Danny’s Dangerous Deeds Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: This story, names of characters and places are entirely works of fiction. Any similarities to any persons, places or events, living or dead, is a coincidence and not intended by the author.


The day was getting close to its close, or at least it was at the University. The school was not an elitist preparatory school, but it was a higher end university. In the last five years their boy’s football team had gone to the playoffs in their division, and the past four years they took first place. But they were waiting to see if they could make it five years in a row.

Danny walked into the showers at the University after football practice. He was the school’s mascot, a bear. Walking to his locker he got his towel out and began stripping down to his birthday suit, and once he was completely naked he went to the showers, turned the water on till it was the right temperature and got in.

The water was warm and felt good on his aching muscles after a hard days practice getting his routine ready for the schools’ big game. They had the playoff games in just a few days and he needed to get his routine finished and perfected for it. He also enjoyed going to the pep rallies and getting everyone amped up for the game. It was exciting for him to see all of the football stars jumping around and doing their war dance like they always did, and since he was in his suit no one could see that his eyes were always on their firm asses.

He felt the warm water relaxing his muscles, loosening them up. All of the flips and jumps, the running and everything else took it’s toll. After a while he assumed that it would get easier but it just seemed to be the same amount of difficulty afterwards. Lifting the bottle of soap he had bought for school he squeezed some onto his washcloth and lathered up his muscled body feeling the small joy of massaging those tense, tired muscles. It was pure heaven for him for those few minutes but as with all things, it didn’t last.

He was built but he was also a tad on the short side. Only about five foot five and he was about two hundred and ten pounds, though all of it was muscle. The boy was chiseled almost like he was made from a piece of marble, and being that way, having that look just meant that everybody would notice him. When he would walk down the hallway both the men and women would turn their heads to look, of course it never hurt that he wore skin tight clothing all of the time.

As he lathered up his chest and moved down to his legs he thought of the practice and what he had seen out there. The whole of the football team was out there practicing their moves and the cheerleaders were practicing their cheers. Needless to say Danny was hard as a rock thinking about it all. All of the hard muscles and sweaty bodies colliding with one another. The players running down the field and yet he was paying more attention to the men than he was the women.

You see Danny is gay. Well he won’t come out of the closet and tell anyone, but he is gay. He’s tried the whole dating women thing. He even made it to having sex with his third girlfriend and he wasn’t excited about it. Danny was with her two weeks ago and he had to think about Clark, the captain of their football team, in order to get his hard on. That in and of itself was not good for his then girlfriend. They tried making love, but when he was thinking of Clark and all of his hard muscles, then seeing Wendy, and her soft skin he lost his hard-on.

It was hard for Wendy to accept that he didn’t find her attractive, she was pretty, but she just wasn’t the type he was into. Literally. They broke up the next day and he had been alone ever since.

He felt his cock growing stiffer as he thought about how much he would love to have Clark or even one of the other boys on their football team pound his tight virgin hole. In fact it wasn’t really a virgin hole since he found that he could order dildos online. The only bad part about ordering them that way was that they had to be sent to a P.O. Box at the post office. Just the thought of them showing up at his house was enough to scare him half to death.

Danny’s cock grew ridged and he began to soap it up as he tugged on it, needing a much needed release after thinking about Clark. He kept thinking about what it would feel like to have Clark’s ridged tool in his hole. He kept on stroking himself and became lost in the feeling of it. He imagined Clark driving himself to the hilt into Danny’s hole over and over. He could almost feel what it would be like to have a man come in him for the first time. He had imagined that it would be amazing. Like the fourth of July fireworks or like winning the lottery.

Danny was so enthralled with jacking himself off that he didn’t hear the locker rooms door opening. And he certainly did not hear the five members of the football team who had walked in. When he got close to coming he heard something that stopped him dead, mid-stroke.

“Damn Danny’s rubbin’ one out man!”

