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Daddy’s Summer Slave

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It was the morning of my 18th birthday. I had fallen asleep after masturbating myself to a wonderful orgasm. I was naked and feeling good this morning as I ran my hands down my young supple body, over my tits whose nipples were sticking out like a pencil eraser, they were so hard. I had had a wonderfully erotic dream just before awakening and was horny all over again. If I didn’t get laid soon, I was going to go insane. I stopped at my nipples and began pinching them and twisting them.

The piercings were completely healed now and I loved playing with them. I could feel my pussy start flowing with my juices and wanted to desperately touch myself again. I moved my hands down to my pussy, freshly shaven, and spread my lips apart and began rubbing my hard little nubbin. It felt so good when I rubbed my clit and I could not wait until someone else rubbed my clit to orgasm. I stayed a virgin all the way through high school and I was getting set to go to college soon. I didn’t want to go to college a virgin. I wanted to go to college a highly experienced slut.

As I lay there wishing I had a cock to play with, I continued to rub my clit in small little circles. I began moaning quietly really getting into my masturbation. I dipped my fingers into my cunt and found how wet I was becoming. That turned me on even more. I loved to make myself wet and then I thought about what it would feel like to have someone else make me wet. I never heard the door open nor did I see my daddy standing there watching me masturbate. He was very quiet and did not let on that he was in the room. There I was naked as a jaybird; frigging my clit like a little whore and my daddy standing there watching me. He walked over the edge of the bed and set a tray down on the floor. I heard the silverware tinkle on the tray and opened my eyes as daddy sat on the edge of the bed. I gasped and tried to cover up with my sheets as he slapped my hand away from the sheets.

“I want to watch you finish yourself off. You look so hot and wet fingering yourself; I don’t want to interrupt anything. Now be a good little girl and make yourself cum for Daddy!” he said sternly.

I was embarrassed but frightened at what he might do to me if I didn’t obey him. Daddy had always been strict with me and was not beyond giving me a spanking for disobedience. Lately, when Daddy thought I needed spanking, he made me wear a skirt with no panties on and bend over his knee. He always spanked me until my ass turned red and I was left crying and my cunt so wet that I couldn’t stand it. I would always go back to my room and masturbate until I came. I think Daddy liked spanking me, because I always felt a bulge in his pants as he spanked me. Maybe I should just disobey him and find out what would happen.

“Daddy, I don’t want to do that with you watching! I’m NOT going to do that with you watching!!!”

“You don’t want to make Daddy angry with you, do you baby doll?”

“Daddy, this is wrong, we should not be doing this!”

“I don’t give a fuck if it is wrong or not. You want to be a little slut, then that is the way that you are going to be treated. In fact, I have a proposition for you. Seeing that your mom has left us and we are all alone now, in order for you to go to college, you are going to have to become my little sex slave for the summer. If you don’t perform as I think you should, you will stay home another semester and perfect the slave role before I sign one check for you to go to school. You don’t have a choice in this matter. Your mother is not going to help you out with school, she is too damn selfish. You have to depend on me to get you there financially, so you are going to earn your keep. Do you understand, little lady?”

I was frightened yet excited. I wanted Daddy to take my virginity and ready me to be a slut away at school. I would be the best damn slave that he ever had, and I would get the experience I needed to be a fuck slut in college. This was a win/win situation. Daddy was a very good looking man and had that ruggedness that was so sexy I couldn’t stand to be around him sometimes. He was right about one thing, if he didn’t pay for college; I was shit out of luck. My mother was a selfish cunt who ran out on us about a year and a half ago. We were all each other had.

I spread my legs apart and began rubbing my clit and inserting my fingers on each stroke into my hot wet cunt. My Daddy watched every stroke and began talking dirty to me. “That’s it you little whore, make yourself cum for Daddy. I want to see my baby girl cum like the slut that she is. Finger your cunt baby, I want to see exactly how wet you are.”

I stuck my fingers inside my cunt and found that I was dripping wet with pussy juice. I stuck three of my petite little fingers inside my cunt and filled myself up. I began wiggling my fingers and found my g-spot. It was the first time I had ever felt that pressure before and I loved it.

