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Crowded Places with Mom

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The tourists on the tropical island were in a frenzy when their cruise ship was put out of commission and was being sterilized. Several passengers had been placed under quarantine. American military ships had arrived for an evacuation.

Now Jennifer was being told that her son could face a temporary quarantine. All because her son coughed! Just once!

Sure, they could have waited for the next evacuation, but there were two significant factors at play:

1) Jennifer played the lead clarinet as part of the Chicago orchestra. Soon she’d be in the midst of non-stop rehearsals and a booked series of performances. She had to return home or else there was the possibility that she could be replaced from her dream job.

2) Her son Dylan was on Spring break from college and it was his final semester. Dylan was taking important math courses and his attendance was crucial to pass and get his degree. This trip was partially an early reward for his hard work.

Now here they were, instead of having a leisurely trip home after an amazing tropical vacation, they were miserable, stuck in a terminal building. They were still dressed in small tshirts, shorts, and had flip flops on their feet.

Hundreds of passengers waited in several long lines to get through security screenings from the local customs agents to reach the American military ships.

“I honestly don’t understand,” Jennifer pleaded with an agent. “All my son did was cough. According to all the public information, one cough isn’t enough to raise suspicion. It’s absurd.”

The two men seemed ill-equipped to deal with biological threats. They were used to checking for contraband and making sure that paperwork and passports were correct. But not this.

“Ma’am, we heard a cough,” the agent said. “You are free to return home to America, but Dylan must go to the medical tent.”

Jennifer scoffed. “I’m certainly not leaving without my son. Please, I’m begging you. Review the advisory warnings.”

The men looked at each other, confused.

“Ma’am, will you step aside and wait for the doctor? The lines are long. Thank you. We appreciate your patients.”

Following orders, Jennifer and her son stepped aside while those agents tended to other vacationers. There must have been at least 400 people in the terminal building.

“Oh god,” Dylan sighed, utterly depressed. “I’m so sorry, mom. Those chili peppers at lunch really messed me up.”

Although Jennifer’s taste buds were built for spicy foods, her son’s weren’t. She couldn’t be upset with her son over this. After all, it was her fault for insisting that her son try some of the local favorites, knowing they were extremely spicy.

Jennifer shook her head. “Don’t be sorry. This is ridiculous. I’m sure that once we speak to the doctor, things will be sorted out.”

“You think so? Everything seems chaotic.”

She looked at the desperation in her son’s eyes. As much as she worried about her vital role in the orchestra, she was even more worried about her son’s well-being. She could hardly stand to imagine Dylan being placed under quarantine in a foreign country.

“We’ll be okay,” she said, rubbing her son’s shoulder. “I promise we’ll be on the next ship out of here.”

A local doctor wearing a lab coat and face mask approached them, along with the same two customs agents. The doctor held a phone in his hand and looked mildly uncertain about what he was doing.

“Are you the person who coughed?” the masked doctor asked Dylan. “Just one cough, correct?”

Dylan nodded emphatically. “That’s right, just once because of something I ate for lunch. It’s nothing. It stopped already.”

“It’s true,” Jennifer chimed in. “It’s actually my fault. My son doesn’t have a tolerance for spicy food, which I encouraged him to eat today.”

“Are you a medical expert?” the masked doctor asked.

“Well, no. I’m not. It’s something I read on official press releases.”

How she wished she currently had a wifi connection on her phone so that she could show the doctor what she had recently read online. Surely that would clear things up and they’d be excused.

“Ma’am, please follow me and we will attempt to resolve the situation.”

They followed the men to a side office in the terminal. The room was small with glass walls. There were posters and different instructionals taped on the glass, which did very escort bayan little to keep people from looking inside.

It wasn’t even soundproof either. They could still hear all the loud commotion going on inside the terminal.

“We need a sample,” the doctor asked, making strange, open and close gestures with his hand.

Dylan asked, “What do you mean?”

“A sample, a sample. Cum sample.”

This time, the local doctor was more blatant, pointing directly at Dylan’s crotch, before making the open and close hand gesture a few more times.

“Are you kidding?” Jennifer asked, doing her best to be polite in this crazy situation. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Look here.”

The doctor showed them the phone which had a website on the screen. In plain English was the following note; –The first sign of an infected male is a yellow consistency to his semen. White semen is a sign of good health.

Below that were two pictures of male semen. One was slightly yellow, indicating an infected male. And the other was perfectly white, showing a healthy, non-infected male.

Jennifer had never been so confused. Before this trip, and while staying at the beachside hotel, she had studied all of the contemporary information on the virus. She knew the ins and outs of how it spread and what the early signs were.

But she had never seen this before.

“Wait a minute, can I see that?” Jennifer inquired.

The doctor pulled his phone away. “This is government property. I cannot let you touch this phone.”

“What website is that? I mean, are you sure that’s for the virus that’s going around?”

