Cursed Pt. 01

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It was a Tuesday night, but a friend had told me about a yard party that sounded pretty good. I’m on summer break after my Junior year in college, working noon to 9 at a retail sporting goods store with Tuesday and Wednesday off, so why not? I slipped a pint of Southern Comfort into my pocket and headed to the party.

When I arrived the party was in full swing, music was playing and people were dancing. As I walked into the back yard, a smoking hot girl was just entering the yard from the opposite direction. Since we were joining the party at the same time, I asked her to dance. To my pleasant surprise, she said “Sure, why not?”

She was wearing a short cropped top and a very short mini-skirt. She was an enthusiastic dancer and I could occasionally see the white of her bra peeking out under the hem of her top. Her boobs were big, she definitely needed a bra to help control their bouncing as she gyrated wildly while we danced. After a little while, the band took a short break and we went to get something to drink. I brought her a cup of cola which was about half full. When she looked at me quizzically, I pulled out the pint of Comfort and she smiled. I handed her the bottle and she topped off her drink, then I added a shot to mine. We chatted about school and family and stuff. I told her that my dad is an accountant and my mom had moved on but he had recently remarried. She said that her mother had died years ago and her dad was a professor of medieval history or some such thing. She topped off her drink with Comfort a couple times while we talked.

The band came back from break and we resumed dancing. When a slow number finally came along, Katrina wrapped both of her arms around my neck and rubbed her substantial breasts against my chest as we swayed to the music. My arms were wrapped around her with my hands resting on her firm buttocks. When the sensual dance ended, I suggested that we head out, and she agreed.

She gave me directions and we parked in her driveway. I ran the seat all the way back while she had another pull on the Southern Comfort bottle. Then we began to make-out. She was a really good kisser, and very enthusiastic.

Before too long I had my hand up under her short top, had pushed her bra up over her substantial boobs, and I was enjoying the feel of her soft, warm breasts. When I pushed her top up and out of the way and began sucking on her nipples, she moaned with pleasure.

I slipped one hand under her short skirt and began to caress her mound through the thin fabric of her G-string panties. She moaned and humped her hips against my hand as I traced my hand along her slit. I slipped my hand inside her panties, dipping a finger between her dripping wet pussy lips. When I began to pull her panties down, she lifted her hips to facilitate their removal.

I leaned over to lick her pussy. She moaned, grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her wet pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy and clitoris until she was panting and pumping her hips against my face. Then I reached down to release my belt and trousers.

She FREAKED! She grabbed the door handle and bolted out of the car and straight to her house, panties in hand. I fumbled my pants shut and fastened my belt, then followed her to the front door. It was closed, so I knocked.

It was opened by her father! She was standing behind him, panties in hand, her bra bunched up along the top of her chest, her skirt in disarray. He was NOT happy. He told me to come in and told her to go to her room.

Then he said, “Let’s sit.” He led me into a comfortable sitting room or den, and indicated a chair… I sat as requested. Then he continued, “I should call the police, you know.”

Police?? For what? Two young people making out? But then I remembered how Katarina had looked standing in the entry, her disheveled clothing. Did he think I assaulted her? Tried to rape her?? “It was not what it appears, sir.” I said.

“We will get to the truth, one way or the other.” He said. “I can call the police and have them take your statement, take Katarina’s statement, take my statement as to what I saw, and let them take this where they will.” I didn’t like the sound of that. It could easily be two against one in a ‘he said – she said’ dispute. “Or, I can hypnotize you and you can tell me exactly what happened, without guile or embellishment.” As he said this, a black cat with large yellow eyes sat down on the floor beside his chair.

While I didn’t love the hypnotism idea, it certainly sounded better than the police, so I said OK.

He produced a bright shiny crystal orb which he held in front of my eyes as he spoke in soothing tones. Soon I felt myself relaxing and drifting. In what seemed like no time, I found myself regaining consciousness. He was muttering something in a strange language … a language unlike anything I had ever heard. I became fully aware as he finished his strange mutterings.

“So you plied my daughter with alcohol, and played with her body in a sexual manner? But you did not have intercourse? Is that a fair summary?”

