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Converting the Family 3: Billy’s New Slutty Family

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Converting the Family

Chapter Three: Billy’s New Slutty Family

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: An anonymous fan commissioned this story and allowed it to be shared. I merely penned this individual’s outline. Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Billy Purvis

My dick throbbed in my sister’s mouth as she sucked up and down my shaft, getting me hard again. I needed her help. After all this cumming, I was hitting a wall. I was young, but there was limits to how many times I could cum. Cali was finally using her mouth the way she should. I savored her efforts to get me hard. I lounged on the couch in Mrs. Banks living room. The busty, blonde MILF was my new mother now. Like I had mind-controlled my sister into being a cum-bucket whore, I had made Katie Banks into my slutty mommy.

It was incredible. Cali moaned about my cock while she squirmed on our new sister’s face. Vanessa was another hottie that I ached for. She was Cali’s best friend and now a whore, too. She feasted on Cali’s cunt, eating my cum out of her while Cali fluffed my dick hard.

And now Talia, Vanessa’s older sister, had joined the fun. I mind-controlled my new mother into turning her eldest child into a pussy-licking, anal-rimming slut. The MILF was enjoying that bliss right now, coming down from her orgasm. It was so hot watching Talia rim her mother’s asshole.

I was ready to have fun. To enjoy Talia. My new family. I was going to fuck them all while pathetic Brad, Vanessa’s twin and Cali’s now ex-boyfriend, whimpered in the corner, masturbating while I fucked all the women in his life.

I felt like a god.

The front door opened and Mr. Banks entered.

The older man froze at the sight of debauchery in the room. He stared at his naked wife, their oldest daughter Talia nuzzling at her ass. Then his eyes flicked to me, my sister sucking on my dick, his youngest daughter eating out Cali’s cunt.

“Katie?” he growled.

The shock on his face transformed into anger. He stared at me. Cali didn’t stop sucking on my dick as I felt the full force of Mr. Bank’s fury. He was a tall man, strong. His face went beat red. His nostrils flared as he snorted. His hands balled into two fists. Even in his suit, he looked powerful.

“You fucking, little piece of shit!” he growled. I witnessed death charging at me.

My cock went limp in my sister’s mouth. Fear punched through me. A cold wave of terror washed through me. Where was my mind-control remote. My eyes shot around, struggling to remember where it was. I let Katie use it on Talia, watching how hot it was for a mother to mind-control her daughter, at my command, into being a pussy-slut.

“Fuck!” I gasped as Mr. Bank seized my shoulder with his left hand. His grip crushed me. He knocked Cali off my dick as he ripped me to my feet.

“I’m going to beat your perverted ass!” he snarled. “What did you do to my fucking family?”

“I… I…”

“Mitch!” shouted my new Mommy. “You let go of my son right now!”

His grip released me. A look crossed his face. He whirled around to face his naked wife. She stood there, her large tits swaying, her arm pointed at him with the…

Remote in her hand. She was using it on her husband.

“Mitch,” she said, the remote’s red light flashing as she held down the record button, “you’re like your pathetic son, Brad. A little cuckold. You take pleasure witnessing me and your daughters fucking our son, Billy. He’s such a stud. Billy has an amazing cock! He can just fuck and fuck and fuck! He has so much stamina he can please us all!”

I groaned, catching her words. The device was pointed at us both and… My cock throbbed, twitched. I grinned. I was such a stud. I had stamina that could please every woman. My dick was already growing hard again. It didn’t matter how many times I’d already orgasmed today.

Why had I even felt fatigue? Why did I need to be fluffed hard?

“A sex god!” moaned Vanessa into Cali’s pussy. “Just so sexy, Dad!”

“Yes, Dad!” moaned Cali, squirming on Vanessa’s face. “You’re as pathetic as Brad.”

“I’m so pathetic, Dad,” groaned Brad, jerking off his dick in the corner. “I’m so lucky that they let me watch.”

“You can only jerk your cock off, Mitch, because you know that your little dick will never satisfy me or your daughters like Billy’s will,” Katie continued. She had such a wild look on her face. Talia was nuzzling at her ass, licking her, rimming her butt-hole while she cuckolded her husband. “His dick is the best.”

My dick was the best.

I loved this. I had turned her into my slutty Mommy, and now she was defending me. She was dominating her husband without me even ordering her to. This was so hot. I had such a sexy Mommy.

She sauntered to me, her breasts jiggling. She walked around her husband as she slid up to me. Her arms slipped around my neck. Her large tits pillowed against my chest. My cock pressed against her belly, ready to fuck her. It throbbed against her as she wiggled from side to side.

She kissed me. I groaned as my new Mommy thrust her tongue into my mouth while her husband groaned. He wasn’t angry now. He was unzipping his slacks. He was kneeling down like his pathetic son, Brad. They looked so much alike, both with those strong, masculine faces. Those chiseled chins and bold smiles that had won them Katie and Cali respectively.

Now their women were mine while they could only just jerk off now.

