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Corruption Pt. 07

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Louise and her stepdaughter Beki were looking forward to a fresh start as they moved home. Despite their best efforts, too many people at their old home realised that they were both sluts for Louise’s liking and Louise thought this was a chance to tone down some of the sexual excesses of the last few years after her separation and divorce from Dave. She’d enjoyed herself and sex with her son Tim and her stepdaughter Beki would probably still continue, but it had all got a bit too much. Beki meanwhile was not interested in toning anything down but saw the move as an opportunity for fresh meat. They were just moving in and Beki already had her eye on an older neighbour who seemed to live on his own.

The move to a new town was partly driven by Louise’s job, and Beki also had decided to belatedly enrol on a college course at the age of 21. She had enjoyed the carefree lifestyle but didn’t want to be pigeon-holed as a blonde bimbo. Ironically, both Beki and her mum had dyed their hair blonde in the last couple of years and enjoyed acting the bimbo when it suited them, but Beki knew that despite what she let men think she was in control. She could use her tits and body to get men to do anything for her, and she loved the feeling of power when she turned a man, or another woman come to that, into her personal sex slave. The more uptight and reserved they were at first, the greater the thrill to completely corrupt them and make them willing to do anything and everything.

It wasn’t hard to get Steve to help them unload their self-drive rental van as they moved in. All they needed to do was be friendly and play the needy female card and he was lumping boxes back and forth for them. Beki engaged Steve in conversation and confirmed that he was single and despite being in his mid-40s he had not been married. Beki also noticed fairly quickly that he wasn’t openly lusting after her or her mum, which was a strange experience for her. However, she was pleased to see that he couldn’t completely keep his eyes off their breasts, and she managed once or twice to bump into him and confirm he had a firm erection in his pants.

Over the course of the first couple of weeks, Louise and Beki both invited Steve to pop over and established that he worked for a charity in Newcastle and also attended a local church. Louise mentioned that she had been going to a church in North Wales, although she neglected to mention that she had had to leave it when she was caught having sex with the pastor’s son and one of his friends. Steve was always respectful and didn’t seem to pick up on the subtle flirting that both Louise and Bei started to introduce.

“Do you reckon Steve could be a virgin?” Beki asked her mum one day.

Louise laughed. “Maybe, but not for long around you! Just go easy on him. We don’t want to scare him away!” replied Louise.

“I don’t know, I bet I could get him to fuck me within a month,” challenged Beki. She knew that when she set her sights on a guy, they couldn’t say no. Even if Steve had high morals, she would have him wrapped around her little finger soon enough.

“Ok, £10 says he provides more of a challenge than you think!” said Louise. She too was happy to join in Beki’s game, and maybe even screw Steve (who was much more her age) if she got a chance. “Maybe I can beat her to seducing him,” thought Louise silently as she agreed on the bet.

Steve had never known as much female attention as he received in the next couple of weeks. He wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination but somehow he always ended up stuck in the friend zone with members of the opposite sex. His work and friendship circle were mainly routed in his church, so even the brief relationships he had had were very reserved and he never pushed anyone beyond kissing. Sex was for marriage, and so he never tried to get anyone into bed. That is not to say that his thought life was quite so pure and, as Louise and particularly Beki teased him, he found himself increasingly having to fight off inappropriate fantasies of what he would do to either of them. These fantasies usually ended up with him masturbating and then feeling really guilty, but his hand and watching porn on his laptop became increasingly a source of sexual relief.

After a couple of weeks of non-stop flirting, Louise invited Steve over for a coffee. He had not really connected much with previous neighbours but Louise and Beki were always very welcoming and Steve beat himself up internally about his inner fantasies about them even as he kidded himself that he was just being a good neighbour in accepting invitations for drinks or even a meal. Beki was upstairs but came down with the pretence of showing her mum a new bikini she had just bought. Steve squirmed in his seat as Beki appeared in a two-piece bikini that showed more of Beki’s flesh than it concealed. Her firm, large breasts were practically falling out of her top and it was all Steve could do not to sit and stare open mouthed at her Nevşehir Escort bulging chest. Louise played along and got Beki to turn around and show them her ripe arse barely concealed in the bikini bottoms.

