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Crazy from the Heat Ch. 01

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All people in this story are a product of my imagination and are over 18 years of age. I do not commit incest nor do I want to. Enjoy your free choice to read this as well as enjoying the story itself; thank you.


‘Just a breeze, any breeze; it wouldn’t even have to be cool.’ Thoughts like this run through your mind when you are lying in bed enduring the sweltering heat of nights like this. A night that is so hot you cannot get enough comfort to sleep and thanks to a fallen tree we have no electric to run the central air.

We have no electric to run a fan and no phone to call and report the downed line for it to receive maintenance. We cannot even drive into town to use a phone because the tree is lying across the road. Moreover, we are the only family living on this lonely dead-end road.

Family, what a joke, Dad left us 4 years ago when I was just 15 and he took my older brother and sister with him. He did not actually take them; they wanted to go with the money dad got from the lottery. Even on a night like this, mom and I are still better off without him.

Mom got half of the 48 million they won after the divorce. The divorce came as an announcement on a Saturday afternoon and it was no surprise when Kim and Carl said they where moving to the new house with daddy. Mom said she would be lost in the city and wanted to stay right here in this house; she is somewhat simple like that.

I was never asked if I wanted to move with dad, probably because I was what he called a “momma’s boy.” Just because I help mom out with things and listen to what she has to say does not make me a momma’s boy. Anyway, she does not need to work but she does just to keep busy.

She works tending bar at Jack’s place just outside of town. She waits tables there and donates all her tips to the local food pantry. Let us just say that no one goes hungry around these parts. There is even talk that she paid for the new school that is currently under construction with an anonymous donation.

Jack’s is kind of an all in one place out at the four corners west of town. Hot food, beer, clothing, beer, groceries and, did I mention ice-cold beer? Dad used to call it the country boys little slice of heaven. He would say, “All they need is a grease pit and they would be heaven”; they also sell lottery tickets.

Therefore, it is just mom and I out here in the sticks far away from anyone who would be able to help us get power back on so we could get some damn sleep! Anyway, Mom always talk’s about the people who hit on her but I do not ever remember her going out on a date or anything. The house seams strangely quiet at night since mom and dad won the lottery.

Dad started going on long trips as soon as the money came. He had a different car or truck every time he came home and started wearing suits. That was weird, dad in a jacket and tie. Felt like we should be getting ready for a wedding or a funeral. I do not remember him wearing anything but jeans and some kind of printed T-shirt, a Marlboro in his mouth and, a beer in his hand.

Now dad is a businessperson making deals and working his investments. He built a big house with a pool in the city and Kim and Carl are probably getting into city trouble now. Here it is four years later and the phone never rings anymore. They never call mom to let her know how things are going or let her know how they are doing so I am guessing the ‘new mom’ is working out fine for them.

I will keep my mom and stay out here in the country with her. I am 19 now and I can open up the headers on my old truck and run through the woods out back all afternoon. I love it; the phone never rings because I am bothering someone watching TV or something. Sure, wish I could get Lori to go trail riding with me but she knows better. I would have her out of them pants in no time at all!

1:28 AM is what the battery operated clock in the kitchen said when I passed the light across it; wonder what time it is now? Thank god, the water still works and it comes out somewhat cold! I get up off the bed and search the dark for my robe.

A flashlight shining on the ceiling lights up the stairs as I make my way to the kitchen. It is a neat trick my dad taught me when I was little and I still use it. I get some water from the sink and rub the glass all over my face enjoying the coolness of it when the silence is broken with a startling voice.

It say’s “there is a bowl of ice on the counter.” Its moms voice so I recover quickly. She still laughs at me nearly jumping out of my skin when she spoke. She floats over and slides it towards me still giggling at me.

I take a cube out and say, “Thanks mom” as I hold it to my forehead and feel the cool water run down my face and neck as it melts quickly. I toss what remains of it in the sink, grab a few more, and drop them in my glass and swirling them around before drinking it down.

