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Curing Mom’s Addiction Ch. 01

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Story description: A son makes his mother a fuck-slut to cure her addiction but finds there’s more going on than a single affliction.


Provocative Position

It was early Saturday morning at 1:15 am when Chris heard his mom stumble through the front door.

He’d been concerned for her wellbeing and had waited up. He’d gone through this same scenario repeatedly for over two months and he’d reached his breaking point. She needed to be reined in before she harmed herself or others. He just didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

He supposed the whole mess started when she decided to find the right man, or to point, failed to find one. Alone, sad, and at a bar, she gave in to sorrow and began binge drinking that saw no end.

He believed he knew what troubled her. In her mind, she believed being a 42-years old divorcee with a 19-year old son, created a roadblock for most men. It didn’t matter that she was sexy cougar that wore tight low-cut dresses to attract an eye. Her failure wasn’t her looks, it was when she spoke, or to point, didn’t speak. He assumed men simply found her too boring and conversations never moved further than that. Of course, drinking herself into a stupor probably didn’t help.

In some ways, he was grateful that she failed to attract a guy. Men in bars were not the type of people he wanted her to bring home. He feared they’d be drunkards or even worse. He imagined how dreadful their lives would be if such a man injected himself into their lives. For odd reasons, she seemed attracted to bad guys and was determined to find such a bloke. That wasn’t the type she needed. Moreover, there were better ways to search for the right man and it wasn’t in a tavern.

For the first few weeks, as she lethargically blundered into the house, he’d managed to guide her to bed. However, after that, it became tiresome and frustrating. He then decided that the best course of action was to leave her where she collapsed. It was his hope that when she woke up on the floor, she’d recognize she had a problem. So far, that hadn’t worked.

Overall, he knew what to expect when he entered the living room. No doubt, she would be passed out drunk somewhere between the entrance and her bedroom. As previously determined, he’d check on her and then leave her where she lay.

What he hadn’t expected was to find her bent over the arm of the couch with her short skirt hiked above her waist. She wore no panties and her curvy bottom and pussy were on full display.

“Oh, hell no,” he said to himself.

At first, he shamefully turned away and contemplated whether to get a blanket to cover her.

That moment was like the Devil on his shoulder arguing with his moral conscious. It was an instance where his instinct to do what was honorable became a short-lived idea. Assaulted with an onslaught of impure thoughts, he felt compelled to look at her womanly assets once again. Once framed in his sight, he couldn’t turn his ogling eyes from her.

He admitted she’d always been eye candy, but he’d never once thought of her as a sexual creature. She’d been known as mom and he had never viewed her any other way.

Now, something was different. Observing her posed in that provocative position made him feel awkwardly aroused and it caused his dick to harden. The moment he experienced that pleasant tingle flowing along his spine, he knew he had a problem.

His mind ran rapid. Oh fuck, I’m turned on. This is insane, she’s my mom. But I can’t help it, seeing her posed this way has made me horny. It feels wrong, yet, that’s the reason it’s so enticing. Fuck it, I’m taking my clothes off. She’ll never know I jerked off while staring at her pussy.

Chris hastily removed his clothes and then sat naked in a chair behind her.

He felt weirdly tantalized by the idea of doing something extremely nasty and knowing no repercussions would stem from the immoral act.

Again, his mind battled with the ethnicity of the deed, but in the end, he argued that the action was justified. After all, it was ultimately her fault. She was the one dressed like a promiscuous woman without panties. It was her that came home drunk and passed out in a suggestive posture that welcomed him to be naughty.

No, he decided, he wouldn’t feel guilty for what he was about to do.

With a clear conscience, he stroked his cock while watching her. At first, he felt uneasy, but oddly after several tugs, that sensation dissipated. Strangely, knowing the woman bent over the sofa was his mom made him harder and it provoked wicked fantasies.

After a few minutes of yanking his pecker, a perverse thought entered his mind. What if I got close and intimately caressed her? In her condition, she’d never know.

Jerking his prick with one hand, he stood and then walked up behind her.

When he came within a foot her, he became nervous. Racked by insecurity over the plan, he was initially unsure as to how to proceed. After a few moments, he convinced himself to simply touch gorukle escort bayan her. In thought, he told himself, she’s oblivious and will never know.

