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Daddy Didn’t Pull Pt. 01

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When Steve met Janet, the attraction was immediate for both of them. They were fresh out of college, starting their careers, and thinking they didn’t have time to date.

It was a friend of Janet’s who got the ball rolling, having been asked on a date by a guy she wasn’t too crazy about and wanting another couple along.

She brought Janet, he brought Steve.

It didn’t go well for them; in fact they never dated again. Steve and Janet on the other hand, were an item immediately.


Steve was a rugged, handsome man, about six feet tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He had been a pretty good ballplayer in high school and college, but not good enough to delude himself about going pro. He definitely had the physique of an athlete, but he lacked the typical jock ego, preferring to focus on finishing his degree and making a sustainable career for himself.

He seldom dated. Not that he didn’t like women, or sex. On the contrary, he loved both quite well! But there were a couple of issues.

First, while he was a pretty smart guy, he knew he was no genius, and had to keep his focus if he expected to graduate.

And second, while he could get dates, and get sex, it always seemed to be a one night only kind of thing.

Why you might ask, with all he had going for him?

I’ll tell you why.

Steve had a big dick. Too big. Most women want nothing to do with it big.

Just over ten inches long, and thick. Seriously thick, like about as big around as the tube in the middle of a roll of paper towels. And if that weren’t enough to send women running for the door, the big bulbous circumcised glans on the end was.

Sure, he took great pains to be gentle with it, but there’s only so much a man can do when he’s endowed like Steve. He just resigned himself to hearing no, and always took no for an answer graciously.

Janet had been considered somewhat plain and nerdy in high school. She too was a pretty good athlete, competing in gymnastics through high school. But she hadn’t been good enough for a scholarship.

However, at the small college she attended, she was welcomed as a walk on and definitely didn’t embarrass herself.

The plain and nerdy Janet of her high school days really bloomed in college.

She was a touch taller than you might expect a gymnast to be, standing about 5 foot 4, with thick luxurious nut brown hair cut short and striking hazel eyes. In fact all her facial features were striking, to the point that most men were afraid to talk to her!

Her body was striking too. Firm, perky C cup tits with nipples that poked out proudly through almost anything she chose to wear, a narrow waist and firm flat abdomen perched atop perfectly proportioned hips and a butt that could only be described as mouth watering.

And legs.

Oh. My. God. Legs.

My vocabulary lacks the superlatives to adequately describe them. Suffice it to say that if you were a leg man, you’d think you had died and gone to heaven.

But oddly enough, Janet struggled to get dates. Men were put off by her intellect and up front manner, and the few that managed to bed her found it disturbing to have sex with a woman who was physically as strong, or even stronger than they were, with a sex drive that exceeded their ability to provide.

They didn’t really consider that first meeting a date, he was just there to be a wing man, she was just there to be a cock block. They almost felt bad about exchanging numbers in front of their friends, whose date was clearly not going well. Before they went to bed that night, their first real date was arranged.

Steve was excited enough about Janet’s physical beauty, she was in fact the most beautiful women he had ever dated, by a good margin.

But what really excited him about Janet was the effortless way they talked. Neither of them felt for a moment like it was on them to carry on the conversation, and what silences there were were brief and comfortable.

He settled on a nice place to take her for dinner, wanting to impress her, but somehow knowing that there was no need to impress her.

Janet, for her part, had never felt so comfortable talking to a man at their first meeting.

Their interests were similar enough to feel instantly familiar with each other, yet different enough to keep the conversation rich and entertaining.

She couldn’t recall looking forward to a date as much as she was looking forward to this one. Friday night couldn’t come soon enough for either of them!

He picked her up at her apartment around 8 and took her to a nice Greek restaurant.

She was pleased with the setting, and the way that once again the conversation flowed effortlessly.

They had been at the table talking for quite some time after their meal was over when Janet noticed something about him, something she instantly recognized for what it was.

“I see you’re a golfer” she said matter-of-factly.

“Yes I am! How did you know?”

She held up of both her hands, Rize Escort displaying their backs to Steve. Her right hand was noticeably darker than the left.

