Eyl 02

Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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Complete Fiction. All characters are adults. For adults only.


“Oh, oh shit! Ah yes! Oh my god! Yes! Fuck me Daddy, fuck me! That’s it! Yes! Fuck me harder, Daddy!”

Loud snapping sounds fill the room as the arm of the couch gives way several inches, bending inward toward the center. Her body now rocks back and forth a several inches with each forceful thrust from Daddy as he pounds little girl as hard as he can. Neither of them care the couch is beginning to break apart. Neither of them acknowledge it. Daddy just keeps pounding, and little girl just keeps shouting.

“Oh god, oh god! Yes Daddy, yes!”

The slapping sounds created from Daddy’s thrusts against little girl’s backside echo across the ceiling and walls with a resounding smack, smack, smack. Mr. Smith is looking with increasing arousal as he watches Daddy fuck the living shit out of little girl. Smack, smack, smack, smack. He slowly strokes his nine inches with his left hand as he watches Daddy’s cock appear, disappear, and the appear again. Mr. Smith can see Daddy’s cock glisten with little girl’s juices each time he pulls back from her sopping wet hole. He licks his lips as his mouth waters uncontrollably. He can’t tell what he desires more, little girl’s pussy and her juices, or Daddy’s cock. The thought of tasting them both makes Mr. Smith’s nine inches swell with desire. Now a little faster than before; smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. As Mr. Smith breaks from his fantasy of taking Daddy’s cock in his mouth, he hears the screams from little girl intensify.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Daddy, oh my god, Daddy! Yes, yes, yes! You like that?! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it! Don’t stop, Muğla Escort don’t stop!”

Daddy is dripping with sweat as he continues his now furious pace. Smack, smack, smack. Veins are popping in his forehead, his neck, and his arms and chest. Smack, smack. Each smack is accompanied with a grunt from deep within Daddy and a cry of pleasure from little girl. The arm of the couch, now permanently leaning inward toward the center, will never be the same. Neither of them have yet to acknowledge the damage. Mr. Smith can hear more cracking sounds from the damaged piece of furniture as they continue to fuck.

“Yes Daddy, yes! I’m going to cum Daddy! Yes Daddy, make me cum! Don’t stop, keep going don’t stop! Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes,” little girl continues to scream!

Mr. Smith quickens his pace with his left hand. His aching cock has swollen to its maximum and will soon erupt. He approaches the two of them as he continues to stoke. Little girl lets out a massive and steady scream as her body spasms and convulses.

“I’m cumming Daddy, I’m cumming so hard! Oh my god! Ahhhh…!”

Daddy’s face contorts to something unrecognizable. He buries his cock deep inside little girl, gripping her hips with each hand, he holds his cock inside of her as far as it can go. His cock explodes a massive load of steaming hot cum deep inside of her. Little girl shrieks with delight. Mr. Smith, turned on so incredibly by the array of sounds, smells, and desire for them both, points his aching cock over little girl’s ass and continues to furiously stroke. Daddy, still buried deep inside, is holding his position and enjoying the decent from the incredible climax he Muğla Escort Bayan just experienced. Mr. Smith, pounding his swelling nine inches, lets out a series of loud grunts and shoots his massive load in four successive blasts. The first lands across little girl’s ass, leaving a trail across both cheeks. The second blast flies completely over her ass and hits the back of the couch, dropping more cum across her ass. The third and largest blast, redirected by spasms in his stomach, hits Daddy on his pubic bone, leaks down on to his cock and little girl’s pussy, then drips down his balls to his leg. Seeing this intensifies Mr. Smith’s passion all the more. He directs the fourth blast intentionally to the same area, hitting Daddy just over his pubic bone on to his lower stomach. Little girl, now collapsed and laying limp over the broken arm of the couch, just lays there moaning gently with pleasure in her afterglow.

Daddy, slowly letting his shrinking cock fall from little girl’s sopping cunt, wobbles on weak legs to the center of the couch, and plops down with a grunt. Mr. Smith, now standing behind little girl, can see the massive cream pie begin to leak from her open, swollen pussy. He kneels behind her, taking each hand and placing them to each of little girl’s hips, he opens his mouth to cover her entire pussy. When he does, he drives his tongue as deep as he can into her gaping hole. Some of Daddy’s cum and little girl’s juices coat his chin, cheeks, nose and upper lip as he dives in. His swirling tongue laps as much cum and juices into his mouth as he can. He can taste the sweetness of her juices and the saltiness of his cum, driving him wild with Escort Muğla passion. Little girl just lies there moaning and enjoying the licking and tonguing she is receiving. Mr. Smith swallows everything he takes in his mouth, moaning with pleasure as he now visualizes cleaning up Daddy’s cock when he is done with little girl. He has never done such a thing before in his life. He knows he is not gay. Where is this desire coming from? Mr. Smith decides he will just stay in the moment and enjoy it all. He can think through this later. The passion and desire is too intense. Little girl’s pussy is now as clean from cum and juices and it can possibly be. Mr. Smith pulls back, and for a moment just looks at her beautiful young pussy. It’s swollen with desire and the pounding it took. Her lips and folds lay against each other glistening in the light. Her clit is still swollen and sticking out from its protective flesh.

The sights, along with the intense passion, Mr. Smith thinks about what he will do next. This causes his cock to come alive and stick straight out from his body as he stands up. Before he moves, he looks at Daddy’s flaccid cock. It is resting straight down over his sack, pointing toward the floor in front of him. The whole area is covered and glistening from the mixture of Daddy’s, Mr. Smith’s, and little girl’s cum. Daddy, now laying back against the couch with his eyes closed, appears to be lightly sleeping. This allows Mr. Smith the courage to approach. He quietly and slowly walks over and stands in front of Daddy, pausing to consider his next move. Not that he is considering what he wants to do. He knows what he desires. He contemplates whether he will do it. Before he loses the courage, Mr. Smith kneels in from of Daddy, positioning himself between his legs. Little girl looks on with a smile as Mr. Smith places a single finger vertically over his lips to signal her to stay quiet. Little girl smiles back without a sound and gives him a nod.

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