Now binding himself to the deed, he ran his free hand around her smooth rounded butt cheeks and along her curvy waist. He admired her shapely box for a while and then followed those actions with a long downward stroke along her inner thigh. Becoming anxious to touch her most intimate prize, he barreled back up and hesitated a few inches from her pussy.

He trembled from a pleasant chill produced from anticipation for his next sinful act.

Slowly he slid his fingers upon the tender flesh of his mother’s vagina.

His dick twitched and pulsed as he played with her.

After a minute, the uneasy feeling struck again. He became worried that she might awaken from his illicit touch.

When he listened to her lightly snoring, he became confident that his concerns were misplaced. She was simply too shit-faced and would remain oblivious to his indecent manipulations.

Again, another nasty thought came to him. What if I touched her with my hard dick? I’ll rub it up and down her crack while jerking it.

The idea of doing that to his sexy mom was enough enticement to cause a small driblet of precum to surge to the tip of his cock.

Using that drip as a lubricant, he smeared it along her slit and used the same action to splay open her pussy lips. Now divided, he proceeded to slither the broad head of his cock up and down with a repetitious stroke. With an additional urge to be wicked, he boosted his excitement by purposely rubbing the crown repeatedly against her clit.

Curious and explorative by nature, he thought, if I pleasured her, will she get aroused and become wet?

With that intended goal in mind, he spent a considerable amount of time pleasing her in this manner.

When he felt wetness lathering the head of his dick, he looked down at her pussy.

Her clit was engorged and distended like a large pearl. Her mound had flushed red and had become plump and well defined. Where his dick traveled, her inner lips had thickened and were now coated with a sticky white film.

What truly thrilled him was seeing her pussy gape with a rounded tunnel.

He observed that cavernous void glistening and felt warm moisture radiate from it. Such temptation couldn’t be ignored, and he no longer questioned the morality of his next action.

Chris angled the tip of his cock to the rim of that cavity and then slowly plunged in.

As her tunnel enveloped his shaft, the sensation was wondrously soothing. It was as if his cock slid into pipe coated with wet silk. It sent a tingle down his spine and urged him to thrust deeper.

Grasping his mom’s wide waist with both hands, he started fucking her.

It wasn’t long before she began to stir.

She flung her right arm behind her back to sluggishly wave her intruder away and then drunkenly rambled, “Hoe’s—pucking meee?”

Chris continued to pleasurably pump his dick into his mom. He was now too committed to be shaken by her blustering awareness. If anything, it gave him an idea as to how to handle it.

He replied, “Your son is fucking you. Don’t you remember? You came home drunk and horny and you begged me to. You told me not to stop until I made you come.”

She slurred, “Noh, noh, yew kant puck yewr mather—oh, oh…”

In conflict with that agitated rant, her incoherent words traveled off and blurred into a drawling succession of pleasurable moans.

Her willpower to resist evaporated before such thoughts could form. Instinctually, she shuffled back to plant her feet firmly on the floor. She then moved her hips with small gyrations that soon morphed into fervent undulations of her pelvis to intentionally push his cock deeper.

He was befuddled by her behavior. He had expected her fight, but instead, she had easily yielded to passion and was now frantically fucking him back. He considered the possibility that her inebriated condition had influenced her to believe his story and she had accepted it as fact.

The probability that she had absorbed his rendition as truth, gave him the wackiest of ideas. Since he was already in a situation that could land him in serious trouble, he figured it was in his best interest to give his crazy plan a chance.

Chris exclaimed, “Mom, this is important, so listen to me. Remember, you always fantasized about being fucked by your son. That’s why you forced me to have sex with you. You said to use you like a nasty whore. Do you understand what you told me?”

Her head nodded an affirmative and she moaned out a muted, yes.

He then continued by saying, “You said you wanted me to take control of your life. You made me promise to force you to adhere to your wishes no matter what. Do you remember telling me that?”

Again, she nodded an affirmative and groaned out a muffled, yes.

He then ratcheted up his fucking and then said, “You begged me to nilüfer escort bayan turn you into a fuck-slut. You encouraged me to use you sexually however I pleased. Mom, now listen carefully, this is your last chance to reconsider, are you absolutely sure this is what you want?”

