Convent From Hell Ch. 02

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Inspired by the erotic comic Convent Of Hell by Ricardo Barrierio and Ignacio Noe.

Zoë was a little nervous, at first, being separated from her mother, but the two young nuns did their best to make her feel more relaxed. Small talk about the weather, what it was like out in the secular world, that sort of thing. They introduced themselves as Sister Margaret and Sister Tabitha, both novitiates. They wore white habits rather than black, like the older nun, but both carried the wooden crosses, with the short hilt and long gnarled stems, like old smoothed out tree branches.

The three girls entered a small room, where the nuns proceeded to help Zoë with her wet clothes. But the light banter put Zoë off her guard quickly. The two young nuns explained that Zoë’s clothes needed to dry out and apologized for the lack of street wear available. All they had was a novice’s habit just like theirs , but without the cowl that covered their hair.

Zoë sat on the bed, clad only in bra and panties when Sister Margaret said, “You are a very pretty woman, Zoë. Very feminine, very attractive. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I’m not that pretty! In fact, I think I’m a little fat!” she answered. “And, yes, I do have a boyfriend.”

“Fat? Heavens no!” said Margaret, “Voluptuous, perhaps, but definitely not fat! What does your boyfriend think of your body?”

Thinking the question a little odd, coming from a nun, or a nun in training, Zoë gave her a strange look.

Catching the look Sister Tabitha interjected, “Just because we are nuns doesn’t mean that we are ignorant of the outside world. We have curiosities and feelings and desires, just like you.”

A little more at ease, Zoë answered the question as she stepped out of her damp and cold boy shorts . “Bobby has never seen me like this.”

Incredulous, both nuns looked at Zoë as if she were crazy, Margaret saying. “You mean, you two have never….um…”

Zoë finished her sentence. “Had sex? No! I’m saving myself for someone very special. The man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. And I don’t know if Bobby is it yet, or not.”

Tabitha smiled as the words sunk in, thinking ‘How right you are! And you don’t even know it yet!’

Margaret went on, “Have you two ever touched? Played? Made out?”

Tabitha approached Zoë, carrying the spare habit. She held it open so Zoë could slip into it. Zoë stood, as she answered Margaret. “Well, sure we have. But fully clothed. Lots of kissing, that sort of thing, but nothing beyond that. Bobby understands and has always been a gentleman”

Margaret unsnapped Zoë’s lacy bra as Tabitha helped her into the robe, but before Zoë could tie it together, Tabitha’s hands cupped Zoë’s breasts.

“What are you doing?” Zoë said, confused by what was happening.

“Admiring your breasts. They’re beautiful. Full, ripe, enticing!” Tabitha answered, still holding the lush orbs, her thumbs playing over the thin material covering Zoë’s nipples.

Zoë tried to push away Tabitha’s hands, but found herself unable to remove them. She didn’t understand! The few times Bobby had tried to cop casino şirketleri a feel, she merely brushed his hand away. With Tabitha, she was unable to move them at all. It was as if Tabitha’s hands were magnetically attached. The gentle massaging of her nipples was making her tingle. The warm feeling emanating from her chest was something she had dealt with before, especially after an intense session with Bobby. But this was different! There was a warm sensation radiating from her pussy as well. She felt a level of wetness that was foreign to her. Sure, she had gotten damp before, the result of necking with Bobby, but this? This was more intense! It was like an itch!

And she was compelled to scratch it! Her hand dropped to her full red-orange bush. Her fingers gently stroked up and down, her middle finger finding its way between her lips. She was confused. She didn’t want this to happen, but seemed powerless to stop it. Tabitha leaned in, burying her face in Zoë’s cleavage while her hands gently kneaded the soft fleshy melons on each side of her face.

A moan escaped Zoë’s lips as she grasped the back of Tabitha’s head, the middle finger of her other hand now knuckle deep inside her wetness.

Tabitha gave her a slight shove and Zoë fell back upon the bed, her legs splaying as she landed. Tabitha stepped between them, dropped her robe on the floor and lay down on top of Zoë.

They lay there, pussy to pussy, breast to breast, and to complete the connection, Tabitha pressed her lips to Zoë’s. Surprised at the suddenness

Of Tabitha’s advances, Zoë opened her mouth to protest. But, instead of telling her to stop, Zoë sucked Tabitha’s tongue onto her mouth. The two kissed deeply for over a minute, Zoë moaning at the tender urgency of Tabitha’s touch.

