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Dance Partner Surprise

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Jenna tossed her new dress onto the bed and turned her attention to choosing shoes. Tonight she would return to the club scene after serving her self imposed isolation from it. She had met her husband, now her ex-husband, at a club when she was 18. Now she was 23 and had been divorced from the bastard for half a year. She was still trying to understand how she missed all the obvious signs. When she watched the video of her wedding, she saw the looks he and the maid of honor exchanged, looks that said, ‘she’ll never know.’ But now Jenna did know. After the rehearsal dinner, her husband to be and maid of honor had gone off together and had a good fuck. That was only the beginning.

After confronting him again and again, she decided that three years of him cheating was enough. The amazing thing was that he was still giving her good sex four or five times a week, even with fucking other girls as often as he could. The point, to her, was simple. if you wear the ring, it needs to mean something besides having a sleep partner or a regular fuck buddy. He broke that basic rule and so he had to go. The last she had heard, he landed well between some other girl’s legs and there was an engagement. She didn’t expect an invitation, but would RSVP with a “fuck you” if she got one.

She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what she had done wrong. A nice hourglass shape, firm C sized breasts, flat tummy, and a nice curvy ass. It was everything she heard guys wanted, and yet it wasn’t enough for him. Well, that was his loss. Tonight she started over.

The bra and panties were lacy and black, just in case something slipped out from the cover of her navy blue dress. It had just enough spandex to cling and show off her shape, but with a length that came to mid-thigh and a scoop neck that was conservative enough despite showing a nice half moon of slightly tanned skin that would probably keep the black lace hidden. The stockings were designed to hold at her thighs without needing garters to keep them up. A sheer black, they enhanced her already shapely legs. The three inch heels on the floor were high enough to further shape her legs while still letting her dance. The plan was to avoid guys, stay with the girls, and end the night with a happy smile.

She hadn’t done clubs since getting married, probably because he didn’t want to meet any of his lovers while he was out with his wife. Now that she planned her return, she relealized there had been a few venue changes. T Internet had helped her narrow her options and she settled on a place because she could park nearby. She picked up her purse in the kitchen as she passed through, looked at the dinner dishes and decided they could wait, then walked out the door to the garage.

He had been a womanizing jackass, but he made good money and now she had a nice house that he had paid for. She sheer weight of evidence and numbers involved had gotten her a good settlement. The car, on the other hand, was hers. It was a simple sedan that was reliable and got her where she needed to go. She noticed how the hem rode up her thigh when she sat down and felt a thrill buzz through her body. She hadn’t gone out trying to be sexy in a long time, and it felt good.

The parking garage was pretty full, but Friday nights were a big night and there were plenty of clubs and restaurants in the area. She walked to the place she had picked out holding her purse close. It was small, but on a long shoulder strap, because she knew she would need to take it out on the dance floor with her. She couldn’t dance and leave her purse on a table by itself. That was one big downer for the night, she would be alone. Still, it was good being out with a crowd again.

Jenna decided to get a drink first and just watch people. She sipped her cosmo and looked at the crowd of people already filling the dance area. A smile found its way to her lips as she watched couples, some looking like her parents’ age, dancing and rubbing and grinding and, most important, smiling and enjoying themselves and each other. She’d had that once, and maybe she could find it again.

Clothing was a whole different scene to watch. Guys wore everything from baggy to tight, they were skinny to ripped, and there were plenty of shaved faces, beards, mustaches, tattoos, shirt sleeves obviously tailored to show off muscle, sweat pants designed to allow freedom for things to flop around that apparently were not restrained by underclothes.

Women mostly wore tight slacks in denim or black or they wore dresses or skirts. Hemlines ranged from just below the knees to just below the crotch. A fair number of girls were showing ass cheeks every time they bent over a little bit. Tops went from high scoops or mostly buttoned to open low enough to announce “no bra here” for anybody watching. It made her feel good about herself, because she felt she fell right in the middle. Even with her blond hair falling over her shoulders, her breasts were nicely outlined by the added spandex in her dress. Had she Maraş Escort been without the dress, her hair would have reached just below the top of her bra cups.

