Date Night Ch. 02

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Author’s Note-

Hey everyone, I’m actually really pleased with the feed back I got from the first section of the story, and I admit that I was a bit surprised how much of it was positive. I’m taking some of it to heart, particularly those of you who expressed concern about Karen leaving her husband tied up the way she did. I agree that outside the context of a fantasy or a story that’s very irresponsible behavior, and I will give credit to a few commenters and people who e-mailed me feedback for inspiring this section of the story as the next chapter before what I had intended.

I also read a couple of comments about the narration style I used, and I’m thinking over that. For now I’ve already settled on keeping it for the remaining chapters of this story, this chapter is being narrated by a different character than the first one and later segments will likely be narrated by Karen again. After that I’ll see about taking some of the advice about trying something different to make it more clear.

And the same warning as last time applies here. This is a loving wives story, a story about a loving, married couple who are experimenting with extra-marital sex. They both enjoy it, and it contains elements of BDSM and some kinks that I know bother people on here. But quite frankly, I don’t care, if you don’t enjoy this kind of story then stop right now, hit that handy little ‘back’ button on your browser and read one of what I’m sure is a number of violent, non-erotic revenge stories that have been posted today as well. Thank you.


Chapter 2-Tina’s Story

My phone chirped and lit up from the bar, distracting my attention from the guy who was standing in front of me offering to buy me another round. Of course, he likely didn’t notice my eyes drifting towards the bar, considering that he hadn’t been able to maintain eye contact since I had turned to face him. That was on purpose though, I found it tended to make these conversations a bit more fun if I left the top couple buttons on my blouse open and let the guy get distracted and leave him struggling to pretend he wasn’t staring.

I picked the phone up, smiling to myself as I read the text. It was terse, as my boss’ texts tended to be. “He’s ready, the door is unlocked. I’ll call you from the restaurant.” I turned the screen off and dropped the phone into my purse as I stood up, watching the man’s eyes follow along for a moment until he realized I was standing up to leave.

“Sorry babe, but I’ve got to go, I have a work appointment to keep.” I smiled at him as he looked up at my face for the first time in several minutes, a slight frown coming to his face. I picked up the glass of wine he had paid for in hopes of getting my attention, downing it in one gulp before setting it down on the bar. “But…” I took a pen out of my purse, taking the napkin the glass had been resting on and writing my number down on it, “I may be free later tonight, and I am probably going to up for a little fun.” I placed the napkin with his number against his chest, reaching down with my other hand and catching him off guard as I found the bulge in his slacks quite easily and looking into his eyes. I smirked, “Mmm…and I think you may fit the bill for that.” His chest was firm and muscular under his shirt and what I was feeling of his cock, twitching and getting harder than it already had been as I felt it through his pants, felt very nice. “Send me a message after midnight or so, I may be able to take care of this if you’re still hard thinking about me.” I winked and left him standing there, leaning against the bar and blushing a little as he grabbed the napkin and looked down at in in apparent confusion. I knew that quite a few pairs of eyes were on me as I walked out of the bar, giving my hips a little extra sway knowing where all those eyes were focused, the text from my boss had me in quite a mood.

My boss, Karen, had told me that afternoon about her plans for the night, about her date with the new muscular adonis she had hired as an intern and had been drooling over her for weeks. I couldn’t blame her, I’d already had a bit of fun with him around the office and I knew she was in for a good time. But that wasn’t what was on my mind as I hailed a cab and gave them Karen’s address though, because I had another task in front of me. Her husband would be waiting at home, from what Karen had told me likely bound, gagged and in quite a desperate state. That was what was making me smile, I knew her husband and enough about her relationship with him for that not to really surprise me, and to know that I had a fun night ahead of me until Karen got home.

Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself at some point here, since I know that Karen was telling you about how this had all been set up. My name is Tina, and I work for Karen, Mrs. Woods as she insists on going by around the office, and I’d been to her denizli escort house and met her husband a few times socially before she had asked me to come over that night. I can’t say why she asked me, although I do have some guesses, I know that I’d caught her husband staring at me a few times in the past when I’d been over for a dinner party or a barbeque, and sure I’d probably egged him on a bit. Karen’s a wonderful woman, and clearly has the guy’s number when it comes to getting her way and getting what she wants, but I know how I tend to effect men and her husband was no different.

I’m taller than her, something I know bothered her a little at first when I first started working for her, and well…let’s just say that as nice a figure as she has, when I was at her house for a pool party I know which of us her husband couldn’t keep her eyes off of. It’s always been that way for me, I guess I’m just blessed, sure some girls might try to kill themselves to get some skinny, stick like model’s figure after seeing those fashion magazine, but I know that guys, most guys at least, can’t help themselves around a girl like me. Now, I’m not fat, thank you very much, but I have more curves than most guys know what to do with, an hourglass figure that is the kind that probably gives men wet dreams and jump starts boys into puberty when they see it. I’m a bit proud of it, and I admit that I enjoy at times what it does to guys and what it lets me do to them. That along with long, curly red hair, fair skin and freckles that go down well below my face, are why I know I can get away with a lot, and why I’m sure Karen picked me to come and check in on her poor, frustrated hubby.

So, back to that night, I could see the cabbie checking me out in the rear view mirror. I’m sure he thought he was being discreet, guys always are, but with the buttons on my blouse still open from not wanting to pay for drinks back at the bar and my skirt riding up just enough to show off the tops of my stockings I couldn’t really blame him. I pretended not to notice, focusing on my phone instead and texting Karen to let her know I was on my way. Her husband had no idea I was coming over, this was a new part of their games apparently. Of course it would have been very foolish for her to leave him tied to her bed like that without coming to check in on him regularly or making sure he could call for her, and if he’d been thinking clearly he probably would have known to expect something like this. But the poor dear likely hadn’t been thinking clearly, he never did once Karen started in on him. It really was quite adorable, and made me like him all the more.

I arrived at her house and headed inside, winking at the cabbie as I walked up to the Woods’ front door and giving him a little extra wiggle to watch before he drove off. I was in a flirtatious mood to be sure. I stepped inside, opening the door quietly and closing it just as softly as I could. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise too soon. I stopped in the living room and found Karen’s liquor cabinet, deciding to be a bit bad and help myself to a drink. It was like when I’d been a kid and babysitted for someone, there was always an understanding I would help myself to something from the fridge. I figured Karen owed me a drink or two, especially given the rules I was to follow with hubby upstairs. I took my time and got undressed before heading up, so the first time hubby would see me I’d be in nothing but a black lacey bra that I was almost spilling out of, a pair of black silk panties and a pair of black thigh high stockings held up by matching garters. That, along with the five inch heels I’d worn to work that day, knowing I’d not be going home to change before coming here, gave poor hubby quite a show when I stepped into his bedroom holding a drink in one hand and my phone in the other.

“Hello there, slut.” I purred, getting his attention. The phone was so I could take a picture, capturing the look of surprise mixed with obvious lust and frustration in his face as he saw me like that, his cock straining against the panties his wife had left him in, his mind clearly racing and trying to figure out who I was, why I was there, and perhaps most distressingly, why I knew to call him that. I sent the picture to Karen, figuring she would enjoy that as she met up with her new boy toy, then made my way over towards the bed.

His cock was hard in the sexy little lace panties his wife had left him in, I don’t know if it had been that way the whole time since she had left or if seeing me dressed like I was had done the trick. I obviously would like to think the latter, but given the frustration evident in his face even as he looked confused and startled did make me lean a bit the other direction.

