Kas 13

Cyber to Reality Ch. 02

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I had just tasted a mans hot cum for the first time, I lay next to him and I knew it had changed everything. It had been over twenty years, most of it married life, that I had refused to let myself believe the obvious.

When I first discovered the Internet it had opened up a beautiful feeling of passion, sensuality and lust. That in turn opened the door for the best sex I had ever experienced. Real sex with a real guy. Okay, I only licked and sucked on his lovely cock until I got my reward, but it was my teenage fantasies come true, and a lot more.

On the internet I was the typical submissive cyber slut, my target was always dominant gay men. I also realised that this was closer to the true me than anything I had experienced before. I built a relationship with Steve, a kind and generous guy, and that is how I ended up lying next to him in his bed.

I was in a trance when I sucked his beautiful cock and this was enhanced by his fingers penetrating me, gentle well lubed fingers that knew exactly what they had been doing. Now , I lay by his side and he told me in great detail how wonderful a hot cock felt as it slipped up a tight but well lubed arse. He told me how he would guide it to the g-spot and make me feel intense heat and spasms of energy and they would build to an uncontrollable orgasm.

I was never absolutely sure how I would react to anal sex, until now. I knew I desperately wanted him, and I wanted him now. I made the mistake of telling him.

“No, not now.” He said “ Be back here 5 pm Saturday, if you are good, and you can tempt me, perhaps I may teach you how to take me”

It was only Monday. Saturday was an age away. I begged but I knew he would not change his mind and when I left that evening the only thing on my mind was coming back Saturday.

Work dragged on through the week, every time I tried to concentrate my mind drifted to Steve and his wonderful cock. I went over his words in my mind. I had to be “good” and “tempt him”. I logged into the internet at every opportunity, hoping to see his name so I could make sure I would do everything as he wanted. No sign of Steve.

Then Friday evening when I logged in at home, there was an email . Short and to the point.

“Five, my house, black panties.”

This had introduced another facet that I had not anticipated. He had never mentioned anything like that in all the times we cybered. I did not know what to make of it but knew I had to get exactly what he asked for.

I had already primed the way by telling my wife I had to working the weekend and as I might be late gaziantep escort I would stay in a hotel. Luckily this was not unusual, but I had to leave early Saturday morning to make it convincing. It was at least ninety miles to Steve’s house, I would have plenty of time even though I had some shopping to do on the way.

Steve lived in large city, so there were plenty of stores to choose from. I chose a small lingerie shop and sheepishly pretended I was buying for my wife. I did not really know what he would like. I stayed fairly conservative and left with some high leg black panties with classy lace panels down each side of the front, gift wrapped in a silver and white box.

I really had booked into a hotel, and soon after lunch I was sitting in the bar loading myself with Dutch courage. Just after 2 pm I went up to my room and placed the box on the bed and had a long hot bath. I soaked for a long time, adding hot water occasionally. I made sure there was not a single hair between my cheeks, I knew he liked it that way. It was very sexy preparing myself for him and I could think of nothing else so it was inevitable that my hand found my hard wet cock. I slowly eased my foreskin down, it slid easily and smoothly, I was soaked in precum. I watched as my cock throbbed as my hand stroked faster and faster. It soon shot a string of cum into the water, too soon really, but it felt good.

I scrubbed all over again, dried and then lay on the bed, wrapped in a towel, that silver and white box in hand. Should I take the panties in the box or should I be wearing them? I pondered, trying to think of all those cyber conversations, looking for clues. There were no clues, but I decided that I should take a risk and wear them. Sliding into those black panties was very strange, but again I enjoyed it as I felt I was preparing myself for him.

Soon after 4:30 pm I drove out of the hotel, wearing black jeans, dark blue shirt and one hell of a secret underneath. I was too early arriving so I parked down the road. At 5 pm precisely I rang his doorbell.

Steve answered the door with a smile and a glass in his hand, he asked me in. I could hear voices and he ushered me out to his deck and I was bit taken back to see a group of four men lounging around drinks in hand.

“This is Mark, my friend I told you about.” Steve announced.

I was dumbfounded, and rather glad I was not holding the silver and white box. Steve just seemed oblivious as he poured me a glass of wine.