Mom says, “I sure wish the air in my car was working and your truck doesn’t görükle escort even have it since you put that new engine in it. Wish there was a way to cool off and not feel so miserable in this heat.”

Looking at the clock I say, “Its 3 AM and I just wish I could get some sleep! Its so hot all I do is toss around and think about how freaking uncomfortable I am”! I refill my glass with ice and water and walk towards the door telling my mom, “good night.”

Once back in my room I take my robe off and get back on the bed… you do not get IN the bed when it is this hot out. No, you just lay on it very naked, stare at the open window, and hope for the wind to blow a little comfort through it and think about anything but the heat.

Oh yeah, I was thinking about Lori up in the woods. How I would give anything to get her out of them pants out there in the woods with a blanket on the ground. Her momma warned her about what boys want from her. Now she is all scared and wants to wait until her wedding night so there is no baby to deal with.

All I want to know is what its like to sink my cock into her wet pussy. Pictures of them start going through my mind as I grab my hard cock and start rubbing one off. With my eyes closed, I can see it sinking in and pulling back out like in the porn videos as I hear a soft moan.

Just as I feel like I am getting close, I hear another soft moan and open my eyes. I jump and scramble to cover myself when I see my mom standing in the doorway holding a light on the ceiling giving a strange glow to the whole room. “OH MY GOD, I’M SORRY MOM. I should have had the door closed.”

Suddenly she was the one who looked caught and stuttered out, “I, I was, I was just, I was just coming to tell you about my idea. My idea about how to cool off when I, I, I saw, I saw you, you doing that. I am sorry I did not leave you alone but, but, but it has been so long since I even thought about that sort of thing and it caught me off guard. I’ll leave you alone so you can finish what you were doing.” She turned and walked into the darkness leaving me dumbfounded.

There is no way I could ever do what I was doing now that my mother saw me and knows what I would be doing. No, I had better go find her and make sure everything is ok and she is not mad at me. I climb out of bed, put my thin robe back on, and pick up my flashlight walking out my bedroom door.

As I walk into the kitchen my mom asks, “Done so quick?”

Quickly I reply, “Mom, I’m so sorry! Are you mad at me, am I in trouble, do you think I’m a pig?”

“No Ben, I’m not mad at you and I know your not some perverted pig out there molesting little girls, or at least I hope your not. Look, I know how people are and if you needed to relieve a little stress, it is ok. I should have been more carful going up to your room is all? It’s been so long for me it was like watching a porn movie when I saw you stroking your thing… forgive me for not turning around and giving you some alone time before I bothered you. I was like… I was in a shocked trance with my feet locked in place were I stood.”

“It’s okay mom, I’m just so embarrassed by this, and I don’t want you to be mad at me or something.”

“I told you I’m not mad Ben and I mean it. I was the one who was wrong by not turning around and leaving; can you forgive me?” I shouldn’t have ruined your moment and I’m the one who was wrong by watching you do it but, but, but it has been so long since your father left us and I had put all those kind of thoughts and feeling away just to get by. Suddenly when I realized what you were doing it all came alive and I could not turn away if my life depended on it. I just had to watch; please forgive me Ben!”

“I had no idea you could turn that stuff off and not think about it mom. How do you do it so I don’t have to go through this again” I ask as I get a new glass from the drying rack on the counter and fill it with melting ice and topping it off with water.

Joining me at the counter and following my lead on refilling her glass of ice water, “that’s what scares me Ben; I don’t know how to turn it back off again with out facing some sort of rejection like I got from your dad! I just suddenly did not care if I ever enjoyed a man’s company again in my entire life! And now I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future now that I have these feelings awakened in me again.”

I have no idea were it came from or the implications of what I was saying when I said, “you could always try masturbating” and after a slight moments pause we both broke out laughing hysterically at the words I had just spoke.

With tears in her eyes she said, “That’s no good, all I could think about is you rubbing your cock with a vengeance like I just watched you doing!” A second round of hard laughter followed this. Then just as she could get her breath she says, “It sure would have been nice to see you complete the happy ending so I could too!” Moreover, the eskort bayan laughter started all over again.