“It may be using harsher implications tempobet giri┼č than I would use, but it is essentially correct. She willingly consumed a fair amount of my Southern Comfort, then we had a very hot make-out session, but we did not have intercourse.” The black cat still was sitting right where it had been, beside his chair, its big yellow eyes still staring at me.

“OK, then you may go. I hope you have learned something about using young women as your own personal sex objects. If not, you will.” He said cryptically. “You will not see my daughter again!” he said emphatically. With that, he showed me to the door, and I left.

The next morning was Wednesday, my day off, so I had not set an alarm. I was awakened to the doorbell ringing and ringing incessantly. I threw a robe over my naked body and headed down to see what all the ruckus was about. When I opened the door, the FedEx driver lady was there with an envelope for my father that required a signature. As I was signing my signature on her recording pad, I could see her lick her lips, then begin to unbutton the front of her blouse. She was a tall, black lady, almost as big as me and very well proportioned and firmly muscled. She continued to unbutton her shirt then release her front-clasp bra to pull both garments off and drop them into a pile. Her tits were beautiful! They were firm and full, perhaps a C+ or D cup. Then she kicked off her shoes and began to release her belt and pants. In no time she was standing in front of me wearing only her socks.

Needless to say, my cock had responded to the display before me, and it was trying to poke through the folds of my robe. She put her hands on my shoulders and pressed me down toward the floor. Lying on my back on the foyer floor, she took my member into her mouth and sucked and licked on it until I was going crazy. Then she mounted me, sliding my rigid erection deep into her wet vagina in one smooth stroke. She rode me hard, driving my cock deep into her pussy until I exploded inside her. But she continued to ride me, and I remained hard. She pumped her hips and rode me up and down, her big mocha tits bouncing in front of me until she began her climax. Her whole body seemed to spasm and her pussy walls contracted around my cock, sucking another orgasm from my cock!

After a few minutes, she got up, put on her clothes, gathered her signature device and said, “Thank you.” as she headed out the door.

What just happened? A beautiful stranger had just … just what? It had been wonderful sex. But, just what else? Why? How? It certainly had not been love, or a relationship. She had wanted my body for sex, and I had willingly participated.

My mind was spinning as I took Dad’s letter to his home office and put it on his desk, then headed to my room. I texted him to let him know that whatever it was had arrived, then I headed to the bathroom and a shower. By the time I was getting dressed, there was a message from Dad asking me to bring the envelope to his office, which I replied that I would do.

I stopped at a bagel shop along the way to pick up some coffee and a bagel to have along the way. As I placed my order, the girl behind the counter smiled and licked her lips as I spoke to her. Then she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt, showing a substantial amount of cleavage. As she bent to remove my bagel from under the counter, the view into her shirt of her beautiful boobs was clearly meant for me. And she wiggled her butt seductively as she filled my coffee cup. She smiled broadly at me as I paid the bill.

When I got into the car and opened the bag to get my bagel, there was a slip of paper with ‘Brittany’ and a phone number on it. Wow! The cute girl behind the counter was hitting on me!

I munched on my bagel and drank my coffee as I drove to Dad’s office. What was happening?

When I got to Dad’s office, he was in a meeting. The receptionist asked me to wait to give him the envelope personally. She said it wouldn’t be too long. While I was waiting, she came over behind where I was sitting and she began to massage my neck. Then I felt her boobs pressed against the back of my head, my head nestled between them, as she reached down and caressed my chest. My cock was fully erect and poking a substantial tent in the front of my pants as she caressed my chest and nipples while her boobs cradled my head. “Yummmm. That looks really delicious! I’d like to taste it sometime, sometime soon!” She whispered in my ear.

She left me sitting with my huge erection just as my father came into the room. He looked at me strangely as I gave him the envelope, but made no comment. As I was turning to leave, the receptionist called me, “Michael.” I looked at her and she was holding up a phone message slip. I took it and she said, “Call me.” The note said ‘Linda’ and a phone number.

This was crazy! I had been sexually ‘engaged’ by one stranger, then hit on by two other women. As I rode down the elevator, there was an older woman who got on at the same time. She stood very close to me, I could smell her perfume and feel her warmth. tempobet yeni giri┼č Then she casually reached down and caressed my penis! As the elevator doors opened, she gave me a little finger wave and stepped out of the elevator.