Donna grunted in tune with every plunge of her son’s dick as he rambled out those naughty declarations. In a delirium, she didn’t understand the premise, but she did comprehend specific phases that strangely made her wetter.

Her son’s last question lingered in her muddled thoughts like an echo. In her state of mind, his words had turned her on. She knew he waited for an answer. In her moment of bliss, she would agree to anything he asked of her, so she frantically nodded an affirmative and cried, “Ues!”

Chris decided to reaffirm his statements as a means of reinforcement, so he said, “Are you my personal fuck-slut to do with sexually as I please?”

She said, “Ues, I’m yewr puck-sut.”

“Will you behave like a nasty whore and do whatever I say?”

“Ues, I’m a basty hoore. Do anytang,” she mumbled.

He said, “Do you enjoy being fucked by your son?”

She rotated her hips while repeatedly shoving her mound against him and rambled, “Puck me, oh, oh, oh…barder, puck me, barder!”

He smiled and pounded her faster to match the grinding movement of her of rear.

She moaned and then loudly said, “Yewr dik eels gud in me.”

He replied, “Mom, saying that makes me want to come. Do you want me to creampie your pussy?”

Her eyes immediately broadened, her body tensed, and then she desperately wailed, “Noh, noh, yew kant cum in yewr mather! Yewl bind ues…”

He replied, “I didn’t understand your blathering, but you sounded excited by the idea. With your promiscuous behavior of trying to pick up random men from a bar, you better not be stupid enough not to be on the pill.”

She blubbered and began swiveling her head frantically from side to side to suggest a negative connotation.

He disregarded her show of agitation as movement produced by her aroused state.

He said, “Remember, you’re my fuck-slut. You begged me to cream you.”

For odd reasons, his words affected her and made her more frenzied. He was aghast when her pussy suddenly clamped down and tugged his cock like she was milking it.

Although still plastered, her words became clear from a surge of adrenaline and she cried, “Yes, do it, gift your mother. Seed me with a fucken baby!”

Hearing her talk nasty and feeling her pussy milk his prick, was enough stimulation to urge ejaculation.

He immediately rammed her rear and thrust his dick deep while simultaneously jettisoning a long stream of semen into his mother.

The moment Donna felt her son unload in her, she began convulsing. The idea of her son creaming her was the ignition switch for a climax.

This became a moment where both mother and son had a powerful orgasm in sequential order.

As Chris ejaculated, he watched his mom passionately shudder and felt her vagina intensely palpitate as it crimped his dick tight. He’d never experience something so miraculous. It compelled him to make several repeated lunges to spurt cum until his balls emptied.

Now spent and no longer swayed by incestuous lust, Chris felt tremendous guilt over what he had just done. Not only had he fucked his mother, he had creampied her pussy full of teenage jizz.

He waited for her to relax and loosen her grip on his dick before pulling out.

As soon as he vacated her hole, he watched in amazement as driblets of gooey spunk bubbled from her honeypot. Following that action, it dribbled down like viscous strands to splotch the carpet as white gelatinous wads.

He began to panic.

“No, no, no, shit, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

He paused and then said, “Mom?”

She was snoring.

“What the fuck? I can’t believe she went back to sleep. What do I do now?”

He crumbled backward onto the floor and sat with his legs crossed while watching cum leak from his mom’s crack.

In thought, he began arguing with himself. Am I really going to follow through with this insane plan? I admit, she’s out of control and getting worse. If I don’t master her, she’s going to kill herself or someone else from excessive drinking.

Honestly, I can’t believe she let me fuck her, much less enjoyed it. For that matter, even intoxicated, how could anyone believe the crazy shit I said.

If I move forward with this perverse notion, I don’t see an ending. Even if I convinced her this bullshit was her idea, how could anyone willingly submit to being used as a sexual plaything? Yeah, when I phrase it like that it does sound enticing, at least from my perspective. I admit I’m now sexually attracted to her. After having a taste, I really don’t want it to stop.

I could end it now. In the morning, the whole mess could be attributed to some other bloke having intercourse bursa otele gelen escort bayan with her in an alleyway. Her nighttime fuck was just a hazy dream induced by her sozzled condition. It could all be easily explained away with no further complications.