“Your right hand is tanned and your left isn’t. My dad taught me to play when I was 10, I still make sure to get out at least once a week.”

“Me too! My dad got me started when I was 6. What’s your handicap?”

“12” she answered. She played more like a 10, but she booked a 12. “And yours?”

“8.” He booked an 8, but played more like a 10.

“We should play!” she smiled.

“We should! Do you have any time during the week?”

Sadly, she did not. She had just started her job, and it paid well enough that she wanted to keep it. It was way too early to be calling in sick to play golf!

He made a mental note to book a tee for two next Sunday.

It was right about then they noticed the restaurant had just about emptied out, and their waiter was beginning to lurk impatiently.

“Oh wow, Janet, I think they want us to go”

They both laughed, the easy kind of laughter that close friends often share.

Half an hour later, they were on the steps in front of the door to Janet’s apartment, saying their goodnights.

She held out her arms for a hug and sighed as he pulled her gently to his chest.

“Do you kiss on the first date?” she whispered coyly in her ear.

When their lips met for the first time, it was like sparks flew in the air around their heads.

10 minutes later when they finally pulled apart, Janet quickly pushed him away to arm’s length.

“I promised my dad I’d never fuck on the first date. Pick me up tomorrow at 6.”

She quickly turned and bolted though the door, closing it behind her.

Steve stood bewildered on the front steps. He had something planned for tomorrow night, but suddenly he couldn’t remember what it was. Nor did he care to try.


“It’s not a date unless we go somewhere and eat!” Steve had told her on the phone the next afternoon. “Any ideas about where you might like to go?”

“Let’s just drive over to restaurant row and see what looks good. Pick me up at 6? Don’t be late!” He sensed the excitement in her voice, and was very pleased to note her excitement matched his perfectly.

Steve was almost 10 minutes early, but Janet was dressed, ready, and looking out the window for him to drive up.

She was smiling when she bounded down the steps of her apartment to his car.

Restaurant row was about 20 minutes away, but about three blocks from Janet was a location of a popular fast food chain.

“Oh! Pull in here! I have to run in and get something real quick!” Janet exclaimed suddenly.

“Wait here!” She jumped out of the car almost before it had come to a stop.

Less than two minutes later, she bounded out of the fast food joint and settled into the front seat of the car with a bag in her hand, containing a small order of fries.

She picked two French fries out of the bag, popped one in her mouth and hastily pushed the other one into Steve’s. He had no sooner swallowed it when Janet leaned across the console and kissed him aggressively.

It was almost five minutes later when their lips finally parted. Janet pulled her face back about a foot, and said; “Date’s over. Let’s get back to my place.”


The moment the door to her apartment closed, they were in each other’s arms.

She gently brushed her lips across his, running both hands through his hair and pulling his face down to meet hers. Her mouth opened ever so slightly and their tongues began to dance slowly together. The kiss burned with a slow passionate fire that seemed to last for hours, although mere minutes had passed before he lowered her down on to the couch.

Piece by piece their clothing had fallen to the floor.

His fingers teased the little bud at the top of her smooth wet pussy as her soft hand glided smoothly up and down the long thick shaft of his penis, occasionally teasing the head with her fingertips. He was hard as a rock!

Janet had never imagined a penis so large and thick could actually exist. She had no clue weather she could take it or not, but she was determined to try!

Janet laid back on the couch and spread her legs wide for him to mount her.

“Be gentle with me.” she whispered.

He looked at the beautiful woman spread out on the couch below him. Her breasts were so firm and upright, her belly so firm and flat. His eye was drawn to her soft mound, where only a few thin wispy nut brown hairs grew in a small tuft about an inch above her shiny bald slit. She was easily the most beautiful women he had ever met.

“Janet I’m sorry I don’t have any condoms.” He whispered. He was about to tell her he’d pull out for her.

“It’s OK” she whispered and took his thick hard shaft in her hand, guiding him to her opening. He pushed against her slick wet labia and felt the tight ring snap down over his bloated glans.

“Uh! Wait! It’s too big.” she moaned as his Rize Escort Bayan massive girth began to penetrate her.