Mr. Banks let out a groan as he spanked his cock, watching his wife kissing me. I grabbed her ass. I squeezed and kneaded her rump. I massaged her. She ground against me, my dick throbbing against her. It was amazing. My tongue danced with hers. My heart pounded.

“Oh, Dad, that’s just sad,” Talia said. “I used to think you were a man, but now we have Billy. I’m his Cock-slut and Mommy’s Pussy-slut. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Yes, honey,” groaned Mr. Banks.

“Such a wuss,” moaned Cali. “Ooh, just like Brad. Spank it. You’ll never get to touch us, so just enjoy watching as… Oh, Vanessa, yes, yes, wiggle that tongue in my cunt.”

My dick was so hard. I wanted to show the man what his wife was like now. I wanted to finish what my new mommy had started earlier. What I was too impatient to let her finish doing. Now… Now I wanted her husband to see just how much of my whore she was.

I broke the kiss. “Mommy, I want to cum all over your tits.”

“Mmm, Mommy wants that, too,” she moaned. “I love it when you came in me!”

“Yes, yes, cum on Mommy’s tits,” Talia moaned. “Then I can lick her clean! I love her tits! Her pussy! Her asshole!”

Mr. Banks whimpered. Brad groaned. They both jerked off hard and fast.

I sank down on the couch again, grinning. I used to be a disgusting troll to all the women in this room. They used to shit on me. Now I had converted them into being my sluts and it was amazing. My dick ached as it throbbed before me. I spread my thighs, grinning.

“How does it feel to know that your wife and daughters would all rather fuck me than you?” I asked, grinning at the older man as my new mommy fell down to her knees before me, her big breasts bouncing. Her short, blonde hair swayed about her face.

“It makes me feel like such a failure as a man,” groaned Mr. Banks, his hand working up and down his cock. “I… I can’t believe that she wants you, but…”

“Mommy does want her sexy son,” she moaned as she hefted her tits. “He’s so much better than you, Mitch. He knows how to give me what I want. I finally got to make Talia into my pussy-slut.”

“I loved it, Mommy!” Talia moaned, squeezing her round breasts. They were nice, but just not as big as my new mommy’s big boobs.

Mommy piled her tits around my cock. I groaned, my dick throbbing as her soft breasts squeezed around me. This time, I wasn’t going to stop until I spurted. I would enjoy this titty fuck while her husband watched. I grinned at him as I stretched my arms out across the top of the couch, savoring this delight.

Pleasure shot down my cock as Mommy worked up and down my shaft. She stimulated my cock with her soft tits. I groaned every time her breasts engulfed my spongy crown. Tingles raced down my cock. It was so incredible. My toes curled and my balls ached.

“That’s it, whore!” I growled. “You want my cum spurting all over your face.”

“Mommy does!” she whimpered, working her tits up and down faster and faster. Her nipples rubbed into my belly, hard with her excitement. She licked her lips. “Mommy wants you to cum all over her face.”

“You never did this for your husband, right?”

“Mommy’s ex-husband,” she hissed. “Mommy doesn’t need your pathetic father any longer. Not when she has you. Mommy will do anything to please you. Mommy will be your whore. Mommy is your whore! Cum on Mommy’s face!”

“Yes!” I growled as Mr. Banks groaned.

He was utterly emasculated. His wife was my whore and I loved it. My dick ached and throbbed. My nuts ached as my cum built in them. This was so exciting. I grinned, watching my mother’s tits engulf my cock over and over again. She worked those tits with such enthusiasm while Cali shuddered nearby.

She squeezed her own round breasts. “Oh, Mommy, make Billy cum. He’s such a stud! You’re his cum-bucket, just like me and Vanessa.”

“Mommy is her sexy son’s cum-bucket!” she moaned.

“Yes, you are!” I growled. “I’m going to coat your face in my seed. Make me cum with those tits!”

“Yes!” she moaned then did something naughty.

As she slid her tits down my cock, her head darted down. Her tongue bathed the top of my crown, her tongue swirling around it and stimulating it. My dick throbbed and twitched. Pleasure surged down my shaft to my balls. Then her tits slid back up, engulfing my cock again.

My nuts tightened as her breasts slid back down. Her tongue flicked across my dick again. I groaned, my head twisting from side to side. It was so incredible. I loved it. This pleasure was just the best. My toes curled as my balls grew tighter and tighter.

Then she sucked on my cock. Just for a moment, I experienced heaven in her mouth before her tits slid back up it, forcing her lips off. But then she slid down and she sucked on my dick again. Another second of bliss. I groaned and shifted on the couch, grinning as she loved me.

“I’m going to drench you with cum,” I snarled. “You want my cum so badly. You want me to drench you.”

“Yes!” she moaned and then sucked on my cock again.

Every stroke, every suck, brought me closer and closer to cumming. Cali was moaning in the background, cumming on Vanessa’s face. Talia quivered nearby, rubbing her pussy as izmit otele gelen escort she watched the fun, a look of envious lust on her face. Brad and Mr. Banks whimpered in the corners, jerking their little dicks like the pathetic cuckolds they were.