“That’s it baby girl, cum for Daddy. Daddy is going to teach you all kinds of things and starting today, you will be at my beck and call Nevşehir Escort whenever I want to unload some hot cum.” He stood up and took off his sweat pants and t-shirt and showed me his rock hard cock. It was huge. About 9 inches in length and so thick that I didn’t know how it would ever fit inside me. He began to stroke it while I still fingered my cunt. “Oh sweetheart, I love watching you finger your hot, wet little cunt. You are making Daddy hard for you, do you see how hard Daddy’s cock is for his little girl?”

I nodded my head and opened my mouth. “Daddy, I want to lick it, can I please?”

He walked over and knelt on the bed by my head. His hard cock just inches from my face as he stroked it and some pre-cum gathered on the tip of it. I had seen pictures in magazines and on the internet of cocks, but my Daddy’s was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I stuck my tongue out and licked that pre-cum off of his head and his cock twitched. I liked the taste, so I licked it again. He guided it into my mouth and all the way down my throat until I gagged. I pulled my head back and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back up onto his cock. “Relax your throat muscles, you little bitch, so you can take my cock down your throat. I am going to make you swallow every drop of your Daddy’s cum. You are going to be my little cum slut for the summer. Now suck your Daddy’s cock like the little whore that you are!”

He fucked my face for what seemed like hours. My throat was sore from his fucking my face. But once I relaxed, he could hit the back of my throat and I wasn’t even gagging anymore. “That’s a good little whore; you are sucking Daddy like a champ. I am going to cum very soon, princess, and I want you to swallow every bit of my seed. Reach up and play with Daddy’s smooth balls. Rub your clit while I fuck your face. Your cunt is going to be next for my deposit, so make me cum hard now, you fucking little whore!”

I reached up and cupped his balls with my free hand and began massaging them and could feel them tighten up in my fingers. He was close, I suspected and so was I. I began rubbing my wet little pussy hard and fast. I wanted to cum at the same time that he spurted his load down my throat. I was moaning against his cock and that seemed to be taking him over the edge. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth and could feel his balls tense up. I was screaming when he began shooting his load down my throat. He reached over with his hand and stuck two fingers deep inside my cunt as I was rubbing my clit to orgasm. The addition of his fingers to the mix, made me raise my hips up and meet every one of his thrusts. When he began wiggling his fingers against my spot, I came in torrents and I felt the pressure like I had to pee. When I released completely, I covered his fingers with my cum so much that I made a puddle in his hand. He collapsed on the bed next to me and began rubbing my nipples.

“Daddy, was that good enough for our first time together?” desperately wanting to please this man that just gave me so much pleasure.

“Oh, you nasty little bitch, I am going to have a field day training you this summer. I am going to fuck you every way possible and in every hole possible. You are going to be a fine little tramp for Daddy. In fact, I am due a whole lot of vacation this year as I have taken none since your mother left. I am going to take the entire summer off so that I can train you properly and completely. You are mine forever, do you understand?”

“What about if I fall in love with someone, Daddy?”

“You are mine forever. You can have anyone you want outside of here, but when you enter my door and are under my roof again, you are my little slut. Your husband will have to deal with that and make due. Do you understand me, bitch?”

I am sure I looked frightened, because I really was. I was also very turned on. If I could have any man outside of here and then be Daddy’s little slut at home, I would be a very happy little tramp. “Yes, Daddy, I understand completely. I will do whatever you say, whenever you say and my future husband will have to deal with it!”

“I am glad you are coming to terms with this arrangement. I have been thinking about this plan for quite some time now. I was planning on bringing this on to you this morning anyhow; it was just an added bonus that you were horny and already fingering yourself when I walked in on you.” While we lay there cuddling and him rubbing my nipples gently, he began to describe what kind of training that he was going to put me through.

“From here until the day you leave for college, when we are in the house together, alone, you are to be naked with the outfit that I have purchased for you. As I stated earlier, I have been planning this for quite some time and have prepared a great deal in with which to train you as a submissive little slut. When you disobey me, you will be punished. Depending on how bad the crime is will determine how bad the punishment is. You are to dress as I tell you to dress and when I tell you Nevşehir Escort Bayan to dress. I have an entire wardrobe in the spare bedroom for you. From this day forward, you are to be my slave and not my daughter. You will accompany me on outings as my lover. You will always obey me in front of others or suffer the consequences when we are alone.