He knew that deep voice anywhere. It belonged eve gelen escort to Sean, the running back. He was tall and lithe, the boy could run like the wind, and he was only slightly muscled, though his calves were like steel. Not that Danny took notice or anything. He was also the only African American on the team. Danny had seen him in the showers and knew that what they said was true of black men. Because when he first saw Sean’s extra large cock, at least ten inches or more and five thick, he knew without a doubt it would hurt like hell to take him in his backdoor.

Danny’s eyes flew open and he was still holding onto his tool, though he didn’t know that at the time. He couldn’t even think of anything besides being caught in such a vulnerable position by men he wanted.

“Yea he is. Damn fine tool he’s got too.”

This voice belonged to Mick, one of the offensive linemen. He was burly in every sense of the word. The man was huge. He had height and weight advantage over the other members of the team at almost six foot tall and weighing just over two hundred pounds, almost all was muscle. And he was built like a brick shithouse. That boy would never break. He was also extremely hairy as Danny had seen in the showers. They all referred to him as a walking carpet, but it did not extend to his crotch. That area he kept shaved so that you could see everything.

One day when Danny was peeping on him he had seen just how big his junk was. He was easily eight inches long, thick and veiny and when he stroked himself his oversized golf ball sized nuts would swing in the air. Which Danny had thought about for a while, wondering if they would bounce nicely off of his chin as he took that thick member down his throat.

“And he’s got a sweet ass.” One of the other offensive linemen, Jordan, said as he gave Danny’s ass a light smack that jiggled over to the other cheek.

Yes Danny had that kind of ass. The kind that almost every woman in the world would kill for.

Jordan was average size in everything. When they all showered together he was the only one with a cock under six inches and the other guys busted on him all the time about it. He was thick though and that made up for everything. The boy was as thick around as a half-dollar. And all of the women he slept with he made walk bow legged for the next few days afterward, and they bragged about how amazing he was in bed. With all of the great publicity that he was getting he could have almost any girl in the school because they would want to see if their friends were exaggerating or if they were speaking the truth.

“Maybe if we ask real nice Danny will bend over and we can see just how great an ass he’s got.”

Rich, their linebacker, said. He was as tall as Mick but not as huge. And he was smooth and not just his voice. Where the other guys were built from hours of working out Rich was just that damned lucky. His metabolism was so fast he could eat literally any food he wanted and it wouldn’t affect him.

He was also one of the few who Danny had fantasized about fucking. Danny was usually the one taking it in his fantasies but he wanted to see if Rich was as smooth inside as he was out. Plus he wanted to feel up and down his muscles and see just how hard they were. The main reason he wanted to feel Rich inside of him was because where the other guys had visible veins sticking out all over their hard cocks Rich’s cock was smooth as silk all around. He was thinking that you would be able to feel the veins and by the same coin he would feel that softness.

Danny was in utter shock as he looked at them all standing there and when he saw the last boy to walk in he almost fell because his knees turned to mush.

It was Clark and he was all sweaty from running around, he was the guy that the girls went crazy over. Clark was the quarterback of the football team but he never let that change how he was. He was still sweet to everyone, in fact Danny couldn’t think of a time when anyone had ever said a bad thing about Clark. Or even visa-versa. He was also super smart and of course he was just so damned hot that the devil himself would need a fan.

Clark was almost six feet tall and he was very broad. If Danny looked like he was chiseled out of marble then the gods themselves must have made whatever Clark was chiseled out of. He was also the only one who’s cock Danny really wanted to feel. More than anything he wanted to have Clark’s cock be his first, wanted to feel Clark’s mouth on his neck, and his shoulders as he took him from behind.

Clark walked up to Danny and placed a hand on his cheek. His hand was so soft that Danny groaned from the feeling. His knees were beginning to turn to mush and and he thought he would die of happiness right there. Finally after all of his fantasizing it seemed that he would have what he really wanted.

Clark picked that time to say, “Would you like to show us all a good time?” Danny was dumbstruck and just stared at him slack jawed. Clark’s body was smooth fatih escort save for right under his bellybutton. He had a small happy trail that led down and into his pants. He was also the only one who had their jersey off. That made Danny even hotter as he stared at his washboard stomach and dark nipple and then into those deep eerie blue eyes, and got lost in them. “Do you know what I just said Danny?” Clark asked again.