I had changed this entire family, converted them to my lusts. It was incredible. I groaned, the ache building and building at the tip of my cock. Mommy sucked on the crown of my dick again. Her tits caressed it. Her tongue bathed it.

“Fuck!” I growled. “Get ready, Mommy!”

“Yes, yes, cum on Mommy’s face!” she moaned, squeezing her tits about my cock and pumping them fast up and down my dick. “Cum! Cum!”

“Beg me to cum on your wife’s face, cuckold!” I growled.

“You have to!” moaned Mr. Banks. “You’re such a stud. Not pathetic like me. A real man, son!”

I came.

My balls unloaded. The cum shot from my cock and splattered Mommy’s face. My ropy jizz splashed across her features. I painted her with my spunk. I coated her. I drenched her. It was amazing. The pleasure rushed through me. My toes curled. My balls tightened as I spurted again and again.

I groaned out my lust. The pleasure hammered my mind. Stars danced before my eyes. Mommy moaned as my dick kept unloading. She worked her tits up and down my dick, massaging out more and more of my spunk to cover her.

“Yes!” I snarled. “You’re my mommy-slut and my cum-dumpster!”

“I am!” she moaned. Her tongue flicked across her pink lips. “Mmm, and you taste so good.”

“You look hot covered in cum, Mommy!” Cali moaned, her face flushed, her black hair swaying about her shoulders. “Ooh, I wish I had tits big enough to do that.”

Mommy pulled her tits away, some of my cum spilled across her lush mounds. She turned to face her daughters, ex-husband, and son. “Girls, come lick Mommy clean! Your brother coated Mommy in his cum, and you can’t waist a single drop.”

“Goddamn, you are awesome, Mom,” I groaned as Cali, Talia, and Vanessa scrambled to her. Vanessa’s face was coated in pussy cream.

I watched in delight as the three girls swarmed her. I stood up, my body buzzing from the rapture of my orgasm. I felt like a god again as those three hotties licked my cum off the MILF’s face and tits. They moaned as they cleaned her.

“Fuck!” Brad groaned as he spurted a pathetic spurt of cum onto the carpet. No girls cared to lick his up.

“Damn, no one’s every done that for me,” Mr. Banks whimpered. Then he groaned and came.

“Pathetic,” I said, sneering, my dick already twitching as I stared down at the girls.

Talia licked my jizz off our mother’s tits, her tongue gathering that pearly spunk. Vanessa and Cali lapped up the spunk coating my mother’s features. They moaned as they then started kissing our mother, passing my jizz back and forth between them.

“No woman has ever done that for you, right?” I asked Mr. Banks.

“No,” he groaned.

“Not even with all those famous people you work for?” I asked. “None of those starlets your company represents ever done that.”

He shook his head, staring in envious awe.

“That’s right,” I said. “You’re not as good as me. You’re not as amazing as me. I’m a stud! I have the best dick!”

“I’m not as good as you!”

“No, you’re not,” moaned Mommy. She pointed the remote at her husband. “All those pop stars your company represents, all those little trollops prancing around stage, you’ll bring them to Billy so he can turn them into his horny sluts!”

My dick throbbed. I loved this naughty mommy.

“I want you to go and bring them back!” she moaned.

“Especially those twins, Victoria and Lily!” I groaned, my dick throbbing, picturing those Asian twins who were up-and-coming pop stars bursting on the screens. They were so hot.

“Yes, yes especially those two little whores!” moaned Mommy. “My son needs all the sluts to be his!”

“I will, Katie,” he groaned, gained his feet, and ran out of the house while zipping himself up.

“God, Dad, you are so pathetic,” Talia moaned, some of my cum on her lips.

“Yes, he is,” I groaned, smiling at the whore.

I took the remote from my mommy and pointed it at Brad, inspired. “Time to use that big smile. I want you bringing sluts from our college here. Cheerleaders, popular girls, and any other hotties that you can bring. I want to enjoy them all with our slutty sisters and our hot mommy.”

“Yes, Billy,” he groaned.

“And if you’re good, you’ll get to watch. Hey, you might even get some sloppy seconds with a skank. You never know.”

“Thanks, Billy,” Brad panted as he gained his feet. He zipped up. “I’ll go out right away. I know a few girls who I can bring back.”

Then he was gone, too, and it was just me and my new sluts. They all stared up at me, crowded around our sexy mother. They were so hot. But they needed to be modified. There were things they had to do.

“Whores,” I said, pointing the remote at them, “things are going to change.”

“Haven’t they?” Cali asked, a big smile on her face.

“First of all, you three need big, fake tits,” I said. “Mommy, yours are amazing, but you other three… Those just don’t cut it. They’re so small. Especially yours, Vanessa. You all want big, fake titties!”

“I know,” Vanessa said, squeezing them. “Look at them. I wish they were.”

“Isn’t that expensive?” Cali moaned. She kneaded her round tits. “How can I get the money! I need to improve them.”

“Porn!” I said. “ I grinned at them. “You are all dropping out of college and becoming full-time porn stars. I’m talking nasty, incest porn channels broadcast out of this house! I’ll fuck you. You’ll fuck each other. The world will watch you get bred by me.

