Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself Pt. 02

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Chapter 9

Being woken up by an alarm on Friday was pretty annoying and finding it under my pillow was worse. I felt better when I looked over to Maggie who was sleeping right by me and god she was beautiful, I used to think that guys who brush off hair off their girlfriends were pricks who were full of shit but the desire to see that beautiful smiling face in full view was too irresistible.

“Stop touching my hair smartass.” Maggie said mumbling in her sleep. “Remember you have a date, don’t be late.”

“Why are you smiling so much? Did you have a wet dream? Was I in it? Correction, was I in you?”

“I came to your room this morning because I heard you screaming last night and wanted to talk to you about it after you calmed down but it turns out you kicked the table. Now go on your date I wanna sleep.” She said pulling the covers over her head and going back to sleep. For some reason seeing this made my day so I took a shower, got dressed and when I left the room she was still sleeping.

I got to the kitchen with intensions to make a sandwich and have some juice but when I got there I found Susan in a morning gown doing something, maybe making breakfast. I didn’t expect anyone to be awake at this hour so I didn’t prepare any excuses for Liz screaming last night but it didn’t matter I mean the master bed room is like across the hall.

“Good morning,” I said walking in the kitchen.

“Morning!” She said turning and showing me her “Make my day” shirt and shorts and her tits looked amazing but they were not the tits of the day so I let it slide.

“So do you wake up this early every morning?”

“It’s only early it if you are used to waking up late.”

“Smart” I said winking at her. “Wait… isn’t it late when you’re used to waking up early?”

“Good point. So tell me why are you up this early? Aren’t always waking up at somewhere between 8 and 10?”

“So you admit it’s early and to clear it up a little I wake up at 7 everyday.” I responded defensively not trying to look lazy.

“Yeah yeah that’s what they all say, so tell me why are you up so early.” She asked making a quotation gesture.

“I have a date,”

“Oh so you’re not just hanging around my daughters,” She chuckled going to the fridge, “But it turns out you have a girlfriend.” She quizzed holding out a glass of juice to me.

“I must have not told you thinking that someone must have told you already.” I smiled taking the glass.

“Nope no one did.”

“Aw that’s sad want a hug.” I chuckled holding my hands out.

“Don’t pull that shit with me, I’m not lonely. I have people coming over tomorrow I guess me waking up this early today is just a premature reflex.”

“Oh really who?”

“We’re having an office party and I’m hosting this month, I’d give you the details but aren’t getting late for your date?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I can’t be late,” I said walking out the kitchen.

“Oh August can I ask you a question? It’s about Maggie,” I heard Susan coming from behind me.

“Yeah sure why not,”

“When Maggie is with you does it ever feel like she’s hording you or something?” She asked looking concerned.

“Nah it’s not like that but sometimes feels like she being over protective.”

“So she’s not hording anything? That takes some weight off, but just to show that I don’t trust you I’ll ask her next.”

“Aw that hurts my heart.”

“Hope this makes you feel better,” She said pulling me and giving me a sweet tongue kiss. “But I still don’t trust you.” She pushed me back and I just walked away speechless all I could think was, “bruh” When I got in the uber I realized that I had forgotten the directions to Jenny’s house but luckily my phones GPS locks the directions from the origin point which is my home to any place that I stay longer than 3 hours. The trip was long and I really wished that Jenny could be by me during this trip until I remembered that I was going to meet her, it eventually started being irrelevant.

I got off at the gate and I was happy that those guys recognized me because I was really tired from the drive. That and the driver trying to make small-talk well he had some interesting stories though, like how he stopped pimping because it was starting to be too dangerous. And some shit about going broke. When the guard let me enter he had a very weird facial expression like he was holding in something, I just thought that he was holding a shit or a fart. I got to the door, ringed the doorbell, took a deep breath and waved at the camera which I regretted immediately, I did hear, “Coming!” and that was enough to make me feel better.

The door opened and I have to say I was speechless. “Hiee! I’m Jenny’s mother; Alan and you must be August, yes?” She said with a some-what British accent; I wasn’t listening. Jenny’s mother was beautiful, clear skin, bright white smile, H-cups biggest pair I’ve ever seen and her sports bra seemed huge and tight, she was also wearing navy blue yoga pants with white stripes matching her bra.