He was afraid he would stutter like an idiot but he had to answer. “I-I uh, well I-I uh, yea I think I do. Or did, or…um.” He managed to squeak out. “You, uh, you want me to, um, to service you?” He asked and was surprised by their collective nods. “All, all five of you?” he asked with a terrified tone as he thought about how used he would be by the end of it all. But it was the very same thought that made his cock twitch with excitement.

“Yes Danny very good.” Clark said and he held Danny’s cheek in his hand. “You see Danny,” Clark started but he was barely paying attention, after the request that Clark had made his mind was definitely not there. “we are all bisexual, however when we are in public we never will admit to it.” he was smiling as he saw just how uncomfortable he was making Danny feel. “Have you ever had sex with a man before?”

When Danny kept tripping over his words and blushed so much he looked down Clark and the other boys knew the truth. “So you are a ‘virgin’ when it comes to men.” when he noticed that Danny gave a barely perceptible nod he continued. “Well I love that. That alone makes you sexier.” As he said that he brushed his fingers along Danny’s well formed chest, leaned in and kissed Danny softly and his lips opened to let his tongue out and he pressed it against Danny’s lips.

Danny was so shocked that he didn’t move. It took him a bit to realize that his dream man was kissing him and then he opened his mouth and had to place his hands on Clark’s shoulders to steady himself. Even then it almost wasn’t enough because he was on wobbly knees.

Rich walked over and behind Danny. He started to rub Danny’s shoulders as he kissed his earlobes and neck, his own prick was starting to rise to the occasion but was still trapped in his trousers. The other three made quick work of their uniforms and stood before them naked. Their collective pricks rising in the air.

Danny’s cock was as hard as steel at this point and he felt Rich behind him, hands on his biceps keeping him steady. That afforded him the confidence to reach down and rub Clark’s prick through his pants, enough to elicit a groan from Clark into his mouth. Knowing that he would be a fool to pass up this much experience at once he began untying Clark’s pants and shoved them down.

Sure enough he was clean shaven down there except for the happy trail. When he felt his love’s hard prick against the palm of his hand he wrapped himself around it and slowly, gently tugged on it.

Clark felt himself getting harder and he loved the feel of Danny’s hand on his raging hard-on. It had been so long since he’d been with a man that he was eager, well more than eager, to have Danny touching him. When he opened his eyes and realized that he forgot about his friends being there he felt a pang of jealousy. He’d had a crush on Danny since he started as the mascot for the school. Now he would get to be with Danny, but he was sure so would his friends.

Well if Danny gave permission to them. “Danny I need to ask you to do something for me.” He asked as he stopped probing the mouth and pulled back only enough to speak.

“Mmmm…you can ask me anything right now.” Danny replied, his voice full of lust. Thanks to the heavy kissing he was out of breath. In a way kissing Clark literally took Danny’s breath away, and he was extremely okay with it.

“Have you ever even sucked a cock?”

Danny felt ashamed of his inexperience, even though he had tried to find a few different men to fool around with they ended up being ridiculous and not like their profile pics on the dating site. But he shook his head hoping they wouldn’t make fun of him for never being with a man before. But he couldn’t lie to them he just wasn’t capable of it.

“Okay then I know for sure that you have never taken a man inside of you so…” he looked around at the others and then his gaze met Danny’s, his eyes filled with lust. “that leaves you with a decision.” he cleared his throat and was getting excited just thinking about what Danny would say to the next question he asked. Excited enough that his cock began to twitch in Danny’s hand. “Out of the five of us who do you want to be your first?” He smiled at Danny and waited for his answer.

When Clark asked him this Danny was almost floored. He was giving Danny permission to take his cock first. To let him take his virginity.

But he was also giving him permission to let one of the other boys do it as well.

Pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming he stared into those deep blue pools that made up Clark’s eyes, mesmerized. halkal─▒ anal yapan escort “You.” He said huskily and began to sink to his knees. Even though he had never sucked a cock before he thought he would be good enough to at least get Clark off. He’d been with girls that tried to do the same to him so he tried doing what he thought would be great to feel.

