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Dan’s Story part 2

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You really need to read Dan’s Story posted on 2 Nov 12 first.

Dan, Sharon, Ann and Tia set off late that day, as Dan wanted to carry on searching for more people and, if possible a reason why everyone else had disappeared. He was convinced they weren’t the only four people left on earth. He wanted, no needed another man to help him with these three females, in fact he would need an army of men just to keep Sharon satisfied, God knows how many men he will need to help him keep the three of them satisfied.

Dan was sure that the fog had something to do with the disappearance of everyone; also each of them had had an argument, and was somewhere remote from the general populace. Therefore he thought they would stand a better chance of finding others in smaller towns and villages than they would in the big cities He explained his thoughts to the girls and they were all in agreement, after all what did they have to lose. As long as, Sharon said, they could go into the city at times to stock up on essential feminine stores. Dan took this to mean clothes, shoes and make up.

The girls made a drink and a meal; Sharon sat in the passenger seat and fed Dan as he was driving. She did her usual thing and dipped his food into her pussy before feeding him with it. Only now she did it openly so everyone could see. Tia thought it looked good and dipped a morsel of food up her own pussy and fed it to Dan. She asked Dan which tasted the better, Dan being diplomatic said that they were as tasty as each other but with different flavour. Sharon told Ann to feed Dan to see if he liked the taste of hers. So that was how Dan finished his meal, with the flavour of three different pussies mixed with his food. Sharon argued that Dan was too polite to say who’s pussy tasted the best, so they should taste each other’s to see who liked who’s the best. Sharon lay back in the passenger seat lifted her legs and spread them wide, saying, Tia come and lick me to see if you like the taste, then you Ann can have a taste. The sight was driving Dan wild; the minx Sharon had one wild imagination.

Sharon lay back in the chair legs as wide as could be, Tia was knelt in front licking and sucking her pussy and frigging her with two fingers up her arse. Tia also put two fingers in Sharon’s pussy determined to make her orgasm, she wanted Sharon to squirt her juices down the back of her throat. Not to be outdone Ann lifted her leg over Sharon and pushed her pussy onto her mouth. Dan asked, how is a man supposed to concentrate on his driving whilst this was going on? Ann replied, typical man and, that if he couldn’t multi-task, she suggested he stop the vehicle and fuck Tia, after all the poor little mite had never had a cock up her. Dan thought about it for all of a split second and put the brakes on and jumped out of his seat. Sharon pulled her mouth off Ann’s pussy and shouted ‘yippee orgy’. There wasn’t enough room in the front so they moved to the bed.

Sharon lay on her back with her feet behind her head; arms between her legs pulling her pussy wide open, and then told Tia to carry on where she had left off before. But Ann said, no, seeing that Tia was about to have her first fuck it was up to Sharon and her to make sure she was really ready for it. Ann laid Tia on her back spread her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy, meanwhile Sharon grabbed Dan’s cock and pulled it towards Tia’s mouth, telling Tia to suck and lick it to get it really hard and wet so that it would slide up her pussy easier. Tia opened her mouth and took as much of Dan’s cock in her mouth as she could, and started moving her head back and forth on it. Sharon told her to try and lick it as well and to get as much spit on it as she could, she also told her to fondle his balls and to work a finger up his arse. Dan knelt to the side of Tia’s head enjoying listening to the instructions nearly as much as what was happening to him. Sharon knew what he liked. Sharon then started to lick and suck on Tia’s nipples, as her tits hadn’t really started to develop yet, she then worked her way down Tia’s body to help Ann lick her pussy. Sharon lifted Tia’s legs up and open, and while Ann was sucking her pussy Sharon started to lick Tia’s puckered anus.

Tia was in ecstasy; this was the first time she had had a cock right in her mouth, although she had licked Dan’s cock and tasted the cum from it. She had never put it in her mouth and sucked it before. She was enjoying the feel of it and ran her tongue around the head of it; she could feel and taste the juice leaking from the eye of it, it tasted a bit sweeter than his cum had and it wasn’t as thick, she liked it. She noticed that when she licked the bottom of it and pushed her tongue into the soft part where it joined the head Dan’s cock jumped. Tia thought he was enjoying it so did it even more. But she was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on what she was doing because of the feelings she was experiencing between her legs, someone was sucking, licking and playing with her pussy while a finger was up her bum, it was driving her wild. She thought she was on fire; a pressure was building up in her tummy. She didn’t want it to stop but she also wanted to feel Dan inside her.

