Dana’s Interogation

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So this is my first solo story. Please be gentle.


Dana cast her eyes about the room walked through the front door of the fraternity house and saw various brothers and a few of their girlfriends looking over to see who’d arrived.

In what would be considered unusual behavior on every other college campus across the nation, every brother turned their eyes away from the gorgeous visitor and refocused on their various activities. They knew why she was here, and who she was here to see.

Dana paused in the door’s entrance and took a deep breath as she looked around to see what everyone was involved in. The light silhouetted her body to anyone who bothered to look.

For a college girl, Dana was exceptionally attractive. Dana was almost the total package at 5’7″ with short blonde hair, bright green eyes, long tanned legs, and exceptionally large breasts. The only criticism she had was that her butt was too thin, but she worked out every day in the gym to try and put additional muscle on there. She had freshly shaved her legs and snatch. The smell of her soap and conditioner was fresh. She wore little makeup, but what she did wear was very tastefully applied. She knew what she was here for.

“He’s up in his room,” a girl named Kelly said with a slight undertone of contempt. “With Lily and Ashley,” she added as she watched Dana for a reaction.

Dana exhaled slightly and relief coursed through her veins at those words. The man she was here to see was being well taken care of by those two, and the craving she felt deep in her core lessened slightly.

Kelly’s comment brought the looks of a few of the other ladies hanging around. Dana lingered in the doorway, the focus of a growing amount of attention.

“What do all of you see in him?” a woman named Jaime spoke up.

More and more of the people hanging around turned to look at her after hearing Jamie’s question.

Dana blushed slightly under the scrutiny. Her nipples hardened and pussy began to moisten as a memory from this very morning flitted through her mind. His weight pressed down upon her and his hardness deep within her as she writhed in orgasm. Lily’s tongue was intertwined with her own, with one hand roughly molesting one of her breasts, and the other roaming around her pussy and massaging her clit. Ashley lay completely passed out next to the passionate threesome in the throes of orgasm, having been his previous target of his affection. That night’s experiences were unmistakably the pinnacle of her sexual life so far, and she intended to experience that level of pleasure as many times as she possibly could.

Abruptly she became aware that everyone within hearing range was looking at her expecting an answer.

“I don’t know,” she replied before putting further thought into it.

“Oh please,” Kelly said as Jaime scoffed, and they rolled their eyes before refocusing on her.

Dana took in the room as they waited for an answer. The guys were looking at her with hope in their expression; maybe they could understand what and how this was going on. The girls were also curious, but were much more judgmental in their expressions.

“I don’t know…he just…he just makes me feel beylikd├╝z├╝ anal yapan escort wonderful” Dana finally mustered in a small voice. “us feel wonderful,” she added almost as an afterthought.

Jaime arched her eyebrow and looked at Kelly as she considered her reply. “What do you mean?” Kelly asked after a moment.

Dana shifted her weight onto her left food, thought for a moment and remembered their first time together.

He had been so strong and so confident. So gorgeous. He stood about 5’10”, and while muscular, he was not overbuilt.

They’d bumped into each other for the first time at the student center. She looked on in horror as the glass of orange juice she’d been drinking bounced off the floor after emptying its contents over his torso and soaked his shirt.

She rubbed several napkins over his shirt as she furiously wished she’d been paying attention and her iPhone hadn’t distracted her. She distinctly remembered feeling the muscle definition beneath his shirt as the napkins slipped from her hands to drift to the floor and she looked into his eyes.

His smell was unbelievably arousing, though she found it hard to classify. His hands were slightly rough as he grasped her hands to stop her, and his laugh endearing. That shirt, to this day, had not been washed and lay on his desk as a memento.

After a whirlwind afternoon of laughter and flirting, she found herself back in his room at the frat house. Until that very moment, she had avoided the fraternities like the plague. She knew she was exceptionally attractive, and didn’t want to be labeled as a fraternity sister or follower.

She remembered throwing herself at him the instant he closed the door to his room. Kissing him was many times more pleasurable than any she’d had in her experience.

After several moments, he lifted his hands to cup her face and look into her eyes. Dana took the opportunity to root her hands down his pants and grasped his cock.

“Oh my gosh,” Dana gasped as her hands circled his manhood, “I will never be able to get this inside me.”

His response was to lightly kiss the tip of her nose.

A fire lit in her eyes, and Dana pushed him back against the window and squatted down in front of him. It was then that she came face to face with the cock that would own her soul.

Dana placed a couple light test licks on the tip of the well above average sized hunk of manhood in front of her. A small drop of precum oozed out of the tip as Dana placed a wet kiss at the top of his mushroom head. As the precum touched her lips and tongue, Dana shivered involuntarily. Her nipples instantly hardened, and she could feel her pussy leaking fluid into her panties.

At this feeling, Dana threw herself into what would be the most difficult and pleasurable blowjob of her life thus far. Her lips stretched as far as she could as she fit the entire mushroom head of his dick into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head as more precum leaked out into her hungry mouth. She slowly jacked off his shaft with her left hand while her right hand snaked into her soaked panties and circled her clit.

Dana glanced up beylikd├╝z├╝ bal─▒ketli escort at her partner to see his eyes closed and a look of pure pleasure written on his face.

As more and more of his precum seeped into her system, she became impatient and stood up to get what she wanted.