First he licked around the head of Clark’s cock, savoring the soft satin feel of him, and it was amazing. He tasted salty, yet sweet, and Danny loved it. The feel of a hard cock in his mouth, the feel of Clark’s cock in his mouth, filling him up was just what he needed. He tried to relax his throat so he could take Clark all the way in, but when the head of his prick hit the back of Danny’s mouth, he gagged, embarrassing himself.

“Danny let us help you.” he said and he helped Danny to his feet before he reached down and began fondling Danny’s cock. Clark gripped him tightly and gave him a gentle tug as his other hand began to play with his balls. Danny moaned out loud and Clark dropped down to his knees and took him in his mouth. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Now Clark’s hot mouth engulfed his ridged meat slowly pulling his head back until he could lick around the head before plunging it back down his gullet.

Danny let out a loud moan and threw his head back as his hands tangled themselves in Clark’s hair, he loved this feeling and did not want it to end. He didn’t know who it was that walked up behind him only that he felt a warm hard body pressed up against his backside. Then another warm mouth was upon him. This one was kissing Danny’s neck and began to touch his hardened nipples.

Danny was so turned on that when he felt the man’s hard member rubbing up against his ass he groaned again before Clark changed his tactics. He began flicking his tongue over the slit of Danny’s cock and panting on it, making him even hotter. It was all to much for him and when Clark flicked his tongue over his slit as the man behind him twisted his nipples while his cock rubbed into his ass cheeks making him moan for a cock inside him.

His cock head was engorged and turned a deep purple hue by now as all of this happened at the same time, he couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock spasmed in Clark’s mouth, rope after rope of his come flew from him into Clark’s hot, waiting mouth. Using his hands Clark began to work Danny’s cock over and over in his mouth milking him for all he was worth. Danny was groaning and moaning as the hands all over him brought him to the most powerful climax that he could remember.

When his balls were empty, and his cock deflated and soft hanging limply between his muscled thighs, the man at his back began to turn him around and he saw that it was Jordan.

Clark and the others walked up behind him. “Are you going to teach me how to give head like you can?” Danny asked them all with a hint of fear, and excitement in his voice.

“No Danny we are going to have to teach you something else.” Clark said with a deep authoritative tone to his voice.

“First thing you are going to do is get up against that wall boy.” Rich said in a commanding voice. It made Danny flinch for a moment then he laughed, that was a big mistake. “You think we are playing boy?” He bellowed and grabbed Danny by the neck and slammed him into the wall. “Damn it Clark take care of this before I do.”

Danny was so scared he didn’t know what to make of it all. The thoughts that were spiraling in his head. “You guys aren’t going to-” He left off as he was grabbed roughly about his neck from behind and slammed into the wall. His head smacked off of the tile and he almost lost consciousness.

Next thing he knew he was up against the cold wall and felt his arms being held in place by two strong hands on each wrist. Two of the men from the team were holding his arms while he tried to struggle against it. Someone’s hands were on his ass cheeks spreading them and working a cold, wet finger into his tight asshole. It was painful to be honest, Danny knew it would be worse soon, but as the finger began working itself in and out of his tight hole he began to feel the pleasure from it.

From being probed and massaged his cock began to harden again, so soon after an orgasm was rare for him. But as he felt the finger moving farther and farther into him he began moaning along with each thrust. “Oh God…yes…” his voice came in gasps as he ground himself against the finger, before a second was added, “Please…” he left the request up to who was using him, hoping they would take mercy on him, and take his virginity soon.

A husky voice followed the finger and he knew who it was that was taking him. “I am going to use that hole of yours until I bust a nut so deep inside you that you’ll taste my come. And then I’m going to let my boys have you just as they’ve had others.”

Danny was now both terrified and excited by what was going to happen. These five men were going to practically rape him, well he did agree to it didn’t he, and even though he was so scared he had never been so turned on in his life. Truth be told he was afraid that his first cock would hurt like hell and if it was going to happen this way at least he would be able to get it over with, even if that meant he would be feeling even more soon after.

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