“Because you all want to get knocked up by me.”

“Of course we do!” moaned Vanessa.

“Yes, yes, breed me,” Cali groaned, squeezing her tits. “Pump me full of your seed. I want you to flood me with all your cum and knock me up!”

“Knock us all up!” moaned Talia. “We’re your cum-buckets.”

“Yes, yes, breed your Mommy!”

“Can you breed me right now?” Vanessa asked. She had gone from being Cali’s bitchy best friend to my slutty sister thanks to my device. She parted her legs, flashing her shaved pussy at me. She dripped with passion.

“Yes!” I growled. I had four hot women all eager to obey me. “Mommy, ride her face while I breed her.”

“Yes!” she moaned, shivering in delight, her tits, licked clean of all my cum, quivering.

“Ooh, I love eating pussy now,” moaned Vanessa.

“You need to show Mommy if you’re as good as Talia.”

“I don’t know,” Vanessa said, glancing at Talia. “I’m not a Pussy-slut like she is.”

“Nope!” Talia said, such a proud grin on her lips.

“Talia, why don’t you show Cali all your talents,” I said. “You have to love your sisters.”

“Yes, I do!” she moaned.

They obeyed me. Cali marched over to Talia. My sister seized Talia’s blonde hair and pulled the slut hard, my sister grinding her cunt into Talia’s mouth. Vanessa stretched out on her back, her little breasts jiggling, her hands reaching up for her mother’s thighs.

“Sit on my face, Mommy!” Vanessa moaned. “And please, please, breed me, brother. Pump your cum into my fertile cunt!”

How could I say no to that?

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy!” Cali hissed. “Mmm, you’re just the entire family’s pussy-slut, Talia!”

“I am!” the older girl moaned into my sister’s cunt. Talia’s blonde hair danced around her shoulders, swaying side to side as she feasted.

My dick throbbed so hard. I couldn’t believe I could cum again so soon, but this was just so hot. I knelt between Vanessa’s thighs, my cock throbbing straight before me. My mom grabbed my dick, stroked my amazing cock, and guided it to her daughter’s cunt.

“Breed Mommy’s little girl,” she moaned, pressing me against Vanessa’s shaved snatch.

I groaned at the hot caress of her flesh stroking up and down my cock. This wonderful delight surged through me as I buried into Vanessa’s tight depths. She whimpered into her mother’s snatch. The busty MILF shuddered, grinding on her daughter’s face.

I thrust my cock in and out of Vanessa’s depths, her pussy clenching about me. I could feel the heat of her snatch melting into my cock. She moaned and gasped, her hips undulating, her snatch squeezing and relaxing on my dick. I could feel her depths sucking at me. My balls tightened.

She wanted my cum spilling into her depths.

“Nasty slut!” I growled, pumping hard, my eyes locked on my mommy’s tits as they swayed before me. “You want to be bred so badly!”

“I do, Billy!” she moaned. “I want you to fire all that cum in me! I need it so badly! I want your baby!”

“You’re going to be pregnant and fucked on webcams by me!” I snarled, thrusting harder into her. “The entire world is going to see your brother dump his cum into your cunt!”

“They’ll know I’m your cum-bucket, Billy!” she squealed, moaning into her mother’s snatch.

“Yes, they will!” moaned the MILF. Her body shuddered. She squeezed her tits, kneading them, massaging them as she ground atop her daughter. She worked her hips from right to left, smearing her hot cunt across her daughter’s hungry mouth. “Mmm, that’s it, just lick up all of Mommy’s naughty cream!”

“Oh, god, I want to be pregnant and fucking on a webcam,” moaned Cali, grinding her pussy on Talia’s mouth. “Mmm, that sounds so hot. Then Talia can lick out all your cum from my bred cunt while the world watches on! All those pathetic guys fapping, wishing they bred you. But it was you, Billy!


“Yes!” I snarled, my hips thrusting harder and harder at Vanessa’s cunt. I plowed into her, eager to fill her to the hilt with so much jizz.

I grabbed my mom’s big tits. I squeezed them as I buried my face between them. I breathed in her scent, squeezing those lush tits around my face as I hammered her daughter’s fertile cunt with my dick. I buried into Vanessa over and over. Her cunt squeezed around my cock, massaging my flesh.

I kissed and nibbled at the inner slopes of my mother’s tits. I loved them. My fingers dug into those wonderful mounds of plump, pillowy flesh. I climbed higher and higher until I reached her nipple. I engulfed it. I sucked on it.

She moaned, squirming atop her daughter’s face. Her hands ran through my hair, cradling me to her breasts. This was so amazing. I spent all these years ogling these hot girls, wishing they would notice me as something more than a disgusting pervert.

Now they did know. Now I was their sex god.

“Oh, yes, Mommy loves nursing her son,” she whimpered. izmit anal yapan escort “After you breed me, Mommy will have yummy breast milk for you.”

My dick almost erupted.

