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Curious Kayla Gets to See Pt. 04

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With Jason’s cock now back up to a full, stiff erection, I wanted to try another position. Our parents had a copy of “The Joy of Sex” in their bedroom closet, I had found it while snooping through their bedroom one day, and had been turned on by the different positions displayed. The one described as doggy style turned me on, and I wanted to try that, right now.

I quickly arranged myself on my hands and knees, in that well-known position, and urged Jason on.

“Fuck me, Jason,” I growled. “Shove your hard cock up my pussy and fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my insides with all the cum you can pump into me!”

My brother got behind me and grasping his stiff cock, I led him up to my entrance. Jason nudged his cock head against me, gave a big push, and his cock was once again buried in the steaming hug of my inner recesses.

“Yes, oh YES!” I gasped, “Now let me have it, ram me hard!”

I felt him grasp my hips, he powered his rock hardness into me, ramming my fiery heat over and over, his steely cock was driving in and out of me, just like a sex piston. As he rode me, I was giving off gasps of pure pleasure.

Jason growled, “You like the way my hard cock is fucking your sweet pussy, baby?” as he slammed in and out of me.

I gasped, “Oh my God, Yes! Fuck me, Jason, let me have what you got!”

Jason growled, “Your pussy is so fucking tight, your pussy is squeezing me like wild, and it’s gonna suck everything right out of me! I love fucking you sis, you’re as hot and so fucking sexy as I thought you were, I’m gonna squirt my load into your burning pussy!

I growled, “Yes, shoot it all into me! Fill my womb! Oh my God, YES!”

My pussy exploded, wrenching and spasming wildly as my orgasm slammed into me. I howled with pleasure, my body shaking and shuddering wildly as I shook from the force of my climax. I could feel the tightness of my hot center get even tighter around his cock, and the rippling spasms of my inner muscles milking greedily at his cock, and he slammed as deep as he could into me, one last time, and held it there. The spasms took him over the edge, and he grunted and growled with pleasure as his cock exploded, pulsing wildly, pumping a thick creamy load into me, I could feel the tight spasms of my pussy sucking every drop out of his prick.

We tumbled to the bed in a heap, our orgasms ebbing, cuddling, and nuzzling each other. I thought of how I had seen Jason, stroking his stiff cock to the sex tape made by our history teacher, Miss Kristine Marston. I again wondered how he had gotten such a hot tape, I wanted to ask him but didn’t want to tell him that I had been spying on him. Then I had an idea.

“Jason, do you know of any of our teachers doing something on the side, that could cause big problems for them if it came to light?”

He looked at me, and asked, “Like what?”

“Well, I heard a rumor the other day, that some teacher had been making porno tapes….”

“Who told you that?”

His face was very stern, and I told him I’d made it up, there was no rumor, and I spilled the beans, told him the whole story of how I’d spied on him masturbating, saw our history teacher on videotape doing a stroke job, saw him sniffing my panties, and heard him saying how much he’d like to fuck, suck and eat me, and how after watching him, I had a wild dream that night, about him busting open my sweet cherry.

Then, Çeşme Escort I told him about how I watched him again and had jumped back into my bed, hoping he’d return my next pair of panties, so that he could see me naked, and how hard it had been to keep pretending I was asleep, while he felt me up. If it hadn’t been for the telephone, and Mom and Dad coming home, I told him I had been ready to just open my eyes, and my legs, and urge him on to fuck me then and there. He relaxed, and I saw him smile.

“So after seeing me, and hearing how much I wanted you, you barged in and asked me if I’d like to fuck you?” At my nod, he continued, “Did you like what you saw, were you turned on by watching me stroking my cock?”

“Damn, I was so hot I was stroking my pussy, I felt like I was on fire, and I came several times, watching your hard prick explode, and imagining that the jetting streams of thick spunk were filling up my horny hole! How did you get a tape like that?”