“What do you think Steve? Do you like what she is wearing?” asked Louise.

Steve could barely respond, and both Louise and Beki grinned as they noticed that a damp spot was developing on Steve’s jeans as he gaped at the sight of this gorgeous 21-year-old. Louise realised that she had probably lost her bet as Beki leaned in and kissed her and then Steve on the cheek and thanked them for their feedback. Steve quickly excused himself after Beki had retreated upstairs, and Louise was fairly certain he had headed home to beat himself off to thoughts of her stepdaughter. Louise had been taking things slow with Steve, but despite being 20 years younger Beki was more confident and forward in seducing people and having her way with them. Steve still hadn’t done anything at all, but Louise knew that it wouldn’t be long now before Beki had him in her grasp. Knowing Beki, this would probably be in the grasp of her tight pussy or even her arse.

Beki decided to try and move things along fairly quickly after this, so it was just a couple of days later that she decided to try and get Steve into bed. It was a wet Friday evening, and Beki asked her brother Tim to get their mum over for some mother son sex. Tim was of course happy to oblige. It was now a few years since he and Beki had started having sex with each other and his mum, and Tim loved it. He had since married his long-term girlfriend Gill, but she was perhaps a bigger sexual freak than him and had no problem with him fucking his mum or sister or whoever he wanted. They had decided to move up to North East England with the family, and Gill often joined in with their sex games. This evening, Gill was visiting some friends in Scotland, so Tim had his mum to himself.

Beki meanwhile dressed up in a white blouse and short skirt and went out for a few drinks with friends. Of course, she was hit upon by a few guys who she might have went with on another night, but this evening her sights were set on Steve. Steve was sat at home watching TV and drinking wine, with no clue as to the life changing events that were about to take place.

It was just after 10 that Beki decided it was time to head home and put her plan into action. She was glad of the rain that was making her top almost see through and adding to the bedraggled look that she wanted for her set up. As she knocked on Steve’s door, she felt herself getting wet as she imagined how the next few hours could go.

“Hi Steve,” she said as he opened the door to his home. “My mum’s went out and I forgot my keys. Can I come in for a bit?”

Steve stood in shock as he looked at Beki with damp hair and a top that was practically see transparent because of the rain. Although a small voice in his head was warning him that this was a bad idea, he could not really turn Beki away as she stood there dripping wet.

“Do you have glasses?” asked Beki as she walked into his lounge and pulled a bottle of vodka out of her bag.

“I don’t drink Vodka, but I can get you a glass,” replied Steve as he struggled manfully not to stare at Beki’s body as she sat down on his couch.

“Go on, try some,” Beki encouraged him. In fact, tell me where you keep your drinks and glasses and I’ll make us both something you’ll love.

Steve led Beki into the kitchen where she proceeded to mix up a couple of drinks. Beki was very careful to subtly add extra ingredients to Steve’s drink when he wasn’t looking. These would not take away his free will but would definitely make him less likely to say no to Beki’s advances and keep him hard for hours once he had an erection. Beki planned to use him in every which way before the night was over, so he needed his strength for what was about to happen.

Once the drinks were sorted, Beki and Steve went back to the lounge and Beki flirted with him before a bit as the drugged drink began to take effect. Both of them drained their glasses, and Beki took herself off to refill them although without so much vodka for her. She wanted to be clear headed for her seduction of Steve to work.

As she walked back in to the lounge, she asked for Steve’s mobile phone to call her mam. Beki claimed that her phone had run out of charge but having Steve’s phone allowed her to call her own phone (which was actually on silent) and get his number as well as phone her mum. Beki knew that by this stage Tim and her step mum were probably fucking and was pleased to be greeted by the unmistakable sounds of Louise being pumped full of Tim’s cock as she answered.

“Hi mum, I’ve locked myself out. When are you due home?” asked Beki.

“I…um… wasn’t planning to … come home tonight,” answered Louise as Tim continued to pump his stiff shaft into her. “I’m with your fucking brother.” Louise Nevşehir Escort Bayan did not realise that Beki had put her on speaker phone or that Steve was listening in to the call. “He’s so big!” squealed Louise in the throws of ecstasy. Steve seemed not to realise what was going on, but Beki could picture in her head Tim stuffing his mum’s wet cunt with his long prick.