“I have already de-virginized your mouth and I will deflower every other hole that you have, as well. This is your payment for raising you and feeding you and clothing you and keeping a roof over your head for the last 18 years. This is also the down payment on the college education that you are going to receive. You will perform bi-monthly installments the entire time that you are in college, which means, you will come home every other weekend and be my little fuck doll until the day you graduate. With the weekends that you have away, I want you to experiment in every sexual act that you can think of while keeping your grades in check. You will never dip below a C+ average or you will suffer severe consequences. I want you to become the slut on campus while keeping an honor roll, dean’s list GPA. I want you to be a brainy whore that knows how to treat a man and a woman. And you are to tell me of every experience you have on your weekends home.

“Now, why don’t we go to the spare bedroom and find what you are going to wear on a daily basis for me. It is lying on the bed.” We got up off the bed and walked across the hall to the bedroom that had the king size bed in it with four posters around it. I would find out soon enough that this was to be my fortress. I would spend hours of being restrained in this very room, being made to feel like a cheap nasty whore. Daddy opened the walk in closet and my eyes just about popped out of my head at the leather and chain outfits that were lined up on half of the closet and the other half lined with sheer lace and gowns that looked like a whore’s party clothes. I was extremely excited about this venture. I looked over at the bed and gasped at the outfit that he had lying out for me.

There was a dog collar, a black lacey corset, a black garter belt and fishnet stockings, six inch platform stiletto heels in red, black leather ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs, and a ball gag. Daddy was way serious about this whole arrangement. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t wait to get into my new outfit.

“So, Pumpkin, what do you think?” he asked with anticipation.

“Daddy, I am so honored that you are going to be the one to teach me and take my virginity away from me. You have made me the happiest girl in the world. You have given me a reason to want to get up in the morning. Thank you, Daddy!” I ran up to him and gave him a big hug around the neck.

“Why don’t you go take a shower and let’s get your 18th birthday celebration going? When you finish, put on your outfit and meet me in my office downstairs.”

I practically ran to the bathroom and got into the shower. I was soaked and had to get clean for my daddy. Even though I had just shaved the night before in my bath, I shaved again, so as to not have any stubble. I put my long brown hair up into a ponytail and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked myself in the eye and smiled. Daddy was going to fuck me today; I could feel it and I could see it in his eyes. He looked at me, not like a father, but like a lust filled maniac. I quickly changed my mind and put my hair in pigtails. I made myself up to look about 5 years older and went to the bedroom to get into my new clothes. When I had the entire outfit on, I looked at myself in the full length mirrored closet door and about creamed myself. I looked porn ready!

My 38DDtits were nice and perky looking over the top of the corset. My nipple rings were dangling just right. My legs looked stupendous in the stockings and the shoes. The collar made me look trashy and that’s what made me wet. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to have the ball gag in, but didn’t want to upset daddy. I put the ball gag in and fastened the buckle. I was about to be made a whore in every sense of the word and by my own father, no doubt.

I walked gingerly down the stairs and down the hall into my daddy’s office. He was facing the wall and did not turn around when I entered the room. He just sat there with his fingers steepled and rocking back and forth in his large leather desk chair. “Sit down in the chair on your right and we will begin your birthday surprise!”

I sat down in the chair and crossed my long shapely legs as he slowly swung his chair around to gaze at his summer slut. He eyed me up and down and licked his lips. “Stand up my whore; I want to see what the whole picture looks like.” I stood up and walked to the back of his desk and stood there with my legs spread apart slightly and my hands down at my sides. “You look good enough to eat, baby girl. First lesson in submission is the stance. You look good the way you are now, but when I want to inspect you, I want your legs apart, hands behind your neck with your fingers Escort Nevşehir laced together, which also brings your tits jutting out. And your gaze is to be downward until I tell you different. Now let’s try.”

