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Crystal Waves Ch. 01

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I don’t want to bore you with all of the details of my nightmare. Let’s just say that the decline began when I won the lottery, and ended when I decided to throw away my former life. From my cheating wife walking away with my daughter and ten million, to the endless lineup of newly found relatives and friends who felt they deserved a piece of me, I had experienced just about everything evil that life had to offer.

My depression turned my world grey. I could not even speak to a stranger without suspecting some scheme to carve out another piece of my heart or mind. I was alone. After a long bout of drinking and drugs landed me in a private hospital, I found peace. No one came to visit me. No one knew I was there. The staff had no idea who I was, and they didn’t seem to care. I forged a few very good relationships there – the only real part of my life at that point.

Ali, a tiny nurse with a contagious laugh and smile, was living her life to the fullest. She had fallen in love. She had gotten married and was going on her honeymoon soon. The Honduras was her home before moving to Canada. Her new husband was going to take her back there. Her happiness was bright enough to light up even my spirits. She suggested that I travel. I decided that she was right. If I could find peace in seclusion, and if I could find happiness vicariously through her good fortune, then why could I not find my own new life – my own new happiness?

This realization brought my thoughts back to Jamaica. Once when I travelled there, I stayed for a time in Negril. I learned to sail on the crystal clear water. I was in love at the time, so that may have altered my perceptions a bit, but I was also at peace. I remembered laying under the sun looking up at the large white sail overhead. The sun would reflect off of the dancing waves of the ocean and project up onto that white canvass. Crystal waves, I thought. Best place I could think of to start over.

I packed up my personals into three stainless steel suitcases. I left everything else to be sold with my condo. I left no forwarding address.

Chapter One – New Life

I kept my sailboat moored just off shore at a marina very close to the hottest party spots along Negril Beach. The beach itself was miles and miles long. Not fully developed yet, there was small clusters of resorts separated by long spans of untouched white beaches. Often locals would use these areas for camping, picnics and swimming. The main highway – a single lane clay road – could often be seen from the ocean through the grass and palm trees. The party spots and resort areas were for tourist only, and were littered with small sail craft, personal watercraft, and various other water toys, chairs and umbrellas. Often parasailers would drift by shortly after some large jet boat that was pulling them. Local fishermen would just leave their white wood fishing boats pulled up onto the beach here and there. Off of the southwestern shore of Jamaica, and in somewhat of a bay, the waves were just right for learning to sail, snorkel, scuba and windsurf.

I kept to myself, and took in the sunshine. The depression I had felt was lifted, but would come back with any hangover. I called it the dread. So, I liked to party – but almost always kept my wits about me, fearing the dread that my former life would come back to stay.

Marli, a beautiful local waitress, would always flirt with me when I would come to shore for a cold beer. Her little bar was called the Pink Clamshell. It was owned and operated by mostly local women from Negril. We would laugh about Manisa Escort the bar name, and what pink clam referred to back in Canada. She asked me if I had ever been with a Jamaican woman. I told her no, and she asked how the hell could I know what color her clam was. The staff all laughed about it. One time, when leaving her tip, I wrote “All women are beautiful and pink on the inside, Love Christopher.” on the bill. The next day I realized that I had been drunk, and I may have overstepped my boundaries. She was a good friend and I didn’t want to lose that. She had been hurt before, and was not looking for a relationship. I hoped that I hadn’t chased her away.

That very same afternoon, she showed up at my boat on her brothers sea-doo. I didn’t know what to think. I half expected to get reamed out right there on my own boat! She disarmed me with her bright smiling eyes as she pulled up to the aft steps on the port side. She shut off the sea-doo and hollered to me asking for permission to come aboard. I thought that seemed quite formal, given that she had been on my boat before. She usually became mockingly formal with me at the bar when she was flirting with me – calling me captain and sir. I decided to play along – asking her what was the nature of her business. She smiled and said that her business was pleasure. I almost cut her off telling her that she was welcome aboard. She giggled and stepped onto the swim platform. I wasn’t sure if she was giggling at the familiar banter, or the excitement in my voice. My mouth felt dry, and my face felt hot. Her skin was glistening wet from the ride, and she was wearing much less than I was used to seeing her in. Yellow on chocolate! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

As she approached me, she looked at my face and said that it looked like I had had too much sun. I knew she could tell that I was blushing, but she wanted me to relax. At that, I suggested that we sit under the bimini in the shade and have a cold drink. She agreed and led the way to the centre of the boat. I could not help but stare at her perfect round bottom, gently separated by a thin strip of yellow fabric. Her body was so toned, yet her skin was thick enough to make her seem so soft. I wanted to feel her body up against mine.

The yellow bikini that she was wearing made her dark flawless skin look like smooth creamy mocha ice cream. She took my hand and led me down the two steps to the cabin well. She turned and sat down, looking concerned, not letting go of my hand. I asked her what was the matter, and she said to get her the drink I promised. I cracked a bottle of Champagne that I kept in the chiller and brought it out with two flutes. She was silent as I poured her a glass. When I handed it to her, she said “Service with a smile?” and giggled nervously.

She poured back the whole glass and put it down, looking determined. She then asked if I was in love with her. I thought for a second and then said that honestly I would have to say no. I clarified that I had very little trust for people in general at that point in my life, and that women especially were difficult to trust. No trust, no love. She smiled – a reaction that I did not expect. She seemed to be completely relieved. For the next hour we sat around drinking Champagne and flirting and joking like we usually did at the Pink Clamshell.

I knew that my written remarks on the bill had not offended her, so I asked her if she saw it. She said that she never thought that I would consider anything sexual with a Jamaican woman until she saw that note. She assumed that I was not Manisa Escort Bayan interested because of how relaxed I was with her in the bar…most men were very nervous around her. She was wrong. I told her so then. She said that she knew she wanted me from the first time we met. She was unsure of my preferences, which is part of the reason why she asked me if I had ever been with a Jamaican woman. When I said no, she was left unsure as to my motives – friendship or lover.

