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Dancing in Eden Pt. 02

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Jaden found his sweet server and asked for Misty. Jane, the server, was familiar with such requests and knew most were wishful thinking but knew Misty was planning on meeting this guy. Jaden felt like a kid on Christmas morning many thoughts swirled through his beer soaked brain. He thought it might be a fun night but it had already exceeded his expectations.

He thought it was unusual that his sister did not come around to his table and now he was ready to leave. Oh well being crowed she was busy and probably did not see him. While thinking about her she suddenly appeared. She was a gorgeous as ever and her killer smile brightened the surroundings. She had 2 glasses of beer in hand and set them on the bar by her brother, gave him a hug and usual greeting. Jaden had gotten over the embarrassment of hugging his scantily clad sister. No one knew they were siblings and it felt good to feel her 36 D breast pressing into his chest.

“Hi! Abbey! So good to see you I have been wondering where you were.” Jaden spoke into her ear while they hugged.

Abbey gave the typical murmur, “Mmmmm thank you darling! So good to see you Birthday Boy, Happy Birthday!”

Her lips were against his ear as she spoke above the noise, “Older, wiser, faster, stronger, baby brother?”

Jaden laughed and pulled her closer enjoying the feel of her nipples poking into his chest. He thought they seemed to be unusually hard. Her hard nubs were pressing into his ribs. He laughed at his own thoughts realizing how pervy he was.

Abbey was fully aware that her nipples were hard and pressing hard against her brother’s body. Her internal smile matched the brilliance of her outer smile. Now it was time for part two of her grand plan.

She stepped back after kissing Jaden on the lips. The kiss was something they usually only did when drinking too much or after a long absence.

Abbey let him know that Misty could not get off when she expected. She also told him that Misty had informed her that the lap dance was naughty. She laughed and her eyes twinkled when Jaden kind of blushed and smiled big all at the same time. As she pulled away she held his hands.

Jaden was curious and had to ask, “Ahh so what all did she tell you?”

Abbey laughed and said, “Well!… she told me enough to get me hot and bothered listening to the details.”

Jaden was surprised to find out his sister was turned on thinking about him sliding his cock into a stripper. She let go of his hands and handed him the customary free beer. He gladly accepted trying to process the moment. He was happy to see his sister and thought she looked more sexy than ever. He was also realizing that his dream was shot down. Maybe someday he will take a hot dancer home, but he had to confirm it.

“So Misty won’t be leaving with me now?” he asked.

“No I’m sorry Jaden I am sure you had fun plans for the two of you.” Abbey answered and added, “I hope you are not too disappointed but my shift is over and I was hoping you could escort me home.”

Then she stepped back opened her jacket and shimmied her tits for him, knowing it always scrambled his thoughts. It always gave her a bit of a rush to do that for her own brother. The first few times it made his eyes huge his face blush and always made his pants bulge. Over time he was less shocked but bulged just as much.

Taking a big swig of Sam Adams he let the disappointment set in but offset it with sincere positive feelings of being able to help out his sister. And when Abbey shook her tits he almost choked on his beer. It always made him hard when she did that. Abbey changed the outfit from the lap dance. She put on a fancy pair of suspender pantyhose with a wide open crotch. The open air on her labia was refreshing and exciting. She had a form hugging skirt on with a tight opaque lycra top with no bra. Her little jacket matched the skirt. Her nipples and areola were showing through the top. She looked like a wet dream in the making. She felt so naughty and so sexy.

Jaden assured Abbey that he would be honored to escort a sexy server to her car so she could go home. He kind of missed her words requesting to take her home. He was feeling the beer buzz by now and wondered if maybe he shouldn’t be going home himself. He watched her tits bounce as she hopped on the bar stool and his cock went a twinge.

They sat at the bar and drank their beer and caught up on current affairs. Jaden naturally looked Abbey up and down, he noticed that she seemed to have on a nylon outfit too. Her short skirt covered her private parts just barely. He could see her fancy hose all the way to where the pattern gave way to the dark band. For some reason seeing the top of hose stirred his sexual appetite, maybe because it was a sign to the forbidden area. He noticed her top was gray nylon or lycra and almost sheer. But she had on a small jacket, it just hid the sides of her breasts. His thoughts weren’t fully coherent; he was distracted by her pretty thighs clad in nylon and then Etiler Escort her hard nipples. God they looked soooooo delicious he thought about leaning in and feeling them through the fabric. Something he had not done in years.

