Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 07

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Group Sex

Chapter Seven – Virgin No More

“I thought you were a gentleman. You weren’t supposed to peek, Freddie,” she said giving me a serious look that wanted to make me get up and leave. “You weren’t supposed to look. How dare you ogle my naked body? You knew there was no door to the bathroom, yet, you disrespected me by taking advantage of me by looking. How could you violate me like that? I’m so very embarrassed that you saw me naked.”

“Sorry,” I said hanging my head, while feeling like such a pervert, after she had been so kind to me. “I couldn’t help myself from peeking, staring, actually. It’s just I had never seen a naked woman before and, well, I’m sorry. I really am,” I said feeling more excited than sorry.

“Don’t be sorry. I was just kidding. Besides, it’s normal that you looked. I would have been disappointed, if you weren’t curious enough to want to see me naked.” She looked at her breasts down her open top, before looking up at me. “So, you saw my breast?”

“Not all of them, just part of them in a quick glance,” I said hoping she’d believe me. “I’m sorry, Kathleen, really I am. Please forgive me. Please don’t tell my Mom. She’ll think me a pervert. If you ever told my Dad, he’s beat me red with his strap. I just don’t know what got over me to–“

“Do you want to see them?”

“What? See what?”

Now that I remember back, I was much like that the guy, Brett, who played the kid in Pulp Fiction, when Samuel L. Jackson, as Jules Winnfield, and John Travolta, as Vincent Vega, are holding their guns on him, after he stole Masellus Wallace’s briefcase. Jules asked the kid a simple question but because the kid was so nervous, knowing he was going to die in the way that I somehow knew I was going to get laid, all he can say is “What?”

I knew what she meant but the “What” just involuntarily blurted out of my mouth, as a nervous reaction to the enormity of her question and the enormity of her big, naked breasts.

“My tits,” she said cupping her breasts through her overalls and holding them up, as if offering them to me. “Would you like to see my breasts?”

“Seriously?” I looked at her not knowing if she was joking and teasing me or not Then, I looked down at where her breasts were partially hidden beneath her overall top. I could already see part of the roundness of them sticking out the sides and the top of her overalls. “Yeah, sure, I’d love to see your breasts,” I said in a fog and putting down my soda and half eaten sandwich to more focus on her breasts than on my food.

Still not believing she was asking me if I wanted to see her tits, while wondering if she was really going to show me her tits, I stared at her overall bib, as if her naked tits were already out on display. As if watching her in slow motion, something that I masturbated over for years later, slowly she reached her hand up and slid the overall straps from her shoulders and let the bib part of her overall fall forward. In an instant, there they were. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I wondered no more, if she was really going to show me her breasts because there they were less than two feet from my horny hands. She showed me her tits and yes, she was a definite C cup alright and her nipples were sticking straight out, as if I had already fingered them and sucked them. By her nipples already being erect, figuring that she was just cold, with my lack of experience, I had no idea that she was just as aroused as I was. I had no idea that she wanted to show me her tits just, as much as I wanted to see her tits.

“Go ahead. Don’t be shy,” she said looking down at her tits and puffing out her chest, before looking up at me. “Touch them. You can feel them if you want, I don’t mind. Really, I don’t she said with a smile, as if she was offering me another orange soda.”

Never have I had a woman so brazenly bold and immorally immodest to ask me if I not only wanted to see her breasts but also if I wanted to touch and feel her breasts. Never have I been as sexually excited as that moment before reaching out my horny hands to feel Kathleen’s naked breasts. I couldn’t help but wonder, if I was dreaming. I couldn’t help but wonder, if I was home in my room with my hand around my erect cock and masturbating over the thoughts of what was really happening now.

“Really? I can touch them?”

“Yes,” she said staring at my face, in the way that I was staring at her tits.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to feel your tits?”