“Well, I actually got it from my friend David Walters. You remember him, he’s just about to head off for UCLA. One day, we were hanging out, and he told me about how he was fucking the hottest teacher in school, the very same Kristine Marston. Apparently, she’d made a move on him when he was 18, and she was 38, and they’d been going at it hot and heavy for most of the last year of high school. I asked him how it was still a secret, and he said because he kept my mouth shut. He told me that he knew he had a great deal, the hot teacher fucking and sucking his brains out, he didn’t want the whole school to find out and have the good times end. He told me what they did together, and it made my cock stone hard.”

“Like what things?” I asked, intrigued, and turned on, I could feel the exciting tingle between my legs starting up.

“One time, he told me that she had told him to get on his hands and knees. After doing so, he felt her tongue licking at his asshole, then she slipped a finger in, then told him to relax, she was going to fuck his ass. She strapped on a 7-inch dildo, lubed it up, and David lost his asshole cherry then and there. He said it didn’t hurt too much, fortunately, she gave him a slow, steady reaming, and it felt even better when Kristine reached around, grabbed his rock-hard prick, and stroked him as she was fucking him. He told me his cock went off like a garden hose, spraying thick ropes of hot cum everywhere.

“Then, Kristine sat on his face, and taught him how to lick her pussy the right way, and also how to finger her G spot, and he learned well, he licked her to a noisy, gushing release, and her pussy squirted all over David’s face, washing him down with a load of tasty juices.”

My pussy pulsed with a zing of heat, I’d heard about the idea of girls being able to squirt cum, but had no idea how it was done.

“Another time, they went on a drive, and in the barn of her parent’s farm, they fucked wildly in the hayloft. And another time, after school, they sneaked into the school gym teacher’s locker room, and he fucked her right under the shower, right in school. The back of her SUV, his bed, her bed, the backyard of both houses, it sounded like there was almost nowhere they hadn’t done it. He told me that she loved banging her hottest student, the fact that teen guys are basically a giant hormone-fueled hard-on, and she fucked him and sucked him as much as he could Çeşme Escort Bayan get it up, which was almost continuous. He told me that if he never had sex again, he had probably had more than the average guy would have in a lifetime, our Miss Marson is a sex-hungry wildcat.”

“So, I told him that talk was fine, but, personally, I felt his story was a giant load of bullshit. So, in the downstairs rumpus room, he slipped the tape into the VCR and told me to watch this. The screen filled with the image of Kristine Marston stroking that slick, hard cock, I felt a jolt, what a sight. He told me how else would he have such a sexy, personal tape like that. He then told me that the cock she was stroking was his! He paused the tape, and said I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch this tape without stroking off, like to join me? I did, and we stroked ourselves to an explosive cum, watching the hottest teacher stroking my friend’s cock to a geyser made my cock explode, we were spraying thick ropes everywhere. I asked him if he could make a copy for me, and he told me that I’d better not let anybody from school see it. Kayla, since you watched me the other night, you have seen the tape, swear, swear on your life that you will not tell one living soul about the tape. David’s a good guy, and Miss Marston is a great teacher, they had sex, it was consensual, so really, who needs to know?”

“I solemnly swear, on my life, that I will never reveal any knowledge of any tape that you just described,” I said gravely, then added, “How about we go and watch it, right now? And when we are watching it, fuck me, and see if you can stop and start and hold back until Miss Marston tells you to cum?”

I saw a lusty gleam in my brother’s eye, and in his bedroom, he popped in the tape, got it ready to go, and gave me an extended session of foreplay first, he licked, sucked, stroked and caressed me until I was a whimpering mass of desire.

“Ok sis, I’m gonna lie back, and I want you to ride me, baby. Remember to start and stop when our teacher tells us to, instead of my hand stroking out the load, your nice tight pussy will milk it out of me!”

Jason lay back, and I quickly poised myself. As he pressed Play on the remote control, the image of our sexy history teacher appeared, we both turned our heads to the screen, and watched the sexy spectacle of his friend’s cock, getting a slick hand job from the hottest teacher in school.

When she ordered the first stop, I almost groaned, I was so horny, so eager to explode, but I reminded myself that working up and pausing several times will make the explosion more powerful. I could feel Jason’s lusty staff stuffed up me, sliding up me over and over, as I rode his prick, stopping each time that our sexy teacher’s voice told us to stop.

