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Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 13

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the thirteenth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

As for everything, I really welcome feedback! I appreciate every fan I have, and your comments and messages are most fun to receive!


“How’s my gorgeous thick-as-fuck bimbo daughter today?” you grin. It is the next day and Ana is back from school. As decided yesterday you have not fucked her ass since, instead you have fucked her pussy a few times and eaten her butthole out. Ana has been getting very desperate for anal sex, begging you on more than one occasion but you have amazingly held firm.

“I’m goooood! The day went by so slow!” She bounces up and down a bit. “Do you mean thick in my curves or thick in intelligence daddy?”

You roll your eyes. “Both of course!”

“Good,” she smiles. “I’m so dumb daddy.”

“I know baby. I think the dumber a girl, the sexier she becomes.”

Ana frowns. “I wish I could be even stupider then.”

“Oh honey, that’s impossible. You couldn’t possibly be any more of a dumb vacant fucktoy.”

She giggles. “Like, cool! Do I put your big thingy in my little mouth now?” She grabs hold of it and opens her eyes with a purposefully vacant expression on her face.

“Yes baby, suck daddy’s cock like a good little bimbo idiot. Daddy’s going to slap you while you suck.”

“Mmm yes daddy, that’s what I need. And call me names too, while I drool on your fat cock, getting it all wet for my fat bimbo ass. I can’t wait to get it back up my bum, it feels like it’s been years! When are you going to penetrate my hot little anus?”

“Patience is a virtue,” you say, somewhat sternly.

She pouts and then opens her big lips up and takes your cock in her mouth, and you grab a fistful of her hair.

“How was school today?” you ask as she slurps eagerly on your cock.

“Long and haaard,” she replies, inbetween sucks and licks. “Mmm. And I needed to poo so bad!”

“Did you go?”

“No daddy, I — mmm – saved it like you said, so we can have fun. My bottom’s packed so full.”

“Good girl.”


She pulls out completely for a moment and slaps her face with the cock, rubbing the precum and saliva over her face. She lets go and looks at it, bobbing erect and pointing at her. She bites her lip, transfixed.

“What are you doing you vacant slut?” you bark at her. “You know you’re just daddy’s lips to fuck.”

“Um, I dunno.” She looks confused. “Can I, like, put your willy in my mouth again?

You grab her hair again impatiently but your soft spot is smiling on the inside. “Suck on daddy’s willy you stupid little girl.”

She giggles. “Okay daddy! Mmmm,” she mumbles as she takes your cock back Avcılar Escort between her cocksucking lips.

Fifteen minutes of foreplay, sloppy cocksucking and faceslapping later and you are on your daughter’s bed and between her legs. She is facing you with her legs wrapped around you and you are fucking her tight pussy with strong, even strokes.

“Am I a good piece of fuckmeat daddy?” she says in a little-girl voice as your big dick rams in and out of her. “With my big jiggling boobies and my big round bottom?”

“Don’t forget your tight little cunt, your hot little mouth and your squelchy dirty asshole. You’re the best daughter fuckmeat a father could hope for.”

“Are those everything I’m good for daddy?” she breathes excitedly.

“Of course not baby. There’s your stupid pretty face too, to slap and cover in cum.”

Ana beams. “Do you love having a daughter with such a sexy dumb face?”

“Of course I do, it’s so hot and nasty, you just look so vacant and slutty like you want to be abused all the time.”

“That’s cause I do!” she smiles.

A few more minutes into fucking and you notice your daughter’s pussy getting extremely wet very fast, the juices running down both of your thighs.

“What are you thinking?” you murmur. Her reply takes you a little by surprise.

“I wanna poo the bed daddy…” she whines softly. “Please let me poo my bed.”

You stroke her face lovingly and slow the speed of your thrusts, pushing deeply in and out of her sopping teenage snatch. You wonder how you ever came to have a daughter so dirty. “Aw you’re so stupid baby, it’ll be messy.”

“I don’t care daddy I wanna poo my bed!” she cries petulantly.

“Sssh baby,” you whisper, softly caressing her face. “It’ll be okay.”

“But dadddyy!” she whines, kicking her feet.

“Sssh,” you say again, and your soothing voice and gently stroking hand calms her down a bit.

“I really want to daddy,” she says meekly.

“I know baby I know. You’re very stupid but you’re a good girl.”

“Can I daddy? Pleeease?” You are only driving the last couple of inches in and out now, your balls dripping from her juice. She wriggles on your cock, her arms wrapped around you, and she is looking pleadingly into your eyes.

“Can you what?” you tease.

“Unnghh!” She squirms and flushes. “Can I do a big poo in my little bed while you play with mee!”

“Aw of course you can silly,” you relent, turned on by your daughter’s childish and desperate behaviour, as if she was close to a tantrum if she didn’t get her way. “You can do it while I’m inside you.”

“Yayy! Mmm fuck my little sopping wet pussy while I make a big poo in my bed.” Her eyes twinkle with anticipation.

You fuck her at a slow to medium pace, measured thrusts and as deep as you can. Ana’s eyes shut and she goes red as she strains. You have one hand stroking her asshole and you feel it flex and wink. You wet your hand in her pussy juice and transfer it to her bulging butthole, rubbing it around and prodding the tip of your finger in until her fat hole is slickly lubricated.

She gives a little gasp as your finger plops through her ring and into her brown backdoor. Before your finger is at its hilt in her anus you come Avcılar Escort Bayan up against a hard, immovable mass.

“I can feel it baby,” you murmur.

“Mmm. Is it big?” she whispers.

“It’s huge, very thick and solid. It’s going to stretch you.”

