Eyl 18

Creative Writing Ch. 02

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Danica picked up her phone and smiled at the name on the screen.

“Hey there. What’s up?”

John Carter, her former high school English teacher and current instructor of a creative writing class she was taking during her summer break from college, replied, “I’ve got some news.”

“Tell me.”

“My wife and I are separated.”

“Holy shit, John. What happened? Did she find out?” Danica asked.

“No, no. You’re safe,” John told her. “This has been coming for a long time. When she got back from Florida with the boys after visiting her sister, she said it might be best if we separated for a while. She said she needed time to think. I’m sure her sister talked her into this. She always hated me.”

“I’m really sorry…for you,” Danica said. “Are you still going to teach the class? I mean, like, I know you have more important things on your mind right now, but it’s important to me.”

“Yes. Nothing really changes other than my address,” John said. “I’ll give that to you in a minute. Obviously, you are always welcome to visit.”

Danica grinned. “We’ll see. Maybe it’s time we cool it for a bit. I’m so sorry to hear this, John.”

“Thanks. I’d love to still see you, Danica. But, you’re right about maybe not every other day. Not that I didn’t enjoy that.”

Danica laughed and said, “I think we both did. Consider it research for my story, which will never turn out as well as what you and I did.”

“Here’s the address,” John said.

They chatted for another few minutes before hanging up. Afterwards, Danica just slouched on the couch, somewhat in shock of what just happened.

‘Marriage must really suck,’ she thought to herself.

Her mind spun with ramifications of the news. Primarily, how would this affect the relationship between her and John? However, even at nineteen, Danica was never one to pass up opportunities thrown into her lap, and this might be one. She often wondered about John’s wife when she and John were together. There had been a twinge of guilt at first, but Danica quickly got over it. Then she pondered what a wife in that situation—an apparently loveless marriage—would be feeling emotionally.

Never one to leave things to her imagination, Danica decided to act.

The next day, Danica put a few pages of the story she was writing for John’s creative writing class into a folder and drove to John’s old address. She prayed he would not be there. Danica rang the doorbell and soon was facing a quite pretty woman with shoulder length blonde hair and big, beautiful eyes.

“Hello,” Danica said. “Is Mr. Carter home?”

The woman hesitated before saying, “Uh, no. Can I help you?”

“I’m a student in his evening class and I wanted to give him some homework I completed.”

“John doesn’t live here anymore,” the woman said in a voice that seemed to be on the verge of breaking.

“But…he gave me this…oh God, I’m so sorry,” Danica said.

“It’s OK. It was rather sudden.”

When Danica did not respond or show any indication of leaving, the woman said, “Would you like to come in?”

“Oh, no,” Danica stated. “I couldn’t…I mean, I don’t want to intrude or anything.”

The woman smiled and said, “Come in.”

Danica obeyed.

It felt more than a little strange for her to be walking into a family room that she and John had shared so often. Once there, John’s wife said to Danica, “My name’s Cheryl, by the way.”

“Hi. I’m Danica.”

“If you want to leave the papers with me, I should be seeing John soon,” Cheryl told her.

“Maybe I’ll hang onto it,” Danica said. “I’ll just take it to class.”

“You can do all that online. Share files, I mean.”

Danica grinned at the obvious sarcasm in the remark.

“I know,” she replied. “But I prefer to have Mr. Carter read them while I’m there and then we can discuss it in person. It’s much better than chatting.”

Cheryl said, “What type of stories do you want to write?”

Danica lied and told her, “Romantic stuff. Like what you see on Hallmark Channel.”

“Well, there certainly is a market for THAT. You’ll do well, I’m sure.”

“Thanks. But I just got started writing, thanks mostly to Mr. Carter’s class in high school. He’s so good.”

Cheryl looked away for a moment, deep in thought it seemed to Danica. Then Cheryl asked, “Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, thanks. I won’t stay long.”

“It’s fine. I needed a distraction.”

Danica waited and then said, “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

Cheryl pursed her lips and nodded. Then said, “Yes, maybe I need to talk this through out loud so it makes some more sense to me.”

She took a deep breath. “I take the boys to Florida every summer when school’s out to visit my sister. They have a great time on the beach and I get to see Karen. We’ve always gotten along great. She’s a couple years older.”

Cheryl smiled and said, “She’s over forty, now. I’m still in my thirties.”

Danica laughed. “Good for you.”

“This trip was very different,” Cheryl said more seriously, looking down at the floor. “And forgive me. I have no idea why görükle escort bayan I’m saying this to someone I met ten minutes ago.”

