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Dad and Son Seduce Teacher

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All of the characters are fictional and all are at least 18 years of age! This is a dated story that took place in the early 60’s!


Boyd came in through the door and yelled out; “April I’m home!” He turned the corner and looking up the stairs June is spread-eagled on the stairs, her full skirt on her dress was draped up over her tits and they swayed from side to side as Eddie has her shapely legs, clad in sheer stockings, draped over his shoulders. Eddie is slurping away at June’s thick hair covered pussy.

Eddie pulled his face from between June’s thighs and smiles at Boyd; “Well good afternoon Mr. Paring, I was just getting her warmed up for you. Mrs. Paring told me you just finished meeting with Billy’s senior high counselor Miss Sanders and I know what a ball buster she can be!”

“Why thank you Eddie, but it was a very productive meeting today. I finally got that cunt’s panties all up in a bunch. Billy and I got her so flustered she was sort of backed into a corner and I have a surprise for the Paring clan tonight. I’m a little tuckered out, so if you don’t mind, would you please finish up with April, I have some work to do in my office!”

“My pleasure Mr. Paring, do you mind if Lumpy assists me?”

“No, no problem Eddie, anything June wants!”

April smiled up at Jerry who was on the stairs above April. He had his pants down around his ankles and was stroking his big cock. “My god Jerry, if I closed my eyes and no one was speaking, I’d say your cock is nearly an exact match for Billy’s fathers!”

“Oh fuck Mrs. Paring I don’t want to hear that, just suck it will you!”

“My pleasure Jerry, you know what you have over Billy’s father? He shoots his cum down my throat and then rolls over and goes to bed. With you, Eddie and even Billy, you three are ready to go again minutes after you cum!”

Before he could reply he had her head resting on one of the stairs below Jerry, her mouth was wide open and when Jerry bent his knees, his stiff cock slid right into her mouth and down her throat. She closed her lips tight around his cock and let him fuck her mouth from above while Eddie was munching away at her fur pie.

Eddie loved eating April, her hair covered pussy trapped all of her juices and he loved licking it clean, he thought she had the best tasting cunt out of all of his buddy’s mothers.

April was humping Eddie’s mouth and she was getting close to cumming. Pulling her mouth off of Jerry’s cock she smiled up at him; “You know Billy out of all your friends, Eddie eats me the best.” She wrapped her legs around Eddie’s head and dug her fingers in his curly blonde hair and letting out a long moan started painting his face with her cum. She looked up at Jerry and smiled; “Sorry Jerry, maybe I can take care of that later, with Billy’s father home I have to hurry and get dinner on the table. Thank you Eddie, your tongue should be put in the pussy eaters hall of fame, now let me up so I can get dinner on the table. If you’re still hungry after eating me you can stay for dinner. I’d love for the two of you to fuck me good and hard, but this time in a bed, not the stairs!”‘

April smoothed out her dress and straightened her hosiery and bounced down the stairs and headed onto the kitchen.

Jerry and Eddie were horny as hell and headed into the Paring home office to talk to Boyd. Jerry spoke up first; “Hey Mr. Paring I heard you say you met with Ms. Sanders, how did it go?”

Boyd looked up from the two young men and sitting back in his large desk chair, placed his hands behind his head and with a wide smile began; “Oh my god Sandy she was amazing!” He closed his eyes and the meeting came to life before his eyes.

The nineteen year old senior Billy came into Ms. Sanders’ classroom followed by his father Boyd Paring and they both took a seat before the woman who hid her sexuality. Boyd saw through her facade. She always wore bulky jackets over loose fitted blouses. Her full skirts were always knee high or longer and her shapely legs were always hidden in thick black stockings or tights.

Boyd remembered when Billy had Ms. Sanders in elementary school, but upgraded to high school and as luck would have it; Billy had her for homeroom and geometry. He looked at her and smiled; “So Ms. Sanders what seems to be the problem with Billy? Wasn’t it bad enough you flunked him in elementary school and he’ll be the only nineteen year old man to graduate this year?”

Ms. Sanders grimaced; “Billy seems to be distracted by the young ladies and I even caught him staring at my chest and my derriere when he thought I wasn’t looking, it’s becoming a distraction for me and some of the female students, plus his grades are suffering too!”

Boyd sat back in his chair, tenting his fingers and bringing them to his lips, he ran his fingertips back and forth across his lips and began; “Well Allise, can I call you Allise?”