The day kept getting stranger and stranger!

I decided to stop at the mall food court for lunch on my way home. As I stood in line waiting to place my order, I felt someone move right up behind me. I turned and there was a girl who had gone to my high school (I couldn’t remember her name) standing so close that her breasts rubbed against me as I turned. She took my arm and led me to a nearby hallway that led to the back of the stores. As soon as the door closed, she reached down and unzipped my pants, grasping my already erect cock and pulling it out. Then she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking it voraciously. As she did this she pulled her skirt up and slipped her hand into her panties.

After several minutes of this, she stood up and pulled off her panties. Then she bunched up her skirt and pressed her pussy against my cock. I held her hips and adjusted my angle to allow my cock to enter her hot pussy. She held me, pulling me into her while she pumped her hips against me. She was soon in a complete frenzy, pumping wildly on my cock. I could feel my own climax building as her pussy began to contract and squeeze my cock. Then I was shooting my cum deep into her pussy!

After several minutes she smiled at me, disengaged herself from my cock, stuffed her panties into my pocket, and walked away from me and out the door with her hips swaying seductively.

In half a day I had been sexually accosted or hit-on by five different women! And I had sex with two of them! What was happening? I was beginning to have an idea. Katrina’s father!

I drove to their house and knocked on the door. He answered almost immediately. I asked, “What did you do to me?”

“I am a practitioner of the ancient magical arts. You needed to learn what it is like to be the object of the lust of every person of the opposite sex. Every female beyond the age of consent will experience a powerful lust for you and will desire to have you to satisfy her powerful sexual desires. You will be the object of lust and sexual need for every woman you meet.”

“I think that I have learned my lesson.”

“Oh, you will definitely learn this lesson, just as every pretty girl learns it over and over again!”

“When will you release me from this?”

“Release you?” he laughed. “Never! I couldn’t release you from this spell, even if I wanted to, which I don’t. You will experience this for the rest of your life! Just like beautiful women do. And this will continue to your sons, and their sons, and their sons, throughout the generations. But there is ONE bright spot: You will not impregnate any woman unless you consciously choose to do so. And possibly another: With each different woman you engage in sex, your penis will grow just a little.”

I was stunned! This was going to continue to happen again and again for the rest of my life? I retreated to my car, my mind in turmoil as I drove home. I was going to be the object of lust and sexual desire for every woman I would ever meet? It was crazy! The guy was obviously pranking me to make his point.

When I got home I went to my room, fired up my computer and tried to research this. Was there a spell or curse that could cause this phenomenon? Could this be real? After a great deal of searching I found a couple sites that talked about all sorts of weird alchemy and magic where they alluded to the existence of such spells… but these sites were super sketchy! Certainly not anything that I would want to rely on!

I puttered on my computer and read the remainder of the afternoon. Finally, I heard my new step-mother’s car enter the garage. She would be bringing her daughter home with her after work. A little bit later I heard my dad’s car in the drive. I went down to the kitchen to see if I could help with dinner. As we talked and prepared dinner, it seemed that both Ashley, my step-mom, and Lauren, her daughter, were smiling at me and paying more attention to me than normal … but that was just my imagination running away with itself, wasn’t it?

As we talked around the dinner table, Dad thanked me for bringing the envelope to him at work. He said it was part of a big project he was working on, but he didn’t understand why it had been sent to the house by accident. Anyhow, it had been a big help that I brought it to his office. Everyone chatted about their day, except me. I really didn’t want to talk about the strange things that had happened to me!

After dinner dishes were cleaned up, Dad suggested that we watch a new movie that was just released on cable. We all agreed and headed to the den. Dad grabbed the remote and settled into his big recliner while Ashley moved to the big wing chair, like usual. That left Lauren and me on the couch. However, she sat right beside me instead of sitting at the far end like normal. As the show progressed, she shifted tight against me. Then tempobet g├╝venilirmi she stretched out on the couch, using my leg as her pillow. Actually, she was more precisely using my lap as her pillow, and my cock was responding! As she lay there, she placed one hand on my thigh in front of her face. It was warm and sensual, and my cock was now really hard. She had to feel it pressing against her cheek, but she said nothing. After a few minutes, she began gently moving her hand up and down along my thigh. To say I was turned-on would be a vast understatement.