I sucked hard, pounding Vanessa’s tight, silky cunt. She moaned and shuddered, her thighs locked around my hips. She wiggled them, stirring her cunt around my cock. I groaned, suckling with all my might. It was incredible to enjoy. My balls smacked hard into her taint as I plundered Vanessa’s cunt.

The nineteen-year-old girl undulated her hips. She worked her cunt around my dick. She moaned and whimpered, working those hips, twerking around to drive me wild. It was incredible. I groaned, loving every moment of it.

Her pussy squeezed about my cock. She gripped it. Massaged it. The pleasure spilled through me. I groaned, pumping away hard, fast. I rammed my dick into her juicy snatch again and again. I groaned as I buried to the hilt in her.

Her pussy clenched around my dick. Her hips wiggled. She massaged my cock with her hot cunt. I groaned, loving it. Pleasure rippled through me. Such wondrous bliss shot through my body. I thrust hard, fast. I buried into her again and again.

“Oh, my body, Billy’s going to breed me!” moaned Vanessa into our mother’s cunt.

“Mmm, yes, he is,” panted Mom. “Now keep licking me. Don’t stop. You’re my pussy-slut, too. All my daughters are.”

“We are, Mom!” groaned Cali. “I just hope we’re as good as Talia because… Damn, she’s good. Yes, yes, Talia, right there.”

I shuddered, my sister’s moans echoing through the living room. Talia licked and lapped with such hungry fervor I heard it over the sounds of my balls smacking into Vanessa’s taint. I groaned, the pleasure rippling through my body, my balls growing tighter and tighter.

“Fuck, Talia, I’m going to cum!”

Talia squealed in delight into Cali’s pussy. Talia sucked with noisy enthusiasm. Out of the corner of my eye, Cali shuddered. Her round breast heaved. She threw back her head, her black hair sweeping down her back.

“Drink it all up!” gasped Cali. “All my girl-cum and… Ooh, yes, yes, keep licking me. Make me explode again, Pussy-slut!”

“Make her explode again!” whimpered Mom. “You’re such a good Pussy-slut, Talia.”

“I am!” Talia moaned.

“Vanessa!” Mom groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, Mommy likes that. Wiggle your finger deeper into Mommy’s asshole and… Oh, yes! Right there! Mmm, suck on Mommy’s clit and finger her asshole! Such a nasty daughter!”

“A fucking pussy-hungry slut!” I growled, popping my mouth off her nipple as I hammered Vanessa. “Cum on her! Drown her in your pussy juices, Mommy!”

Her blue eyes smoldered as she cupped my cheeks. “Mommy will!”

My balls grew tighter and tighter. All these women were fucking and sucking because of me. It was so hot. Never in all eighteen years of my life had I ever imagined I would truly have such an incestuous harem.

And it was only the beginning.

Mom came. She threw back her head, her tits heaving before her as she climaxed on Vanessa’s hungry mouth. My blonde sister licked and lapped up the flood as I plowed into her. Mom’s passion sang through the living room, drowning out Cali’s moans.

“Such a pussy-slut!” she gasped. “Yes, yes, drink all of Mommy’s cream!”

“All of it, whore!” I growled. “Then cum on my dick and milk out all my cum! Your pussy needs to be bred!”

“Dump all your jizz into me!” Vanessa howled, her pussy squeezing around my dick.

That silky friction grew hotter. It felt better and better. I shivered as I rammed into her depths. It was incredible. My balls smacked over and over into her taint as she moaned into our mother’s cunt. Then Vanessa let out a gasp of bliss.

She orgasmed about my dick.

The slut’s pussy went wild. Her juicy walls convulsed and spasmed about my dick. Her cunt writhed, milking my amazing cock. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my aching balls full of cum. I groaned, the bliss rippling around me as I hammered into her convulsing snatch.

“Cum in me, brother!” my sister moaned, her flesh sucking at my dick. “Breed your cum-bucket!”

“Dump your cum into your sister’s cunt!” Mommy hissed. “Breed her! The little whore needs it. Oh, god, she’s sucking so hard on Mommy’s clit!”

As my mom came again on Vanessa’s mouth, I buried into my sister’s spasming snatch and erupted.

I dumped my cum into her cunt. Blast after blast erupted from my dick, spurting into her fertile depths. Her hungry flesh convulsed harder about my cock. Her twat writhed about me, sucking the spunk out of my balls. Vanessa wanted all my jizz in her.

Rapture shot through my mind. It slammed into my thoughts with each eruption. I growled, stars bursting across my vision. My entire body trembled. My heart hammered in my chest as I unloaded the last drops of my cum into my sister’s snatch.

Then I panted, groaned. My head swayed from side to side. It was incredible. Amazing. My eyes rolled back in my head while the darkness fuzzed across my mind. I shuddered, my heart pounding so hard in my chest.

I needed more.

“Talia!” I growled, ripping my still-hard dick out of Vanessa’s cunt. I had the stamina to satisfy all my women. “Cum suck my cock. I want to enjoy your mouth before I fuck you next! You need to be bred, too!”

