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Please note that although essentially a true story, condoms were used, which I have omitted for the purposes of this piece. Stay safe guys.


We work all summer and travel in winter, living in the sticks but with a train station not too far away that has connections to Paris and another airport that can be convenient for ‘budget’ airline. Train (but mainly plane departure and arrival) times can necessitate us having to spend a night somewhere either before or after our flight.

I search the internet for decent low cost hotels, all we need is somewhere to sleep so I don’t go in for fancy extras, I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on a nice meal and maybe a couple of drinks in some sleazy club. There are the ‘couchsurfing’ sites too, both open to all plus the gay specialists and again, I have used them both. They tend to be clean, convivial and inexpensive although sometimes it can feel like you are intruding on the house owner’s personal space.

The time before last we were arriving late and departing early from the centre of Paris, so no clubbing for us. The host welcomed us and showed us our room and shower/ toilet facilities, we went out for a meal and then returned to sleep. He had given up his room and bed for the night and decamped to a sofa bed in the living room. The place was ideally located, clean and spotless and he was a true gentleman but we would have liked it more if he’d worn more clothes than he did or been less camp, less fat and less desperate.

2 weeks ago, we were in a similar situation, departing from Beauvais on a flight we couldn’t catch by leaving home the same day. The hotel I booked sent me an apologetic email cancelling our reservation as they had issues with their boiler, and the offer of an additional credit towards any future stay. I wasn’t out of pocket but needed some accommodation fast so went back to a generalist couchsurfing site and, at the last minute before we were due to set off for the train, received confirmation of our request.

The apartment was easy to find but clearly there was no one home when we arrived, despite my having sent our expected time of arrival to Cedric, the host. I was searching on my phone for the confirmation text with his mobile number when a young man came round the corner, introduced himself as Cedric’s brother, let us in and showed us round the apartment. Cedric was working for a couple more hours and so we are given door keys, asked if we had any questions… and left to It. We went out to dinner after a shower and returned to the apartment later. The lights were on and our host was home.

“Hi guys, had a good meal?” he asked us, after introducing himself. More small talk followed, plus asking us what time we would be away in the morning for our short trip to the airport, and would we care to join him in a glass of wine. We had had a couple of glasses with dinner, but a night cap is always nice, especially in the company of a handsome young man. And Cedric was certainly handsome and young. Early 30s, only 5’7 or so and medium build, sporting physique, dark thick head of hair, very blue eyes, teeth that could be in an advert for toothpaste, a very neat short beard, some body hair I could see at his neckline… and in those jeans he had athletic legs and thighs and, from what I could tell, a pretty impressive package.

More small talk followed and another glass of wine, he seemed rather amused or enchanted by my attempt at French accent and, as Dave my boyfriend and I had finished our drinks, I stood up and said “we should gaziantep escort go to bed.”

It may have been the intonation in my voice, but Cedric replied that it would be a good idea and so we all made our way towards the bebedrooms. I had noticed when we were shown around by his brother that there were two and as Dave headed in to the room we were told was ours, I headed to the bathroom to clean my teeth. I was surprised on opening the door to see Cedric waiting to go in but I guessed after him, Dave would last to pee and clean his teeth too. Cedric was dressed in only his underpants, tight white branded briefs. Yes, he had hair on his chest and torso, trimmed I suspected as it was uniformly short and rather sexy. And I was definitely right about the package.

I went to our bedroom and Dave took his toothbrush in hand, but waited until he heard the bathroom door unlock before heading off. Meanwhile, I undressed for bed, leaving on my own underwear as I always do in a couchsurfer’s house (in case I need to get up and pee in the night). I got in under the duvet, left the bedroom light on and turned away from the door. It opened quickly.

“That was quick,” I said, as Dave climbed in to bed next to me. Except, as he wrapped his arm around me, I didn’t recall Dave having such well defined biceps. Or body hair of any description. And when his cute little cut cock rubs against my arse, with or without underwear, it’s never been as big as that. Yes, Dave was still cleaning his teeth and I was being hugged by Cedric!