“Mmm good. I’m glad you’ve made my bumhole wet so I can get it out without it hurting too much. Your finger has disturbed it, it’s coming out now.”

She strains again, making silly noises and bucking slightly on your cock, and you feel the load inside her move. Your finger gets pushed backwards, and you allow it to slowly withdraw itself from her rectum. Her asshole puckers and pouts sordidly and then blossoms open, and you rub the walls of the ringpiece as they come farther and farther apart. You can feel the turd lodged there, and imagine that big dark brown centre filling up your daughter’s gaping backdoor hole.

With more thrusts into her sloppy pussy, the huge dump in her bottom that had been waiting so long to come out pushes its girth bit by bit out into the outside world, and to the tune of Ana’s whines and grunts and moans and whimpers her butthole stretches obscenely open to the width of her wrist.

You kiss her passionately while you slowly make love to her pussy and she tries to squeeze the big load out from her bum and onto the pink sheets. You kiss her more than you ever have so far, really loving and lustful kisses, wrestling tongues, sucking on lips, both of you breathing hard while you go delirious in passion over each other’s mouths, lips and tongues.

“I want you to cum in my pussy daddy,” she whispers in your ear, her fat dump protruding several inches out from her bumcheeks.

“You want daddy to knock you up?” you murmur back, lightly touching around the edges of the hefty brown load and feeling its length and incredible thickness.

She groans, and you feel a fresh burst of wetness from her pussy. “Mmmm yes, knock up your silly little daughter while she poos the bed.”

You increase your speed but not by much, concentrating on reaming deep within her juicy teenage cunt. Even with your thrusts built more on depth and passion than hard speed, your orgasm rises. The situation is so depraved and sickly hot that it wouldn’t have taken much to make you spurt.

“I’m gonna cum baby!” you groan.

“Yess! Knock me uppp!” she yells out, and a new flood of juice pours from her pussy which wetly sucks your cock into it. “Knock me up while I’m pooing daddy! Cum in me and knock me up while I’m halfway through having a big bum-stretching poo!”

Her huge turd is nearly out, a long brown dildo stuck out straight from her ass. You notice that she has started crying, a few tears running down her cheeks, and you kiss her hotly and wetly over and over and squeeze her ass so hard as she succumbs to the intimacy, the romance and the depravity.

“That’s a good girl,” you breathe into her ear as she groans and whines her way to an orgasm. “Keep pooing your little girl bed for daddy while he makes you pregnant.”

At this she finally bucks at you and cries out, wailing as she surrenders to a crashing orgasm. Her head tosses from side to side sending her hair over her face and her arms are like those of a ragdoll.

Her Escort Avcılar clenching pussy and her squirming movements send you finally to your own high-peaked orgasm, and you groan and grit your teeth as you pump your seed inside your daughter, causing a new layer of cries and high-pitched moans from her.

Her massive load finally comes out, the last few inches rushing out in one go as she loses control over it. You grab her ass tight and immediately shove two fingers up her filthy backdoor before it closes, then whip them out and shove them in her open mouth. She takes them greedily, sucking and tonguing your dirty fingers with abandon as she rides out the last of her orgasm and you pump the last few jets of cum deep into her pussy.

It’s a good five minutes before anybody speaks, there is just panting, the two of you laid flat on the bed.

“God daddy that was so hot,” Ana breathes eventually.

“Oh yeah. I noticed you cried again baby.”

“I wasn’t even trying daddy. It was just so intense! There was so much at once. My own daddy trying to make me pregnant, kissing me like that while playing with my ass and me trying to poo in my own silly little bed. And then you feeding me own ass right after! God that was hot, so nasty and tasty.”

“You love your own ass, don’t you?”

“How could I not daddy? You’ve tasted it yourself, and I think I like it even more than you.”

“There’s definitely nothing else like it around. It’s almost sweet.”

“I think it’s definitely sweet daddy. It’s like sweet and savoury and salty and bitter all in one. But I mainly love it cause it feels so hot and nasty at the time!”

“I bet you wish you could taste it direct, don’t you?” you tease.

“I wish I was that flexible! Imagine coming into my room to find your daughter bent right over backwards with her knees behind her waist and her big ass on her face, her tongue lodged deep in her own butthole!”

“That’d be a really hot sight. You wouldn’t leave the house!”

“I know right,” Ana grins, lazily stroking her pussy. “I’d be stuck in that position forever, facesitting myself, my tongue in my own hot ass, constantly tasting how fucking sexy and nasty I am, my sordid little asshole constantly sopping wet from my own mouth.”

“Maybe one day,” you smile. “Until then, you’ll just have to get it from my cock and fingers.”

You look at the dump on her bed. “That’s pretty big and impressive baby. It’s a pity we have to wait now until the next one comes along.”

She looks at it too. “It does look good doesn’t it! Can’t believe that thing came out of my ass. So fat and long and hard, like a big brown dildo…” She trails off, and then her eyes light up. “I have an idea! But you need to fuck my ass really hard and make it gape. Which I can’t believe we still haven’t done yet, seeing as I haven’t had it in so long!”

You grin. “I think I know what you have planned, you nasty girl.”

She gets on all fours and arches her big butt in the air, her heavy teenage breasts hanging below her. She looks behind her and her long hair falls sultrily half over her flushed face. She bites her lip and offers you that tried-and-tested come-fuck me-like-a-whore look.

“Do me up the ass daddy.”

“Certainly,” you reply, and get into position, parting your daughter’s meaty and sweaty buttcheeks to see her dirty and soiled brown hole, looking sticky and squelchy as Ana makes it wink and pout at you, beckoning you in like the Devil’s own succubus to another adventure in filthy incestuous sodomy.

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