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Daddy and Abby Ch. 03

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I detach from her beautiful breast and it wiggles sexily as I leave it, working my way down to her perfect, flat stomach, I kiss it everywhere, finding her navel I gently tongue it, her body shivers as her excitement builds, knowing where I am going and not knowing what I’m about to do to her. I continue my journey down to the glory of her wet pussy. I kiss and lick the top of her mound, her body quivers at the electricity running through her.

Abby spreads her legs wider wanting me in between them, wanting me to lick her pussy. To take her body beyond where she already is, to an explosion that she never has had, but needs desperately. I scoot between her legs, she raises them up, her feet flat on the bed and spreads them as wide as she can. She is in front of me now, her virgin pussy wanting to feel my tongue, to release the pressure of her excitement. To take her body to heights she has never been and to orgasms she has never had. Slowly, Slowly. I position my head in front of her wet slit and pause.

Then gently. For the first time, I lick my daughter from the bottom of her wet slit to the top of her hard bud. She nearly rockets off the bed.

“Holy shit daddy.” She moans. Her hand flying to the top of my head.

I reach up with my hands and slowly spread her soaked pussy lips to reveal her small, virgin hole. I run my tongue up her slit again, this time pausing at her clit. Finding the bud and rolling my tongue around it, I can feel it get hard in my mouth.

“Oh, daddy keep doing that.” Abby moans, as she grabs my hair and pulls me deeper into her crotch.

She tastes so good, sweet, her juices and my saliva dripping down her pussy and rolling between those amazing butt cheeks. I continue to gently lick her, nibbling on her pussy lips and finding her hard bud, rolling the soft underside of my tongue against it. I can feel it harden, as she moves her hips in rhythm to some unheard song in her head, grinding her crotch against my face, wanting more, wanting it deeper, and harder. She is ready. I take my second finger and wet it with my mouth, I look up and say to Abby.

“Baby I’m going to gently put my finger inside you.”

“O.K. daddy. I want to feel it all.”

“Baby, this may hurt a little because it’s your first time.”

“Daddy it feels so good right now, I want you to do it.”

“O.K. baby.”

I wet my second finger, gently press it up against her very tight wanting wet hole. I begin to push the tip in and her hips come off the bed.

“Does that hurt honey?”

“It does a little, yeah, but it’s more pressure really. Keep going daddy just go slow.”

A real trooper. My daughter is very special. This is going be hot. I pulled out my finger and soaked it with my saliva, tasting her pussy on my finger I bring it towards her waiting hole again. Gently pushing the tip of my finger past her virgin pussy lips, I penetrate her, she grabs the bedcovers with both hands and a small yipe of pain escapes her lips. I pause.

“Are you ok baby?”

“Yes, daddy keep going. It hurt just a little when you went in, it’s ok now.”

I pull my finger out of her pussy and there is a little blood on the tip, I lick my finger again and coat it with my saliva. Again, I position my finger at her tiny wet hole, gently pushing my finger in and going halfway.

“Daddy your finger feels so big.”

“I know baby it’s your first time it will begin to feel good again. Relax and listen to your body like before baby.”

“O.K. daddy I trust you, it has felt so good till now.”

To help her get her mind off the initial penetration, I move my mouth to her clit and proceed to tease and roll it around with my tongue.

“Yessss, daddy I like that. I like when you lick my pussy.” she hisses as her clit begins to get hard again in my mouth.

I run my tongue around and around her clit. Flicking it quickly, then slowly. Snaking my tongue around it, keeping my finger in her tight pussy hole but not moving it yet. I’m letting her get use to the feeling of my finger inside her. I look up her body as I lick her cunt. Her flat stomach leading to those gorgeous tits. I reach up and cup one of her beautiful breasts in my hand, squeezing and kneading it, its firmness and size filling my hand. As I did this, I reached over with two fingers and begin to gently pinch her nipple. I could feel them harden under my touch.

“Daddy it feels like a shock going through me when you do that.”

“Do you like it Abby?”

“Yes, daddy don’t stop, between your mouth on my pussy and your fingers pinching my nipple my body is buzzing.”

“Oh, Abby that is so good. You are doing so good. Keep concentrating on how your body feels, let it take you wherever it wants to go.”

“I am daddy, I love this very much, I never knew…” Her words trailing off.