“Oh, I’m at Steve’s house,” revealed Beki much to Louise’s embarrassment. “Is it OK if I just stay here tonight?”

“If he is happy with that,” replied Louise, knowing what Beki was planning but barely able to focus as Tim had withdrawn from her cunt and was now licking at her anal opening.

Steve knew this was a really bad idea, but he could not think of a reason to say no. Obviously Louise trusted him, he was just imagining that Beki had been flirting with him and he could behave like a proper gentleman for one night. Even though alarm bells were going off in his head about how bad this looked, Steve agreed to the plan and sealed his fate.

“You’re a star!” replied Louise as Tim buried his tongue in her open sex. Louise could not contain a deep moan but tried to cover it up as best she could. “Thanks for taking care of my little girl,” she squealed into the phone as Tim one again lined up his prick with his mum’s sex. Beki grinned as she reflected on her mum’s not too subtle innuendo about Steve “taking care” of her and pictured in her mind what Tim and Louise were up to.

“Do you want a tee shirt or anything to wear to bed? I can make up a spare bed,” said Steve trying to focus on being a good host.

“That’s OK, I’ll probably sleep in my bra and pants. Or maybe just nude,” replied Beki mischievously.

Steve tried to get the picture of this 21 year old bombshell sleeping nude in his house out of his head as he showed her to his spare room, made the bed whilst she was in the bathroom and prepared for going to bed himself. Beki appeared from the bathroom just in her bra and pants, and with the alcohol he had had (plus unknown to him the drugs Beki had added) it was all he could do to stop himself jumping on Beki and ravaging this beautiful creature that stood before him. Beki was very open of course to him doing just that, but she admired Steve’s restraint as he just bid her good night before going to his own room. Beki was happy to be patient and knew that this restraint would not last long.

Steve tossed and turned on his bed, painfully aware of Beki the other side of the wall. Finally, he went to his phone and searched his favourite porn site to take the edge off. He slipped off his night clothes and made sure the headphones were firmly in place as he started one of his favourite gangbang scenes. He definitely didn’t want Beki to hear what a dirty old man he was beneath his outwards appearance. As the blonde girl on the screen sank to her knees to welcome a stiff cock into her mouth, Steve couldn’t help but allow his hand to drift down to his own stiff member as he imagined Beki doing this to him.

Suddenly, the light switched on as Beki burst into his room. The weather outside had grown increasingly worse, so some lightening and thunder had given Beki the perfect excuse to storm into Steve’s room on the basis of being scared. As Beki turned on the light, Steve was too dazed to even notice that Beki placed her phone and a stand on his dresser and aimed the camera at the bed. Beki grinned like the cat who has the cream as she realised what Steve was doing and what he was watching. This couldn’t have gone better.

“I can’t sleep with the thunder! Can I stay with you?” Beki had been rehearsing this speech in her head, although she knew it was unnecessary now and Steve stared at her like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Before Steve knew it, Beki was on his bed in just her bra and pants and taking hold of his phone which still was playing the pornographic clip he was in the middle of. Beki pulled out the headphones so the sound of the blonde on the screen encouraging four guys to fuck her filled the room.

“Oh, is this the one where the blonde tells her girlfriends about a fantasy where some guys break into her house, tie up her parents and then gangbang her? I like this one,” said Beki, knowing this would only throw Steve off more. “Let’s watch it together.”

Steve couldn’t have responded if he tried. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Beki catching him watching what was fairly extreme porn and liking it, nor that she would be lying more or less naked in his bed with no-one else in the house. His mind couldn’t handle all that was happening, especially when Beki lowered her hand and began stroking his cock.

“Hmm, is this because of the movie or because of me?” whispered Beki in his ear.

“Beki, sorry, I think you need to go back to your room,” said Steve, trying to regain himself and resist the temptation to just let this happen. “This isn’t right.”

“Don’t Escort Nevşehir you like me? Why waste the chance to have me rather than just wank yourself off?” said Beki as she continued to slowly stroke his firm knob.

