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Daughter Needs More

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With my wife away on business trips constantly, my daughter and I have to take care of each other. We both ended up in bed and I fucked her hard in her young pussy. My wife eventually showed up from one of her long trips. The problem was I was buried in my eighteen year old daughter Lisa’s pussy when my wife walked into the house. My wife Jane’s jaw nearly fell to the floor.

I had my daughter’s legs up over my shoulders and I was performing a deep drilling on her tight pussy.

“What the fuck is going on here!” My wife screamed at us.

“What does it look like to you, Jane?” I fired back.

Jane went stalking out of the bedroom and Lisa and I finished up what we started. I was so excited by being caught that way, my dick seemed to get harder. I knew my wife would somehow find out, so it was better that it happened sooner. I pounded Lisa with some hard strokes and she must have been so worked up from being caught she squirted all over me.

There were female juices spraying all over my groin. My cock was soaking wet from Lisa’s offering. I let loose myself. I buried my pole deep in between Lisa’s folds and I then hosed her insides with my steamy load. Lisa’s pussy grabbed Mecidiyeköy Escort hold of my dick and gripped me, milking me of all my hot cum. We continued to fuck a few more minutes until I started going soft.

Once I pulled out we kissed and touched each other until I figured I better go take care of business with my wife. I walked out into the living room still naked. There was Jane sitting on the couch sobbing.

“You can cut out the false tears,” I said.

“You haven’t cared about Lisa and I in years.”

“I have too, what are you talking about?” My wife replied back.

“I did some checking up on you lately, Jane,” I said.

“It seems you have been fucking Bob, that load you call a boss,” I fired back at her.

“Don’t even try to deny it, Jane, I heard it from more than one source,” I told her.

My wife really went into a crying jag after I unleashed my revelation.

“I want a divorce from you Jane, I want you out of the house and Lisa will stay with me,” I told my wife.

“Go live with your lover boss,” I told her.

“His wife won’t agree to a divorce,” Jane fired back.

I laughed as she told me her Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan tale of woe.

“You really are stupid Jane, Why should he get a divorce when he can get pussy from you for free?” I said.

With that I turned around and headed to the shower. Lisa heard me and then joined me in the bathroom. We didn’t talk at all right then. I turned on the showerhead released a stream of water. We both got in and let all the love juices wash off our bodies. I think the heat of the water got me stirred up.

I had Lisa place her arms around my neck and I lifted her up under her thighs. I was hard once more and I needed her loving. I moved my cock head into position and then I lowered Lisa onto my pole. My cock was all wet and I slid in easily. With Lisa’s back up against the shower wall I began pounding into her.

My cock almost slipped out of her tunnel then I drove my rod all the way back into her. The water and our skin produced a loud slapping noise with every stroke that I fed her. Lisa was screaming for me to take her, fuck her. If my wife was still in the house she had to have heard every noise we were creating.

I ended up feeding Escort Mecidiyeköy Lisa’s tight pussy for a long time there in the shower. My daughter could orgasm one time after another. I felt her pussy spasms and her body was shaking as I filled her with my thick dick. I still had some cum left in me and I fired my load into her belly. I never stopped stroking Lisa’s pussy either. I just drove my pecker in as far as I could.

After the cumming ended I just held Lisa up against my body. This was just how wanted things to be. I wanted my wife out of the picture so Lisa and I could enjoy each other without any problems. Then we got out of the shower and toweled off. When I went out into the house, my wife had left and it looked like she had taken some of her clothes and possessions.

Eventually my wife Jane got all of her things and I received papers for a divorce. I was able to keep the house and Jane got most of the cash. I didn’t care really. My now ex-wife was out of my hair and I could have Lisa all to myself. Yes, we continued to fuck in every way possible.

I hadn’t been using any protection from the start and neither had Lisa. She came to me one day and told me she missed her period. We got the test kit from the pharmacy and it was true. Lisa was pregnant. One thing that did happen was that Lisa became more needy and more horny if that were possible. It looks like I am going to have to have my cock buried in my daughter’s pussy for the next few months to keep her satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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