Some how I managed bahçeşehir escort to picture them giving a tit-job, so groaned “Yes”

“And I assume you are here for my daughter, yes?”

“‘Is she home?”

“Oh yes yes yes, she is upstairs in her room but I’m not sure if she knows that you were coming. Funny how she does not want me to meet you even though she has brought you into my house where you spent a night. Amusing isn’t it, oh my I have said too much,”

“You knew?” I asked after feeling my spine freeze to the point that I couldn’t even show fear.

“Well you’re looking awfully calm about it but yes I know everything. Now then,” She stopped her statement and my heart while looking back and nodding then turning back to me, “As I was saying come in, I’ll escort you to her room.”

“Nice house,” I slightly chuckled remembering that it’s similar to what I said the last time I was here.

“Of course it is, I am the one who designed it.” She enquired before stopping again, “I have a favor to ask, may I?” She turned with a straight face and looking me in the eyes.

“Yes anything in reach.” I responded trying to not look into her eyes but failed miserably.

“Could you not tell Jennifer that I know about her bringing you here?”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because it’s much better to put one under the impression that they are in sight and not in reach,”

“Care to elaborate?”

She broke the eye contact and started walking, “Well let me simplify it… Um let’s see… Ah yes, the kids will never be themselves if they believe that their guardian is in range to take control of the choices that they make for themselves and in this case Jennifer will not learn to make her own choices if she believes that I’m in control of her choices or options.” She continued going up stairs.

“So you are teaching her independency by limiting her choice range.” My father is doing the same thing but he’s a dick about it so her method is well thought out.

“Ah, now you’re getting it. So do you promise? August?” She asked turning to me when we reached the hallway.

“Of course I do, my father is doing the same thing.”

“Your father is a wise man. Well this concludes our talk; there is her door, not locked but do knock. I will see you in time August.” She said walking away. I walked for a while and knocked on the door waiting for someone to respond and finally got in with my newly found authority I mean she was my girl. I got in and heard the shower and slowly closed the door intending on surprising her. As soon as I closed the door the shower stopped and she came out drying her hair and damn she looked good naked. She did not notice me as she was walking to her clothes closet. Looking at her I almost forgot that there were other people in the house.

“So what am I gonna wear?” She said opening the door.

“Spend the day naked,” I suggested still keeping my distance admiring her nakedness.

“Nah I did that yesterday anything else? How about…” She said turning with a little white t-shirt and seeing me, “OH MY GOD!” She screamed putting it over her chest.

“Hi… Don’t worry I was looking. A lot,”

“Did you like what you saw?” She asked narrowing her eyes seductively and biting her lower lip.

“A lot,” She paused for a few seconds and dropped her shirt, ran to me and deeply kissed me for while. She pulled back and hugged me putting her head on my chest, she was being emotional but I couldn’t do that I mean she was naked and her tits were touching me.

“Is that really you? I’m not hallucinating due to my loneliness right?”

“Feel my heart beat?” I said stocking her hair and honestly I didn’t know what to do.

“Yes but what are you doing here? How did you get here? Who let you in? Oh my god so many questions.” She talked as she let me go.

“Blah blah blah. Simple answers your mom let me in, I took an uber and I’m here for you. Hmm it’s backwards.”

“Oh god it is you!” She screamed before hugging me again but this one wasn’t long. “But what are you doing here and I thought you’d forget the way.” She said stepping back and walking to the bed and sitting on it.

“I came to check up on you.”

“Really that’s it?”

“No… Remember Tuesday? We were chatting then you said you were going to do something and you haven’t responded since then and I was worried, I thought you were dead.” I chuckled walking towards her and sitting next to her. It took her a while to remember it even if it happened 4 days ago. “Jenny?”

“Remember Monday?” She jumped like she was zoned out.

“Are you okay?” I asked stroking her hair and she liked it.

“I just can’t believe that you are here.” She said looking back to me and hugging me again, “Oh god I missed you so much.”

“Don’t worry I’m here. So Monday?”

“Oh yes Monday!” She said springing up and her boobs defied gravity, all jiggling and bouncing and her ass. “On Monday we did a video call and… well you know the rest. So on Tuesday bahçeşehir escort bayan I was going to do the same thing but this time in the bath but I put my phone on the tub when I was going to lock the door and when I came back I realized that my phone had fell in.” She explained pacing near the bed and she my dick harder with every step she took.