Ann lifted her head up from Tia’s pussy; her face was soaked with juice. She said, I think she is ready for Dan now. You are ready aren’t you Tia? Dan climbed between Tia’s legs having to move Sharon from licking her arsehole. Sharon sucked Dan’s cock down to the back of her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, lifted her head off and said with an impish grin, yes I think Dan’s ready too.

Ann grabbed Dan’s cock and put a condom on it then guided it towards Tia’s pussy, whispering into Dan’s ear to be gentle. She said to Tia, it will be a bit painful but if you relax you will be ok and you will soon enjoy it. She rubbed the head of Dan’s cock between Tia’s pussy lips, and told Dan to push gently, but for only an inch, all the time asking Tia if she was ok. Sharon was gently fingering Tia’s clit and stroking Dan’s cock. Ann told him to push forward another inch, Dan entered Tia slowly inch by inch, all the while Ann was making sure Tia was ok. When Tia complained, Ann stopped Dan and explained to Tia about her hymen and how it had to be penetrated to allow Dan all the way in, she also said how much it would hurt and bleed, but to relax and she would soon be enjoying herself. Ann could see the fear in Tia’s eyes, she coaxed her and stroked her telling her to relax and that Dan wouldn’t go any deeper until she was ready. Tia took a deep breath and looked into Dan’s eyes and said ready. Dan pushed forward but only for another inch and stopped, Tia flinched and whimpered then relaxed and smiled, and Dan withdrew a couple of inches then pushed forward again this time entering as far as he could, then he lay still, leant forward and kissed Tia full on the mouth.

6 months ago Dan would not had even thought of an 11-year-old girl as a potential sex partner, but look at him now. Here he was listening to a 16-year-old girl instructing the 11 year old on how to suck his cock to get it ready to fuck her. On top of that a 34 year old woman was going down on the 11 year old getting her pussy ready for it’s first penetration. Not only that but Dan was enjoying every minute of it. Dan wondered what had happened to his principles, they had disappeared as surely as had the rest of the population, he wondered if deep down he had always wanted this and only suppressed his feelings because that was what society demanded. But right at this moment Dan didn’t give a toss about right or wrong, principles or society, because the feelings coming from his cock being sucked and his arse being penetrated were spreading throughout his body, he was in heaven. Damn this little girl was good, the other two had taught her well. He got between her legs and Ann was putting a condom on him, her fingers were light they danced all over his cock, it felt like a charge of electric dancing around his cock, never before had he felt anything like it. He didn’t know what she was doing but he didn’t want her to stop, he was so sensitive and tender that every little touch sent a shock up his spine, he was going to, no needed to explode. Then she did something at the base of his cock, like turning a switch off and the urgency eased. He was still rock hard but now he was back in control. He could feel the heat of Tia’s pussy even through the condom as Ann rubbed it between her lips he could tell how wet she was by how easy it slid about. Then Ann told him to push in, he entered Tia until just the head of his cock was inside. It felt tight already, like it was in a fleshy vice, he didn’t think he was going to fit. Then another inch was in inside her, he could feel a pressure on the end of his cock and guessed he was nudging her hymen whatever. Dan heard Tia whimper and saw the look of pain and fear in her eyes. He didn’t really need the instruction from Ann to stop. When Tia was ready he pushed forward and thought he could feel something give inside Tia, he pushed a couple more inches in and stopped to give her chance to get used to the intrusion, but by God she was tight it was taking all his willpower not to cum. When Tia’s breathing had eased and her legs relaxed he withdrew a couple of inches then slid all the way back in burying himself to his balls. He heard Tia take a deep breath and she tensed under him, when she relaxed he moved in and out of her with long deep slow strokes. Gradually Tia relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his, she was thrusting her hips up at him matching his thrusts and he could hear her crying softly in his ear. There is no description as to what Dan was feeling, the sensations were not just in his cock head, although that was where they started then spreading through his entire body, setting his nerves on fire, dear God he hoped he met and deflowered an 11 year old virgin every week if this is how it felt.

