“It was consensual and that’s all I can say. However, all relations between myself and your women I take full responsibility for. All fault is mine alone. Please don’t think less of the girls for my actions, gentlemen.”

“Why did you sleep with our women? Was taking my daughter’s maidenhead not enough for you?” George asked a bit combatively.

“I’ll not say, other than I bear all responsibility,” Alec said stubbornly.

William caught George’s eye and nodded slightly. “Your story appears to match what Rose and June have told us, that it was consensual.”

Alec started and blinked in surprise, while trying to not show his emotions.

“In fact, it seems that you may have not had a choice. Apparently, you were ‘the rock they clung to in time of need,’ if my memory serves correctly.”

“Again, sir. I take full responsibility. I will say that it wasn’t just sex. We’ve grown quite close over the last months and I love them all. Differently than I love Abby, but still love. Rose and June are amazing women and deserve all the respect you can give them. They saved my life more than once and I’d gladly die for them if need be.”

George broke in, “What I find hard to believe is that Abby would share you. Was that a problem for her?”

“I’d rather not speak for her, sir. You can ask her if you like.”

“There’s no need, I’m right here,” Abby’s firm voice answered as she strode in the room and captured Alec’s hand in hers. The men leapt to their feet as she stood before them.

“Yes, it bothered me, father. But I doubt you’d understand. We women were alone, afraid, and needed support. Alec met our needs and we did cling to him like a rock in a storm. He loved, protected and cared for us as a strong man should. I couldn’t be with him intimately and deny my friends the same comfort and security. Every time Alec was with them, I was there also. It was the only way I knew that I could handle sharing my man. Until you find yourselves in a similar situation, I suggest you save your judgement for another time.

Let me ask you, gentlemen. Did you save yourselves for Rose and June, or have you taken advantage of a few local women over the past months?” she asked brashly.

Both men reddened and looked down in embarrassment.

“I thought so,” she said in a sharp voice, making them squirm even further.

“But we didn’t know if Rose and June were even alive!” William protested.

“And we thought you two were dead after the first day of battle at Durham plantation. Why should it be different for a woman in that situation compared to a man? You needed solace and took it. So did your women. I see no difference,” she said defiantly.

George shook his head in defeat and motioned Abby to him, then took her in his arms and hugged her. “I’m sorry, it’s just been very difficult for me to lose you to a strange man, then learn he’s been with my June. Hopefully, I’ll learn to live with it,” he said softly in her ear.

She kissed his cheek endearingly. “I love you, Papa. I’m sorry for upsetting you so. It’s the last thing I want to do.”

William gave a huge sigh and headed for the liquor cabinet. “I need a drink after all that business, my stars.”

“Will you take a seat, Alec, now that this unpleasantness is over?” William offered.

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

George wanted to hear about their adventures but Abby broke in.

“Father, we brought some valuables with us you need to see. As you probably know, your men have a Colonel we captured yesterday, I hope he has value for you. He’s the first prisoner I’ve ever taken.”

“Indeed he does. We drove him and his men from this plantation before they could burn it down. Most of our finer supplies are here courtesy of the British. I take great pleasure in that.”

She led the men to the room where their cargo was stored and she opened escort antalya the boxes of stolen coins. George and William were shocked at the sight of so much money.

“Abigail Durham. Wherever did you find such riches?” George exclaimed in wonder.

“Well, the redcoats didn’t seem to need it as we pretty much killed the whole group. I understand it’s a regimental payroll. I bet it stung a little when it didn’t show up,” she giggled.

“Lord have mercy, Abby. You’ve been quite busy,” William said in admiration.

“Is there anything else?” George asked in curiosity.

“Indeed, I have sachets full of maps and letters, most of which I never opened because I had no need of them.”

Alec helped her dig through the piles of supplies until they’d located all the potentially valuable documents, then handed them to George and William whose arms were overflowing by the time Abby was finished.

“There’s probably a trove of information that we and the army can use!” George said excitedly. “Please tell us all how you came about finding it. Is there anything else?”

“Well, we left two dozen cannon and supply wagons back at the bridge yesterday. I don’t know if your man informed you of that or not. They were securing them when we left to come here.”

William nearly fell over. “Two dozen cannon with powder and ball?”

“Yes, a rough count but I’d say so,” she declared.

“George! That is absolutely amazing!” William said enthusiastically. “We can really take it to the redcoats now!”

“I agree, however we shall rest up here and reorganize. We’ve had a rough few weeks and I need to pass this information on to the army as soon as possible. Until I receive a reply, we hang tight and hold the bridge.” George said firmly.

The rest of the day was spent with George debriefing Abby on her past actions. Surprising them both, Alec was quite adept at putting pieces of the tactical puzzle together. By comparing George’s up to date intelligence with Abby’s somewhat older information, Alec was able to put a name and unit designation to nearly all the troops she’d been torturing with losses for the last several months.

George was stupefied at Abby’s death count and the sheer audacity in how she’d prosecuted her war against the enemy. Alec told the story of how she’d saved his life by besting the redcoat officer in swordplay after he’d failed miserably in the fight against him.

“My heavens, Abby. There are no words to describe how proud I am of you, and I include you also, Alec. Truly an amazing story.”

“Papa, Rose and June were right there with us. Rose has shot a few redcoats and June was our reloading expert. She can charge a rifle or cannon equally well. Both of them are amazing, capable women.”

“I’m coming to realize that,” he said a bit humbly.

Trying to bolster George a little, Alec asked his about his swordplay and how he’d come to excel at it. George happily told him about his past training and how Abby had picked it up from him.

“Would you mind terribly, sir, if you gave me a few lessons? I certainly could use them,” Alec asked politely.

“I’d love to, young man, if I can find the time. It’s quite hectic managing this rabble I call a militia.”

“Oh, Papa,” Abby scolded, “your men did an outstanding job yesterday, they undoubtedly saved our lives. They really took it to the redcoats.”

“That’s what I’ve heard and I’ll debrief my lieutenant this evening. I’m eager to hear his side of the battle and I regret missing it. Speaking of that, I’d best get on it. William, can you show them around the place before dinner?”

Abby wanted to check on her mare and make sure she was being cared for properly, so she wandered off to the barns. William took Alec and showed him around the plantation house and then outside to the slave shacks and tobacco fields. Once away from prying ears, William had many questions for the big man.

“Say, Alec. Did I hear Abby correctly when she said she was with you, Rose and June when you were fu…, er, I mean um, intimate, shall we say?”

Alec looked at him in surprise. George had an almost desperate look in his eye and he was red in the face. He considered not answering the man, but Abby always chose her words carefully and chose to divulge that bit of information so he figured he could expound a bit.

“Yes, sir. She’s correct. She insisted on being with us each and every time.”

“You say us, were you with Rose and June at the same time?”

“Yes, sir, and Abby as well.”

“My God, man! I simply cannot imagine such a thing! How would it all work? And stop calling me sir. My name is William, please address me as such. Especially when we’re discussing such a interesting subject.”

“Very well, William. It works rather nicely. In fact, those are the nicest experiences I’ve ever enjoyed in whole life. Quite satisfying indeed.”

“Experiences, as in more than once?”

Alec was feeling a bit spunky and found amusement in William’s questions. The subject didn’t disturb the man at all, in fact he seemed to revel in it and Alec decided he’d lay it on a bit.

“Many, many times, William. It embarrasses me to speak of it because Rose was involved, but those three girls can wear a man out in an evening, to the point of being nearly useless the next day.”

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