Kas 06

Cutting To The Chase.

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Claude was tall, 6′ foot to be exact. He had honey brown hair and hazel green eyes. His body was slightly tanned and he was 21 years old. He was invited to his old friends wedding party who he had a crush on. And there he stood, after the weeding in a black suit having himself some Alcohol by the bar.

He really loved him, he really did. It was so painful to watch him say ‘yes’ and kiss that filthy woman. “god damn it” he said as he put his drink down. It was his first cup, he was so down he didn’t even want to drink that crap. He rested his head on his palm before he was tapped on the shoulder from behind.

“You came!” A familiar voice said cheerfully as he turned around, he smiled. It was Jacob, the one he was just thinking about.
“Hey! Congratulations man!” he said as he put up an happy act and hugged him, patting his back before pulling away smiling.
“Thank you thank you” he said with a smirked as a man came up behind him,
“Your girl is calling you.” The man lied and Jacob smiled believing him, “i will catch you later Claude” He said before making his leave.

Claude sat back down and the man sat down next to him. “Hey Claude” he said with a smile, facing his way.
“How do you know my name?” He frowned,
“You don’t remember me? Awwwe You hurt my feelings” He said with a smirk on his face.
“You aren’t kidding?”
“I’m Jacobs Little bro, you used to help me with my homework you bastard” he said before punching his arm Playfully. He had Raven hair and chocolate eyes, slightly tan just like himself. He was about 6’1 tall.

“….Ray?” he said as it all came back to him.
“That’s my name baby” he said before he ordered himself a drink.
Ray raised an eyebrow, “Baby?”
Ray laughed before he pulled a card out and darıca escort wrote down a hotel name a room number and the address. He handed it to Claude, “don’t leave me waiting” he said before making his leave,
“Wait i’m not g–” Claude growled as the man disappeared into the crowd.

Seriously now, should he go see this man? He kinda of…wanted to go.. But he wasn’t gay! Jacob.. was.. just a total confusion!

A few hours later he was parking in front of the hotel. He sighted, “just going there to make things clear.” he told himself, thought deep inside him he was hoping he would get fucked but he wasn’t admitting it.

he made his way to the room number before finding it. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door before it was quickly opened. “You came” the boy grinned before pulling him inside and wrapping his arms around his waist.
“Wait- no! I’m here to make things clear. I’m not gay!” he said as he was pushed down on the bed. Then man straddled his waist and sat down.
“Don’t lie to me” he said as he removed his jacket and began Un-bottoming his shirt. ray was already in his boxers and cutting to the chase.
“I-I’m not” he said as he stared at his chest, it was very built, but he was built enough to see some nice abs.

Ray began to grind his crotch against the others as pourpously made moaning noises. “Oh~ Claudeee please don’t tell me this isn’t turning you on~” he moaned as he smirked at him.
“R-Ray stop it! t-this is wrong! You’re my friends brother!” he instead and tried to wiggle away as he felt his body reacting. It will be game over if he gets completely hard and the other would notice.

“Claude~~ Ngh~ don’t izmit otele gelen escort you want this in your man-cunt?” he said as he took out his cock from his boxers, it was standing proud. He was about 7 inches long. Claude eyes widen, trying to not give in.

claude couldn’t help but laugh, “MAN CUNT?” He repeated and laughed while at the same time he got turned on by the word.

Ray got off him before he began to undress him, pulling his shoes off following his pants and underwear. he smirked as he saw Claudes cock that was awakening. “You’re a BIG, FAT liar” he said as he dipped the tip of his tongue into the slit of Claudes dick.
Claude moaned, “R-Ray stop it now!” he insisted as he propped himself up and watched the other between his legs.

“you’re all just talk, it’s like you want to get screwed hard into the mattress” he said before running his tongue in circles around his head. Claude through his head back and moaned, spreading his legs more.
“you got me baby now suck me off~” he said before letting out a moan as his balls where cupped and caressed by the other.
“That’s my man” Ray said as he took the others head in his mouth, rolling his tongue all over it before bobbing his head. Sucking, slipping and swallowing around his cock. He also moaned to give it some vibration.
“Ah~ Yeah” Claude moaned as he grinned onto the sheets, bucking his hips forward making his dick go deeper in the others mouth.

Soon after Ray stopped sucking him and sat up with a smirk, “Gay? Pssh, even thought it wasn’t obvious when you looked at my brother you gave yourself away” he said as he leaned down and Nibbled on the others nipple. Bitting now and then with just the right amount of force.

“Ngh–” izmit merkez escort claude rolled his bottom lip between his teeth trying not to moan as the other moved to his other nipple, making his dick throb. “Is this your first time?” ray asked and claude nodded.
Ray chuckled, “Gotta get lube then” he said as he got up for a few minutes. Claude laid they panting and looking up at the ceiling. he couldn’t help but spread his legs and finger himself with his index finger. “Mnnn” he said softly as he hurt footsteps getting closer and then his hand slapped away. “You trying to make me cum?” Ray said as he sat between his legs. while rubbing his own dick with lub.

Ray turned Claude around on his hands and knees before spreading his ass cheeks apart and licking his puckered hole. Claude moaned. Ray continued and pushed his tongue in teasingly and slow. “Ah~ Yeah eat my man cunt ray!” Claude continued to moan before feeling the tongue move away and something hard pressing against his puckered hole.

Slowly he pushed in as claude moaned, it was painful but he couldn’t help enjoying it at the same time. Eventually he began moving in and out, penetrating his hot walls. Claude grinned on to the sheets as he stroked himself with his right hand. Moaning, “Ah~ Yeah there!” he moaned louder as the other reached his sweet spot, making Claude move backwards making ray go in deeper inside him.

“your so naughty” Ray said as he panted, thrusting in deeper and hard into the man. Hitting his sweet spot each time. Both their bodies hot with sweat.

“I-I’m going to cum” claude said as he felt his lower stomach tightened as he panted heavily. Before he knew it he had came hard on the sheets.

Ray felt the others walls tightened around him as the other orgasmed, he couldn’t help but cum himself inside the other as he let out a moan. dropping himself on the other as he panted hard.. they both panted hard together.

“this isn’t the end Claude” Ray purred and licked his ear lobe
“N-No…i’m so tired..oh my god..I made a food of myself” he blushed crimson red.

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