I could see the wheels turning in his head, there was recognition in the way he stared at me. This wasn’t a stranger breaking in while he was tied up in this vulnerable, very obviously exposed position. denizli escort bayan I had just let myself in, and he probably knew he had seen me somewhere before. Of course his eyes drifted away from my face to my breasts, even confused and perhaps frightened as he was to be found in this state he was still a man. Every bit the slut his wife had told me he was. This made me chuckle as I set my phone down on the nightstand beside his bed, “It’s alright slut,” I purred “Your wife just asked me to come and check in on you. She was worried you might get lonely here by yourself all night. And she thinks she might be out late…”

The sound that came from his gagged mouth was pure desperation, but of course that probably had something to do with where my hand was resting. I had laid it on top of the obvious bulge in his panties, sliding it along the length of his cock gently as I spoke. He had a nice cock, I had to give him that, it was no foot long, beer can thick monster. but it was certainly enough to give me thoughts of what I’d like to do with it. Of course I’m sure in his mind the guy his wife was out with had one of those big, porn star horse cocks, it always is the guys who seem way more obsessed with that then their girls are.

“Not bad.” I said, taking hold of his cock more directly through his panties, “You might be able to give Jim a run for his money.” That made him groan even more, remembering the name of the guy his wife was out on her date with. It was one of her rules, I was allowed to have my fun with her husband while she was playing, but I was to make sure I kept his mind on her as much as possible. She was clearly playing some mind games with him, although I’d like to think she just didn’t like the thought of her subby little slut hubby getting hard looking at me rather than her for a night.

“I wonder if she’ll manage to get him into a pair of these.” I stroked the panites he was wearing a little, and to be honest it was a thought. I had seen the way Karen worked on guys before, both while she had been dating Mark here and with others. She was good, I had to give her that. Getting a guy into panties or onto all fours on the first date might be a bit much, but it was an image to put into her husband’s head. Some guys had fantasies of being cuckolded by big, dumb, brutish types, but that wasn’t the type his wife went for, she wasn’t going to let some other guy dominate her just to get her husband off. She cuckolded him on her terms, she was still in charge no matter who her lover was, it was just that she got to pick when and where she would take other lovers whether or not her husband liked the idea.

I smiled at him, he clearly wanted to say something or ask me something, he was making muffled, desperate noises through the gag. But I wasn’t really ready to hear him begging or asking me questions just yet. The first thing I wanted to do was to get those panties off of him. That was his wife’s thing, I preferred my sluts to look more masculine while I used them. With his legs bound spread eagle like they were I couldn’t really pull them down all the way, but I did pull them down enough to let his cock spring free.

It stood up, pointing straight at the ceiling, and as I had guessed it was quite nice, long and thick and after what had probably been hours of being hard thinking about his wife and helping her get ready it looked like it was ready to explode. I took it in my hand and I could feel it throbbing as he whimpered and moaned, precum leaking from the tip at my touch. “I think that’s enough thinking about what your wife and her new friend are up to. Why don’t you and I have a little fun…”

This made him shake his head, trying to say something through the gag. He seemed desperate to speak, but for now I was having more fun listening to him whimpering and moaning. I squeezed his cock a little more tightly until he tilted his head back, moaning loudly. I began to stroke it slowly, standing beside the bed and leaning over him so my breasts were just inches away from his face. He was trying desperately to look into my eyes, but the slut that he was he couldn’t quite keep his eyes up.

“You like these?” I asked, as though I didn’t know how he felt about them from the way his eyes were bugging out of his head. He kept trying to say something, and honestly I could pick up little bits of it. The words ‘Don’t’ and ‘Please’ were both pretty easy to make out through his gag, but I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take instructions from him. I shushed him and pressed my breasts against his face, his attempts to speak becoming even more muffled. I could feel him shaking his head back and forth a little with his face pressed between my tits.

This was starting to get me pretty worked up. Not really the feeling of what he was doing, but the sense of desperation and helplessness he was giving off. I admit, I eat that kind of thing up. I knew that there were rules I had to follow escort denizli with cucky boy here, but I had to admit that at the moment I was wondering how much his wife, my boss, would know by the time she got back. I pressed my finger to his lips, or more accurately to the ball gag between them, and then I slowly made my way down his body until I was straddling him, his hard, thick cock rubbing against the thin material of my panties. I didn’t intend to fuck him, I knew Karen would have my head for that, but he clearly didn’t know how far I intended to go as he started shaking his head more and more.