“Ma’am, you are not a medical expert. The website is clear. All we need is a white colored sperm sample and that will be the end.”

“And if he doesn’t comply?”

“Then this young man will be placed under quarantine until he is cleared after a few days. In the meantime, you are free to leave, since you are not a suspect.”

Jennifer turned to her son in horror, and she saw the same reaction on her son’s face. This was a nightmare. Plain and simple. It was one of the worst fears for any traveler going abroad and it would upend their lives if they weren’t able to leave on schedule.

“What do you think?” she asked her son. “It’s incredibly intrusive and I’m pretty sure it’s wrong.”

Dylan gulped. “It’s super embarrassing, but harmless. I’ll just do it really quick and we can go home.”

The doctor nodded. “Good man. Take out your penis and finish this. We are all very busy and have things to do.”

“Wait, why here?” Jennifer asked, protecting her son. “Can this be done somewhere with more privacy? For goodness sake, there are hundreds of people outside and they can see us through the glass.”

“Ma’am, if your son is infected, it’s better if we know immediately.”

“Aren’t there privacy laws here?”

“Ma’am, your son can face the wall for privacy. Public safety is more important than your son’s shame. Also, I am 100% certain that everyone in this terminal has seen a penis before. What is the big deal?”

This doctor and the armed men seemed genuinely perplexed that this would even be an issue. There was definitely a cultural difference at play here. Because there’s no way a man in western society would ever be forced to produce a sperm sample in front of so many people, without facing a major lawsuit.

“They won’t budge,” she said to her son. “It’s hopeless.”

He sighed. “It’s okay, leave without me. I can make it home by myself when this is over.”

“No way. I’ll never leave you behind.”

“Then what should we do?”

She pursed her lips while thinking. “Listen, if you’re okay with giving these men a sample right now, I’d understand. I won’t judge you for it. And I’ll never make a snarky comment on it.”

As expected, her son was shocked. They were both speechless for several seconds as the officials gave them time to work this out. Also as expected, she saw that reality was sinking in and her son realized they had no other choice. Masturbate right here for everyone to see, or be stuck in quarantine these next few days.

“I’m so embarrassed,” he said, slowly moving his hands towards his crotch.

“No, it’s fine. Come here, face the wall. I’ll stand behind you so that people won’t be able to see it.”

As her son faced the wall, she knew she altıparmak escort bayan was doing the impossible. There was simply no way to fully obscure the sight of her masturbating son. Her only hope was that people were so panicked that they’d mind their own business and not look inside this room.

She stood behind her son to protect him. She heard her son unzip and saw his hand working. Even with the noisy terminal, she heard a flapping noise coming from her son’s crotch.

“What’s wrong?” Jennifer asked, recognizing the sound of a penis failing to come to life.

“I can’t get hard. I’ve never been in a situation like this before, especially with those guys watching me.”

She turned and saw the doctor and armed customs agent staring without shame. They were doing their jobs, or so they thought. This wasn’t about sexual pleasure for them, they just wanted to hurry up and get this over with.

“Maybe I can help,” she told her son. “Do you mind?”


“What choice do we have? Would you rather flap it around for an hour, or would you rather have it finished? Your decision.”

He exhaled. “Fine, go ahead. It’s worth the extra humiliation if we can leave quicker.”

Jennifer stepped to the side of her son, and while looking in the opposite direction towards the crowd, she reached down to find her son’s penis. When she grabbed, the whole thing was smooshed in the palm of her hand and it was totally soft. Feeling her son’s penis was like a strange dream. It was so surreal she could hardly believe it.

Her eyes scanned the terminal through the glass walls and thankfully no one was looking (as of that moment). She glanced at the local officials who watched this with keen eyes. Then she looked away, keeping her eyes down towards the floor.

The cock in her hand turned erect. It was like magic that a mother could turn her flaccid son’s penis into an erection, she thought. Like any modern woman, she knew all about handjobs. She gave the shaft a firm squeeze and stroked, trying not to feel mortified that she was giving sexual pleasure to her son in a crowded place.

“Is this working?” she asked, still looking away.

Dylan’s voice was low. “Yeah, I’m hard… ummm… obviously. It feels good.”

“It better.”

She rested the side of her head against her son’s arm as she stroked. She had never felt so torn in her entire life. This was her son’s dick! Now she was responsible for making it cum.

In between strokes, she began to feel her son’s erection falter. Dylan was a healthy and athletic young man. Erectile dysfunction at that age was possible, but unlikely.

“Nerves?” she asked, giving the cock a good squeeze and wiggle to wake it up.

He breathed deeply. “Yeah, kind of. Sorry, I’m really nervous and embarrassed.”

Jennifer used her fingertips to caress the penis and she had to think fast. She fully understood the predicament her son was in. If the roles had been reversed and she was the one who had to orgasm in front of so many people, she’d have the same problem.