Tia lifted her head to watch Ann put a condom on Dan’s cock and watched her rub it against her pussy, oh! It felt good. Then he was entering her this was wonderful. She could feel herself stretching around him he felt huge. Then he put more in and there was a sudden pain, that frightened her and she wanted it to stop. Ann was stroking her face, hair and upper body telling her it was normal and that if she relaxed the pain would get a bit worse then go away and she would enjoy it. Then Ann told her about bleeding, oh my God she could picture herself bleeding everywhere, but Ann reassured her it wouldn’t be much. Eventually Ann convinced her and she began to relax, then Dan pushed more in. Oh it hurt; she felt something give, please no gebze escort more. Dan lay still above her, the pain eased slightly, Dan stayed motionless and the pain eased rapidly, she was feeling more of a sensation of fullness than pain now and was beginning to like it. Dan started to pull out she was feeling empty, please don’t she thought put it back in. Dan must have read her mind as now he was pushing back in but he was going deeper now, there was no pain just a feeling of being stretched and filled. Dan was nudging against the back of her pussy she couldn’t take any more. Dan stopped moving and Tia felt wonderful, she was relaxing more and more and feeling she could now take more of him, and then Dan was pulling out. She didn’t want him to as it left her feeling empty, but the sensations she was getting as his cock moved out was like nothing she had felt in her life before, her pussy was contracting behind his vanishing cock she wished he could do that forever. Then he was pushing back in, oh boy the feelings were even more intense, little shocks surging through her body with every fraction he inserted, coupled with the feelings of being stretched and filled at the same time it was ecstatic, Tia began to cry gently, but they were tears of joy and fulfilment. Never had she known her body could have these feelings. Then her pussy began to burn, but it was a nice burning and it was getting hotter and better all the time. She wrapped her arms and legs around Dan and started to hump her bottom to meet his thrusts. The burning in her pussy increased and she realized she was cumming. She sped up her humping and Dan matched her thrusts. She exploded, the thrill started in her groin and raced throughout her body, her nerves were tingling, her nipples were hard and felt tender she could feel them rubbing against Dan’s chest, she lost the ability to breathe, she lost the ability to do anything except wallow in the thrill that was shaking her whole body, cum gushed from her pussy and soaked her thighs, Dan’s crotch and the sheets. Tia collapsed breathing heavily unable to move, she could hear Dan moaning above her and becoming stiff, then he shuddered and cried out unintelligently then collapsed on top of her.

Dan could feel Tia was cumming, felt her juices soaking them, she didn’t make a sound, she just collapsed beneath him shivering and breathing heavily. That was when Dan exploded, Tia was that tight that his cock was constricted, he felt as though his cum had to force it’s way out of his cock. He could feel it pushing up the whole length of his cock, it felt like his tubes were blocked and his cum was stretching the tubes almost to bursting, his cock head was super sensitive like red-hot needles were dancing on it. Then his cum shot out of the end, his cock was in spasms, travelling from between his legs up the length of his cock and bursting out the end of his cock, it was a tremendous release of pressure, it felt like something was sucking hard on the end of his cock pulling his balls up and out of his cock, he felt the spasms up his arse as he drained himself into Tia’s body. He collapsed on top of her exhausted but satiated.

After a couple of minutes Dan came too and rolled off Tia, he had squashed her enough. Sharon and Ann were examining Tia’s pussy and Dan’s cock. Sharon got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a wet cloth and a towel. She washed and dried Dan and Tia’s crotch areas, but she didn’t remove his condom. When she had finished she climbed between Dan’s legs grabbed his cock and eased the condom off squeezing his cum out over his cock and balls and some on Tia’s pussy. Then her and Ann proceeded to lick it up, when they were both clean Ann and Sharon turned on each other in the 69 positions and started to eat each other’s pussy. Dan watched it all thinking to himself Sharon does have her limitations; she wouldn’t lick the blood up. She may be a horny minx and a very imaginative nymphomaniac, but at least she is not a vampire.

When Dan awoke it was dark, he could make out the bodies of Sharon and Ann, their heads between each other’s thighs, but they were motionless so he assumed they were asleep. Tia was fondling his balls and licking the head of his cock, sometimes taking it into her mouth. She didn’t seem able to take it very deep, but it wasn’t for lack of trying, poor thing. But every time his cock head got to the back of her throat she gagged and had to withdraw. He pulled her up the bed and whispered in her ear that she didn’t have to do it if it was hurting, Tia whimpered and said she wanted to be able to take it all like Sharon so that he can make love to her again, Dan told her to be patient and that one day with practice she will. But she didn’t have to do that to a man to be able to make love, all that they needed to do was to make sure the man was hard and she was wet. They could do that by kissing and cuddling, stroking and caressing each other. Although it felt good and was very exciting to give each other oral sex it wasn’t necessary. Tia said, oh, so could Dan make love to her again now, because he was hard and she was wet, with that she put two fingers up her pussy and lifted them to Dan’s mouth to prove it. Dan said if she really wanted to and if she wasn’t too sore. She assured him she did and wasn’t. Dan suggested she climb on top and lower her pussy onto him, that way he explained she would be in control, but first she had to put a condom on him. Dan was being a bit selfish in that he was thinking about the thrill he got from feeling her little hands play with his cock, more than stopping him impregnating her. He also thought he would have to ask Ann to have a woman-to-woman talk with her. Tia struggled putting the condom on, as it was dark and the first time she had done it. Dan wasn’t complaining as he was enjoying the attention. Finally the condom was on and Tia climbed on top gabbed Dan’s cock rubbed it between her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself, thrilling in the intrusion.