Danica moved over to the couch, next to Cheryl. “It’s OK. We all need somebody sometimes.”

Nervously, Cheryl continued: “My sister and I have always been close. We did everything together, even double dating a couple times. I love her. But, last week she…well, she did something I wasn’t comfortable with.”

Danica studied Cheryl’s face. Cheryl said, “She kind of…you know, came on to me.”

“My God,” Danica moaned. “You mean…sexually?”

“Kind of.”

“There’s no ‘Kind of’ about it, Cheryl. Either she did or she didn’t”

“She did.”

“What did you do?”

Fighting back tears, Cheryl answered, “I made her stop. I told her it was wrong. I said sisters don’t do that, and she told me they do it all the time. But, here’s the weird part. The whole time I was telling her to stop, I didn’t want her to stop. Does that make any sense at all?”

Cheryl wiped a tear from under one eye.

Danica said, “This may sound presumptuous on my part, but I think I can help.”

Cheryl looked over inquisitively. “How’s that?”

“I used to think I was living in a pitch-black room,” Danica said calmly. “I thought I knew what was around me, but I kept bumping into things. Nothing was right. I felt all alone.”

She paused and added, “Then someone turned on the light. A girl my age. She led me out of the darkness and showed me all the wonderful things in the room that I had been missing all along. I came to understand not everyone is the same and that there’s nothing ‘weird’ about loving somebody that is the same sex as you. Ever since, I’ve felt free to just love the one I’m with.”

“How can a girl your age understand something like this?” Cheryl asked.

“Oh, it has nothing to do with age,” Danica replied. “It’s all about understanding who you are.”

“I’m almost forty and have no fucking clue, apparently,” Cheryl answered.

Danica laughed. “I do have to ask, though. You’ve been married…how long? And have two kids? What has that been like?”

Cheryl shrugged and frowned. “Not fun. John and I don’t have sex anymore.”

She stopped and then said, “Jesus, I’m telling this to a complete stranger…half my age.”

“Please go on.”

“We do everything for the kids. Plus, he has his career and I have mine. I’m a paralegal,” Cheryl explained. “It’s stressful. Long hours. I don’t have time or energy for him. And now I realize…maybe I’ll never want him sexually again.”

Danica nodded.

Cheryl said, “I always assume he has his choice of girls from his high school class. He’s a good man. Maybe it’s best we go our separate ways.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Think. Long and hard.”

Danica reached over and patted Cheryl’s leg. “Well, I’m here for you now. Consider me your new best friend.”

“Sorry for dumping on you, but you helped a lot,” Cheryl said.

Danica leaned over and kissed Cheryl on the side of the face. “When can I check in on you to see how you’re doing?”

Cheryl thought for a second and said, “Want to do coffee somewhere tomorrow? I took the kids to camp this morning. That’s why we came back from Florida.”

“Anytime is fine with me.”

“Let’s make it noon. The Starbucks at Main and Elm?”

“Perfect,” Danica said. “I’m only ten minutes away. Here’s my cell in case you need to contact me.”

They exchanged numbers. Then, Danica leaned in again and, this time, turned Cheryl’s face to hers with her hand and lightly kissed her on the lips.


Cheryl did not sleep well that night. She would start thinking about her sister and then Danica would overtake her thoughts. Within a matter of days, Cheryl went from a married woman to living alone with two women showing signs of wanting her. Her sister had been more forceful and direct. Danica took a more flirtatious approach. Not that a decision had to be made, but Cheryl was thinking about the young coed a lot more than her sister.

Noon arrived and Danica found Cheryl in a corner table of Starbucks. They complained about the hot weather after ordering lattes and sitting again.

“Do you use the pool much at the condo?” Danica asked.

“You must have seen it driving in yesterday,” Cheryl said. “It’s always packed. I never go. I’m not the pool sitting type.”

Danica said, “I bet you look fantastic in a swimming suit. You’re so skinny, but with a great figure.”

Cheryl blushed. “Thanks. I don’t have my nineteen-year-old body any longer. You got me there.”

“I bet you have tons of guys at work wishing you weren’t married. Maybe even some women?”

Cheryl smiled and said, “Yeah, I had an attorney try it. One time; because I shut that shit down pretty quick. If any of the women want me, they haven’t said.”

“By the way,” Cheryl continued after sipping her drink, “tell me more about your writing. Are you just beginning?”