I told her that I would cherish both types of relationship with her, but that we would always be friends. She wanted to lay in the sun, so we moved to the netting across the bow of the boat. It was like a giant hammock, causing us to roll together at the centre. We laid there for hours, quietly looking up into the sky, and down into the crystal clear waves.

She asked me to rub some lotion into her skin on her back and legs. She giggled again at the excited tones in my voice when I agreed. As I had thought, she was so very toned, yet her skin was thick and soft to the touch. I moved my hands very slowly, savouring every valley and every crest. She told me that she loved the feel of my hands on her body. I was as gentle and exact as I could be – wanting to explore every inch of exposed flesh. I could not stop the bulge in my trunks from expanding. She told me to untie the bow at the back of her bikini top. As I did, she reached down and undid the two bows at the sides of her bikini bottoms. In one instant, she was completely exposed to me. She told me not to miss a single inch with that lotion. I couldn’t speak. I just did what I was told.

When all that was left to lotion was her bottom, I massaged her firm, round cheeks entirely, hesitating when it came to the crack between them. “Every inch please.” she coaxed. I slid my fingers between her ass cheeks from the bottom of her back down across her anus and beyond to the edge of her soft lips. My erection was now so hard that my swim trunks could no longer hold it pressed up against my body. I was tingling all over. I spent some time massaging her ass, outside, and between. She purred, and then rolled over with a relaxed smile on her face and her eyes closed.

I was embarrassed at the reaction my body was having to this seemingly innocent massage. “I can see that you are enjoying this almost as much as I am.” she said. I was silent. I just gulped – my mouth wet and throat dry, and continued her massage on the front of her body.

Her nipples were puffy around the aureoles and erect in the centre. Her breasts were like the rest of her body, firm and soft. She had very faint tan lines where her bikini top and bottoms were, which was always a turn on for me.

“I can’t control this thing.” I said, looking down at the bulge in my trunks. We laughed about it for a few seconds, and then she said for me to finish her massage – every inch. Her stomach was very firm with just a hint of a pot belly below her belly button. The muscles in her stomach would flutter gently when my fingers would move down towards her hairless mound. g

When my fingers finally found her pussy, she inhaled deeply and then bit down on her lower lip. She was so hot and very wet. I slowly ran my middle finger up and down between her lips, alternating between entering her and then back up to her nib. Over and over again. My other two fingers slid up and down on the outside of her pussy lips on both sides, pushing them together around my middle finger. She arched her back, causing her breasts to thrust up towards me. I leaned in and took her Escort Manisa puffy nipple into my mouth, gently running my tongue all over it. Then, I did the same with the other breast. Her nipples tasted salty and sweet at the same time.

Her reactions to what I was doing made me even hotter. I thought I was going to get heat stroke and pass out. Her hand found its way to my trunks, and she was tracing the outer rim of my swollen head with her fingertips. Every once in a while, my whole body would twitch with a throb that went from my prostate right to the tip of my knob.

I told her that I was losing control, and she said that she was too. Suddenly, her vagina clamped down on my finger in a series of spasms, while her back arched up and her toes pointed straight out. She moaned as the orgasm jolted her several times. She blurted out something in Jamaican that I can not remember, and then subsided back onto the bow netting. She looked completely relaxed and at peace. Her hand, still on my shorts, but not moving.

I laid down beside her and held her gently. I could not resist. I brought my fingers up and sucked them into my mouth. Her juices had flooded my hand, and tasted so good. She opened her eyes and watched me savour her flavours on my fingers. She was silent. She watched and continued to rub my shorts as I revelled. It had been so long since I had tasted and smelled the essence of a beautiful woman. I couldn’t believe that I could be this happy again.

She told me that it looked like I was having too much fun. I didn’t realize how much I must have been grinning. I must have looked depraved. She liked it. She said that she wanted to taste me now. I told her that I was on the edge of orgasm right then, and that only served to make her more enthusiastic.

She slid my trunks off of me completely, and threw them at the cabin window. My erection stood out hard and proud. She rolled on top of my legs and pressed her breasts into my thighs – positioning herself with her mouth above my cock. She took the head into her mouth and licked around in the precum that had accumulated there beneath my foreskin. Delicious was the word she used before engulfing my whole cock all at once. The opening of her throat pulled back my foreskin around the head. This caused the head to expand even more. She just moved up and down about an inch with my knob in her throat. I couldn’t take any more. I began to spasm deep in my prostate and balls. These spasms were fierce, like someone was flicking my prick with their fingers. She pulled back so that the head was in her mouth, and began to hum a long Mmmmm as I filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed over and over, but some of my juices escaped between her full lips at the corner of her mouth. I was spent.

Marli sat up on my legs like as if she was going to ride me cowgirl stile. This gave me the opportunity to grab her juicy ass while looking at her full breasts. Her nipples were still puffy and hard. I looked up at the smile on her face and that made me smile in return. She noticed that I was staring at those puffy nipples. She reached up and took the little drop of cum from the corner of her mouth between her thumb and index fingers. Then she reached down and slowly rubbed that cum all over her nipples. I was hard again instantly.

Within seconds, she was impaled on my pole. She rode me slowly, then fast, then slow, then fast. We were overheating. She was sluggish, like as if she needed a rest, and I was spent. She pulled off of me. Into her mouth I went again. It did not take long before my balls were pumping and thumping once again. She swallowed what she could, and smeared the rest all over her breasts. That was it. I figured I would have heat stroke for certain.

We put back on our suits without saying a word. We went to the cabin well for a cold glass of water and some shade.

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