It was at this moment that I began to wonder if his wife did in fact have a camera in the room to watch us. To this day I’m not sure, but right at that moment as I was grinding against him a little, teasing him with the prospect of actually getting to fuck me, that his cell phone began to ring. It was left on the bed stand, and I could see the picture flashing on it to show that it was Karen calling. I sighed and leaned over to get it, pressing my breasts against his face again as I did so.

“I’m sorry,” I started in a faked, monotone voice, “The person you have dialed can’t come to the phone right now. He’s desperately trying not to make a mess of two pairs of panties, and all he can say is Mmmph! Mmmmp!” Karen laughed into the phone as I set it down on the bed and turned it onto speaker.

“Is my good little slut giving you any trouble?” Even on speaker phone I could hear her voice was a bit different, she was breathing heavily, panting a little. It seemed that Mark caught this too, his eyes finally managing to tear away from my breasts as he looked down at the phone as though it would confirm or deny his suspicions. It wouldn’t, but it was set up to display an image of Karen while she was speaking. I did have to grin at the choice of image, her face was no where on screen, instead the picture was of a crossed pair of nylon covered legs. I suppose only a slutty boy like her husband would know instinctively whose legs those were.

Now, I knew the guy that Karen was out with, and I’d already had him go down on my a couple of times around the office when I needed to let off a little steam, so I could pretty well guess what was making her breathe like that. And from the look on his face I was guessing Mark could too.

“Oh, he’s no trouble at all, although I haven’t really had much time to have fun with him yet.” I rubbed against him a bit more, causing him to moan into his gag, closing his eyes and holding his breath for a moment when he was done. “And didn’t I tell you that he would look good in these panties?”

That made his eyes light up. Karen liked to keep him guessing just how much of their relationship anyone else knew about. This was the first time he’d learned I knew anything concrete about their marriage and the dynamics between them. Knowing that I had helped pick out his panties seemed to do something for him, his cock throbbed and he seemed unable to help but thrust his hips upwards a little. Karen laughed again, the laugh trailing off into a moan. “Oh yes, although I still think he would have looked just as cute in the white ones. Next time maybe he can come shopping with us and he can try a few pairs on.” This made him moan and shudder a little, and lifting myself up a little and reaching down I could feel the tip of his cock damp with precum.

“You sound like you’re having fun.” I tried to change the subject, not wanting the poor slut to blow his load this early in the evening, although from the way he looked back towards the phone at this new topic I didn’t think this was going to help him much.

“Mmmm, oh yes…” I couldn’t quite tell if she was answering my question at first or speaking to her lover. “You were right about him, I am glad you set this up.” This turned Mark’s eyes back up towards me, realizing I had set his wife up with her current date and I knew him quite well. I simply winked and held a finger to my lips as Karen continued. I lowered myself back down, rubbing against his cock, I was already quite wet by this point, something I was sure he could feel through my thin panties.

“As soon as we got into the limo I could tell he wasn’t going to make it to the restaurant, so I jerked him off to calm him down. He’s spent the rest of the ride between my legs, he is really quite skilled.” She giggles, “Not nearly as skilled as my good little cucky slut there, but he’s probably not had as long to be trained yet.” Being compared to her lover brought a fresh blush to Mark’s face, and a new look of desperation and a shaking of his head to me.

“I’m going to leave you two alone now. Just remember, don’t play too rough with him, and make sure he’s still hard when I get back. If he’s a good boy you can help me reward him though. Now, un-gag him so I can talk to him for a moment.”

I reached down and undid her husband’s gag, and as soon as it was out of his mouth he let out a long, low groan. “Ohhhh god……Mistress…I…I….”

“Shh, don’t say anything baby, just listen. Be a good little slut for Karen, and remember our rules. Okay?”

“Yes mistress!” He exclaimed this loudly as I reached down to teasingly pinch one of his nipples, “I’ll be good!”

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