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Danni’s Revenge

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Dani’s Revenge

The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

Dani Summers remembered the nights she would stand under that window waiting for Joel Fuller to come out to see her. She could still feel the warmth of his arms wrapped around him, the taste of his kisses, the fullness with his cock inside her pussy, and the heat of his cum splattering in her when he exploded.

She could also remember the feelings of emptiness and pain that began the night six months ago Joel told her that his father forbade him to see her anymore, because Dani wasn’t “the right type of girl” for him, and that she didn’t belong to the “right” family. Now all she felt was rage and anger: anger towards Joel, and rage towards his father. Tonight, Dani was out for blood, and it didn’t matter whose blood was let, Joel’s or his father’s. Hopefully, tonight she would get both.

Dani crept around to the back door and looked in the plant beside the door for the key that Joel told her was there. ‘Stupid Joel, he should have known that I loved him,’ she thought. ‘Now that little prick will find out what happens when you scorn a woman.’

She found the key and unlocked the door. Dani crept inside and closed the door. She remembered the entire layout of the house from all the nights Joel would sneak her in after his father would pass out drunk. She moved to the basement door and went to the basement. She found the water heater.

‘Ah. A gas water heater,’ she thought. ‘Should I just blow out the pilot and gas them, or……..rig it to explode? Decisions, decisions. No, I am going to take a more…..personal approach with my vengeance.’

She looked around and found the toolbox.

‘Jackpot,’ she bursa sınırsız escort bayan grinned.

Dani opened the toolbox and found what she needed. She went upstairs with the items and moved silently into the dining room. She saw Joel’s father George at the head of the table passed out, as usual. She took the rope she found downstairs and quickly tied him into the chair.

‘I’ll deal with you later, you drunken bastard,’ she thought.

She went up the stairs to Joel’s bedroom. He was asleep on his bed with his back to the door. She reached into her pocket of her cargo pants and pulled out the knife she carried with her. She opened it, a six inch switchblade. Dani stepped to the bed and savagely stabbed him over and over until she was completely out of breath. Blood was all over the bed and all over Dani. She felt his neck for a pulse. There was none.

“One down, one to go,” she said.

Dani closed the switchblade and put it back into her pocket. She went downstairs. George was still passed out.

She went to the kitchen and lit a cigarette with a shaky hand. After smoking it, she doused the butt under the water faucet and put the butt in her pocket.

Dani went back to the dining room. She pulled George away from the table, and then she picked up the five pound hammer she found in the toolbox earlier and left on the dining room table. Holding the hammer in a two handed grip like a baseball bat, she planted her feet, and swung the hammer like it was the ninth inning in Game 7 of the World Series. The hammer connected with his knee with a resounding crack.

George Fuller awoke with a scream.

“Hi George, remember me, you drunken motherfucker?” Dani cooed sweetly. “You know, the girl who wasn’t good enough for your darling Joel? Well, it seems that Joel is lying dead in a pool of his blood upstairs. You know why, George? Because I don’t take rejection well; I never have. Yeah, George, I eskort bursa stabbed the gutless bastard. And now he’s dead, and it’s your entire fault. I killed him rather quickly; unfortunately for you, I‘m going to make you suffer for a while.”

She picked up the hammer. George Fuller sobbed, “Please, don’t kill me!”

“It’s too late, Georgie. You will die, but before you do, you will be begging me to kill you. Then I will grant your final wish.”

She smashed the hammer down on his right hand. George screamed from the pain of the broken hand.

“Scream for me George. Nobody will hear you, kind of sucks your nearest neighbor lives a half mile away, huh?”

Dani said. She smashed his left hand.

“You fucking bitch!! Go ahead, kill me, you white trash whore!! I won’t give you the satisfaction of begging!”

“Tut, tut, George; such hostility coming from you; I am very disappointed. You think that now; I’ve only just started, baby,”

Dani said with menace in her voice.

“You know, this is kind of fun, what do you think, George? Are you enjoying your torture, Georgie? Where would you like me to hurt you next? Maybe I should smash your other knee, or should it be one of your feet? Tell me darling George. We’ve got all night. TELL ME, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!”

“You’re not going to get away with this, bitch. The police will find you, you’ll go to prison, probably the electric chair. You’ll fry for this, you whore.”

“Oh Georgie, that’s the beauty of my plan. They will find me. You see, this is only part of it. The police will find the evidence of your dirty business deals. I made sure they will. You see, George, dear Joel bragged all about how you ran the city and the county, by extortion, kickbacks on contracts and blackmail. The dumb shit even showed me the books you kept. They are at this moment being delivered to the newspaper. Your reputation will be ruined. The rest of your family will suffer so exquisitely. mudanya escort”>mudanya escort”>mudanya escort That will be the final revenge, dear George. All your assets frozen, your ex-wives and the devil spawn you call your children living on the street homeless. Anybody else would think I’ve done enough; that by ruining your name is plenty. But you and your oldest son took something from me that no money could ever replace. I will go to the electric chair with a smile on my face,”

Dani sneered.

“You really want to know why I’m doing this, George? It’s quite simple; for revenge. I was pregnant with your grandchild. Yeah, that’s right, Joel knocked me up, and the gutless weasel made me have an abortion. Because my child was killed, all of your family will pay. But you and Joel will pay the highest price.”

Dani swung the hammer down and smashed George’s right foot. He screamed.

“Oh, come on, Grandpa, you can do better than that,”

Dani said as she smashed his other foot.

George was sobbing,

“What will it take for this to end, money? A car? A house? I can give you all of that; I can even make it look like Joel died in an accident. Tell me, and it’s yours. Please!!”

“Sorry, but I can’t accept your rather fine offer. All I wanted was a child, George. You and your son took that from me. Now, you will pay for all of your sins.”

Dani got back into her batter’s stance and swung the hammer into his chest with a scream. George Fuller’s heart was crushed under his breastbone.

Dani dropped the hammer to the floor. She lit another cigarette, picked up the phone in the kitchen and dialed 911.
“911, what is your emergency?”

Dani said,

“Send a policeman to the Fuller estate. I’ve killed George and Joel Fuller.”

She hung up the phone, smoked her cigarette and started to laugh.

She was still laughing three minutes later when the blue lights of the first sheriff’s car were flashing through the windows.

Dani reached into the other pocket of her cargo pants and pulled out a nine millimeter automatic pistol. She racked the slide to charge the chamber, flicked the safety off, put the muzzle to her temple, and just before she pulled the trigger, whispered,

“God help me.”

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