Steve couldn’t react as Beki slowly bent down and parted her lips to welcome his throbbing knobhead into her mouth. Beki looked up at Steve’s face and knew that whatever remained of his resistance was slipping away.

“Has anyone ever sucked your cock before?” she asked him as she allowed his shaft to fall out of her mouth. Steve could simply shake his head as she lowered her mouth onto him and fed more of his hard prick into her wet hole and bobbed her head on his fuckstick.

Steve couldn’t believe he had not shot his load the moment Beki had begun to blow him but closed his eyes and surrendered to the sensations as Beki gradually fed more and more of his dick into her warm mouth. Steve knew he wasn’t particularly large in the penis department after watching so much porn secretly over the years, but he also realised that most people were not hung the way pornstars were. Still, as he watched Beki sink down and take all of him into her throat, he felt a thrill wash over him like never before.

Beki knew she was good at deepthroat, and she knew Steve would last a while because of the drugs she had given him. She loved this feeling of easing back off Steve’s rock-hard prick and then forcing herself back down on him till she was touching his balls. Lost in the moment, she repeatedly forced herself to gag around Steve’s cock as she savoured totally breaking her good neighbour. As she pulled back once more, she felt Steve’s dick start to throb and held herself still as he filled her mouth with his warm cum. Finally spent, she let his slimy cock slip from her mouth and made sure she looked up at Steve so that he saw her swallow his load. She deliberately let some of his spunk run out of the corners of her mouth as she moved up and kissed him passionately on the lips. Steve was amazed as his cock began to get hard again as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, but Beki just grinned internally at the effects of the drugs were having on her new lover.

Beki gave Steve’s head a gentle push, and he lowered his head to take hold of one of her breasts. As he sucked one of her tits into his mouth, almost on impulse he nibbled at one of her nipples and swirled his tongue around the top of Beki’s young and ample breast. He had noticed her tits when they had first met a few weeks ago but had always told himself off for focusing on them. Now, lost in the sensation, he revelled on sucking her other breast into his hungry mouth.

Again, feeling pressure on his head, he kissed further down Beki’s body till he reached the top of her moist sex and thrust a tongue into her secret hole. Beki encouraged him to lick her wet folds and guided him to where her clit stood erect and ready for attention. Beki was shaved and smooth, and as Steve loving lapped at her cunt felt her first orgasm of the night wash over her.

Beki moved on top of Steve and positioned her wet vagina near to Steve’s now rock-hard knob.

“Now, fuck me!” cried Beki as she slid the tip of his rod into her sex. Beki wanted Steve’s surrender to be complete as she took his virginity from him, so grabbed hold of him and turned them both over so she was lying on the bottom and his cock hovered at the entrance to her pussy.

“Yes, fill my cunt with your prick!” Beki encouraged him as he began for the first time in his life to feel what it was like to have his cock immersed in the warm, wet confines of a woman’s pussy.

“Harder,” cried Beki as he slid completely into her and started to pump in and out, his knobhead scraping the walls of her tight love hole.

“Fuck. Fuck!” she breathed as he began ploughing into her depth’s

Beki eased herself off Steve and got on all fours, encouraging Steve to remount her doggy style as his cock bobbed in front of her. All restraint gone, Steve gleefully positioned himself behind her and slid his entire length into her waiting snatch. He reached round and cupped Beki’s hanging breasts as he started to pump back and forth into her with a passion.

“Talk dirty to me!” Beki encouraged him as Steve’s thrusts became more and more violent.

“You like that you slut?” asked Steve. “You like me cock pumping in and out of your tight pussy?”

“You’ve been asking for this, flirting with an older guy for weeks just so you could get your fill of his cock?”

“Maybe later I’ll fuck your arse too,” promised Steve totally lost in the moment. Beki loved it, maybe she would let him fuck her arse although she had planned to save that for another time. She knew Steve would probably try and make this a one-time thing, but she knew he would not be able to resist her plans to totally turn him out. Especially as she was recording this whole episode and planned to get other blackmail material as well.

“Do you like my cock in your tight pussy?” asked Steve as he felt his climax approaching.

Beki reached down and played with her clit as she felt her own orgasm overtaking her. She knew she could not get pregnant as she was on the pill, but urged Steve to pull out as she knew he was about to cum.

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