“Beginning to seriously write longer stories or a book? Yes. So far, it has just been bursa otele gelen escort diaries. I know I mentioned romantic stories, but I don’t want to limit it to that. I might be better at something else. I want to find out.”

“Any good sex in your stories?” Cheryl asked playfully.

“How could I possibly write that properly when I’ve never done it?” Danica replied.

“I find that hard to believe. The light has been turned on, remember?”


“What’s it like with a woman?” Cheryl asked abruptly.

“Isn’t it just like with a man?” Danica replied, “Meaning, each one is different.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“I think it would be awful to be with anyone, man or woman, if it’s only about the sex,” Danica told her. “For something to last, there has to be an emotional connection. Now, don’t get me wrong. Sex is great. Sex is fun. But for long term? You better like the person. The girl I was with was great in bed; not so much otherwise.”

Cheryl contemplated that for a minute.

Danica broke the silence. “You know what would be hell, Cheryl? Living the rest of your life without ever finding out what it’s like. You have half of your life left. Maybe more. Don’t waste all that time wondering.”


They left each other that day agreeing to meet at a nearby state park in two days to hike one of the trails during the evening. Cheryl explained that she had a lot of business to take care of with the bank, not to mention getting back to work. Danica eagerly accepted the offer to walk and, most likely, continue to learn about each other.

The state park trail Cheryl recommended was one of the most heavily wooded. Danica loved it. She rarely got out of her suburban setting, so the sights and smells and sounds captivated her. Plus, she was with Cheryl.

It only took five minutes of walking to leave the near-empty parking lot seemingly far behind. Cheryl asked about Danica’s family and got a brief history of the teenager’s short life. Cheryl did the same, concentrating mostly on her schooling and paralegal background. By then, they were deep into the woods, not having seen another soul since leaving their cars.

“When do the kids come back from camp?” Danica asked.

“I pick them up Saturday,” Cheryl replied. “My mother lives here in town and is anxious to see them. I take them over there quite a bit. Sometimes they stay the weekend or just overnight.”

“That must have been nice for you and Mr. Carter.”

Danica thought she heard Cheryl snicker before Cheryl said, “I suppose. If you mean it turned into a night-long lovemaking session, you’d be very wrong. That was my choice, by the way. Sometimes I was just worn out from work. Sometimes…well, why lie to you. I just wasn’t in love with him, I guess. Not enough to have sex with him.”

“He never, you know, just came up behind you in the kitchen and started messing around?” Danica asked.

This time Cheryl laughed. “Not even close. He probably knew better.”

“That’s sad. I mean there has to be spontaneity in your life sometimes to make it fun.”

“Then I haven’t had a very fun life.”

Danica stopped in the middle of the trail. Cheryl did the same and looked quizzically at her. Danica stepped toward her and, without hesitation, put her hand behind Cheryl’s head and began a hard kiss. Despite her surprise, Cheryl quickly acceded. Their mouths opened. Cheryl wrapped her arms around Danica and moaned as the kiss strengthened. They stood just inches from the trunk of a large tree and Danica pushed Cheryl against it.

Danica’s hand began to roam over Cheryl’s body. Down her back; onto her ass. She squeezed gently and pulled the women closer together. Then her hands rested on Cheryl’s side, slowly sliding up the outside of her t-shirt.

After what seemed an eternity to Cheryl, the kiss ended.

“That was…very nice,” Cheryl said timidly.

“I can do that again, sometime?”

“Right now, if you want…and any time after that.”

Danica repeated the kiss, without the wandering of her hands.

“I don’t know what to say, Danica?” Cheryl said afterwards.

“You don’t have to say anything. I understand. I just have one request.”

“What’s that?”

“Never wear a bra when you’re with me,” Danica said softly.

Cheryl’s laughter echoed in the woods.


No definite plans were made between the women to meet again soon, but both knew one of them would find a reason to make it happen. As usual, it was Danica. She texted Cheryl the next day: ‘Is it OK if I go to your house tomorrow and plant some flowers? Not being critical. Just thought it looked bare around the condo.’

Cheryl replied: ‘Of course. That would be great. You can plant flowers anywhere in the mulched areas.’

Danica: ‘What time do you get home from work?’

Cheryl: ‘5:30. Stay for dinner?’

Danica: ‘Love to.’

Cheryl: ‘Code for the garage keypad is 0813 in case you need to get inside.’

Danica: ‘THX.’