She let go of him briefly to strip off the rest of her clothes as fast as she could. Her shorts and panties were already mostly off and she lost her shirt and bra as fast as possible. His hands came up to gently encase her enormous and firm breasts. They were more sensitive to his touch than she ever remembered them being before. Dana couldn’t believe how wonderful her entire body felt.

Dana dropped her hands to his cock and he continued to gently play with her breasts. She knew what she wanted, and slowly backed up to the double bed, pulling him by his cock.

Just a few seconds later, her legs hit the edge of the bed, and she sat down and lay back, never letting go of his cock and pulling him on top of her.

He fell over onto the bed, propped up on his arms and looking into her eyes. Dana brought her left hand to his face to caress his cheek, while her right hand continued to pull his cock and place it at her opening.

He paused before penetrating her to look into her eyes and ask, “Are you ready?”

Dana inhaled sharply, held her breath, and vigorously nodded her head. Perched at the entrance of her pussy, a small drop of precum oozed out of his cock and onto her tiny, sensitive clit.

Stars clouded Dana’s vision and her entire body clenched up as her pussy flexed repeatedly and involuntarily. Nearly a minute later Dana looked up into his eyes as he grinned at her knowingly. “You okay?” he asked. Dana’s response was moan an affirmative; and to reach both hands behind him, grab a firm hold of his gorgeous ass, and insistently pull him inside of her.

His cock bent slightly as her pussy resisted his entrance despite both of their efforts. After what seemed like forever, her labia blossomed around the head of his cock and swallowed the tip inside of her. Orgasm again blotted out her vision and her pussy flexed and relaxed repeatedly around the head of his cock. Her orgasm allowed him to push his very large cock deeper and deeper inside her.

As her orgasm subsided, and Dana returned to awareness, he set about plunging his cock in and out of her. He penetrated a little deeper and deeper with each motion. Dana moaned loudly and repeatedly curled her toes as he penetrated her deeper than anyone had ever been before.

He finally hilted his cock fully inside her and paused at the maximum depth. Both of them were starting to sweat heavily and breathing rapidly. His weight pressed down upon her, and her pussy was stuffed with his long and thick cock.

Dana looked deep into his eyes, as a mischievous grin cracked on his face. He then began the long, slow withdrawal from her pussy. More and more concern etched her facial features as his cock vacated its home in her pussy.

With a soft sucking sound, his cock popped free of her hold, and her vaginal opening began to shrink now that his cock was no longer inside beylikd├╝z├╝ bayan arkada┼č her. A look of absolute need crossed her face as her body demanded that he reenter her and get his cock back where it belonged.

Before she could voice any protest, his motion reversed, and his cock pressed against her opening demanding entry. Once again her labia parted and swallowed the head of his cock when another orgasm shattered its way through her body.

Awareness returned to her gradually, though her pussy was still flexing around his cock as he plunged into and out of her. The pleasure he brought her was indescribable.

A moment of clarity came to Dana, though she knew her next orgasm was fast approaching. Briefly, she looked around the room in an effort to make sure she remembered this experience in its entirety.

A quick, loud laugh escaped her as she saw his orange juice stained t-shirt draped over the chair. He paused briefly from fucking her when he heard her laugh. His gaze followed hers over to shirt on the chair, and started to laugh softly as well.

After a quick laugh at the shirt together, Dana and he focused back on each other and took in each of their sweaty bodies. Dana gave him a broad smile and gripped his ass as tightly as she could. She could live like this forever, with his weight on top of her, her pussy stretched impossibly wide, and his immense hardness buried deep inside her. Dana didn’t know pleasure like this could exist.

“Are you ready?” he asked her. Dana bit on her lower lip and shook her head vigorously to say “yes!”

He began again to pull his cock out of her slowly until he nearly popped out, before he reversed course and plunged into her until he was as deep as he could get. With each stroke in and out of her his pace increased just a little bit.

After several minutes, much sweat, uncountable moans, and pleasure beyond imagining, Dana and her man were thrusting back and forth at each other with wild abandon.

Dana could feel he was rapidly approaching orgasm, and she knew that her pussy was timed like a bomb to go off. He thrust back into her a last time and stayed a maximum penetration. His feet and legs pushed against her as if he was trying to push even deeper inside her.

Dana’s eyes bugged out and her mouth froze open in a silent scream as she felt his cock swell even more from its impossibly huge size. The first burst of cum from his cock painted her cervix and her pussy immediately clamped down on his cock with the beginning of her orgasm. One of her hands circled around him and gripped his ass to make sure he stayed inside her, while the other snaked up around his shoulders to hold him close.

His cock swelled preparing to blast her again with another load of cum. Her pussy spasmed repeatedly as his cum boiled out of his cock. His cum was so warm inside her.

Blackness then consumed her vision as she lost consciousness

“DANA!” Kelly spoke loudly and had taken a step towards her when she appeared to zone out for a moment.

Dana looked at her briefly, clutched her purse a little closer to her side, and said “Sorry,” as she ran past Kelly and the other towards the stairwell to the bedroom.

The girls watched Dana scramble away from them with questions in their thoughts and expressed on their faces.

The last thing Dana heard as she ascended the stairs was Jaime saying “Man, I have got to try and get some of that.”

Slowly everyone in the room turned back to what they were doing, though many of the men were unbelievably jealous of the lucky bastard upstairs.

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