Abby arched her back I increased the amount of pressure on her nipples. Her pussy dripped cum as her body took control and surrendered to the feelings moving it, electrifying it, and demanding release. bursa otele gelen eskort Soon, Abby’s body seemed to relax from me licking her bud and pinching her magnificently hard nipples. Her pussy had acclimated to my finger and I slipped my finger deeper inside her, she arched slightly but did not protest. I began to move my finger slowly in and out of her very tight pussy.

Turning my finger upward I found her G-spot. I was hoping she was like her mother. I continue to move my finger in and out of her pussy, rubbing her G-spot with a little more pressure while I work her clit with my tongue. I fondled her breasts and began to pinch her nipples a little more forcefully.

“Oh my god daddy that feels amazing, I feel like I’m gonna explode.”

“Yes, baby focus on that feeling.”

I said, pulling my mouth away from her dripping snatch, her juices running down my chin. Let it take over your body. Moving my mouth back onto her clit and gash I continue licking and fingering her pussy. Slowly her hips begin to buck, I matched her motion with mine as my finger worked her pussy and G-spot. I quickly pull out my soaked finger and wet my middle two fingers, finding her tight little hole again I gently press my two fingers into her. Abby gasped and arches her back.

“Oh, daddy that feels good.”

“Yes, baby I know you like it.”

“Daddy I feel funny like I can’t control my body.”

“That’s good baby let your body take over it will be ok.”

“Ok daddy I trust you.”

Her bud was fully out now and hard in my mouth. I begin to work my fingers in and out of her tight, wet little hole a little faster. Increasing the pressure on her G-spot, while rolling my tongue around her hard clit. Her hips began to buck hard now, rising to meet my tongue and fingers.

“Oh, daddy holy shit, I’m gonna explode. Oh, oh right there! Right there! Right there! She screams.

As she finishes screaming her hips came off the bed, her tight ass clenched in orgasm. Her hands grab a fist full of bed covers as she squirts her pussy juice all over my face and the bed. I could taste her juices as they squirt into my mouth, down my chin and onto the bed.

“Oh, fuck daddy, oh fuck, don’t stop.” Abby demands.

I continued to work my two fingers furiously in and out of her and across her swollen G-spot.

“Yes, yes yeeesss! daaddeeee! She screams again.

As she squirts, cumming even harder and soaking my face and chest her pussy spasming on my fingers. Her rapid raspy breathing telling me she had gotten the release she was looking for. Slowly, Abby’s body relaxes and her fine tight ass hits the bed, her legs flop open wide as she lay there shaking. I pulled my mouth from her soaked pussy, my face dripping with her wetness. Her breathing heavy, after a minute she regains her composure.

“What happened daddy? What was that?” She asks breathlessly.

I scoot up next to her and take her in my arms her body still quivering.

“Baby, you had your first orgasm and you squirted all over the bed and my face.”

“Is that bad daddy?”

“Did it feel bad honey?”

“No daddy that was amazing. I have never felt anything like that before. Is what I did normal?”

“Baby both the orgasm and you squirting are normal it was amazing. I hope I can help you do that more often.”

“Me too daddy, my god it was like my whole body became electric. Like it filled up and then emptied all at once.”

“Yes, baby it was very hot to watch you. Watch what it did to your body, watching you cum. I love the taste of your pussy juices.”


“Yes baby.”

“Daddy, I want to help you feel that good how can I do that for you?”

“Oh, honey, you are amazing.” I say.

Kissing her nose and then finding her sweet mouth again, we kiss for a long time. Breaking our passionate kiss, I tell her.

“If you want you can start by sucking my cock again.”

“O.K., I like sucking your cock daddy. It tastes and feels so good in my mouth and I like what it does to you. Do you want me to go all the way down on you again?”

“Sure Abby, that feels so good. You can practice some more. The way you suck my cock is better than mom.”

She smiles a sly smile at me.

“I like that you say that daddy.”

I unwrap my arms from around her sweaty body, her big tits peeling off my chest from us sticking together. I roll onto my back and she squirms between my legs, my fat cock running between her big sweaty tits. Abby grabs my stiff cock and positions her mouth over it. Leaning forward she runs her tongue around the head of my cock, then runs her tongue all the way down, my shaft making it wet as she goes. Without any prompting she moves down to my ball sack and begins to lick it. Taking one ball into her mouth and gently sucking it. I moan loudly.

“Honey, how did you know to do that?”

“I didn’t daddy I just thought it might feel good.”

“It does baby.”