The drink was finally finished and she was feeling good about getting out on the floor. A number of guys, and even a few girls, gave her lusty looks, making the night even better. As long as they all behaved, she would have a wonderful time. Once a girl walked past her and patted her ass, shouting a, “You look really hot,” into her ear, but the girl kept walking and started dancing with another girl. Jenna guessed by the look in their eyes that this was not a first time meeting and they would be doing more than dancing before their night was over.

She had finished her second drink and had been back on the floor for a half hour when she noticed a girl turning around and dancing the six feet over to her. Suddenly Jenna had a dance partner who was looking her in the eyes and smiling. It took a second to sink in that this was no accident, and then she smiled back. It’s always better to dance with somebody else. She felt a little down when she saw a wedding ring on the left hand, but she wasn’t looking for a girl to marry, just somebody to dance with. She hoped if the woman’s husband was here he would behave.

Not long after, another girl danced over and suddenly there was a threesome. A glance showed that she had made a wrong assumption. There was a wedding ring on this girl as well, and it matched the first girl’s ring. She let herself move in a little closer and soon they were bumping and rubbing each other as the music kept the beat strong and the passion kept the heat high.

When the set ended, Jenna said she needed a drink and the other girls followed her off the floor. The girl who had first danced over to her, a dark haired girl with a severe haircut that simply framed her face with bangs and a stright drop on the side to the middle of her neck, asked what she wanted and offered to get the drinks while the others could talk a bit. Jenna pulled a bill out of her purse, but the girl told her to put it away, they would treat since she was all alone.

The girl left was the one Jenna thought was really attractive. The hair seemed to be a bit auburn, flowing in gentle waves over her shoulders and then down between her shoulder blades. She seemed to like it behind her, and every time the hair fell in front of her shoulders she would push it back. Finally, she pulled out a band and puled it into a pony tail. The dress was a little looser than Jenna’s, but with her arms over her head it showed the small, perky breasts. A wide belt pulled in the waist, and the skirt flowed over narrow hips and just a few inches down the legs before the shapely, hose-covered thighs appeared and put a stamp of “very pretty” on the total package.

The loud music made it necessary to get close to be able to talk and Jenna smelled a faint perfume. The girl’s name was Amy, and her partner was Hope. They’d been together for over six years now and ran a small distrubution business together not far from the club. Friday night was their time to put work behind, get out, and just enjoy dancing. Meeting new people was a plus for them. And Amy complimented Jenna on how good she looked just as Hope was returning with three drinks. Making sure everybody got the dink they had wanted, they stood sipping and shouting, getting to know each other better.

It had to come sometime, and it was Hope who asked how such a pretty girl could be at the club all alone. Jenna sipped her drink twice before starting at how she met a guy at a club much like this one, they had spent time together, then decided to get married. She found out a week after the wedding, when her best friend forgot who she was with and said something, that her husband and maid of honor, her best friend, had spent several hours in bed together the night before the wedding. Then her friend tried to hide her part in it by telling Jenna her husband had made time for each of the brides maids in the week following the wedding.

Jenna was shocked and dropped her best friend, but she had trouble believing the part about the brides maids because the new husband had dutifully fucked his wife every night. It was a few months later that she found he was able to keep up such a robust sexual schedule. By then the signs were everywhere from lipstip on his briefs to notes in his pockets to regularly needing to spend time “with the guys” that was really with the girls. When she finally had enough and filed for divorce he had agreed to every demand because he knew the trail of used women was too long to try to deny it.

Hope told he he was a bastard to treat her that way and she gave Jenna a hug. A firm hug, with breasts pressing breasts and soft, warm breath on her neck. Jenna felt a bit of a chill go through her, as if something cold was being lifted off and she was able to begin warming up. When Hope let go, Amy took a turn hugging, telling Jenna how sorry she was that Maraş Escort Bayan it turned out that way, and wishing her better fortune on her next guy. The hug wasn’t quite as tight, but the perfume aroma was definitely present and it smelled good to Jenna.