Abbey was talking about school and classes and midterms. She noticed Jaden and drifted off and was staring at her breast. She always got butterflies when her brother looked at her breast with lust. Years ago they played Dare Pong, beer pong with dares. Some friends dared Jaden to feel her breasts. Back then she realized that Jaden’s hands on her tits was a wonderful feeling. It went beyond the normal sensations, doing wrong things was titillating. She wanted more and broke the rules to get more. Tonight she was planning on getting much more.

She implemented the plan and proceeded with rehearsed lines. She had thought what might happen if Jaden realized her outfit was like Misty’s so she had changed it up a bit. She stepped back spread her arms it was a ‘look at me’ pose. While taking the pose she told Jaden that some of the dancers have given her a few pieces of wardrobe. Misty had given her nylon tops and leggings and hose. It made her almost shudder with excitement watching his lust as he looked her up and down. It felt like being devoured.

Of course he gave an enthusiastic approval. They finished their beers and she prompted him to escort her out.

The bouncer at the door gave a big gruff laugh and said to Jaden, “Good night Dog, you better take care of Mist!”

“Good Night Mist.” he said more politely to Abbey.

Oh shit, Abbey thought. She hadn’t counted on Big Little John blowing her cover. The stage name of Misty was still a new change for her. Thinking her cover was blown she frowned and turned red with embarrassment. She forced a smile and said goodnight to her coworker. Underneath the uncouth gruff exterior was a guy willing to do anything for friends.

Jaden did not really register the bouncers words. With his hackles up a bit he assured the door bouncer that Abbey was in good hands. “Don’t worry Dog I’m a gentlman.”

Big Little John being an instigator mocked, “Oooohhh first name basis, aren’t you special.”

Jaden didn’t bite and didn’t equate Mist with Misty, probably too many beers or maybe he heard Miss instead of Mist. Abbey sometimes used the name of Miss Opportunity when introducing herself to new patrons.

As the door closed the sound dissipated and thoughts quieted for both of them. Neither spoke as Abbey hooked Jaden’s arm in hers and led him to her car. Nearing the car she wondered if his silence meant her cover was blown by Big Little John.

So she asked directly, “Did the doorman give away my surprise?”

Jaden did not understand the question and asked her to repeat it. Still not understanding he had to ask what her surprise was. They arrived at Abbey’s Altima. She clicked and Jaden opened her door for her. Abbey ventured further into her plan though unsure what Jaden really knew. She told him that he was too drunk to drive and needed a ride home and offered to do so. Jaden was in the habit of listening to his sister’s advice and accepted her offer. He would have to call a cab anyway and saw an opportunity to save a few bucks. So off they went.

Their conversation never lacked interest. Both enjoyed thought provoking communication sprinkled with humor. So talking to each other was easy. Half way through the drive Abbey moved the plan along. She let Jaden know that she would stop at her place first to drop off her tips, use the bathroom and maybe change clothes. Her brother did not mind he was just happy to be getting a ride with good conversation. Jaden also thought about her hot roommate and seeing her was worth the stop.

She had a pretty nice apartment for a poor college student. But Abbey was smart enough to leave out the fact her roommate had moved out. She asked him to come in for a minute. She asked when Jaden was going to move out of the dorms. AT the door she told him about her roommate moving out. She tried connecting the dots that he could move in with her.

In front of the door she stumbled on her hooker heels. Jaden caught her and held her up as she pulled keys form her purse. He wasn’t sure who needed more help standing up, at least Abbey was sober.

Abbey mentioned that the extra bed was more comfortable than her only. Jaden thought about how cheesy the dorm mattresses were. She told him to check it out while she used the bathroom and changed clothes.

Jaden said, “Hey sis don’t bother changing clothes I think you look hot and no one will see you anyway.”

“That’s Naughty!” she laughed and added, “almost as naughty as you were during beer pong.”

And with that she disappeared. Jaden flopped on the spare bed to check it out as his sister suggested. Flat on his back he realized it had been awhile since he slept in a comfortable bed. He was drifting off to sleep and thinking about the times he felt her breast Etiler Escort Bayan and once had to suck them trough her top. Some of his favorite memories revolved around the drink games with their friends. His dress slacks bulged again and he smiled; replaying the adventure of the night and adventures of the past. His sister’s image merged into the image of a mysterious stripper riding his cock.