Lauren was a year younger than I and she was a lovely young woman. Firm young breasts, probably a full C-cup, a narrow waist, and athletic thighs and butt. I cannot deny that I had checked her out more than once since she and her mother entered our lives and moved into the house with my father and me. In fact, I had frequently fantasized about her and imagined what her nude body would look like. Sometimes I would get a little peek down her blouse when she would bend over, or the silhouette of her body when the light was behind her, or up her skirt as she was climbing the stairs. She was a beautiful, sexy young woman! AND she was my step-sister!!

I tried to do multiplication tables in my head, long division, anything to take my mind off my powerful erection. As she lay with her head on my lap, she was gently moving her head around as she watched the show, providing ongoing stimulation to my throbbing cock. I was leaking pre-cum! She had to feel the huge lump under her head! What was she doing?? This couldn’t possibly be happening!! She was my step-sister!!

Finally, thankfully, the show ended, and I made an excuse about having some things to do upstairs as I nearly fled from the room. In the quiet of my own room, I thought about everything, but it was all too impossible. I was imagining things, reading too much into innocent actions and gestures. That was all. I read a spy novel for quite a while, until I was really tired before turning off my light and settling down to sleep.

I didn’t think I had been asleep very long when I sensed that someone was in my room. As I opened my eyes, there was Lauren standing next to my bed, completely naked! “I know that you have wanted to see my nude body for quite a while, well here I am.” she said. Then she pulled back my covers to expose my nude body. My cock was already growing erect as she bent to take it into her hand, then into her mouth. She climbed onto my bed, positioning herself between my legs but never releasing my cock from her mouth. She was slowly sliding up and down my rigid shaft with her mouth, her beautiful breasts swaying beneath her as she moved. Before long, I’m sure that she could taste my pre-cum in her mouth. “I could feel your beautiful, hard cock pressing against my cheek while we were watching that movie,” she said. “It took all of my self-control to keep from pulling it out of your pants so I could suck on it right there in front of your dad and my mom! Now I have it all for myself!” She added as she sucked it deep, sliding the head of my cock deep into her mouth! I had always thought Lauren was kind-of a ‘goody-two-shoes’, but she was sucking my cock like a master!

But before I could cum into her mouth, she released my cock and moved to straddle my body. “Now I get to really feel it!” she added. With that, she took hold of my shaft and positioned it at the entrance of her neatly trimmed pussy. “I trimmed my pubic hair tonight, just for you!” she added. Then she began to lower her body onto my cock. Her pussy was hot and very wet, but very tight. Soon, my cock reached an impediment. Was it possible? Was she a virgin? And she was preparing to break her own hymen on my cock??

With that thought resounding through my brain, I felt her forcefully lower her body onto my cock and I felt her hymen give way as my cock entered her more deeply. I could see her wince as my cock tore through her maidenhead, and she paused for a few moments with my cock impaled deep inside her virgin pussy, allowing the pain to pass and allowing her to regain her composure. Then she began to ride up and down on my rigid member, taking just a little more of my cock into her body on every stroke. I lay quietly on my bed, afraid that I would cause her pain if I thrust into her, but enjoying the sensations of her tight pussy sliding up and down my cock, and enjoying the beautiful sight of her nude body above me.

As she bounced up and down on my cock more vigorously, I tentatively began to thrust up to meet her motions. “Yes!” she quietly cried. “Yes, pump that beautiful cock into my virgin pussy! Let me feel your cock sliding deep inside me! Make me feel like a real woman! Fill me with your cock until you fill me with your cum!” These were not words I had ever expected to hear from my step-sister, but they fired my desire. I pumped into her as she rode my cock. Then her coordination seemed to fail her as she reached her orgasm. “Oh, Oh, OH! Yesss! Ooohhh!” she quietly called. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and I could see spasms rippling over her taut abdomen as she flailed above me with my cock wedged tight within her. Finally, her climax passed and she began to move on me again. “I want to cum again, and I want to make you cum too! I want to feel your cock erupt deep inside my body. I want to feel everything!”

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