Dan was on his back with Tia on top slowly lowering herself on to his cock, there was enough moonlight to see Tia’s face, Dan could see the intense look of concentration on Tia’s face as she guided his cock in to her, he saw the look change to one of wonder, then to relief and then to pleasure, then it turned to a total look of triumph. Dan was in her as far as he could go, his balls were squashed under her arse, she was grinding down on his cock trying to get more and more into her, she moved her bottom round and round, back and forth but she didn’t lift to let any out, her pussy muscles were like a vice, clenching and releasing, she was getting hotter and hotter, it actually felt as though her pussy was sucking on his cock. Tia ground down on his cock slowly, she didn’t speed up at all, just went back and forth, round and round. Dan’s crutch was soaking wet with Tia’s juices, he was that wet that Tia was sliding around his lap as she ground her pussy on his cock. Tia was breathing heavily with the occasional moan and whimper, her head was thrown back she seemed to be in her own little world. All of a sudden she stiffened, gave a soft whimper and collapsed forward on top of Dan, her little body was shuddering, her pussy was clenching Dan’s cock, and it was like a tap had been turned on with the amount of juice that run out of her pussy, then she was still, breathing heavily her little body limp. This gave Dan the opportunity to slide in and out of her, she didn’t move or respond, but the tightness and heat of her pussy was enough for Dan to reach his climax, he felt his climax start at the base of his cock, felt his anus clench, it was like slow motion moving along his tubes, every pulse of his cock pushed his cum a fraction more along the tube running the length of his cock, it had to fight it’s way along, more and more cum was gathering together, his tubes were stretching to bursting point it was almost painful but oh what a glorious pain. It was red-hot needles with electric charges running the length of his cock and collecting at the head, dancing around his bell end. The eye of his cock was clenched tight shut, preventing his cum from ejaculating. His helmet was swelling it felt twice it’s normal size, and ten times more sensitive. Then his eye opened and his cum shot out spurt after ecstatic spurt, cooling his cock sending throbbing thrill after thrill surging through his body, it finally eased and stopped, leaving Dan exhausted but totally satisfied. He fell asleep.

Tia climbed on top of Dan, she had finally gotten the condom on him. It was clear she had a lot to learn but she promised herself she would, she hoped that she could do this properly and make Dan enjoy it as much as Sharon and Ann did. She held his cock and rubbed it around her pussy like Ann had done earlier, when she felt it at the entrance to her pussy she lowered herself onto it. It felt big, she hoped she could make it fit up her without Ann’s help, she was a bit worried but she wasn’t as scared as she was earlier. She lowered herself more and thought, oh wow, it’s in it feels good, it feels big and she was feeling full. She then felt her hand touch her pussy lips and realized she was still holding Dan’s cock and that he had more to put in her. She wanted him to go deeper, what she had now was wonderful but more will be better. She let go with her hand and lowered herself slowly, she could feel him filling her more and more, she was being stretched but boy did it feel good. Then it seemed to be pushing into her stomach and her clitoris was rubbing against something hard on Dan. Tia didn’t know it was Dan’s pubic bone she was rubbing against; all she knew was that it felt good. She was in heaven, she felt full it was wonderful, the head of his cock seemed to be pushing against something inside her, it gave her a dull pain but it was an addictive pain and was changing, becoming more and more thrilling all the time, she tried to get it deeper. Her clitoris was beginning to burn the flames were spreading through her pussy and radiating through her entire body. She had never felt anything like it; she never wanted it to end. She could feel her bottom getting wet, she could feel her pussy full to overflowing and sliding all over Dan’s cock, all her being was concentrated in her crutch area nothing else existed, all feelings were pinpointed in her clitoris nothing else existed until all of a sudden those feelings exploded throughout her little body, setting her nerves on end with electric flashes making her shudder and twitch spasmodically, all her energy was forced out of her nerve ends at once shattering her; that was the last she remembered.