Again, I just blurted out the question like a dope, while she gave me the green light with a smile and şişli escort a nod of her head. I reached out my horny hand and felt one breast, before reaching out my other hand to feel her other breast, while expecting her to scold me, before pulling my hand away. When she didn’t berate me, reaching out both my hands again, while laughing with glee with the very touch and feel of her firm breasts, I cupped her left breast with my right hand and cupped her right breast with my other hand.

“Touch my nipples. It’s okay. I want you to touch them.”

“Your tits are amazing,” I said while touching, fondling, caressing her breasts, and fingering her nipples.

“Pull my nipples a little, while squeezing my tits. You can turn and twist them a little, too. Don’t be afraid of hurting me. I like the feeling, when you pull and twist my nipples like that. It feels good. Women like that.”

Feeling as if I was being tutored by a live, reality Sexual Education teacher, I squeezed her tits, while pulling her nipples and giving them a gentle twist and a tug. My first time seeing naked tits and touching nipples, never mind squeezing, pulling, and twisting them, certainly, I didn’t want to pull them off or damage her beautiful tits in any way.

“Yeah, that feels good,” she said closing her eyes. “Hmm, I like it when you slowly slide your palm across my nipples. Yeah, just like that,” she said taking my hand in her hand and gliding my palm across her nipples. “That really feels good. Gently though, not too rough or too fast,” she said opening her eyes to look at me with her big, blue eyes. “Now that they’re so hard and erect, you can suck them if you want. Go ahead. Take my nipples in your mouth and suck them.”

“Really? Seriously?”

If I want? Are you kidding me? No, if you don’t mind, I’ll just finger, pull, and twist your nipples, instead of sucking your nipples. What kind of guy do you think I am? Do you think me easy that I’d just suck any woman’s tits? Of course, I’m that type of guy and, of course, I’d love to suck your nipples.

Pretending I was about to suck Maureen O’Hara’s big tits, I leaned down and took one of her big tits in my mouth, while fingering her nipple on her other tit. Then, I switched off to suck her other nipple. Oh, my God, sucking her tits was way better than taking Drivers’ Education and learning how to drive.

“Do you like my tits?”

Do I like your tits? Is she serious? Are you kidding me? If there was a tit contest, she’d win.

“Yeah. You have great tits. I love your tits. You have better tits than the tits I’ve seen in Playboy. You have better tits than Ursula Andress’s tits and Bridget Bardot’s tits,” I said wanting to say that she had better tits than my dream woman, Maureen O’Hara, but I couldn’t. After masturbating over her so very many times, I didn’t dare spoil the sexual memory of my best actress.

“Really,” she said looking down at her tits and then looking back up at me with those magical blue eyes. “You think I have better tits than Ursula Andress and Bridget Bardot?” She looked down at her tits again, before looking back up to me.

“Oh, God, yes. I do. They are so symmetrically perfect. A work of art, they’re sensational.” A time just before breast augmentation surgery had become popular, if a plastic surgeon needed a breast model to fashion artificial breasts, she could have gotten that job.

“You read Playboy?”

“I do, but it’s my Dad’s magazine. He doesn’t know that I know where he hides it.”

Willing to tell her that I read my Dad’s Playboy magazine regularly, I’d never tell her that I masturbate to all the naked pictures of the women, especially to the recent photos of Stella Steven’s and Jane Fonda’s appearance in Playboy, as Barbarella. Oh, my God, that layout was so hot. Then, she asked me the question anyway.

“Do you jerk off over the all naked pictures of topless women?”

“No,” I said immediately being embarrassedly defensive and pulling my horny hands away from her tits, as if her breasts were a hot stove and I just burned my fingertips.

Suddenly I felt like a pervert not only because I read Playboy but also masturbated because I masturbated over the pictures in Playboy. The sort of perverse behavior that the good Catholic girls my age in the neighborhood would take offense to, Kathleen was obviously aroused and finding erotic pleasure in my appreciation and fascination of the naked, female breast, so much so that I’d ejaculate over the mere photos. Now, I was really embarrassed because I sensed şişli escort bayan that she knew that I masturbated over the Playboy Playmate photos.