The sexy hottie ripped her face from my sister’s cunt, her blue eyes glazed, and moaned, “Yes! I’m your Cock-slut, Billy!”

“Yes, you are!” I said as she crawled to me.

“Mmm, let Mommy lick you all up,” my busty mother moaned as she leaned over, pressing those big tits into Vanessa’s stomach. Then mother and daughter were sixty-nining, licking each other.

I savored Talia sucking on me, pleasure rippling through my body. The moment her mouth wrapped about my cock, she sucked hard. I groaned. The bliss rippled through my body my dick. My cock pulsed and throbbed in her mouth. I loved it.

It was like being a perv had prepared me to have a harem of slutty sisters at my beck and call. I had lusted after Talia for so long. Now she sucked her own little sister’s cream off my dick, her cheeks hollowing as she loved me.

“That’s it, whore,” I groaned. “Get me hard.”

“Yes, yes, get our brother hard so he can fuck the shit out of your pussy!” moaned Cali, fingering her twat.

“Why just her pussy?” I asked. “I’m going to fuck your ass so hard. You’re going to be my anal-slut once I’ve bred you.”

Talia sucked harder.

Her enthusiasm had my dick fully erect in moments. I groaned as she slid her mouth off of me. The tip ached, it almost hurt from how many times I’d cum, but I didn’t care. I had another load of jizz brewing in me. I once jacked off ten times in a single day, my personal best, but now… I could just fuck and fuck.

I was a sex god!

“You need to pound my asshole!” moaned Talia. “It’s cherry. I’ve never done it.”

My smile only grew. “Then what are you waiting on, Anal-slut?”

“Yes, Billy!” she moaned and spun around. She reached behind her and parted her butt-cheeks for me.

I groaned as her puckered asshole came into sight. I licked my lips, admiring that little, brown rosette. It winked at me as she squirmed. Her fingers dug into her butt-cheeks as she held them apart, her moans so wanton and lusty.

“Sodomize her, Billy!” moaned Cali, working three fingers in and out of her snatch. “Mmm, just fuck our sister’s ass tight. Break her in!”

“You got a cherry ass, sis?”

“Nope,” she said. Then confusion washed across her expression. “I let… Brad fuck me in the ass. Why would I do that? He’s so pathetic.”

“I just had to open your eyes with the remote,” I said, winking at her. “Let you know what you truly were.”

“Your cum-bucket!” she breathed, masturbating faster.

Goddamn, that was so hot to hear.

I fell to my knees behind Talia. I couldn’t wait any longer. My dick was covered in her saliva. I was so eager for this. I pressed the wet tip of my cock right against her asshole, rubbing it in slow circles. The wrinkled feel made my dick throb. I groaned, needing to be in her. To fill her.

I rammed into her depths.

Or tried to. Her sphincter resisted. I groaned, my cock almost bending, but I was too hard for that. Her anal ring stretched and stretched. It opened to swallow more and more of my cock. I groaned as it spread over my dick’s tip.

Then I was in her.

She gasped as I plunged deeper into her velvety grip. Her bowels wrapped around me as I bottomed out in her, my balls smacking into her flesh. I shuddered, my eyes so wide. I had my first blowjob, first titty fuck, first real fuck, and now my first ass fuck.

I would have so much sex, so much money. I would have busty sisters fawning over me. I would breed them. Film them. The world would see all the hotties who worshiped me. They would know that I wasn’t a pathetic, disgusting troll.

I was a sex god!

“Billy!” she moaned, a sound of pure, wanton bliss as I pulled back.

Her asshole squeezed down on my dick as I withdrew, the velvety caress massaging the tip of my cock. The pleasure fired straight to my mind. I groaned, the bliss making me dizzy. My cock throbbed inside of her.

I rammed back into her depths. She gasped, my crotch smacking into her rump. The sound echoed through the room, mixing with the sound of the other three gasping and moaning. Mom and Vanessa feasted on each other’s cunt. Cali plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy, watching me sodomize Talia with such envy in her eyes.

“Such a fucking sweet Anal-slut!” I howled as I fucked Talia.

“Good!” she moaned, her hips wiggling, stirring her bowels around my cock. “I’m so happy! I just want to be your slut! Our sisters’ slut! Mommy’s slut!”

“Yes!” I snarled, pounding her hard.

“But she’ll never be Dad’s slut!” Cali moaned. “Or our pathetic brother’s slut.”

“Eww, never Brad!” Talia panted, her bowels clenching around my dick, increasing the pleasure.

It swept through me. This wonderful, amazing bliss. It had me dizzy with delight. I groaned, my head swaying back and forth. I slammed into her so hard, buggering her tight ass. The pleasure swelled in me. My balls grew tighter and tighter.

I would pump so much jizz into her asshole, but I had to breed her. I grinned, my hips pounding her as such depraved ideas popped into my mind. I gripped her hips, slamming my dick into her, the pleasure rippling through my body.

“You’ve thought of something nasty,” Cali moaned, staring at me, her hazel eyes twinkling.

“So nasty!” I growled, slamming into Talia’s bowels.