When Dan woke it was daylight, Ann and Sharon were getting a drink darıca escort and a meal ready. Tia was still asleep on top of him and he was still buried in her pussy. Sharon remarked that someone had had a good time last night. Dan rolled Tia off him got off the bed to go to the toilet, Sharon stopped him bent and removed his condom and up ended the contents into her mouth, swallowed, licked her lips, smiled and said she loves fresh cream for breakfast. Dan just shook his head winked at Ann and went for his morning piss. Shortly after they set off on their search. Dan was now desperate to find another man, although he was loving it, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this pace up much longer without serious consequences.

As they were driving along the road Dan was thinking, even if he had had the chance before he wouldn’t have been able to perform or cum as much as he was now. He turned to look at the girls and they were huddled on the bed talking and playing with a life like dildo, it was about the same size as Dan’s cock. Sharon was putting it in her mouth and taking it all down her throat, Ann was talking to Tia; it looked like she was explaining something to her. Sharon then passed the dildo to Tia and she tried to deep throat it but she gagged. Dear God Dan thought they are absolutely obsessed with sex, and then he realized he was hard again. He was determined to talk to the girls to see if they were any hornier now than they were before, he had a theory that the fog had something to do with it.

Dan pulled to the side of the road saying that they would soon be entering the next town; he wanted something to eat and drink before they started searching and restocking their supplies. He got out of the drivers seat and relaxed on the couch. Ann sat one side of him and Sharon the other, Tia knelt between his legs and the three of them started fondling his cock and balls. They had long ago stopped dressing, as they saw no need for it. Dan complained that he was hungry and thirsty, but was assured he would get something soon but for now Tia had a new trick to show him. As Ann and Sharon fondled his balls and cock Tia started licking the head of it. Dan was instructed to watch Tia, she put Dan’s cock in her mouth sucking and running her tongue around the head of it, and she also started to finger his arsehole. Soon Dan was rock hard, his cock in Tia’s mouth, Sharon and Ann fondling his balls and two of Tia’s fingers up his arse. He was close to cumming, Sharon grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times bringing him to the brink of orgasm; at that Tia lowered her mouth and took Dan down the back of her throat, her nose was amongst his pubic hair and her tongue was licking his balls, Dan shot his load down the back of her throat. With the help of Ann massaging her throat Tia managed to swallow most of it, but some escaped out of the side of her mouth. Tia stuck her tongue out and licked her lips clean, with a smile on her little face she asked Dan if she had done good. All Dan could do was smile back and sigh with relief. Tia told him that now she could do that she was going to learn to take him up her bum just like Ann and Sharon.

Dan thought that they were all becoming depraved, he had reservations about what they were doing, but he couldn’t deny he was enjoying himself immensely. He was determined to talk to Ann about it and find out what she thought. After all they were of a similar age, Sharon and Tia would, most probably, at their ages think it was normal behaviour.

They dined and entered the town, they decided to restock the food supplies first then get more fuel for the vehicle. Then they looked for somewhere to stay the night. All the while they were searching for signs of more people but they had no luck. They eventually settled on a small hotel, as they were exploring the rooms they did find signs of someone being there, they had no idea how recent it had been or even if it had been before the big disappearance as they now called it. But it did bolster their hopes that they weren’t alone. Dan asked the girls to prepare things for the nights stay and he would go and search the town again. Dan returned after a couple of hours with a big smile on his face, he hadn’t found anyone but he had found signs, a garages fuel tanks had been opened indicating someone had helped themselves to fuel, a few shops had been broken into, and in one he had found a note saying there were two males travelling around the country, criss crossing to different towns and cities but always heading generally north. The note gave the names of the next six places the writers, whose names were Herbie and Ken were bound for, there was no date but it didn’t matter as Dan and the girls had no idea what day it was never mind the date. They were all happy at the thought of finding someone very soon. Sharon was the only one to say, with a coy look on her face, hooray fresh cock, although Dan did think that maybe he could try out his fantasy.

That night they got the road atlas out and planned their route, going to the same places as Herbie and Ken, in search of them, saying they would have to travel fast if they were to catch up with them. It was agreed that they would have a very early start the next morning with as few stops as possible until they found the boys/men.

Dan wasn’t disappointed; he knew Sharon wouldn’t let him down when she insisted on an orgy that night. The lounge had an open hearth; they gathered fuel and soon had a roaring fire going. They brought a couple of mattresses and blankets into the lounge and settled down for the night. Sharon suggested Dan lay back and enjoyed the show while the three girls got together.