Abbey still had on the suspender pantyhose she was toying with herself in the bathroom. She gently ran her fingernails along her thighs and up to her swollen mound to trace her lips. Pleasing herself she remembered the fun her roommate had with her months ago. Now her trap for her brother was set and she could have Jaden feel her thighs and rub his face up and down her legs like her roommate did.

Tonight might be the night. She went to the spare room. When Abbey walked in Jaden’s pants bulged as he lay there arms spread wide. She bit her lip, her thoughts rushed with multiple ideas of how to make that bulge her toy. How can she make her brother stuff his cock into her again.

She thought it funny to feel a bit of guilt, he already had put his cock inside her, they had already committed a major sin. So how could it be wrong to do it again? They would already be punished, would they be punished more for doing it again? Who really knows. Is it actually wrong anyway? Did it not happen through out history? She had played all these arguments in her head so many times it held little fascination, and held little guilt But thinking about incest did hold excitement. Her conclusion was the same every time; ‘so why not fully enjoy it’. It made her wet thinking of Jaden feeling her and filling her up.

She took off her jacket and her matching skirt and folded them neatly and laid them over the back of a chair in the room. She stood in the doorway half naked adorned only in sheer cloth. God his cock must be huge. The bulge was stretching the fabric of his dress slacks. She always knew her brother was well endowed, now here it was in her apartment just within reach. Jaden was stretched out, eyes closed. Abbey knew he was horny and susceptible to suggestions.

She stood in the doorway for a minute hoping he would open his eyes and see her. She buried fingers in her wet pussy. She looked like a dream; gift wrapped in nylon; in the prime of her life; intoxicated with taboo desire. She moaned loud enough to wake her brother.

Jaden was half in a dream his fingers were spreading Misty’s lips and his tongue was sinking deep between them. She moaned.

A sweet familiar voice asked him, “Where are you dear brother.”

Always happy to answer his sister he answered, “I am licking Misty, Abbey”

Abbey thought he was awake and decided to unveil the deception, “Dear Jaden I am Misty.”

Not sure of his reaction she braced for either disbelief or surprise or maybe disenchantment.

Jaden now coming back from dream land replied, “Your pussy taste so sweet Misty. I am going to lick your clit.”

Abbey being overwhelmed with desire climbed on the bed to smother her brother with her wet pussy. She was agile and quick she was on top of him before he fully woke up. Her legs had his arms pinned to the bed she lowered herself onto her brothers face.

Jaden woke up startled to have someone descending onto his face. All he could get out of his lips was, “Hey!!”

All other words were muffled and lost as he came to the full realization a woman was sitting on his face. And she had a very sweet pussy. Ohhh fuck! is this my sister he thought? His cock filled with blood and felt so hard it hurt. As if reading his mind Abbey reached behind her and easily undid his slacks. Jaden managed to press his slacks down enough for his huge dick to spring out of his man thong. But Then had a rush of indecision.

Feeling a rush of guilt Jaden freed his arms and managed to lift Abbey off his face. “God Abbey! What are you doing? We can be doing this you’re my sister!”

Abbey was lost in lust and did not let go of her brother’s big hard cock. Oh Dang, she came to the realization he was talking in his sleep when he invited her to sit on his face. Oh my god she thought is he going to make me stop? Her desires overrode any thought of stopping. He pussy was on fire feeling her brother underneath her. But now he was pushing her off. She toppled over and fell to the floor.

Jaden loved his sister and felt bad about making her fall off the bed. He rose up and leaned over to see his sister spring up quickly. Damn she is an agile minx. He took in the view of his hot sister clad in sheer nylon and lycra . Her boobs were full her nipples poking hard through her top. Abbey’s pussy glistened right in his face. His blood ran hot.

“Ohhh God.” Jaden’s voice quivered and he stammered, “I I m s sorry sis. Are you ok?” his lust and concern for her overtook any guilt he felt. He could not hold back and said, “My God Abbey! you are so Hot!”