“Ooh, sansürsüz escort bayan that sounds hot!” Talia moaned. “Do it to me! Do whatever you want to me!”

“Yes!” I snarled.

“Abuse her, Billy! She’s your cum-bucket like me!” Cali moaned, as she threw back her head, and exploded.

Juices gushed out around her fingers. The air filled with the scent of more pussy. That wonderful perfume of four different cunts bathed the air. I loved it. I pounded Talia faster and faster, plunging into her anal sheath as the pressure built at the tip of my cock.

I was so close to erupting. I didn’t fight it. I let it built in my balls. They tightened. My cum brimmed in there. It was amazing. I never wanted this to end. I would fuck her hard. I would spurt so much jizz into her.

I would breed her.

“Fuck!” gasped Talia. “I’m such an Anal-slut!”

Her asshole writhed about my cock. I gasped, realizing she was cumming from being sodomized. Her anal sheath rippled about my dick, sucking at my cum. I groaned. My balls lurched. That surge of pressure shot out my cock.

I was about to erupt.

I ripped my cock back, drawing all the way out of her asshole. An obscene, wet plop echoed as I came free. Her asshole squeezed shut while I shifted down, aiming at her shaved cunt, and rammed my filthy cock into her pussy.

“Holy fucking shit!” Talia moaned. “Yes, yes, now I’m your Pussy-slut!”

“Jesus, that’s hot!” gasped Cali. “You got to do that to me next, Billy!”

I just groaned, unable to speak as Talia’s pussy, convulsing like her asshole, rippled about my dirty cock. As she buffed my dick clean with her writhing pussy walls, my cum exploded into her. My jizz spurted powerful blasts into her depths.

The pleasure slammed through my mind. There was such a rush of ecstasy. I groaned, gripping her as she worked out every drop of my jizz. I groaned while she milked me. Her nasty cunt polished my cock and massaged out every drop of my fertile cum into her depths.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled as the pleasure melted my thoughts.

Stars burst across my vision. The ecstasy carried me to such heights. Around me, my other women moaned and gasped. This was just the start of my harem. It would grow and spread. I would have so much fun.

I loved my life.


Brad Banks – Several Months Later

I grunted as my cum spurted from my dick. The jizz almost splashed my laptop. I was watching one of the newest vids from Billy’s website.

“Oh, Billy!” whimpered Christine, my cousin, from my laptop’s speakers. She was a nubile eighteen-year-old girl, her body flushed and quivering on the screen. “That was amazing.”

“Let me lick you clean!” my other cousin, and Christine’s older sister, moaned. They were both brunettes, though Michelle was the bustier of the two. The twenty-year-old slut dove between Christine thighs and started licking her clean. Billy had the biggest grin as he watched them.

I paused the video, panting. I helped set that one up. I arranged for our cousins to visit. Their parents had no idea that they’d be Billy’s whores in minutes. I met them at the airport, my remote in hand, mind-controlling them and getting them ready to love that stud.

I wish I could be half the man as Billy.

I stretched as I rolled off the bed, my cock going limp. I pulled on a pair of shorts and slipped out of my bedroom door, my toes flexing into the carpet. Moans echoed through the house, not an unexpected thing to hear.

“Mommy!” squealed Talia. “Fuck me! Oh, fuck me with your big girl-cock! I love it! You’re stretching me out!”

I paused at the door to Talia’s room. She was on her hands and knees, her big, fake tits swinging beneath her as Mom pounded her from behind with a massive dildo, the rubber shaft veiny. It stretched out her cunt obscenely. Christine was working the camera for the live stream, getting up close and personal shot of the penetration.

My cousin had joined the family business.

“Take Mommy’s cock, you nasty slut!” Mom slammed hard, her big tits heaving before her. “Take it! You’re my Fuck-slut, aren’t you!”

“I’m whatever kind of slut you need, Mommy!” she howled.

We were rolling in the dough. The webcams were bringing in money. Billy knew how to operate. He had us set up on the deep web, finding all those anonymous perverts that didn’t agree with certain laws. People paid us in all sorts of cryptocurrency from the popular Bitcoin to Mysterium, Dogecoin, and more. Dad and me were always having to cash it out to buy things.

My dick twitched, growing hard from the lesbian incest on display. I shook my head and then groaned as I moved to the next bedroom where more fun was happening. It was such a hot sight to see. I always got so hard watching Billy fuck, envying that he was buried into any pussy.

But especially when he pounded my sister Cali.

Cali moaned as she bucked back into his thrust. The black-haired beauty was on her hands and knees. Her belly was round with Billy’s child, bred by his cock. Cali had her face buried into Vanessa’s equally pregnant cunt. She was on her back, one hand kneading her big boob, the other rubbing her swollen belly.

Big, fake tits and pregnant bellies made both my sisters look so hot, especially my twin sister. I would give my left nut to fuck Vanessa one of these days. She writhed on her back, shuddering in delight as she ground on Cali’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, sis, make me cum!” she moaned, her hands rubbing her belly. “Ooh, lick out all of Billy’s cum from my bred pussy!”