“You did not bring a bottle, Mark?” he said looking me straight in the eye. “Well you can make up for it by waiting on us”

I knew he could see my mind rushing and panicking, but after a short pause, he smiled and said

“Just joking, this lucky group are off to catch a flight to the Caribbean.”

It turned out that they would be leaving within the hour, it seemed like eternity. Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He returned from waving off his guests and said he was going up for a shower, he suggested I clean up the glasses while I wait.

I dutifully collected up al the glasses and I was tidying up the deck when Steve returned wearing a white towelling dressing gown.

“Well you have been good.” he said with a big smile “I hope you got the email and read it carefully.”

I nodded and said.

“Yes I got the email, I hope I read it correctly”

Steve ushered me inside, closed the doors and directed me into the lounge.

“I need to know you will do anything I ask” he said and commanded me to strip off and to make it slow.

I was already getting aroused, but the panties were tight and restricted me, that felt good. Steve sat in one of the leather armchairs and I stood in front of him, removed my shoes and socks and then slowly started to undo my shirt. Then I unfastened just the button of my jeans before standing over his one leg and lowering down, lap dance style. I removed my shirt, throwing it to one side. The Cyber slut had taken over me and I felt hot and sexy as I gyrated slowly on his leg.

I undone the zip and could see he instantly looked, I knew he was not disappointed, his crotch throbbed visibly. I slid the jeans to my knees and turned around so my arse faced him and I continued to lap dance for him.

I felt his hand run over the panties, starting on the cheeks of my arse and then down between my legs, reaching through and squeezing me. Then he slapped me quite hard on the arse and told me to get up to the bedroom.

I gathered up my clothes and went straight to his bedroom, I felt wonderful, it was almost like I was watching rather than being there, I was letting the cyber slut take control and Steve was enjoying every minute.

Steve was right behind me and as soon as we entered the bedroom wrapped his arms around me from the back, kissed my neck and said

“We don’t need these any more.”

He slipped his hand in the panties and pulled them straight down. I stepped out of them, bending slightly as I did and I felt his hard cock in his trousers. I turned and kissed him. I was naked, he was fully clothed.

We deep kissed for what seemed a long time, but I did not want it to stop, my cock now released was taut and stiff and it felt good in the cool air and pressed against Steve.

He eventually pushed me back on to the bed, and as I sat on the edge he moved close and undone his trousers and I saw his lovely cock push out, he was not wearing any underwear and it was a sexy surprise. I licked the tip of his cock and it tasted wonderful, soon my lips were running up and down the full length and I could not get enough.

Steve stood there, eyes closed and I thought he would let me have a full mouthful but just as I felt the base of his cock pulse, he pushed me away. He turned and removed all his clothes.

He stood naked in front of me and said.

“I said if you were good and you tempted me I would show you how you should take my cock.”

“Well you were good, you did as you were told, even though it was unexpected and now you have tempted me, so do you still want the next lesson?“

My smile answered him.

He pushed me back on o his bed and we kissed with our naked bodies entwined, he was strong and sexy and his cock pushed into my stomach. As we hugged and kissed I felt his hands separate my arse cheeks, then I felt cold lube spread all over my rear.

I am sure Steve had all this planned. The lube must have been hidden under the pillow. I felt totally under his control as he put me face down on the bed and two fingers slipped in me. It felt wonderful, my head was spinning the cyber slut took over again and I begged Steve to fuck me. He ignored me and continued to explore at his own pace.

After a few minutes Steve pulled me onto my side and positioned himself behind me. He pulled up my one knee and for the first time I felt his cock push between my legs. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck and I wanted to open up for him. The fingers had prepared me well and I felt his lovely cock target my slippery hole. I imagined the picture and my legs could not open wide enough for him. He slipped into me, I felt him stretch me and the tip of the cock caused all sorts of sensations, crisp and wonderful spasms, sudden throbs, the urge to swallow him up despite feeling overfilled already, the heat of his cock. Much too many wonderful sensations to explain.

I felt my cock throb and pulse and I had an amazing orgasm without my cock being touched. Steve felt me shudder and increased his pace and rhythm until I could feel him tighten up and pump inside me. He pulled my shoulders back and I felt him pierce me deep inside and then I felt the heat of his hot cum as he grunted and pounded into me.

Steve lay hot around me and the only thing I could think was how could I tempt him next time.

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