Abbey Escort Etiler was caught between crying and feeling flattered. Her plan had gone awry and now she was so wet and horny she couldn’t accept that her brother was rejecting her. She could not find words and just stood there all tensed up like a little girl being admonished. Jaden knew his sister very well and felt pity and stood up to hug her. He pulled her close and hugged her tight. His pants down to his ankles now.

“God I’m sorry sis you just surprised me.” His lust for her was taking over. He honestly had never seen a woman looking so hot. He wanted to smooth things over. He had a chance to fulfill his fantasies now.

Abbey cried on his shoulder telling him how much she wanted to please him and telling him how much she wanted to make him happy. She told him how often she fantasized about him and just wanted more than nipple pinches and kisses. Jaden took it all in his cock pressed hard against her belly. Then she told him that she was Misty and he received the lap dance from her. He put his cock into her.

“Wow! That was you giving me the lap dance?” he asked to be sure.

“Yes Jaden that was my pussy you stuck your cock into at the club.” She found some humor in his shock and felt his lust rising to the surface.

“It was kind of like the glory hole at Riana’s party, do you remember?. Only better.” She laughed, feeling better and hopeful.

She did not expect what happened next. Jaden now overpowered by lust released the hug and kissed her passionately on the lips. He craved her now. She kissed back opening her mouth for her brother to slide his tongue in deep. He squeezed his sisters ass she grabbed his cock. They fell over on the bed, Jaden ontop of Abbey. His cock slipped between her thighs, he kissed her again. When they ran out of breath he propped himself up and looked at his sister. They both felt things moving to fast and wanted to slow it down and enjoy every moment.

Her eyes sparkled like never before, god she is so beautiful. He slowly traced a finger along her nose and laughed and traced it across her lips. Abbey looked into her brothers eyes so dark and powerful like never before. She laughed and took his finger into her mouth and sucked it going back and forth on it like giving a blow job.

“God I love you Abbey.” Jaden said full of emotion. He looked down her body and felt like he was still dreaming. The pantyhose and lycra shimmered on her perfect body like a goddess in the mist

Abbey let his finger slip out of her mouth. “I love you too dear brother, more than you know.”

She ran a hand down his chest feeling his hard body. Her hand drifted to his abs and to his groin she wrapped her hand around his cock and quickly wiggled herself down the bed to give him a blow job. She pushed him onto his back and quickly devoured his dick.

Jaden was in a dream now. This was a familiar dream, looking down seeing the top of his sister’s head while she sucked his wang. When she looked up into his eyes her mouth was full of his cock and her eyes were on fire. Her fire filled him with heat, he held her face between his hands and thrust up into her mouth. God he was so long it made her gag for a second. He released her head and she started bobbing up and down on his cock fast and sucking hard.

Abbey had wanted her brother for so long, wanting him in everyway possible. She hadn’t had his cock in her mouth for years. Only once at a party through a glory hole, a secret she kept to herself. Soon she could tell him. God his cock filled her mouth like a luscious desert she craved forever. She stopped bobbing up and down on his shaft and sucked his head hard looked in his eyes and licked his head then sucked it hard again. She felt his balls rolling and filling with cum.

“Do you want to cum in your sister’s mouth honey?” she asked and went back to sucking and licking.

“Wow.” Was all he could answer. Her question struck a cord in his deepest desires. He almost shot cum hearing them fall from her lips.

She had sucked his precum and wanted him to fill her mouth. She knew how to make it happen.

In a playful little girl voice, like she used at the club, she said, “Come in sisters mouth Jaden. Fill my mouth with cum. Pleeease. I want to swallow your cum brother”

Ohhhhhhh, he couldn’t hold it off now, but he tried. Abbey’s mouth felt unreal, so warm and wonderful some place he always wanted to put his cock. Looking into his sisters eyes he exploded so hard he climaxed against his will. He held his sisters head and shot load after load of cum in her mouth. His entire body felt each shot jolt through him. God her mouth felt incredible. He could not control a convulsion as he shot his last drop. Abbey tried taking it all. She sucked and swallowed and gagged a little and let some fall out of her mouth. Wow he had sooo much cum. She was in a divine place, a place she only fantasized about. She knew her brother well enough to know that she was blowing both heads. She was blowing his mind and the head of his dick. She felt proud to give him such a high level of pleasure.

Jaden laid there just blown away. He had blown his load in his sister’s mouth and she was the most incredible cock sucker he has ever known.

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