“Yes, yes, eat her, whore!” snarled Billy, fucking our pregnant sister hard.

Cali’s big, fake titties jiggled and swayed as she took his cock. The bed creaked as the two pregnant sluts writhed in passion with their hot brother. Billy’s eyes gleamed as he thrust so hard, his crotch smacking into her ass.

Billy noticed me. I flashed him a thumbs up.

He fucked our sister harder, grunting, “You just wish this was you, don’t you, Brad?”

“So badly,” I groaned, squeezing my dick through my shorts. Billy had the best cock in the world. He never went soft. A true stud. “You’re so lucky, Billy. You get all the pussy.”

“All the pussy!” my twin sister moaned. “Mmm, I heard he bred another one of the cheerleader sluts.”

“Pregnant cheer squad is going to bring in so much money,” Brad groaned. “The last two should be fertile in the next week. You’ll get them, Billy.”

“Of course I will,” Billy grunted. “Fuck, I’m going to cum. Go find Tittyfuck and Bimboslut!”

“Yeah, get lost!” moaned my twin sister. “We’re trying to fuck here, not get perved on by you. Go jerk your little dick off in your room.”

I flushed and pulled my hand away. “Sorry, sis. I’ll go. Right away!”

“Yes!” Billy grunted, pounding Cali hard. “Almost there.”

“Cum in our sister!” Vanessa howled.

The cries of orgasmic bliss echoed behind me as I headed downstairs to find the two maids. Tittyfuck and Bimboslut (or as the world knew them, Victoria and Lily) were prancing around the living room in their slutty, French maid outfits. The two Asian beauties, both slender and graceful with long legs and dusky-olive skin, looked so hot in their outfits. They had low-cut bodices with white lace ties. Their skirts were so short when they bent over you could see that they weren’t wearing anything beneath.

Bimboslut bent over, flashing her tight snatch at me as she dusted, a giggle bursting from her lips. She wiggled her ass back and forth while her twin sister, Tittyfuck, leaned over, letting me see down her dress. They had both big breasts, which look so hot on their petite frames.

They were pop stars represented by the company my dad worked for. Like ordered, he procured them and a number of other famous hotties to grace Billy’s bed. Their celebrity sex tapes were all over the internet now.

All save these two. Billy kept his two favorite starlets. They were “on vacation” now for months.

“Billy wants you,” I groaned, my dick so hard now.

“Mmm, but you want us, too,” Bimboslut said, sliding her feather duster up her thighs to brush the lips of her pussy.

“You do, you naughty pervert,” Tittyfuck purred, her hands squeezing her big tits. The material of her bodice slipped and a dark-brown nipple popped out, hard and erect.

“Yes,” I whimpered, my dick so hard.

“Too bad,” Bimboslut said, standing erect, her skirt falling over her rump. “We’re all Billy’s now.”

“No titty fucks for you,” Tittyfuck purred as she sauntered past me, her nipple thrusting out of her bodice still. “You can go spank your pathetic cock in your bedroom.”

“It’s so nasty in your room,” Bimboslut said, hooking her twin sister’s arm. They swept up the stairs, their black hair swaying like silk behind them. “So musty. I hate cleaning in there.”

I groaned and followed them up the stairs. My dick was hard. Luckily, I had the rest of the video of watching my cousins getting fucked and bred by Billy. Christine just found out she was pregnant, and she was so happy about that. Michelle hoped she was, too.

I burst into my musty room. It was so warm in here. I stripped out of my shorts, threw myself on the bed, and turned on the video. I grinned. I had a lot of porn to watch. Billy was such a stud. I was so glad I could watch him fucking.

I was so lucky. Everything was so wonderful now that Billy had changed our family.


Billy Purvis

I panted, pulling my cock out of my sister’s bred pussy just as Bimboslut and Tittyfuck entered. I grinned at the two pop-stars-turned-whores. Bimboslut fell to her knees before me and engulfed cream-coated cock without a word, sucking my sister’s juices off of me. Tittyfuck went to Cali to lap my salty cum out of her bred cunt.

I grinned, loving my life. My phone beeped. I snagged it and saw a text from Mr. Banks. “You will never guess who I have coming to meet with you,” he sent. “My company just landed the biggest starlet in Hollywood. The one from those superhero movies.”

“Fuck, I love this life,” I groaned as Bimboslut sucked my dick clean. One little invention had changed everything.

“I hope she doesn’t have a movie coming up, because I’m going to breed her Hollywood cunt!” I texted back.

Everything was working out perfectly for me. My sisters were pregnant, Talia last month (the slut’s womb was just stubborn) and even my mom was pregnant. She was just starting to show. I had my two favorite starlets, all the girls I dreamed about, and I would have even more.

“Who’s the fucking freaky perv now,” I groaned.

“You’re not a perv, you’re a sex god!” Cali moaned as Tittyfuck licked her clean.

Vanessa hugged me from behind, her pregnant belly rubbing into my lower back, her firm, hard nipples grazing me. “I love you so much, Billy. You’re the best brother in the world.”


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