She licked her lips and sat back in her chair too; “I cannot see why not, please!”

“Well Allise, call bursa eskort bayan me Boyd too! You must know a nineteen year old boy had raging hormones and seeing a pretty girl who catches his eye should be the norm in high school. As for you Allise, well I can see why Billy watches you, you are stunning and I’m surprised he’s kept his urge in check. I know if I was in your class, I’d probably do more than just look!”

“Mr. Paring, I believe that is very inappropriate!”

“Allise I told you to call me Boyd and I don’t see a problem having Billy looking at you, would you rather he touched you instead? I’m sitting across the desk from you and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I’m having even a harder time sitting here and not attacking you!”

“Ah well Boyd, you shouldn’t be saying that in front of Billy.”

Boyd was grinning from ear to ear; “Well Allise I think the best way for him to stop staring at you would be to take the temptation away, if you know what I mean!”

She looked puzzled and shook her head; “No Boyd, I don’t know what you are saying, please elaborate!”

“What I mean is if you let him see what he so desperately is straining his eyes to see, I think he’ll get his fill and thinks would go back to normal, what do you think?”

Allise had a shocked look on her face; “Are you out of your fuckin’ mind Ward, there is no fucking way I’m going to show Billy my body!”

Boyd chuckled; “Oh I’m not so sure about that Allise. What do you think the principal would say if a parent went and told him JUST how you speak to them? The vulgar outburst, I believe would find you on the unemployment line, what do you think Billy?”

Billy smiled and looked back to Ms. Sanders; “Oh I’ll back you one-hundred percent dad, I never heard such language from a teacher!”

Allise stood, her jaw dropped as she looked from Boyd to Billy and back to Boyd; “You wouldn’t dare, I dare you!”

Boyd stood up and turned to Billy “Come on Billy, I think if we hurry we can catch the principal before he leaves for the day!” The two of them stood and headed for the closed door. Just as he placed his hand on the door handle he heard Allise blurt out; “No, stop, please come back in and let’s discuss this!”

Boyd smiled to Billy and turned back to Ms. Sanders; “There’s nothing to discuss Allise, you do as I tell you or we head to the principal’s office!”

Allise licked her full red lips and nodded; “Okay, okay Ward, just don’t go to the principal!”

Boyd sat down and nodded to Billy; “Billy why don’t you slip around the desk and give Allise a nice big kiss!”

Billy tentatively moved around to where Allise Sanders was standing. He stood in front of her and looking into her sparkling green eyes raised his hand, placing his index finger under her chin. Her chin lifted he slowly ran his thumb along her full wet lips. Billy lowered his mouth covering hers.

Allise kept her lips sealed as she felt his tongue slip out and dart back and forth. He painted her lips and continued to pry her lips open. She opened them briefly to inhale air. This gave him the opening he was looking for and his tongue invaded her mouth.

Billy sought out her tongue, but she evaded his attacking tongue. He heard her gasp when his hands left her hips and cupped and squeezed her tight ass cheeks. When he heard this he pulled her tighter against his youthful body and his kiss intensified. One hand was combing through her short dark brown hair, at the same time he pulled her head tighter against his active mouth.

Allise’s defenses slowly began to crumble and as Billy squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her tighter against his bulging cock, she let out another moan and opened her mouth wider to accept his tongue. When his tongue retreated into his mouth, Allise’s tongue followed his tongue and now it went on the attack. She ran her tongue along his lips, darting in and out she flicked at his tongue and her hands came up to run through Billy’s thick brown hair. She heard in the distance Boyd’s voice and concentrating on it she heard him say to break it up.

Billy reluctantly pulled back from Ms. Sanders, they were both standing there looking at Boyd, their breathing had become labored.

Boyd let out a chuckle; “So Allise, as I thought, you are a slut at heart.” He put his hand up to cut off her protest; “I want you to come over to our home tonight, pack an overnight bag seeing its Friday. I’m planning a long night for you, so you might as well spend the night and relax. Come on Billy we have to head home and tell your mother about our guest. See you at eight o’clock Allise, oh by the way, wear something sexy!”

Before Allise could protest Boyd and Billy left the classroom.

Jerry’s jaw dropped; “Wow Mr. Paring that was fabulous, can I join in on the fun?”

Boyd slapped Jerry on the back; “I was counting on you son, now let’s go, I believe Billy’s mother worked up one hellava appetite on the stairs there with you and Eddie. Eddie you’re invited bursa otele gelen eskort bayan too, I know how April loves to be double teamed and with Allise coming, I’m sure we could use someone in the bull-pin to help out if need be!”