The house filled with a strange silence afterwards that brought an awkward feeling along with it. As the sound of the battery, powered clock grew louder in the dim light of dawn just starting to show the ice in the bowl settled with a startling rattle and I jumped. I just stared out the window over the sink with my mom’s words looping in my head. Did she just say that she could not do that because she did not see me blow my wad?

“Ben, What’s wrong baby, what did I say to make you so quiet?”

I slowly turn to her and say, “Mom, did you just say you would be thinking of me when you did that and you couldn’t finish because there was no, ‘happy ending’ because that was really weird.”

“Wow, I guess that is what I said Ben. See what I mean when I say it scares me that these feeling are back and vigorously too it seams! I don’t want to get into a bad situation because I’m horny and need the service of a man; what am I going to do?’

I just stood there dumbfounded listening to her talk to me about her sexual state of bewilderment as the light outside slowly got brighter; it all seams so personal and secret. I never gave a woman’s side of it any thought before except for Lori not wanting to get pregnant and I can understand that.

Nevertheless, this is my mom talking this time and it feels like I should not know anything about that. Her next words are an even bigger shock when she says, “It really would have been nice to see you shoot your load so I had a complete vision to work with Ben. Could I watch you the next time you need to do that so I’ll have one?”

“Huh?” I said as my head snaps towards her direction making eye contact and think, ‘did she just ask to watch me jack off’? I sat down at the table staring at her when she lowers her head and starts crying.

Mixed with her sobs she say’s, “I know its wrong Ben but please think about it; all the guys around here are jerks and only want to be with me because of that damn lottery money. None of them could ever give me what I need with out expecting to get some of this millionaire’s gold. Your dad is the only man I have ever been with and I will not go there for visuals. He is gone and I cannot let my self bring him back for this. I have already seen you doing it so it is not a big deal. I mean, I just want to see you cum and that is it. Please, please, please think about it Ben, I really need this”!

I was shocked and confused at the same time with her words burning in my ears. She just asked me if I would jack off for her and I love my mom so much I would do it just to stop her from crying. “I’ll think about it mom. I love you so much that I want to give you what you need but… I do not know if I could just do that while you watch me. It would be so weird.”

The kitchen fell silent except for mom’s sniffling so I get up and walk towards the box of tissues. I walk to her and hold out the box offering them to her. She takes a few and blows her nose as she walks to the window at the far end of the joining dinning room.

I stand there bewildered as I look to see the first rays of sunrise silhouetting her form. I stand staring at her trembling body; my mind torn between the thoughts of could I and would I be able to do this to help her. I know she is right about all the people around here only wanting to get close to her money. That is what they talk about when I am around.

‘Hook me up with your mom and when I get that money I’ll buy you everything you want boy’; I hear it so much it has become a joke around these parts. Mom always said she married the only person worth marrying in these parts and look how that turned out. Most are just drunks and the rest are to dumb to open a beer can with out some sort of help.

Two days later the power is back on and everything seams as if it is almost back to normal except for the shadow of that night. Mom seams kind of like her old self but I could hear her crying when I walked past her door on my way to my room last night. Accept for the small talk, she has not made eye contact with me and keeps quiet.

I spent most of the next day surfing for porn movies so I could burn my mom a DVD to help her with her needs. The next day I gave it to her after we ate lunch. She took it and stared at it for a while. “What is this?” She says holding out the disk towards me.

“It’s some movies to help you out when you need it.” I answer her.

“Its porn you mean,” she says with a slight bit of anger in her voice before continuing. “I don’t want to watch any cheep porno queen getting split in half by some freak of nature just to get my rocks off,” she yells as she sends it sailing across the living room and bouncing it off the wall.

“I never did like to watch that crap when your dad brought it around and I’m sure as hell not going to start watching it now Ben. I asked you to altıparmak escort think about letting me watch you for a reason and I guess I have your answer now”! Moreover, she stomps into her bedroom and slams the door behind her.