When the glasses were all empty they headed back onto the dance floor. Jenna was really enjoying herself now, and the two women had been so nice, building her up after her concerns that people would think she was a fool for letting a guy like that trick her and then keep her married for several years. She had been dancing for several hours now and had finished three cocktails, so her legs were starting to feel heavy. Now and then she would just stop and sway while the couple danced together in front of her. They were rubbing and grinding and reminding Jenna of what she had missed, and one reason she had allowed the cheating so long. Despite all the cheating, the guy had been really good in bed and she was afraid she would miss that. In minutes she felt a heat between her legs that she had not felt in months and she found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss a girl in a sexual way. The thought surprised and aroused her at the same time.

She stumbled a little and Amy caught her. “You look like you need to get off your feet for a while. How about we go to our business and we can talk in a quieter environment?”

Jenna nodded yes, feeling really sluggish now and not understanding why. She assumed the drinking and extended time dancing had worked together to wear her out, and she did want to talk to these girls and learn more about them. Hope’s arm slid along her back and Amy’s came from the other side. Arm in arm, the three women walked out and laughed when they could hear each other again without shouting.

As they walked the couple of blocks from the club to the business, Hope let Amy do most of the supporting while her hand slid down onto Jenna’s ass and first rubbed, then squeezed. “MMmmm, Jenna, your ass is really nice. Do you exercise a lot to keep it in shape?”

Jenna giggled making no move to take the hand away. “I just, you know, do the normal. I run a couple of times a week. Otherwise, it’s mostly just life.” She felt a little extra squeeze and squeeked out an, “OOOohhhh,” pushing her hips forward. It felt so good to have a hand on her again, she still didn’t take it off in any way.

While Amy held up an even more sluggish Jenna, Hope unlocked one of the doors to a small business on the edge of the night life district. If they did distribution, though, it was also on the edge of the business district and very well positioned. Hope locked the door behind them as Amy led Jenna through a door into the rear office area. One more locked door was opened, then locked behind them, and finally Amy helped Jenna sit in a chair behind a desk that had nothing on it. Hope opened a drawer in a cabinet and pulled out a bottle. “No cocktails, I’m afraid, just a bit of rum. Interested?”

Jenna smiled and said a soft, “No, thank you,” while Amy said yes. Hope put out three glasses and put rum in one, half as much in the next, and then again as much as the first glass. Amy and hope picked up their full glasses and looked at Jenna. Sitting in the chair she was looking up at the other women and felt a little pressure, so she picked up her glass. Hope and Amy sipped, Jenna emptied her glass, and then looked up apologizing when she realized the others still had most of the drink in their glasses. Hope assured her it was not a problem in any way and Amy smiled at the woman in the chair. It was an odd smile, Jenna thought. As though there was a joke she didn’t see.

Hope sat on the desk in front of Jenna, letting the hem of her skirt slide up her thighs and leaving her legs open just a little. Hope asked about job, parents, siblings, where she went to school, all the kinds of “getting to know you” questions that a person normally asked. Jenna was so busy answering questions, she never had time to ask any. The alcohol had a happy smile on her face and she still felt that sluggishness, so she was happy to just share with the other woman. Amy seemed a little distracted and was often turned away from them. Then Hope asked a question Jenna had never anticipated and it left her a little confused. The alcohol, again, was keeping her off her best game.

“Have you ever tried bondage?” The look on Hope’s face was one of just asking a question, as if that question was asked of people every day. There was no hint of threat or lust or anything else. It was just a question.

“No,” was all Jenna was able to say. Her mouth worked, but it took more effort than she was used to. “Something wrong.” She shook her head, but again, it was slower than usual.

Hope slid off the desk, letting her hem ride up high enough to show she was not wearing any panties. She saw Jenna staring at the hairless slit and smiled. “I guess you don’t shave. That’s ok, you’ll appreciate this soon enough.” Amy dropped Escort Maraş a few coils of rope on the desk and moved around behind Jenna. “As for that wrong feeling, I’ll level with you. I slipped a muscle relaxer into that drink I bought you. You’ll be fine in about an hour, maybe hour and a half, but that shot of rum you downed a few minutes ago is going to make it last a bit longer. I didn’t want you doing anything where one of us might get hurt.”