She works my bursa eve gelen escort bayan balls with her tongue, then runs it right up the underside of my shaft to the tip of my cock. She spies some pre-cum on the tip of my cock.

“What is that daddy?”

“Just like when you came, I can cum too, and that is the beginning of me cumming.”

“Can I taste it daddy?”

“I was hoping you would baby.”

Flicking her tongue out she scoops my pre-cum onto her tongue.

“That tastes good daddy can I get more?”

“Yes, baby if you suck my cock I will cum and I want to cum in your mouth.”

Is it a lot daddy?”

“It will seem like a lot but it really isn’t. Abby, I will tell you when I’m cumming so you are not surprised.”

“O.K. daddy.” she says enthusiastically. As she pulls her lips over her teeth and takes me halfway into her mouth.

“Don’t forget baby make it as wet as you can before you go all the way down, and please go slow, I will enjoy that so much more.”

With my hard member still in her mouth she nods her head. She moves up to the top of my cock and I can feel her tongue running around the tip of my cock her mouth still closed over my member, my god she is a quick learner. Saliva runs out of the side of her mouth as she ever so slowly lowers her head on my cock. She goes down far enough that I can feel the beginnings of her throat close around the head of my throbbing cock. She pulls back leaving the skin of my meat shiny and wet from her hungry mouth. This time she goes down my shaft even more slow than the first time.

“My God baby, that is so fucking hot to watch, I love how slow you are going, I can feel your lips around my cock.”

She continues down and stops as the tightness of her throat starts to squeezed the head of my member. She pauses, I can feel the saliva build in her mouth. As she slowly comes back up to the tip of my swollen shaft, she opens her mouth and the saliva in her mouth rolls slowly down my cock coating it with her spit. Abby pulls her mouth from my joint and strokes it spreading the saliva and making my cock slick and slippery in her hand. I can see Abby smile at me through my half-lidded eyes, she bends forward and then engulfs my whole cock in her mouth, making me arch my back and moan loudly.

“My god baby that is so good.”

She pulls back up and immediately buries her face in my hairs.

“Jeez baby, I love when you take my cock down your throat like that.”

Her saliva is flowing now, running down my balls, my god she is so fucking good. She picks up the pace, sometimes taking me all the way into her mouth other times halfway, but always up to the red throbbing tip to run her tongue around it. Heaven. I could feel my orgasm building as she worked my cock up and down in her mouth.

“Baby, I’ve never had anyone suck my cock so good, don’t stop.”

My hips were rising to meet her mouth and I place a hand on the back of her head. Wrapping her long red hair in my fist as I shove my cock as far down her throat as I could. Abby taking it like she had done it all her life, she was one hot cock sucker. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer as she gulped down my long shaft into her fevered mouth, burying her mouth as far down as she could every time.

I could feel daddy’s cock get bigger in my mouth, I didn’t know but I thought he was close to having an orgasm. I wanted him to cum like I had cum. So, I tried even harder to please him and do what he liked. I gently fondled his balls as I thrust my mouth down his cock, taking it all in. The saliva was slick and plentiful, running down his cock and balls, an occasional bubble came from my mouth. I wasn’t embarrassed by it, I was making my daddy happy. His hips rose to meet my mouth, his hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth down as far as it would go. Faster and faster, we went, he was moaning louder and louder. I could feel his cock swell bigger in my mouth as he grabbed my head with both hands and thrust it all the way down onto his cock.

“Baby I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum right now baby girl! Jeezzzuusss!”

I could feel his thick cum hit the back of my throat and I choked a little as it splashed back there. I tried to swallow as fast as I could, daddy’s body jerking as he shot into my mouth again and again. I could feel his veiny cock throbbing in my mouth. He released my head but I stayed where I was swallowing every last drop of daddies cum. He lay there shivering from his orgasm as I popped his cock out of my mouth, some of daddy’s cum running down the side of my mouth. I eagerly licked it off.

“Mmm daddy that tasted good.”

“Come here baby.That was amazing.” daddy said, as I snuggled into his chest.

“I’m glad I could make you feel like you made me feel daddy.”

I wanted more, this was fun, and my body was on fire. I reached down and began stroking daddy’s cock again, a drop of his cum appeared at the tip as I stroked his cock up and down. bayan eskort bursa

“Can we do it again daddy?”

“Yes, baby keep doing that and daddy will get hard again.”