He held still with the thick bulb and about 3 inches inside her.

A few seconds later, she nodded her head. He pulled back slowly and slid into her tight wet pussy again, a little deeper this time, and held still again until she gave him the nod. Within a few minutes, the thick knob pushed all the way to the bottom of her vagina. She had taken all but a couple of inches.

He began to pump his long fat dick into her carefully with slow, powerful thrusts, making sure his thick bulbous glans just barely kissed the end of her silky vagina.

So began a little over half an hour of the most torrid sex either of them had ever had.

They had changed positions several times by now, and couple minutes after she had sat down on his cock and began to glide smoothly up and down, he felt her velvety pussy begin to spasm.

Her juices ran down his balls to the couch below. He had never felt a woman cum so hard!

His big thick dick flopped out of her as he stood up gently took her hand, leading her to the bedroom.

He laid her on the edge of the bed, and standing flat on his feet he had a near perfect angle to drive his steaming prick into her relentlessly.

Eventually he moved her up all the way on to the bed so he could lie on top of her and press her firm breasts into his chest.

And then he felt it. That familiar tingling in the head of his dick.

“Janet I need to cum soon… Do you want me to pull it out or can I cum inside you?”

“Cum inside me… cum in me” she said with a note of urgency in her voice. He groaned and slammed the head of his cock hard against her cervix. The first spurt of his semen exploded from the head of his dick and deep into her tight wet sheath.

“Cum in me… cum in me” she squealed.

He pulled hard on her tight ass, trying to jam his dick in deeper as he continued to ejaculate inside her.

Suddenly Janet’s whole body began to tremble.

“Daddy” she whimpered quietly and folded her arms and legs around his back, shaking with the force of her orgasm.


Three months later, it was obvious to all that this was going to be a long term relationship.

Steve and Janet had talked every day for at least a short while, but usually a long while, and been out together at least twice a week, not including what had become a standing date early Sunday morning on the first tee at the golf course!

The first time they played together, Steve had booked a tee time at his home course. Wanting to play fair at the very least, if not go easy on her, (And not knowing she had played it at least a dozen times and knew it well) he offered her three strokes per side at a buck a hole. He should have sensed something in the way she snapped the bet up, but it wasn’t until about the fifth hole that he was sure he had been way too generous.

The next thing he knew, he found himself four holes down with five to play and Janet pressing the bet again.

But in spite of losing a quick $15 to his new girlfriend, he enjoyed the day as much as she did.

They made a promise to play together weekly at the least, and settled on a much more reasonable one shot per side.

On the day Janet had been at her job for six months, her supervisor told her she could now take a week’s vacation.

“We encourage our people to take time off. You’ve been working hard for us and doing a great job, why don’t you take a week at the end of this month?

She excitedly told Steve the news. Steve had been at his job longer and was well able to take a week at the end of the month.

“Awesome!” he had exclaimed. “Let’s go to Hilton Head and bring our clubs!”

The week at Hilton Head flew by, playing every day, dining and dancing every night, and plenty of sex.

For Janet though, the most wonderful part had been waking up in bed next to Steve every morning. And while he didn’t say it out loud, she somehow knew he felt the same way.

They flew back home and rode from the airport to her apartment in a comfortable silence.

Finally the car pulled into the parking spot in front of Janet’s small apartment.

“Thanks for everything, Steve, I had a great time.” she said as she smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips, noting a thoughtful, slightly sad expression on his face.

“Janet… Janet come home with me.”

She smiled. ‘You know I have to work tomorrow! But… I guess you could come in for a while…” she cooed.

“No, no, not like that, Janet. Come home with me. Go in and get all your stuff and come home to stay with me.” He plead with his eyes.

A happy little tear formed in the corner of Janet’s eye.


Almost two years they had been living together. He wouldn’t have traded a minute of it for a million dollars.

One morning he pulled her close and kissed her ear, the way he knew she loved to have it kissed.

“Janet, Escort Rize will you marry me?” he whispered.

She crushed him to her chest and giggled in his ear; “About freakin’ time! Yes!”