A time, when no one asked sexual questions, I couldn’t believe she was asking me all these so very personal and so very sexual questions. If I wasn’t so excited at the sight of her tits, I’d be embarrassed. If I wasn’t so aroused that she was standing there topless, after allowing me to touch, feel, and suck her tits, I never would have confessed my penchant for my multiple times a day masturbation routine. Yet, now feeling a bit liberated from my sexual inhibitions and my Catholic imbedded guilt, I was happy to take a romp on the dark side to play a while in the Devil’s playground.

“C’mon, Freddie. Don’t be shy. You can tell me. Do you play with yourself, while looking at the naked photos of women’s breasts?” She was staring down at the big bulge my erection made in my overalls, while fondling her own breasts.

“Yeah,” I said remembering what she said before about my erection, ‘you’re going to have to do something about that.’

Now, that I think of it, maybe she wanted me to jerk off in front of her or maybe she wants me to masturbate in front of her now. Now that I think about it, after touching, feeling, and sucking her big tits, I’d love to masturbate right now.

“Tell me and be honest. Are you going to play with yourself, when you go home, while thinking of seeing, touching, and sucking my tits?”

“Good God, yes,” I said not only believing the way that I just blurted it out but also that I just confessed to her that I was going to masturbate over all that happened today.

Her undressing in front of me, her seeing my erection tenting my underwear, her stripping naked to pee, and her allowing me to have my way with her big tits, something that meant so much to me at the time, something that was monumental important to me, was all just a game to her. I was putty in her womanly hands. Yet, even though she exerted such control over me, I didn’t care, so long as she gave me what I wanted and what I wanted was her beautiful body.

“You could play with yourself now. You could play with yourself right here, while I watch you stroke your cock,” she said looking down at my big bulge before looking up at me.

“No, I’d rather wait until I get home,” I said suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“Do you want to see my pussy?”

“Are you kidding?” Having never seen one before, I couldn’t wait to see her pussy. I couldn’t wait to tell the guys all that’s happened. “I’d love to see your pussy,” I said.

She stood, pulled her overalls down the rest of the way, and kicked them off. Then, she did it. She removed her panty. Even though she asked me if I wanted to see her pussy, I really didn’t think she’d show me her pussy.

She shocked me. As if she was alone and getting ready to take a shower, she removed her panties and sat back down on the chair. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Other than very quick glimpses of my mother’s and sister’s pussy, her pussy was the first pussy I had ever seen up close. She was so furry, bushy actually. While staring at her red, bushy pussy, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was how Maureen O’Hara’s pussy looked like.

“You’re staring at my pussy, as if it the first one you’ve seen,” she said with a laugh.

Well, yeah…duh.

“It is the first pussy I’ve ever seen,” I said too aroused to be embarrassed.

“Do you want a better look,” she said slouching down in her chair and spreading her legs wider. She stared up at me. “So, tell me, what do you think? Do you like my hairy cunt?” She moved her hands down and touched herself. I watched as she reached her fingers inside and played with herself, while staring up at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes. Then, she stuck her pussy juice covered fingers in her mouth and sucked them.

“I love your cunt,” I said excited by just uttering the dirty word.

“Do you want to touch me? Do you want to touch my pussy, Freddie?” She sat there staring at me, while fingering herself.

“Yes,” was all that I could breathlessly utter.

I reached my hand forward and she took me by the wrist and showed me where and how to touch her. She was so slippery wet. She placed her hand on my hand and moved my fingers to where they should be. Then, she put her head back and closed her eyes, as I fingered her pussy and fucked her with my long, stiff fingers. I played with her tits with my other hand and pulled and twisted her nipples with my fingers. escort şişli Then, with her eyes wide open and her blue eyes bulging, she looked at me, as if I had just hit the switch to turn her on.

“Do you want to taste me?”