Ann started licking Sharon’s pussy; Sharon was licking Tia’s while Tia was busy between Ann’s legs. It wasn’t long before the girls were nearing orgasm. Tia put a couple of fingers in Ann’s pussy and arse then three then four, she ended up with her whole hands up to the wrists inside Ann. Dan was rock hard stroking himself trying to choose which one he would have first. He remembered the feeling of Tia holding and stroking his cock while he was inside Ann’s pussy and thought he would like to try it again. He climbed between Ann’s legs and started to rub the head of his cock against her pussy ready to enter her. But Ann said no, wait a minute and turned onto her stomach with her arse in the air. She instructed Tia to keep her hands inside her and told Dan to fuck her arse, he had a bit of trouble sliding inside her past Tia’s wrist, but Tia took him in her mouth, deep throated him until his cock was covered in saliva. This gave him the lubrication he needed and slid past Tia’s wrist and was soon buried as deep as he could go into Ann’s arse. He stopped moving and just enjoyed the tightness of Ann’s sphincter muscle, the feeling of her arse clenching on him, and the caresses of Tia’s fingers on the head of his cock. He soon had to start fucking Ann’s arse, slowly moving in and out, God he thought these women are marvellous he must be the luckiest man in the world. Sharon came behind him playing with his anus, he felt her fingers entering him stretching him, then she pushed a dildo against his sphincter she was have trouble getting it inside. She did a bit more probing and stretching of his anus with her fingers and wet the dildo with her saliva. Dan saw the dildo and judged it to be about the same size as his cock, Sharon managed to penetrate his arse with it, it stretched him more than he had been stretched before, it was burning and uncomfortable. She left it there just moving it from side to side until Dan loosened a bit. Sharon shoved more inside him and then moved it side to side to loosen him a bit more; she carried on like this until she had the entire dildo inside Dan’s arse. It was uncomfortable but not too painful, Dan was surprised how soon he got used to it. Sharon was now pushing the dildo in and out to it’s full length and Dan was enjoying it, but not as much as the feelings in his cock, Ann was clenching and unclenching her anal muscles it felt like she was sucking him. Tia had hold of his cock and was caressing the head with her fingers. Dan soon blew his load, it was painful but oh what a beautiful pain, his arse clenched on the intrusion and constricted his muscles, which made them clench, a pressure was building and travelling along his cock. The tightness around his cock was preventing his cum from releasing and his cock was getting pressure from within and without making it all the more sensitive. He felt as though his cock head was ballooning in size and was about to burst, the nerve ends were on fire, the fingers stroking it was making the tenderness more intense. Then his cock exploded filling Ann’s anus, his cum was running out around his cock and Tia’s wrist, down Ann’s thighs. Dan shuddered with release and collapsed on Ann’s back exhausted. Dan rolled off Ann onto his back and realized the dildo was still up his arse, he reached to remove it but Sharon beat him to it, she held it up in front of his eyes waggling it about and said, next time you have something this big up your arse it could be either Herbie’s or Ken’s cock. The little minx had she read his thoughts, as he was convinced he had never said anything about his imaginations.

They made an early start the next morning, travelling faster than normal. For the first time in a long time they were all wearing clothes, although the girls clothes left very little to the imagination. All were staring out of the windows searching for signs of the two boys/men. They visited the six towns mentioned in the note Dan had found, they found signs of them being there; a message giving more details of where they were visiting, but not the boys themselves. While looking in an electronics shop Tia asked him what this certain gadget was, Dan replied it was a cb radio, and he thought, dummy why didn’t you think of it before. Maybe other people had one and were trying to call, he found everything he needed to install it in the vehicle, and left a note as to what he had done, who he was with and where they were going. It was a long shot, but he had to try everything.

Dan fitted the radio with help and written instructions, tested it was working against another and when satisfied they went in search of somewhere to stay that night. They settled in a small hotel, while the girls prepared a meal Dan got a fire going in the lounge, set the TV and DVD player up, they settled in to watch the movie and that was the last Dan remembered until the next morning. He took some teasing about lack of stamina and about the girls having to fend for themselves. Sharon said not to worry that soon Herbie and Ken would be able to satisfy izmit yürüyüş yolu escort every ones needs, even Dan’s. Dan thought I hope it is not too long.