Daddy watched as I stroked his slippery cock with my hand, I could feel his cock begin to get hard again. I wanted daddy’s cock in me. I wanted to know how his fat cock felt to be inside me, how it felt to have his cock fill my little pussy. I continued to stroke his long fat pole and I could feel daddy getting harder in my hand. I wanted to feel him cum again, I wanted to feel him cum inside my pussy, and I, definitely, wanted to cum again.


“Yes daddy.”

“You have me hard again, I want to put my cock inside your pussy. You want to try that baby?” My eyes lit up.

“Daddy? I want to try everything with you. But, your cock so big and long daddy, not like your finger, will it fit?”

“Yes, Abby it will fit, just like my finger fit in your pussy. You know how wet you get, that is so my cock will go inside you easier, like my finger. I will take my time, go slow and eventually it will feel good just like my finger.”

“Daddy if your cock can make me feel anything like your finger did then I want to do it.”

My god she was every man’s dream, adventurous enough when it came to sex and very orgasmic and I was gonna be the first for everything. My cock immediately sprang to life thinking about fucking my virgin daughter, watching my cock slide in and out of her. Her virgin pussy lips stretched tight around my swollen joint, her warm pussy juices coating my cock and running down my balls. I wondered if she could squirt with my cock inside her just like my finger and tongue had made her cum? We were about to find out.

“Why don’t we get your pussy wet again baby?”

Abby reached between her legs and ran her finger up her tiny slit.

“It still feels very wet daddy, I’m still really excited and I’m imagining how your cock feels inside me.”

“O.k. baby I can tell your anxious to feel my cock in you so let’s do that.

“Yes, daddy I do want to feel it inside me.

“OK, come to the edge of the bed baby.”

She hopped up off the pillow her large tits wiggling seductively, her nipples still hard from the blow job she had just given and I’m sure, anticipation of my cock inside her. She slid her ass to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide so her beautiful pink wet pussy was fully exposed to me. She had her head up staring at my long fat cock.

“That’s right now lay back. Nice.”

Her pussy was already starting to glisten from her excitement, fucking Abby was going be spectacular. Her fine little ass was right at the edge of the bed, her knees pulled up and her feet flat on the top of the bed, a perfect view of her tiny pussy. I wet my finger and ran it up her slit, she closed her eyes and moaned. I knelt down on the floor, my head between her legs and moved towards that delicious pussy and began to lick her again. It didn’t take long before her hips were moving in rhythm to my tongue. Occasionally I would stop and bury my tongue as deep as I could in her little hole.

Abby’s pussy was flowing juices. I stood up, my cock was hard as hell from eating her cunt. I moved her ass toward me, to the edge of the bed, my cock poised right above her wet hole.

“Are you gonna do it now daddy?”

“Yes, baby I’m going to go slow, so if it hurts to much let me know and I’ll stop till it’s ok to go on. OK.

“Yes daddy, I trust you. Your finger hurt a little but then… her voice trailing off.

Getting up on her elbows she looks down at my hard, fat cock and then her small pussy.

“Are you sure it will fit? Your cock is so long and big daddy.”

“Yes, honey we just have to go slow and it will fit all the way inside you and it will feel just like my fingers but bigger”.

“Ok daddy.” She says.

As she throws her head back on the bed awaiting my stiff cock that would break her hymen and make her a woman. I wet the palm of my hand and rubbed it on the tip of my cock, I did it again to make sure it was nice and lubed, then I grabbed my cock in my hand and led it to the entrance of her waiting pussy. Rubbing the tip of my swollen cock up and down on her pussy lips, I opened them and positioned my cock right at her tiny hole. My cock looked huge against her tiny pussy.

“Oh, that feels good daddy.” She said as I ran my cock up her wet slit for some extra lubrication. I leaned my hips forward and slowly attempted to slip my cock head inside her, she was very, very tight. I could feel the indention of her pussy hole as I worked my cock back and forth looking for the right moment to ease my cock into her. I leaned forward a little harder and ever so slightly thrust my hips forward, the tip of my cock slid in her pussy and I could hear her squeal as I entered her.

“Oh my god daddy, that is so big!”

“Are you ok baby girl does it hurt?

“A little bit more than your finger did. It’s more like uncomfortable pressure.”

“Ok baby we are going to go slow.”

I backed the head of my cock out and gently thrust forward again and my swollen tip again disappeared inside her.

“Oh shit, daddy it hurts, are you all the way in yet?” she says with pain in her voice.

“I know it hurts honey. We are gonna go slow and it will start to feel better, I promise. Ok?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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