Then again, my mom was radically turned on by the idea of being used as a fuck-slut. Hell, she became more lustful and had an orgasm knowing I ejaculated in her. Let’s face it, when she’s drunk, she becomes a promiscuous slut that’s easily manipulated. My plan would work flawlessly if she were shit-faced 24-7, but she isn’t always drunk. How can I possibly put this wacky scheme into action when she’s clearheaded?

After a lengthy deliberation, Chris eventually talked himself into following through with his diabolical plot. He knew there were realistic options to cure his mom’s addiction, but after his experience of fucking her, he found it difficult change his mind.

He had not only come up with an idea for implementation, he had also figured out a way to perhaps give her life a happy ending. At least, that was his hope. Overall, coercing her to live as a submissive whore wasn’t the main objective. At least, that’s what he kept telling himself. He knew at some point, there had to be a conclusion.

First, he needed to clean up the cum and then prepare before she wakes. Lastly, he required sleep because today was going to get real busy.



Chris was awakened by repeated jabs to his back that colluded with agitated cries from his mother.

He rolled from his stomach to his side and wiped his sleepy eyes.

Donna was frantic when she said, “Chris, we’ve been robbed, and I’ve been raped!”

He saw his mother’s shadowy nakedness draped by a blanket that was held together by two shaking hands that clasped the edges.

He casually angled his elbow, dropped it on the pillow and then propped his head in his hand. He stared at her with a mischievous smile.

She yelled, “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you hear me? We need to call the police!”

He calmly replied, “No, there’s no need for the cops. You haven’t been raped and we haven’t been robbed.”

“All my clothes are missing, including my undergarments. Someone shaved me down there. Ah, my sex is completely bald. I can tell I’ve been molested because, ah—I just know. Why are you smiling? What the hell’s going on?” she said.

Chris said, “Seriously? You don’t remember?”

“What are you talking about? I came home drunk. Did I bring a man with me? I vaguely remember—”

“The answer is, yes, you copulated with a man. You behaved like a raving slut and when he ejaculated. Shit, you frenziedly orgasmed from it.”

“How do you know this? It’s not possible, I can’t orgasm with strangers—never mind. Did you watch it happen? Oh, my God, I’m not using birth control.”

Her statement traumatized him. He couldn’t believe she’d been so foolish.

He heatedly said, “You’re not on the pill! What the heck is wrong with you? You’re picking up random men, having sex and being stupid. Are you trying to get pregnant?”

Her eyes watered, and she replied, “No—yes. Fuck, I don’t know. I’m not getting younger. Maybe it’s time you had a sibling.”

Perturbed by that declaration and now determined to shock her with the truth, Chris hastily rose up from under the cover completely nude. He then quickly dropped himself at the edge of the bed to face his mother. Giving her a stern look, he sat with his legs open to purposely display his raging boner.

Donna yelped and immediately turned her head.

Disturbed by her son’s behavior, she said, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you naked and showing yourself to me? That’s sick, I’m your mother.”

It was then that she felt an invisible tug. It was a familiar sensation that she knew all too well. Only kindred blood could shackle her to that emotion.

Donna cried, “Oh, my God, you’ve done something stupid! Papa told me it was a mistake not to tell you. I should have listened.”

Chris angrily said, “I don’t know what you’re blabbering about, but I don’t care. Listen to me, I fucked you. I’m the guy that creampied your vagina and you freaked like you’d won the lottery. You wanted me to use you like a whore. Does fuck-slut ring any bells in your noggin?”

Donna widened her eyes and started shaking.

She then mumbled, “Oh dear, you have no idea what you’ve done.”

Chris replied, “You’re not making any sense. Didn’t you hear what I said? I ejaculated in you and it’s your fault you’re not on birth control. I call that stupid.”

Now disturbed, Donna loudly exclaimed, “Foolish boy, you’ve bonded us. Oh, my Lord, I need to remember what you did.”

Confused by that irrational reaction, he hesitated a response before bluntly saying, “Yes, it was me. I pounded into you hard and you fucken loved it.”

Donna ignored him. She needed to access her memory. She turned away from his ranting and forced her mind to break through those inebriated thoughts from last night.

Her eyes suddenly broadened when the truth was revealed. The revelation caused her to gasp for breath.

She then realized she had made a horrible mistake. The actions of her son should have remained deeply buried and inaccessible, but it was now too late.

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