Cum Play Again?

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About six months after meeting Marcus he had encouraged me to buy a vibrator ÔÇô not because he wasn’t UP to the task but because, well let’s just say I have an insatiable appetite, one that he’s happy to fill if he can, but a guy’s gotta work. So anyway, I bought a vibrator and got next to no work done for days. I even managed to miss a few texts from Marcus, which got him worried.

Early one afternoon I found myself lying around with not much to do so I grabbed my “new best friend”, lay completely naked in the middle of my bed and slowly let the vibrations wash over my moistening mound. I started moaning, deeply, so much so that I didn’t hear the tap on my door or the sound of someone coming in my (apparently unlocked) front door.

I was teasing the entrance to my pussy with the tip of my vibrator when Marcus appeared at my bedroom door. We locked eyes and everything stopped. I mean, what are you supposed to say in that position. I started mumbling an explanation when I saw Marcus’ face spread into a wide grin. “Please, don’t stop on my account.” He said as he started to remove his tie. “I’m quite enjoying the view.”

I resumed rubbing my juicy pussy with that plastic, black cock while Marcus watched. Not taking his eyes of me, he removed the rest of his clothing and instinctively started kaynarca escort to pull on his growing erection. He moved towards the bed, seemingly entranced by the sight. “Can I play too?” he inquired cheekily. I was almost at the point of no return so a nod was all I could muster.

Marcus took hold of my “toy” and started to ease it, inch by inch, into my now, well oiled pussy while he continued to stroke himself with his other hand. I was started to breathe sharply when Marcus suddenly withdrew the substitute cock, rolled over on the bed and pulled me up onto his upstanding cock. I promptly impaled myself on him and he moaned deeply. Slowly, teasingly I rhythmically eased myself on and off his cock. I could hear him moaning my name softly, beneath his breath and I knew he was about to cum. As much as I enjoyed watching Marcus orgasm (it was the only time the man ever seemed to lose control of a situation) I wasn’t ready for it to happen so quickly today.

I removed him from my now dripping pussy and knelt beside him on all fours. Instead of grabbing his huge cock and pulling himself to satisfaction, as I thought Marcus would, he sat perfectly still, entranced by my open pussy and tight little arsehole staring him in the face. I leaned over his body to reach my substitute cock and as I did orhanl─▒ escort so, Marcus eased his cock into my mouth. I sucked it gently for a few seconds but was aware of its highly aroused state, so I sprung it free from my mouth, picked up my vibrator and returned to my position next to him.

Slowly, not wanting to rush Marcus’ exquisite torture, I pressed my fake, black cock into my warm, throbbing depth. I even surprised myself by releasing an involuntary squeal of pleasure when the large base of the cock rubbed my pulsating clit. Marcus replaced my hand with his and held the vibrator in place while I pushed myself forwards and backwards, stoking the length of the shaft with my eager pussy.

I saw his still erect cock bobbing up and down to the rhythm of the bed. Instinctively I took it in my mouth and sucked and swallowed as though my very life depended on it. Marcus groaned and started to thrust the plastic cock deeper and deeper inside me. With his other hand he began to rub one finger tip, covered in my own juices, around my little rosebud of an arsehole.

Marcus knows how much I love having his full length buried deep in my arse so I knew exactly what this little tickling was leading to. Or at least, I thought I did. In quick succession he slid one, two, three of his finders into tepe├Âren escort my tight arse.

“Marcus!” I cried out without thinking. As I did so, his cock popped out of my mouth. I hurried to take it back in but before I could, Marcus had sat up and was moving around to position himself behind me. The hand holding the vibrator never even broke its rhythm.

“Hold on Jedda,” Marcus whispered in my ear, “it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Before I could reply he had replaced his three fingers with his rigid cock. It was now pressing steadily into my already slick arse. Deeper and deeper he pushed, and the more he pushed the more I felt waves of pleasure and abandonment wash over me. Marcus thrust himself into me entirely and I could feel his cock pressed up against the still pulsating cock in my pussy, separated by what felt like the flimsiest piece of skin.

Marcus pulled out and thrust in again and again and again all the while calling my name. I could feel his balls slap against the base of the vibrator. I couldn’t ever remember being able to take the whole thing before but right here, right now I knew anything was possible. I felt completely filled and climbing to the strongest orgasm of my life.

“Jedda!” Marcus cried, as wave after wave of his cum burst into what felt like my very bowels. I came seconds later in a spasmodic shudder, feeling totally spent but satisfied.

I knew right there and then, that I was ready for a sandwich. I wanted to be filled with two throbbing cocks at the same time.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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