“Thank you Mr. Paring, I would be honored to help out!”

Boyd shook his head; “Cut the crap Eddie, we all know what a sleaze-ball you are, that is the exact reason I want you here tonight, now out with you, time to eat!”

There was nervous chatter all through dinner as all four males were anticipating seeing the homely teacher naked and fucking like a slut. They all knew that below that drab exterior was a sexy, gorgeous female waiting to come out and have a wild night.

April was anticipating a wild night too. She wanted another shot at Eddie and this time wanted more than just his tongue. She also wanted to sample Jerry again, not just in her mouth.

After the table was cleared and the kitchen was tidied up the Paring clan and Eddie were gathered in the livingroom. The doorbell rang and Boyd, still in his suit minus the tie went to open the door. When he opened it, it was his turn to stand there in awe.

Allise Sanders had her hair done up in a chignon. She was wearing a lavender dress, it barely covered her shoulders and her large, firm breasts threatened to leap from the dress. The dress had a full skirt and came just below her knees. Her face was transformed, still wearing her sexy dark rimmed glasses, but behind them her eyes were done up to perfection, her full ripe lips had a thick coat of lavender lipstick, it matched her dress perfectly. No longer looking like a bookworm, she still didn’t look slutty, but the epitome of the girl-next-door, every boy’s and man’s fantasy.

“Miss Sanders, good evening, please come in; may I take your wrap?”

“Why thank you Mr. Paring!’ She walked into the livingroom and was greeted by April and the young men. She took a seat beside Billy; April was on the other side of her.

“Can I get you a drink Allise?”

“Why thank you Boyd, how about a seven and seven.”

Boyd went to get her drink and Jerry and Eddie couldn’t take their eyes off of Miss Sanders and Jerry spoke up; “Well Miss Sanders, this takes me back to those awkward years in elementary school. Golly I had a crush on you back then; I can’t believe you’re here in the Paring livingroom!” He stopped short not speaking about the sexual tension in the room.

Allise could sense it too and seeing Jerry and Eddie, the school troublemaker and imagining them fucking her later caused her to get a hot glow spread through her entire body.

Boyd handed Allise her drink and she took a nervous sip, then another and yet another. It was gone before Boyd took his seat across from her. Taking her empty glass, he refilled it and this time Allise nursed her drink.

Boyd slipped over to the large console record player and put on some big band album and turning to Allise put out his hand; “Allise would you like to dance?”

She shook her head; “Oh no thank you Boyd, I’m not that good of a dancer…….!”

Before she could continue April spoke up; “Oh go ahead Allise, I was never a good dancer, but after you’re in Boyd’s arms, he a very good teacher, you’ll be a ballroom belle before you know it. Here I’ll dance with Jerry here so you don’t feel so out of place!” Standing she took Jerry’s hand and pulled him to his feet and they danced slow and close as Jerry’s hand was in hers and the other was on her hip.

Allise was drawn into Boyd’s arms and just like April had promised, she was soon floating around the room with Boyd. As she became more and more comfortable and the strong drink went to her head, she rested her head on his shoulder and she could feel Boyd’s bulge pressing against her belly.

Boyd leaned down and planted several wet kisses on her bare shoulder and upwards toward her slender neck and exposed ear.

Allise let out a tiny sigh and leaned into Boyd even more. She suddenly was shaken from her hypnotic trance as Boyd parted from Allise and led her over to Billy who was standing beside her. She floated into his arms and she was surprised that Jerry and Billy could dance so well.

Eddie took Jerry’s place, but he was not as experienced in dancing as any of the Paring men, but he tried and holding April close, just plastered his body against one of the countries original MILF’s.

Billy moved away from Allise and drew her over to the sofa, taking a seat he tugged at her arm and she took a seat beside him.

Boyd slid over and sat down on the other side of Allise and we watched as Billy took her into his arms and gave her a soft gentle kiss. His hands came up and one was cupping her cheek, his thumb slowly stroked her cheek and chin. His other hand was combing through her hair. He pulled her mouth harder against his active tongue.

Allise let out a tiny moan as she leaned into the kiss and she too had her fingers bursa eve gelen escort through Billy’s dark wavy hair.