“Um should I have my shirt on?”

“Why are you still wearing clothes?”

“Shit,” I said taking my shirt so fast I felt like I ripped it apart.

“Too slow.” She said pushing me over the bed and jumping onto me and kissing me lustfully while breathing heavily but I could keep up. As we where kissing I felt her hand move down my chest going to my pants, fondling my hard dick and unzipping it and pulling it out but not putting it in. She just sat on it and continued kissing me. I reached for her tits and the sensation felt amazing and they also felt bigger than last time, she cooed when I was feeling her tits and started to grind on my dick. “Oh god I want you inside me.”

“Jenny your friends have arrived! Should I send them up?” Alan called out while knocking on the door.

“NO!! I’ll be down in a sec!” Jenny screamed her lungs out trying to respond quick enough so Alan won’t come in. “Oh god,” She said resting on my chest all naked, hot and stuff. “Almost got carried away huh?”

“And you think I mind?”

“I know you don’t. Oh god… I haven’t even chosen the clothes I’m going to wear.” She said getting off me and the bed.

“Wanna hear something corny?” I asked her getting off the bed and walking towards her.

“Go for it,”

I grabbed her shoulders and looked her deep in the eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter what you wear.” And smiled then stepped back and picked up my shirt from the floor, putting it on while she paused.

“Hey… you’re not being corny, that’s a sex reference.”

“Aw you noticed? How?”

“It usually ends with, everything looks good on you and I know you, the only time you said corny shit was when you were confessing to me and you were really… good… Ok back to now, what I’m I gonna wear?”

“I don’t know. How about I call your friends to help you out with it?”

“Yes that would help a lot. Wait you’re coming with us right?” She asked putting on her underwear.


“To the mall, you do want me to get a new phone right?” I nodded like I understood her reason for me to go even though I already decided to go the second she mentioned it. “Great.”

“Yeah,” I said leaving the room and closed the door behind me. When I started walking down the hall I saw two beautiful girls emerging from the stairs, I mean they were not as beautiful as Jenny but they were not far. The one on the left cut her blonde hair short was wearing white short-pants, a black and white stomach-out shirt, a black thong, black boots and she was also tanned. The one the right had black hair and a pony tail and was wearing a black shirt, grey sweat pants and black high-tops sneakers and she also pieced her lower lip.

I really didn’t know anything on approaching girls especially them but I was not intending on making any impressions on any of them so fuck they think but I did have to be cautious. “Hi,” And soon as I said hi the girl on the left switched positions with the one the right; it was like she was going to attack me or something.

“HI there! Are you the boyfriend I’ve been hearing about? You’re hot, I’d love to feel you.”

“Actually no I’m her cousin call me J.”

“Cousin? I never meet you in my life and I know everyone in Jenny’s family cuz I’m part of her family.”

“I just found out 3 days ago so that’s not new.”

“New cousin…” She paused while the other one continued walking to Jenny’s room.

“Well Jenny’s waiting for you,” I said leaning over to her. “She can’t decide on what she should wear.”

“Oh lord and they wonder why I’m around.” After hearing that I took it as an opportunity to fuck off, and honestly I just wanted to relax.

“Mr. Johnsons?” Someone said coming from behind me.

“Yes?” Ah it was the dude that works here.

“Madam would like to see you in her study; would you please come with me?”

“No,” I said trying to see his reaction.

“But… no wait but… wait you.”

“I’m just fucking with you man, chill I’ll come with you.”

“Oh yes. Come with me please,” He said as he started walking away and the study was the on other side of the house and that’s when I realized that this house is huge, very huge. “Right through this door sir,” He said holding his hand out.

“Call me AJ or J.” I said knocking and walking in. “Hi again.”

“Hi again, yourself.” She said lowering the book from her eyes and she was no longer wearing her yoga outfit she was wearing light blouse which highlighted her boobs and a light blue skirt, she also had glasses on.

“Ah you changed,” I pointed out after realizing that she was actually waiting for me say something.

“Your escort bahçeşehir zipper August, your zipper that’s what I meant,”

“Oh that thanks,” I looked down and I was somehow relived that she was the one saw it. “Are sure you don’t mind?”

“If Jennifer happened to… say get pregnant would you take care of her?”

“Yes unexceptionally so.”