I walk up to her door and say, “I was just trying to come up with a solution we could both live with mom. Please forgive me if it was the wrong way to go here.” I turn and run up the stairs to my room and flop down on my bed crying because I failed in my attempt to help mom with her needs.

Some time after the tears stopped, I heard moms door open and footsteps slowly coming up the steps. Just outside my door she asks, “are you decent, can I come in?’

I roll over on my back and tell her, “Sure mom, you can come in.” She timidly comes through the door and sits in the chair in front of my desk facing me.

“Thanks for trying to help me Ben but if you don’t think you can help me out then I just might have to find a guy who can,” she says softly.

“I never said I wouldn’t help you mom. Its just that incest is looked down on and if it can be avoided it should be”, I say still feeling like there has to be another way to get past this.

Mom’s eyes grow in shock at my words and she answers, “Who said anything about incest Ben. I don’t want to fuck you I just want to watch you get yourself off so I can have a clear vision to get myself off when I need too and I really need to soon before I go and do something I’ll regret.” Her words hang awkwardly in the air as I resolve to do this for her just to get this over.

“Ok, let’s say I do this for you mom. How would this need to happen?’ I ask looking for a suitable answer.

After a silent moment of thought she says, “I don’t know for sure. I guess you would just start doing what ever it is you do to make it happen. What where you thinking about the other night when I walked in on you? Think about the stuff you and Lori do I guess.”

“Lori and I don’t do anything. I’ve never been able to get her to go that far with me,” I say with the frustration level rising in my voice. “She doesn’t want to get pregnant or something. Her mom has her all convinced that she’ll get pregnant from doing it just one time so it has to wait till we get hitched or what ever I guess.” I say as I roll to a sitting position on the edge of my bed looking at mother sitting with her head lowered to her chest.

The site of my mom looking so downtrodden is one I will never forget. She pulls in a deep breath that seams to give her a renewed energy and says, “So what you’re telling me is that you’re still a virgin and you don’t have anything to give you the encouragement you need to help me out; is that it. Is that what is wrong here Ben?’ Moreover, she gets up and walks out the door and I hear the door just down the hallway open and close quickly as she says, “hold on, I’ll be right back.”

I sit there and wonder what she is doing when both rooms are empty just incase Kim and Carl decide they have had enough of playing Beverly hillbilly’s. I know she is not in the bathroom because that door is hollow and makes a completely different sound than the solid one I heard. No, she went into one of the empty rooms so what is she doing in there.

I hear the door open and mom says, “are you ready?’ She walks in the room so fast it takes me a moment to realize that the naked goddess standing there is actually my mom. At forty-four years of age, I can see my mom has a beautiful body that would make any of the girls I have seen on the computer jealous. I just sit there frozen not even wanting to blink because I am sure my vision will change back into mom standing there fully dressed.

I see her mouth turn into a big smile as she says, “now do you see why I don’t like pornography Ben; it’s just not the same as it is in real life! A picture may be worth a thousand words but the real thing will obviously make you speechless.” With that out she moves back to reclaim her seat across from me. “Aren’t you going to say something Ben?’

I just sit there staring at her naked body. Her boobs are perfectly round with large dark rings around her pink nipples. The nipples are pointing strait out at me as I see her legs spread apart. My gaze drops to the place where I would expect to see a patch of dark hair but she has shaved her pussy smooth. That is when I notice the glistening lips of her pussy looking as if they have swelled with a reddish pink color.

In my reverie, I can hear her voice speaking to me trying to get my attention. “Hello Ben, earth calling Ben, come in Ben, do you read me?’ I shake my head trying to get loose from this grip on my reality. “Ben, it looks like this has done the trick. At least it looks like your enjoying the view. That’s what I’m getting from the tent in your sweat pants anyway”!

Suddenly I am aware of my cock objecting to confinement in my pants. “I may never look at porn again in my entire life because it could never be better than what I’m seeing right now”! I say as I try to make my cock comfortable in its cage.

With a giggle in her voice mom says, “I’ve shown you mine now why don’t you show me yours baby. Just take them pants off and do what feels natural for me and I promise to enjoy the show.

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