Now there was a mix of thoughts going through my head. Dave and I have had plenty of threesome so him returning and finding me in bed with Cedric wouldn’t freak him. And Cedric knew Dave would be back within moments so he was up for it. And there was certainly something impressive pressed up against my arse crack.

Dave returned from the bathroom. “Look who I found,” I said.

“So I see,” said Dave, stripping all off to get in and join us. Cedric had already left his briefs somewhere, I later found out they were at the side of the bed, leaving me the only one still in underwear. And he didn’t seem the slightest bit put off that the pair of us, as ever, were shaved from our hairless locks upwards only leaving our heads and Dave’s ass and armpits untouched by the razor. I turned to face him and he gave me a smile. A sexy, dirty, lick my tongue with yours kind of smile. So I did, opening his lips and sticking my tongue in his mouth, not too far at first and then probing further as I removed my underwear. Dave got in the bed and Cedric was laid on his back being caressed, groped really, from both sides and clearly loving the attention. I reached down beyond his firm stomach touching the end of his knob along the way. He had a generous foreskin which I would shortly pull back but I continued sliding my hand lower. Guys with body hair like that really shouldn’t completely shave their dicks, and he certainly didn’t, some careful manscaping meant every bit of his body and pubes were in perfect, neat proportion. As he and Dave locked lips, I nuzzled at his nipples, moving to lick the faint taste of sweat from the armpit nearest me. My mouth continued its journey lower until I was licking the loose and very clean foreskin, already moist with a large helping of fresh but salty precum.

I did indeed pull it back a little, just so I could lick his piss slit and around the head. I felt him clench his arse approvingly. I kept only the head in my mouth and sucked a little harder. I love the smell of pubes, they retain ever so slightly the small drop of piss that no amount of post pee shaking ever gets rid of and is only as old as the last shower they took so it’s generally fresh. It certainly was in this case.

Dave tugged at Cedric pulling him away from me and I let his swollen knob out of my mouth. His arsecrack was facing me now and as I was still under the covers, I slid my fingers down it. There was little resistance as the fresh sweat had moistened it and I started at the base of his back with my tongue, licking and teasing as I moved lower, savouring the taste of his perspiration and testosterone.

Arse hair like pubes can hold on to scents (good and bad), but his was exceptional, he was impeccably clean and the taste was only of the sweat from that moment, he knew how to look after his little hole and I hoped I would be able to look after it too. I parted his butt cheeks a little more and tongued his ring which tightened and then loosened almost immediately afterwards, giving me access to all of his sensitive sphincter. He was loving it and pulling Dave’s body up and out from under the sheets so he could suck his cock. Dave was by now sat upright, his back against the headboard, and Cedric was laid face down with his legs apart. He had a mouth full of my boyfriend’s small but rock solid little cock and a ringpiece full of my wet tongue, to which I continued soaking with my spit.

He stopped sucking Dave for a minute. “You guys watch football?” he asked. “Half time, change ends.”

I didn’t want to stop licking that piece of mancunt but my own hard on hadn’t yet seen any action so I guess fair was fair. As we were only meant to be staying and sleeping for the night, we hadn’t even unpacked, except for our toiletries bag, but that was next to the bed, handy really as alongside our toothpaste and small amount of moisturiser was a tube of lubricant and the new bottle of poppers we were taking on holiday in the morning. I grabbed both as we swapped around, Cedric remained in situ, and he took my hard on in his hand and then licked the end as I had him minutes earlier.