There was something sexy in the way she looked at me and in the way that she said things. Never suspecting that sex could be like this, so pleasurably mutual, I never met a woman like her before. I’d do anything to satisfy her and for her to continue for her to look at me like that. I couldn’t believe that I was about to lick my first pussy. Wait until I tell the guys that I licked a pussy. They’ll die. We’ll be talking about this forever, that is, until they lick their first pussies.

I got on my knees and moved my face nearer to her red bush. As soon as I took a quick, short lick, she grabbed me and pulled my face to her pussy. She held my face there and I was drowning in her pussy juice, she was so wet.

“Lick me, Freddie. Lick my pussy. Lap up my pussy juice. Stick your tongue in my hole before you lick the length of my pussy and move your tongue to my clit, while touching me and fucking me with your fingers.”

I didn’t even know what a clit was. Afraid to touch her, as I was even more afraid to lick her, as soon as it started, it was over. She let go of my head and I moved away and stood, while pulling my handkerchief from my back pocket to wipe her from my face and blow my nose. As if she had cummed all over my face, I was so sticky wet.

“Do you want me to jerk you off,” she said touching her tits, cupping them and fondling them, “while you play with my tits? Would you like me to stroke your cock, while you suck my nipples.”

Oh, my God, she was so erotically hot with all the pillow talk she was giving me. I felt that I had just died and gone to Heaven. She asked me if she could jerk me off, instead of the other way around with me asking if I could masturbate her. How many times have I asked women to put their hand on my prick and stroke me? How many times have they all declined. How many times have I put a woman’s hand on my cock, only to have them immediately pull their hand away? Now, here was a woman willing to strip naked, who was volunteering to masturbate me.

“Yes,” I said in a high pitched voice that didn’t sound as if it belonged to me.

“I want to see your cock. I’ve been dying to see your big prick. Take off your overalls,” she said. “Let me see your cock. Show me your cock, Freddie.”

I couldn’t believe she was so hot to see my cock. Something that I only saw in one of my Dad’s porn movies, she undid the strap of the overalls and as soon as she did, she pulled them down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I was naked. Never have I stood before a woman naked.

“You have a big cock,” she said reaching out her hand, as soon as she pulled down my underwear.

“Thank you,” I said, not knowing what else to say, when a woman tells me that I have a big cock.

Then, she pulled me forward closer to her, as she stroked me.

“Play with my nipples,” she said, while staring at my cock and stroking me faster.

“You have a beautiful prick,” she said. “Do you mind?”

“What? Sorry.”

I took a step back. I thought I was stepping on her foot, but instead she pulled me closer by my erect prick, while moving her head closer, before taking my prick in her mouth. She was blowing me. I couldn’t believe she was blowing me. She was giving me my first blowjob. I couldn’t believe she had my cock in her mouth. The sight of my big, hard, hairy cock stretching her beautiful mouth, while she stared up at me with her big, blue eyes was so unbelievable. I exploded in her mouth, as soon as she sucked me for only a few seconds. She took it all, my entire load, and swallowed.

Being that I was so young and always so ready to cum, I was hard again within only a few minutes. Now, I know why older women want younger men. Now, I know why Kathleen wanted me.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Stick that big, hard cock in my wet pussy,” she said as she moved pillows from the sofa to the floor. “Make love to me, Freddie. I need to feel you inside of me.”

That was the first time I kissed her and it was magical. She was the first woman who blew me, before she even kissed me. I could taste my own cum in her mouth, but I didn’t care. I was getting laid.

Her pussy was so wet, warm, and tight and I loved the feeling of her, when she returned my humps. Then, she locked her legs and arms around my back, while we slowly fucked. She rolled me over and sat on top of my cock, while humping me harder and faster, as if she was a drilling machine and my cock was her personal drill bit. I reached up and played with her bouncing tits, until I shot another load of cum in her, this time in her pussy, instead of her mouth. No longer was I a virgin. Having just gotten laid, I was a man.

To be continued…

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