I spread my legs a little farther apart and brought my hands up to behind my neck. I looked down to about knee level and stood there waiting for further instruction. “That is very good, my nasty slut. Thank you for putting the ball gag in. I was sitting here thinking about the punishment I would dish out if you hadn’t completed the outfit. Now, all that is a moot point since you have done so well. I have to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful and sexy and HOT! I can’t believe that I have you all to myself this summer. We are going to have a blast and fulfill all of daddy’s fantasies and all of yours before you leave for school. Now, the next part of every daily inspection will be for me to feel your body to make sure that all of the places that are supposed to be smooth, are smooth. I don’t like stubble and if I feel stubble, you will be spanked. “

He walked over to me and squatted down and ran his fingers up my legs, front and then back. Then he stood back up and ran his fingers over my armpit and then ran his fingers through my pussy to my asshole and back again. I was startled at the abruptness and the roughness that he was feeling my pussy. “My little whore is already wet. You are enjoying this a little too much. But you are very smooth and you smell amazing.” He ran his fingers from my pussy up my belly and to my nipples. “I want to know how you got these nipples pierced, I thought you had to be 18 or with a parent’s consent?”

I shook my head. “Oh yeah, you can’t answer me with that rubber ball in your mouth, can you?” I shook my head, again. He walked behind me and took the ball gag off of me. “Now, you little tramp, tell me how you got your nipples pierced without my permission.”

“Daddy, I have a friend that is a little older that lives down the street and she took me and acted like she was Mom. Please don’t be mad, I wanted them to be healed by this day. I had to do it early enough that someone might want to play with them on my birthday.”

“Oh sweetheart, I am not mad, was just curious. I think they are extremely hot and will make certain things so much easier to accomplish. I am going to have an extreme amount of fun with those piercings. But from here on out, you are not to do anything to your body without telling me first. There have been a lot of privileges that you have enjoyed, that you are no longer entitled to as my slutty slave. We will get to those later. Right now, I want to give you your birthday present.”

He leaned over and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever received in my short life. He grabbed my head and forced my head into his and snaked his tongue into my mouth. With his other hand, he reached into my pussy and started finger fucking my cunt. He was not being gentle by any means. He began by thrusting two of his extremely long, fat fingers into my cunt all the way in and began thrusting into me like I was a whore. I could feel pressure and was sure that he was going to pop my cherry right there with his fingers.

His kisses became more urgent and his thrusting had a purpose. He kissed his way down my neck and down my right tit until he got to my nipple. He took the ring into his mouth and bit down on my very sensitive nipple. I squirmed, and when I did, he released my head and smacked my ass with a sting. “You will not squirm at anything that I do, unless it is in the heat of passion and you are headed toward an orgasm. Do you understand me, you nasty little whore?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand you. I will try not to squirm anymore.”

“Good girl, now where was I? Oh yes, I was about to devour your nipple and see if I can’t get you off like a little whore.” He leaned over and bit on my nipple, hard. I felt a stirring that was directly connected to the nipple play, in my pussy. He continued to fuck me with his fingers and then moved over to my left tit and bit down on that nipple as well. “Oh yeah, you little tramp, you are getting so wet by me biting on your nipple. I think that you need to cum like the nasty cunt that you are. C’mon bitch, cum for daddy. Cum like a little whore. I want you to cum all over my hand like you did in your room.” With that, he added another finger to my cunt and fingered me to orgasmic bliss. I started moaning and groaning and my body started convulsing in pre-orgasmic shivers.

“Oh Daddy! Make me cum like a whore, Daddy. I am so close to cumming all over your hand, make me cum hard, please?”

It was getting difficult to stand with all of the stimulation that my body was going through. My legs became weak and my daddy’s fingers just kept thrusting in and out of my slippery wet cunt. I loved this feeling. No one had ever done anything like this to me before. And here I was 18 and my daddy making me feel so alive. Daddy leaned over and took my left nipple into his mouth and took the other tit with his free hand and pinched and twisted my nipple. The added stimulation took me over the edge and I came in a rush that was unbelievable and strong. I felt that sensation of having to pee again and when I released, I covered Daddy’s hand with my spray. His thrusts got faster and deeper and stronger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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