Danica was never going to have her own show on HGTV, but she knew a rose bursa escort bayan from a rhododendron. Also, she did not like getting her hands dirty, but there was a motivation behind everything she did. The motivation in this case was Cheryl and one more chance to play the temptress…her favorite role. It took her half an hour at the local garden store to put together a variety of flowers to plant. The drudgery of planting them would be worth the effort if her plan worked as expected.

She arrived in the middle of the afternoon with two flats of flowers and a couple tools in the trunk of her car. The soil was easy to work, but by the time she had planted the last one in the back, next to the patio, Danica was tired, more than a little bored, and dirty. She was relieved when the garage door accepted the code and she could escape the heat.

Danica grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator and walked into the master bedroom. It was a quarter past five o’clock and she felt her pulse quicken. Sitting on the bed she once shared with John, she recollected that moment and, at the same time, contemplated what might transpire in the near future.

At twenty-five past the hour, she walked into the bathroom, did not close the door completely, and undressed. The shower was a walk-in, with only a single glass partition closest to the shower head. Danica turned on the water, adjusted it, and waited.

It did not take long. She thought she heard a door close and, soon after, a voice called ‘Danica?’ Cheryl put down her purse and listened. She walked into the bedroom and grinned when she heard the shower. Seeing the door partially ajar, she leaned towards it and called again.

“In here.”

Cheryl pushed the door farther open, despite a feeling of indecision. She peeked inside the room. Danica was under the water, in silhouette view, washing her hair.

“Hi,” Danica said.

Any uncertainty that Cheryl felt was eliminated and she walked in, closing the door behind her. Her eyes never left the sight of water and soap flowing down Danica’s body. She leaned against the sink and watched Danica put body wash on a sponge. It was now showtime for the teenager and she put on a good one. After swiping down both arms, she put the foamy sponge on top of her chest, slowly gliding it over her small breasts. She washed them with deliberate movements, lingering over the nipples and encircling the breasts until they were hidden in soap.

Danica sneaked a peak over at Cheryl, but never changed her expression. The sponge traveled down Danica’s body until reaching her pussy. Danica turned just a tad to give Cheryl a better view of the soap gathering between her legs while she massaged the area. Then she did both legs and turned her ass toward Cheryl before running the sponge over both cheeks.

When Danica felt Cheryl had seen enough, she rinsed, turned off the water, and stepped out.

“Hi,” Danica said, pulling a towel off the rack. “Dry me off, please.”

Cheryl grinned as Danica turned her back to her and stood silently, waiting. Danica began to look over her shoulder just as Cheryl raised the towel to Danica’s neck. She wiped off both arms before returning to Danica’s back and gently rubbed it. Cheryl stopped at the top of Danica’s ass, still fighting a natural inclination to avoid touching it. The towel finally slid down and Cheryl dabbed the ass once before applying more pressure on one cheek, and then the other.

Cheryl stooped the best she could in her tight skirt and dried Danica’s legs.

“Turn around,” she told Danica.

The towel started at Danica’s neck again, moving down until Cheryl’s hands were squarely on the soft breasts she had gazed at so longingly a moment before. If Cheryl was still hesitant, she did not display it as she cupped the breasts inside the towel, covering every inch of them more than once. Eventually, she moved down until pausing at Danica’s pussy. Cheryl looked into her eyes while rubbing the area. Not a word was spoken.

When she was done, Cheryl threw the towel aside and said, “Feel better?”

“Very much,” Danica replied. “Now grab some clothes and get changed.”

They walked into the bedroom together, Danica still naked. She sat on the edge of the bed watching Cheryl pull out a t-shirt and jogging shorts from a walk-in closet. It was evident to Cheryl that her guest was committed to watching, so she tried to keep her hands from shaking as she began to unbutton her blouse. It might have been a toss-up on which of the women was more aroused. As the blouse opened and more of Cheryl’s bra and breasts were revealed, their eyes met. Danica grinned and quickly returned her gaze to the blouse. Cheryl took in the perfection of Danica’s nudity, but still felt awkward about stripping for a girl she hardly knew.

The unbuttoned blouse slid down Cheryl’s arms. She tossed it aside. She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt. It, too, got kicked out of the way when it reached the floor. Standing in a bra and panties, Cheryl’s breaths came in short, quick gulps. She reached back and unhooked her bra.

The unhurried manner in which she removed it, while tantalizing to Danica, was not meant to be so. It was Cheryl’s natural response to being in a situation she never imagined before. Once the large, firm breasts were in view, Danica looked at nothing else. Danica was not sure what the breasts of a woman almost forty should look like, but these exceeded whatever expectations she had.

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