They gathered all their stuff together and set off, after about six hours of driving Dan stopped the vehicle for a breather and a meal. As they were all sitting around the table eating and chatting, Dan thought he heard a feint throbbing noise, but it didn’t really register. Dan lay back in the seat and closed his eyes there it was again. He told the girls to hush and listen, yes it definitely was there. They jumped up in excitement and ran outside looking everywhere for the source. There coming over the hill was a bus of sorts. They jumped and screamed and waved, ran into the road to intercept the bus, excited beyond every hope.

The bus pulled up and two men who looked to be in their early twenties jumped out and ran towards them, everyone was so excited they just hugged and kissed each other, danced about screaming and crying. This went on for about ten minutes before everyone was settled enough to talk. The men were Herbie and Ken; they had been together for months looking for more people. They had heard Dan and the girls on the cb and tried to reply but for some reason they never got through. Dan suggested they drive to the nearest town find somewhere to stay and swap stories then. Ken asked if they could travel with them as their bus was on it’s last legs and they were going to find another vehicle soon anyway. They gathered their stuff and all climbed on board then Dan drove to the next town.

They found a small hotel, Dan made a fire while Herbie and Ken collected some mattresses and bedding, a cd player was set up and some drinks were handed round, after they ate and were settled down story’s were swapped. Herbie and Ken had been friends for as long as they could remember, both were keen hikers and campers. They had been on a hike in the welsh mountains; they had set up camp one night when a thick fog had set in. They thought nothing more of it as they were in the mountains and fog often settled at night, they did notice that there was a strange odour to it, but that was all, then turned in for the night. The following day they walked the few miles in to the nearest village for breakfast and a bit of recreation, the place was deserted and Dan and the girls were the first people they had seen since although they had searched far and wide. After everyone had told his or her story, every one was more relaxed although the drink may have had something to do with it. Everyone was full of questions, mainly about what each thought had happened, did they think the fog and the relative seclusion of each had anything to do with it. Throughout it all Dan could see Herbie and Ken looking at the girls with pure lust in their eyes, he was wondering how to broach the subject of sex, when he was saved from it by, of all persons, young Tia. Dan would have bet his life that Sharon would be the first to say anything along the lines of sex.

But Tia was very forthright, and even brought a look of surprise to Sharon’s face. When she said, we all fuck each other would you two like to join in. I bet you are dying for some. The boys had a look of total shock on their faces when Tia stood, undressed and went over to them and started to rub their cocks through their trousers. Sharon and Ann shrugged their shoulders, undressed and went to help Tia.

Dan sat where he was and just watched in wonder but not too much surprise. Sharon went over to him grabbed his hand, saying come on you; you’re not having another night off. She soon had his trousers off and his dick in her mouth, but Dan was paying more attention to what was going on the other side of the room. Ken and Herbie were stood naked, Ann and Tia knelt in front of them, Ann was fondling their cocks and balls and Tia was sucking each cock in turn, deep throating both of them. The boys were stood there with a mixed look of awe, shock and ecstasy on their faces. When Ann started to go down on Tia, both boys shook their heads, rubbed their eyes and stood there with a look of total disbelief on their faces. Herbie’s cock was down the back of Tia’s throat when the look on his face changed from disbelief to one of ecstasy his eyes rolled up in his head, he grabbed Tia’s head, moaned, shivered and his body went stiff, Dan knew he was cumming down the back of Tia’s throat. Tia kept Herbie’s cock in her mouth for a while longer, moving her head back and forth and fondled his balls. She then attacked Ken’s cock, taking it straight down the back of her throat, her nose was in his pubic hair, she was fondling his balls and bobbing her head back and forth, releasing Ken’s cock until just the head was inside her mouth, she would massage it with her tongue, then she would take it back down her throat. It didn’t take much of this treatment for Ken to blow his load Tia swallowed it all.

Tia had a big smile and look of triumph on her face as she ground her pussy onto Ann’s mouth. She looked over at Sharon sucking Dan’s cock, and could see he was rock hard; she stood leaving Ann lying on her back with her tongue out. Tia crossed the room to Sharon and Dan, whispered in Sharon’s ear then got on all fours in front of Dan. Sharon started to lick Tia’s puckered anus and working her fingers in and out of her, she then grabbed Dan’s cock and guided it towards Tia’s anus. Dan thought, yes please, and inched forward, his head entered, it was tight but with the help of Sharon’s saliva he slid a couple of inches in. Dan stopped thinking to give Tia a chance to get used to the intrusion, but Tia had other ideas and pushed back forcing Dan’s cock up her anus to the hilt. She clenched her muscles squeezing Dan’s cock, at the same time she moved forward pulling his cock all but out of her arse. This gave Dan the feeling of suction on his cock. Tia then relaxed her muscles and pushed back forcing Dan’s cock back in to the hilt again, she then clenched her muscles and withdrew again, she kept this movement up, clenching and withdrawing, relaxing and inserting speeding up all the time, it didn’t take much of this treatment to make Dan explode. As his balls drained out of the eye of his cock so did Dan’s energy, he collapsed on top of her, totally drained.