April pulled back from Eddie and locking her fingers in his, she led him up the stairs, crooking her finger to Jerry; she motioned for him to follow them. The three of them entered the Paring master bedroom. April took a seat on the large bed and patted the stops on either side of them to join her.

Eddie moved her head to face him and she parted her lips as his descended on hers. Their kiss grew more passionate quickly. Jerry kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the bed behind April and finding the zipper on the back of her dress guided it down until it hit the bottom of its track. He urged the modest dress off April’s shoulders and immediately found the hooks on the back of her bra. Popping them open he tugged it off and it settled in her lap.

April broke the kiss and began undressing Eddie. She made short order of his clothes. While she was doing this, Jerry quickly took off his clothes too.

Eddie placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her back. She turned her head and instantly gripped Jerry’s cock and took him into her mouth. Eddie hooked his fingers in the waistband of her dress and wiggling it back and forth slipped it off her body. He took off her panties and unhooking her garters slid her hosiery off her legs. As he drew them off her feet he sucked and kissed and ran his tongue around her dainty toes.

April moaned around Jerry’s cock and her legs slid up and down, back and forth as her excitement built up quickly. He pulled at Eddie’s hair as she urged him upward; she wanted to feel his tongue and mouth on her dripping pussy again.

In the livingroom Boyd removed his jacket, tie and pants. He slid out of his boxers and stroked his huge cock as he watched Billy move his mouth from Allise’s mouth, down to her slim neck and along to her sensitive ear. Boyd grabbed one of Allise’s hands and guided it to his long, fat cock.

Allise pulled back as if she had stuck her hands in a pit of hot coals. “Oh no Boyd, I can’t do that!”

Billy sucked on her earlobe and nibbled at it. His hand slipped her dress lower and off her shoulders, her large firm breasts nearly popped out of her dress.

Boyd grabbed her hand again and placed it over his cock again, but this time he closed his hand over hers and held it there. She slowly closed her fingers around his cock and let out a gasp; “Oh my lord Boyd, your cock is so thick and long, I couldn’t possibly handle a dick this big!”

Boyd chuckled; “Don’t you worry your sweet little head Ms. Sanders, by the time Billy is done with you, you’ll be so fucking hot, you’ll be begging both of us to stick our cocks in you!”

She just moaned and threw her head back and moaned as she stroked his huge cock and felt Billy’s hands and mouth moving downward, closer and closer to her firm tits. She let out a gasp when she felt her dress slacken when Billy pulled the long zipper down her back. The hand not stroking Boyd’s cock leaped up and held her dress to her chest.

Billy gently, but insistently drew her hand away from her straining tits and her dress collapsed to her lap. He lowered his head and began to rain hot, wet kisses above her strapless bra. His teeth closed around the upper slope of her lacy white bra and slowly tugged it downward.

Allise again let out a gasp when he uncovered her nipple after Billy pulled the cup downward. She threw her head back and groaned even louder when his lips closed over her pinkie sized nipple and quarter sized areolas. She stroked Boyd’s cock with a firmer grip and slid from tip to base slower. She let out another gasp when she felt her bra go slack as Billy popped open the clasp and it joined her dress on her lap.

Billy mauled both of her incredibly firm and high standing tits. He moved from tit to tit sucking, licking and nipping at the two mounds of firm flesh. He reached down and gripped her dress by the waist. Tugging it back and forth, it slid from her shapely ass and legs. It fell to the floor along with her bra. He sat back on his haunches and took in the gorgeous figure before him.

He stared up at her, her hair was tousled and her eyes were lidded with lust. Her lips were swollen from all of the kisses she had exchanged with Billy. Her large firm high standing tits barely swayed when she moved and her tiny waist was a promise to what lay lower under her modest pink panties.

Billy took hold of one foot and removed her shoe and kissed her stocking clad foot. He did the same to the other and Allise giggled and stroked Boyd’s cock even faster.

Billy slid his hands up one shapely calf and to her thigh. Unclipping her garter he slid it down, caressing her leg as he went. Pulling it off her foot he began sucking on each of her toes and Allise squirmed and shuttered as he worked his way up her bare leg. When he reached her thigh he moved to the other leg, unclipping her other stocking he did the exact thing with her other leg. Dressed only in a skimpy pair of pink panties, Billy leaned forward and nuzzled her panty clad panties with the bridge of his nose.

Allise let out a loud groan and arching her back tried to make greater contact with his nose. She slowed the stroking of Boyd’s cock and he humped her hand to make her go faster.

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