The wedding was beautiful. Steve thought that no woman could ever look as lovely in a wedding dress as his beloved Janet. The photographer did too, and Janet’s picture quickly replaced the one that had adorned his advertising materials for years.

To this day, if you search the internet for “Stunning Bride”, that picture is one of the first you’ll see.

His parents and sisters were eager to welcome Janet into the family.

Janet and his little sister Laura had already become close friends, and Laura looked radiant in her bridesmaid dress as Janet began her walk down the aisle.

Janet had been an only child. Her parents had divorced in the summer after she finished high school, and obviously didn’t like each other, but they were diplomatic enough to each other and pleasant to all the other guests. Steve noted that Janet’s father adored his only child, and had to fight back tears as he gave her away. Her mother was just a tad indifferent, and she drank too much.

But she was a pleasant drunk, and the drunker she got, the more she let go. She and all the other guests at the reception party were having such a good time it was almost 15 minutes before anyone noticed that the Bride and Groom had slipped away!

They didn’t plan to have any children, but nature has other ideas. She got her birth control from a mail order pharmacy, something her insurance company insisted on. One month shortly after the wedding, her pills didn’t come. After a week of fighting with the pharmacy and the insurance company, they still hadn’t come.

“Don’t worry about it Janet, we’ll just be careful for a month” he had told her. He really thought it was no big deal, he’d just pull out.

He had no problem with that. Every single time, he pulled out plenty early and jerked his cock until his hot load spewed across his beautiful wife’s belly and breasts.

Until one morning, about a week after her period ended.

They hadn’t had sex in two days, having both been way too busy at work and tired beyond belief at bedtime. But Saturday morning came and they both woke up refreshed. And horny!

“Good morning sweetie” Janet purred in that sexy tone that could only mean one thing.

Janet straddled him and guided his morning wood to her silky opening.

He loved having his beautiful wife ride him, loved the way her thick brown hair hung down and framed her face when she bent down to kiss him. She had been letting it grow for him, and it was within a couple of inches of her shoulders now, long enough to dangle around his cheeks as they tenderly kissed.

The long wait had been worth it, he thought as her tight pussy milked and squeezed his cock. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and rolled her on to her back so he could drive into her deep.

Much sooner than either of them expected, Janet felt the thick knob of her husband’s penis swell rapidly as pounded his rod into her hard and fast.

“Pull out! pull out!” she squealed.

But it was too late. Steve’s cock was already pulsing and throbbing in her pussy with each rich spurt of his semen.

Janet wasn’t too upset though. It had only been a week since her period ended, it should have been a pretty safe day. That afternoon, she went to the drug store and bought 3 dozen condoms.

By the time the condoms were used up, her period still hadn’t come.

Janet was pregnant.

Three weeks before the baby was due, Janet woke up a little early, feeling nauseous and swollen all over, especially her feet. Steve had been growing more and more concerned for her health as the due date approached, and now his worry was at a fever pitch.

“Janet, you’re pale and sweaty. I think we should go to the hospital.” He had told her.

“I’m fine, I’m fine” she assured him. “Just go up to the store and get me something bland to eat.”

He returned from the store 20 minutes later to find her slumped across the kitchen table, unresponsive and barely breathing.

The fire station was just two blocks away, and the ambulance was there in just over a minute.

The most terrifying minute of his life.

As soon as the doctors thought Janet was stabilized they performed the emergency C section.

The baby was born, 3 weeks premature, just a month before their first anniversary. For the next week, Steve seldom left the side of his wife’s bed in the Intensive Care Unit.

The months spent recovering from the emergency C section and another surgery were the only time in their relationship that Steve didn’t think about sex with his beautiful wife almost constantly. It had been quite a scare, for both mother and baby.

The gripping fear of losing them both forever cemented his love and devotion to Janet, and the precious little thing they chose to call Jenny.

Janet had been out of the hospital and home for a couple of days before Jenny got out of the NICU.

The insurance that Steve’s employer assured him was excellent had turned out to be almost useless for catastrophic care, and the young couple knew some lean times for the next few years.

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