Dan was laid on his back, the three girls and two men were in a tangle of bodies, it was hard to tell where one body ended and another began, Dan rolled onto his side and propped his head in his hand the better to watch. Tia had her mouth clamped to Sharon’s pussy and her hand up Ann’s arse; Ann was sucking Herbie’s cock, with her fingers up his arse. Sharon was licking Tia out, Ken was chewing on Ann’s pussy and Herbie was sucking Ken’s cock, Herbie was doing what? Dan did a double take at that; he had never seen a man sucking cock before. Dan’s mind was racing, how was he going to be able to get some of that himself, he was really curious now.

But he needn’t have worried as Ann called him over and pulled his head down onto Herbie’s cock. Dan took it in his mouth, he just took the head, it wasn’t too bad, and in fact it was smooth, hard but soft and pliant at the same time. Dan licked the end he could taste Herbie’s pre-cum, it was salty and sweet and didn’t taste too bad. Dan realized he was enjoying it. He wondered if he was turning gay, but then realized that all conventional thought had gone out of the window since the disappearance, and settled down to enjoy himself. Dan lowered his head further onto Herbie’s cock and was surprised to find he could take it all, Herbie’s pubes were tickling his nose and his cock was down the back of his throat. Dan moved his mouth up and down Herbie’s cock, sucking and massaging the head then taking it down the back of his throat and licking his balls. Dan was doing to Herbie what Dan liked to be done to him. He then felt someone licking and fingering his anus, then felt fingers being inserted, they were working on him as Sharon had when she loosened him up to take the dildo. Then he felt something warm and smooth rubbing against his anus. Then it entered him and he realized it was Ken’s cock, he felt it slide inside him he was enjoying it, in fact he was enjoying it much more than the dildo. He felt Ken’s stomach against his arse cheeks and knew his cock was up him as far as it would go. It felt good too good. Then Ken started to fuck him, slowly at first gradually speeding up, Dan loved it. A cock in his mouth, one in his arse, he wondered why he had never done this before; surely nothing could feel better than this. But then someone started to suck on his cock now it was heaven.

With the cock in his mouth, one up his arse and his own cock being sucked Dan could feel his own orgasm building, his toes were curling, short shocks were travelling from his toes slowly up his legs, spreading through his scrotum, up his cock to his bell end. They were also spreading through his anus he could feel Ken’s cock as it moved in and out, the shocks were making his muscles clench and relax, making him feel every ridge and bump in Ken’s cock. The shocks were travelling through every nerve in his body; he felt super sensitive, even his mouth and tongue as he moved it over Herbie’s cock. His orgasm was getting nearer and nearer, he knew it was going to be the best he had ever experienced. Herbie grabbed his head and forced his cock down Dan’s throat, Dan could feel him spurt down his throat, Dan pulled his head off slightly, he wanted to feel the cum hitting the roof of his mouth and his tongue, he wanted to taste it. Then Ken shoved his cock as far as he could up Dan’s arse, Dan felt him stiffen then moan and shudder, then he felt Ken squirting up his arse never ever before had he felt anything so exquisite, then his own orgasm exploded, it didn’t just come from the end of his cock, it exploded from every pore of his body, his insides were coming outside, his energy exploded from him in one ecstatic orgasm, leaving him completely drained. He collapsed completely satiated.

Dan awoke, everything around him was white, bright white and smelt clean. He thought he had died and gone to heaven, he thought what a way to go, all my desires fulfilled I am the happiest man in heaven. Then he heard from a distance his name being called; he must be being called to take his place. The voice was familiar and then someone was shaking his shoulder. Dan opened his eyes and tried to focus, he could see figures in front of him, all seemed to be staring at him intensely all seemed to be talking at once, then his shoulder was shaken again and his name was being called by that familiar voice again.

Dan squeezed his eyes shut, rubbed them, and opened them now he could focus. The faces before him became clear. There before him was Jane his girlfriend, a doctor and two nurses. What the fuck was going on.

Jane was hugging him, saying, Oh Dan you are awake at last, we have been so worried the last four weeks since you were found unconscious on your boat.

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