Looking at the window walls of that small room, she saw tourists who were peeping inside while they waited in line, wondering if they could believe their eyes. Wondering if this was truly a handjob.

“I’m going to try something crazy,” she said, fighting the shame from tourists watching this. “Don’t flinch, okay? Just go along with it.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked, with his cock still losing steam from the nerves.

“I’ll give you a fast blowjob. Please, please, please don’t look.”

When she heard her son gasp, Jennifer said a quick prayer to herself, asking for understanding and forgiveness from God, before dropping down to her knees in front of her son’s penis. She was hoping that being on her knees would hide her from being seen by the public, but that was unlikely.

Avoiding the sight of her son’s penis, she took it inside her mouth. It was one thing to have it in her hand. But in her mouth? She felt her pussy clench as she sucked off her son. She felt the cock twitch as she gulped it down. As she had always known, her mouth had a magic charm, whether it be playing the clarinet in the orchestra, or giving a man a blowjob, she knew what her talent was.

So she pushed aside the reality that she was committing incest, and instead focused on her nilüfer eskort clarinet abilities. She willed herself to consider this ‘practice’ for upcoming rehearsals. As she jerked her son’s shaft into her mouth, she imagined her fingers hitting the right keys. As she kept her lips wrapped tightly around her son’s penis, she imagined it was the mouthpiece to her musical instrument. And the people watching her give a blowjob were the audience.

As hard as she tried to make this non-sexual, the fact was, Dylan’s erection was far more enticing than playing the clarinet. Her pussy was drenched from this unholy sexual act. It was a totally different rush from performing a concert and she prayed none of these people would ever see her again.

Opening an eye to peer at the window, she saw herself being watched by at least a dozen confused adults — young and old — as she performed oral sex. The looks on their faces were of disbelief as they waited in line. Jennifer’s saving grace was that none of them could actually see Dylan’s cock in her mouth. All the tourists could see was her face buried and bobbing in Dylan’s crotch area.

She prayed again for divine help in the form of a speedy orgasm. While sucking, she also used her tongue, knowing how good it would make a man feel. Her mouth skills were effective and she could feel her son swelling and quivering. She blew air and hummed across her son’s head, as if she was playing her clarinet.

In the heat of the blowjob, with her son near the brink, she heard the doctor and customs agents whispering softly, yet frantically in the background. Their chatter was tough to hear because of the loud terminal, but her ears were sharp.

“Shit. Oh my fuck.”

“Wrong website.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Idiot.”

With the raging hard cock stuffed in her mouth, Jennifer managed to turn her head slightly to look at the officials, who were mystified while staring into that phone. Her suspicion was confirmed. The website was a farce. And this was all for nothing.

A normal mother would have spit their son’s cock out and raised hell. It was grounds for a public freakout and it would have been an international nightmare for this country, which was a famous tourist destination.

But the fact was, she loved her son too much to cause any further indignity. And her son was so close to an orgasm. What was a few more seconds of providing an oral service? She couldn’t find a good reason to stop. After all, part of being a great mother meant doing whatever it took to get a job done.

“Mom,” he said in a hushed tone. “Should we use a tissue? I’m close.”

She shook her head while sucking and stroking. She blew and hummed even more, which she knew that men loved during blowjobs. Playing the clarinet almost everyday had given her lungs and amazing breathing capacity which she used to help her son cum.

When it happened, her mouth was flooded. Several spurts of cum shot into the back of her throat and she nearly gagged, but didn’t. The next several shots landed on her tongue, which is exactly what she wanted for several more spurts, before her son’s orgasm faded.

Pretending she hadn’t heard the government officials’ secret chat, Jennifer pulled her mouth away and stuck her tongue out, showing those men the fruits of her oral labor; the pearly white cum which was a pool in her mouth.

“Excellent health,” the doctor said with a forced smile. “Can you wait a moment? We would like to provide you with free accommodations for a future visit, courtesy of our government.”

Jennifer pursed her lips and gulped the cum down. “We expect an amazing deal.”

The men hustled with the paperwork, seemingly scared to death that they’d be reported and jailed for accidentally coercing a mother/son blowjob from foreign tourists.

Jennifer licked her lips clean and swallowed the remainder. As she stood up, she tucked her son’s flaccid cock away. Looking to the window, she saw that dozens of tourists were in shock (or arousal, or both) that she had just risen from her knees and a penis had been in her mouth. If they only knew that it was her son’s penis…

When they left the office, Jennifer braced herself for more public humiliation. She held her chin high as she walked amongst the tourists who had watched her sucking. Presumably these people were smart enough to realize that she was Dylan’s mother.

As they walked to the ship, side by side, Dylan wrapped his arm around her in a defiant and brazen act of pride.

“You did whatever it took to get me free. I love you, mom.”

She snuggled her head on Dylan’s arm. “You better.”

The End

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