He licked the shaft, took my full seven inches down his throat, let it slide almost out and then repeated. He licked down the shaft and sucked my balls. He tried to lick at the back of them and so I slid down a little, giving him better access but his tongue continued and he, as I had him but from a different angle, licked my clean and freshly shaven arsehole. I lowered myself a little further down and raised my knees. Dave meanwhile was rimming him, and we were all rather occupied but my hands were free enough to open the poppers and take a good, muscle relaxing sniff. I kept my thumb in place rather than replacing the top and at an opportune moment, Cedric too took a hit, followed by Dave, getting his already rock hard cock pumped up. I passed Dave the lube and as he continued rimming Cedric, he squeezed a large amount on his shaft and especially the end, then climbed further up until the tip was just outside Cedric’s moist manhole.

Cedric was still tonguing away at my own hole and ball sack and didn’t stop as Dave gently entered him, winking at me as he did so. Cedric arched his back a little, now taking my cock in his mouth and sucking enthusiastically while rocking his hips to feel the benefit of Dave’s dick inside him. He started to move up so that our mouths locked and I manoeuvred and lowered my body under his more and more as we kissed passionately until all three of our heads were level and Dave could join in.

I fumbled about for the lube and among the tangle of our limbs, managed to squeeze enough on a couple of fingers and apply it to my crack and hole and then shuffled into a missionary position with Cedric’s knob end ready to slide in me. One slow and steady push of my hips and I was speared. Then with the rocking of Cedric’s hips, which became longer, he entered me by about half the length of his shaft. I took my final sniff of the poppers, clamped down hard on his swollen cock, relaxed and took another couple of inches, letting him massage my manspot good internally with his pulled back roll of foreskin. Dave and I have learned through experience that if we sandwich a guy like that, letting their hips rock at their chosen pace gives them all the control about how much they take and how much they give; being the man in the middle isn’t really all that easy but Cedric was certainly enjoying regulating the sensations.

Well this was a most pleasant and unexpected surprise and I squeezed his nipples, one in each hand, as he fucked me and by doing so controlled how much of Dave he took in his arse too. I managed to free my hands, squashed as they were with his weight on top of them, and grab an arse cheek in each hand, pulling him right in to me and opening him fully for Dave to ride. Now he was squashing my hard cock against his hairy little stomach and the sensation of him within me was ecstatic. I love seeing people happy and he seemed very happy too. By now, although we were no longer under any kind of bedding, it was hot and with him sandwiched between us, when I moved my hands a little lower to the base of his buttocks, they were warm and damp with fresh sweat.

I wanted him to fill me and in any sexual situation, I want my partner or partners to be satisfied. I wanted him to cum and I wanted Dave to cum too but the logistics of in which order can be a nightmare. We let Cedric have first option by putting ourselves, physically, at his mercy. No words were spoken or needed, he was already riding and controlling the both of us and he thrust and pushed his arse to pleasure Dave, causing his breathing to speeded up as he knew what Cedric wanted. Sensing this, there was no letting up until he let out a grunt and began shooting his spunk in Cedric’s hole. He spasmed and grunted, the usual half dozen spurts which I knew would be a generous dose, and that in turn meant he could devote his own thrusts forward to pleasure himself and pound my inner arse.

He began making noises, and I pulled his face in to mine and stuck my tongue as far down his warm mouth as it would go and he shuddered 4 times in quick succession, each shudder releasing a pump of his jizz. We stopped kissing and he arched his back again, leaving me space to grab my own cock. I knew that my spunk would land on my hairless torso but hadn’t banked on shooting quite as high as I did, the first spurt reaching my left shoulder and the next two landing across my chest.

I love the sound of champagne corks popping, as I like champagne and think about the pleasure I’m about to receive. Hearing a softened cock slip out of my just fucked, wet arse makes me think happily of the pleasure I’ve just had. And as Dave clambered off Cedric and he then rolled over to lie next to me, careful not to get my cream clotted in his hair, he leant across and kissed me a thankyou, sat up and gave Dave one too before grabbing his pants and leaving us to clean ourselves up.

No further conversation or interaction was had until we rode the next morning for breakfast, thanked him for his generous hospitality and left to catch the bus for the short ride to the airport. When the email arrived the next day asking us to review our host, I kept it brief… But he had certainly earned all 5 stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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