Amy bent over and wrapped her arms around Jenna’s chest, grabbing a handful of breast in each hand, and pulled her up to her feet where Jenna stood wobbling as he moved around the chair to grab her again. Hope moved the chair out of the way and walked back to the desk where Amy was now laying Jenna back onto the desktop. Hope climbed onto the desk and straddled Jenna’s waist, holding her arms down and out while bending over so her face was inches from Jenna’s. The resolve in Hope’s eyes was matched by a look of fear in Jenna’s eyes.

Hope spoke softly as Amy began tying rope to Jenna’s left wrist. “Hey, hey now, shh, we aren’t going to hurt you. In fact, we hope you enjoy the next bit of time as much as we will. I have a real important question for you though, and I need an honest answer.” She bent lower and kissed Jenna’s soft lips, holding the kiss for a few seconds until Jenna turned her head to end it. “Remember, we aren’t going to hurt you, but we can’t leave you locked in here, and you’re in no condition to get back to your car right now. Where did you leave your car? We will get you to it, but we need to know where to look.” Jenna looked up, still scared. Hope smiled as the rope was tied to the leg of the desk and Amy moved to the right wrist. “Jenna, please, we want to make sure you get safely to your car. Where did you park. We aren’t going to steal it, and we won’t hurt you. It’s just a game.”

Still unsure, Jenna decided they had her in a position that reduced her options. She was already in their control, so what was there to lose that wasn’t already lost? “Ambassador Street.” She saw Hope’s face come down again and felt the soft lips, this time accompanied by a tongue that began exploring all the secret places in her mouth. It was as if an electric charge went through her and her desire instantly jumped up a few rungs.

“What level,” Hope asked when she came up for air. Jenna looked at the wet lips, realizing the wetness was from a blend of their salivas. She barely noticed as Amy pulled her panties down and off before tying rope to her right ankle. The mouth moved closer, hovering just abover her own lips. “Five,” Jenna replied, then she lifted her head to reach for the soft lips, the first lips she had kissed in months and she didn’t care right now that they were a woman’s lips.

Hope turned herself around and scooted back until her knees were just below Jenna’s outstretched arms. “You’re beautiful, Jenna, but I have another set of lips I’d like you to kiss.” She stopped first and motioned to Amy, who lifted the hem of the dark blue dress and showed the trimmed triangle of dirty blond hair. “MMMmmmm, real hair. Let me kiss you first.”

Saying that, she leaned forward and put her lips to Jenna’s pussy, kissing the folds for a while, then extending her tongue, her wet tongue that guided the saliva downward, and swirled it around in the loose folds of skin. “Ohhmmm, and tasty. I love your flavor.” The tongue went back to work, now going to the entrance and scooping a little, soaking up the flavor of an aroused woman. Jenna had been able only to look at Hope’s wet folds as she looked up at the bare ass and crotch of the other woman. Then the tongue left her and the hairless folds of pussy decended toward her face.

Moaning softly, Hope began grinding her pussy on Jenna’s mouth, nose, and chin, waiting for the girl to respond. When it didn’t happen she decided she had to guide the discussion. “Jenna, use your tongue, please. I’m going to keep rubbing until I cum, maybe twice. The more tongue you use the sooner that happens.” The tongue was slowly extended and began to lick. “Think of what you like and I probably enjoy the same thing. Oh, by the way, before you get too confused, Amy is my husband.” She waited for that to sink in and when the tongue stopped she continued.

“Amy likes to dress as a girl and go to clubs because he thinks girls are more comfortable with other girls than with men. His daytime name is Andy and he has been wonderful to me. I have to admit, when he first brought up breast implants and cross dressing I wasn’t sure about it, but now I really enjoy it. And in bed he’s still a total mister, just with two small breasts for me to play with.”

While the words were sinking in, Jenna was aware of a familiar sensation at her pussy, the sensation of a cock rubbing along her slit. She tried shaking her head and saying no, but Hope sat harder and squeezed her legs together. Then she was being opened up, but slowly, carefully, moving in small thrust-and-pull-back motions until she was ready to accept him. Her ex-husband was good at making love, which was why it was so easy to get girls in bed with him, but this was lovingly taking time to make sure everything was ready. She found herself, strangely, relaxing her neck and returning to licking.

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