When I started to ride him for the last go, I was ready to blow apart. We watched, as she stroked David’s cock, I could feel it, I was going to explode like crazy.

On the screen, Kristine growled, “Now, now, let it go! My hands want you to cum, cum for me, my bad boys, and let that spray go, cum for me, NOW!”

The on-screen cock did precisely that, thick ropes of cum started to spray out and I just blew. I howled loud, my cunt was squirming and spasming like crazy. Incest, I’m committing incest, my brother’s fucking me, his cum is going to fill me, ran through my head, and it was like Escort Çeşme I was given a giant shove of pleasure, I felt white hot, I almost couldn’t stand the pleasure, as my bother grunted, “Oh fuck YEAH!”, and my brother was cumming, too, his cock erupting, thick white streams shooting up deep inside me, a geyser of hot, white cum spraying into his sister’s pussy.

I couldn’t take it–my swollen clit was throbbing, and I came again and again, feeling him thrust and grunt, splashing more cum deep inside me. My pussy was contracting so hard as I climaxed I screamed, the pleasure was like an assault, overwhelming, I felt faint as I gasped and shuddered through my last orgasm, as my brother emptied every drop deep inside me. I collapsed on top of him, the world was a bit swimmy, I’d never had an orgasm with that much force, and I’d almost passed out.

We lay quietly together, getting our bearings back. His cock was still deep inside, and I loved the feeling of having him inside me. Soon I felt his cock start to soften, and reluctantly, I pulled off and lay down next to Jason.

He seemed a bit dazed, and he said to me, “Holy fuck, that was the most intense cum I’d ever had, I felt like I was gonna blast a hole in you, the way my cock was shooting! Are you okay baby?”

“I’m fine Jason, when I was cumming I felt like I was gonna shake apart. The whole thing, watching our history teacher stroking a cock, having my brother’s cock pumping deep inside me, thinking my bother’s fucking me, I’m committing incest running through my mind, it just made me hotter and hotter!”

“When I was fucking you, I was thinking, Oh fuck yeah, I’m fucking my sister, and I love the fact that my sister’s pussy is gonna milk me, and I’m gonna spill my cum into her hot tightness!”

My brother rolled me onto my back and told me that he was gonna give me a G-spot orgasm.

“Let’s see if you are a squirter like our sexy Miss Marston is.”

My heart was hammering as I spread my legs, and I felt my brother’s hot breath right against my lips. He slipped a towel under my ass, in case I was a gusher. I could feel him licking gently at my lips, parting them slightly with his tongue. His mouth found my clit, and his tongue lightly licked at it, while his finger slid inside me. He had no trouble finding the g spot and started to slide his finger over and over it.

I gasped, “Oh my god, I feel like I’m going to pee!”

Jason said, “No you’re not sis, you are going to have your first G spot orgasm, go with it Kayla, and let the orgasm take you.”

He continued polishing my G spot, urging me on.

“Let it go, Kayla, cum for me sis, cum for your brother!”

Then I felt that warm tingle spread across my belly, so I told my brother “Get ready Jason, here… it… comes!”

I locked up and I felt that squeezing urge. My orgasm grabbed me and shook me, I felt the release, and I watched, amazed, as a squirt of cum gushed out, I watched my girl cum fly right across my brother’s face. Another squirt, and then another, I was spraying down my brother’s face with a force. I was amazed and turned on, to see that I could squirt like that. My convulsing pussy fired out 6 squirts of hot girl cum, my brother’s face was soaked with it, and he was grinning.

“Holy fuck, that was fucking A!” Jason exclaimed, “Oh man sis, did you ever squirt! Fuck, it was so hot having you cum all over my face like that!”

Jason pulled me to him, and it felt so right, in his arms, I felt like I was with a real, true love, not some “fuck you and they’re gone” loser. I knew it wouldn’t be long before his cock was rock hard again, and I had some more work for that wonderful stiffness.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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