“Why?” She asked closing the book she was reading and started walking towards the shelf.

“Well because I love her and she loves me and because its her, she’s worth it”

“There you have it, I believe and trust you.” She said putting the book on the shelf and walking to me. “And as an ignorant man would say, fuck up and I will fuck you up.” I wanted to ask her if that was a threat or not but it sounded more like a warning. “So tell me are you going with them to the mall?”


“Well I’m certain they’re ready now you should go check on them, maybe they’re already waiting.”

“Yeah see you,”

“Oh and August…” She said holding my hand as I was heading out.


“Please don’t take words I just told you as threats I just want to make sure that my daughter is with someone responsible and cautious.” Damn her hand felt warm and soft, it was like she had switched characters like she went from cold and cautious to warm and worrisome.

“Don’t worry about I honestly just took it as you being caring for your daughter.” After I said that she loosened her hold on me like she just relaxed after hearing that, “Well I’ll be off, hope we meet again; sometime in the future.”

“We will meet again.” I was surprised at what her certnity but all I could do was just nod and walk away then I realized that was lost so I had get out the back door, walk around the house to the front door which was luckily unlocked. I walked to the sitting room and the first thing I noticed was the couch where I sex with Jenny, the memories were pouring in, until I noticed the book on the table, “The Analects.” By Confucius and it looked very interesting but as soon as I tried to pick it up the lesbian showed up.



“Tell me are you a lesbian?”

“Lesbian?” She said looking all confused and shit.

“Would you rather me say dyke? But I that’s somehow offensive I’d hate to offend someone unintentionally.”

“Amber,” She said going for a hand shake and I went for it too, I just thought she was being formal.

“AJ,” I shaking her hand then tightened her grip and here I thought she was being formal so I looked at her, grinned and honestly I was about make lemonade out of this sour bitch, “Oh nice grip you got there but I’m the last person you’d want to test your grip with and here is why,”

“Don’t you dare do whatever you’re thinking in that twisted mind of yours.” Jenny said coming from behind her wearing blue high waist jeans, a white crop top shirt and I didn’t see her shoes and the other one was with her.

“I wasn’t gonna do anything, well yet I guess.” I said letting go and sitting on the couch.

“Did he do anything to you?” She said holding her cheeks and checking her.

“No we just shook hands,”

“Then she tightened her grip.”

“Amber I told you to not do that to boys you just met especially with him.” Then she looked at me like I tightened my grip first, she took a deep breath and looked me dead in the eyes. “Babe could you please tone it down for me? I mean I guess I can try to get it on your side but could you be actually nice?”

“C’mon I’m a nice guy, sometimes it’s like smoke and ash so people won’t get it till the smoke is cleared.” I shrugged looking away trying to brush it off as nothing but it was Jenny.

“Smoke and ash? Babe,” She held my shoulders and smiled keeping her gaze. “I know you’re lying to me right now so you don’t have to validate anything or even look away.” It was really funny to me that Jenny was the only person in the world who I can’t lie to while looking in her eyes; and I have tried.

“Aw how did you know?” I was touched.

“Smoke and ash is what you say before you say absolute bullshit,”


“It’s like your catchphrase.”

“Oh so I’m always talking shit… Ok. So you did pay attention, but nah I didn’t I was going to make her regret her choices.”

“Okay, okay I can do this.” She said trying to encourage her self. “Um hey Jay have you met Crystal?”


“Well great, babe this is Crystal one of my close friends and Crystal this is my lovely boyfriend AJ. You two already met, and with that out of the way, LET’S GET GOING!”

“No wait… He said he was your cousin, a new one.”

“Pfft, and you believed him?” Jenny said cracking up, “Now shut up I don’t want any more distractions.” She turned and started walking past Crystal.

“Okay you know, being a bitch completely irrelevant and unnecessary.” Crystal said following her like Jenny was older than her.

“Aw did I hurt your feelings?” Jenny said after Crystal caught up to her, I wasn’t even sure if she was being sarcastic or not but it didn’t matter.

“Well it’s time for me to fuck off.” I said standing up and walking.

“Wait,” Amber stopped me putting her hand on my chest. I thought she was trying to redeem herself and if so Jenny would have to understand, “Look I’m sorry for being a dick to you by tightening my grip that time.” She was fucking apologizing, mind blown.

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