Tabitha broke the kiss, trailing her lips down Zoë’s neck, shoulder, over the swell of her breast, drawing lazy circles, with the tip of her tongue around her areola, before finally latching on to her nipple. Zoë let out a moan as her hand cradled Tabitha’s head, and through half closed eyes watched Margaret shed her habit and walk to the bed, joining the twosome. Zoë noticed the now prominent belly of the young nun, thinking to herself, ‘Oh my God! She’s Pregnant!” Margaret leaned in and kissed Zoë’s other breast, gently chewing on the needy nipple.

“I….I didn’t know you were…pregnant!” she panted, “How? ….How did it happen?”

“I’m carrying Father’s baby” she said, momentarily letting go of Zoë’s nipple. Her hand traveling down, caressing Zoë’s belly, before cupping her waxed pussy, her middle finger grazing the young girl’s dampening lips.

“You mean…. the Priest?….He’s…the father of your baby?” Zoë exclaimed, getting more and more turned on by the attention of the two young cleric’s.

“Of course! He’s the only male here! He serves us all, just as we serve him!” Margaret said as her finger slid just inside Zoë’s vaginal lips. “He feeds us. He clothes us. He keeps us warm. We, in turn, satisfy his hunger, his need for breeding, cater to his enjoyment.”

Ill at ease with this revelation, but enjoying the attention casino firmaları of the two naked nuns, Zoë lay there, holding Tabitha to her now aching breast, moaning as Margaret’s fingers replaced hers, explored her now weeping sex. Unable to control herself, Zoë reached for Margaret’s face, pulling her near, and kissing her deeply. Margaret responded by grasping Zoë’s other breast, kneading it gently as their tongues fenced back and forth in each others mouths.

So engrossed with Margaret’s attention, she failed to notice Tabitha releasing her nipple. Tabitha moved lower down, her tongue darting out and teasing Zoë’s engorged clit. Zoë moaned into Margaret’s mouth as she almost involuntarily opened her legs and ground her hips into Tabitha’s face, smearing her musky juices all over the nun’s lips.

Margaret broke the kiss, trailing her tongue down Zoë’s throat, latching onto her left nipple. She pulled and twisted the other, causing Zoë to cry out as her pleasure level increased, far beyond anything she had felt with Bobby.

Tabitha continued to suck the tender flesh of Zoë’s clit, lathering the nub with the flat of her tongue. Zoë’s hips moved against Tabitha’s face with increased urgency, her staccato moans growing longer, louder. Zoë bucked and wailed as she experienced a mind shattering orgasm, writhing in ecstasy, warm juices spewing from her slit. Pushing Tabitha’s face away and covering her quivering pussy with her hand, she pleaded with the nun to stop. ” Its too much! Please stop!”

Staring incredulously at the wet sheets between her legs, and panting from the exertion, Zoë added, “Oh my God!….What was that?…. What happened?”

Tabitha, wiping her face, smiled up at Zoë, and said, “You just had your first of many, many orgasms, dear. And, I believe you just squirted! Did you like it?”

“Oh God, yes…It was…incredible. But…did I pee?”

Before turning to her partner, Tabitha said, “No my dear! Just an intense orgasm.” To Margaret, she added, “Shall we see how many more we can squeeze out of her?”

Margaret answered, “Don’t get greedy, Sister. There will be plenty of time for that, later. But perhaps she might be willing to help us attain the same level of enjoyment.”

Tabitha sat beside the young girl and, between kisses, asked Zoë if she would help them. “After all, we helped you!” she added.

Sitting up on the large bed, confused, but feeling a little guilty, Zoë asked, “What would you have me do?”

“The same as we did for you!” Margaret answered, sitting next to her, placing Zoë’s hand over her Tabitha’s plump mound, curling a finger inside.

“But…but, what if I do it wrong? I’ve never done anything like this!”

“You’ll do just fine, dear. Just do as we tell you.” replied Tabitha, guiding Zoë’s head to her breast and moaning slightly as Zoë’s lips came in contact with the dark pink circle of flesh.

While suckling gently on Tabitha’s nipple, Zoë’s continued to slip a finger in and out of her moist cunt, eliciting moans of pleasure and recharging the air with the scent of her freshening sex.

Tabitha stretched out güvenilir casino on the bed, still holding the young neophyte to her breast. Zoë, it seemed was a quick study, rasping her tongue enthusiastically against the stiffening nub atop the nun’s chest.

“Taste me, Zoë! Tabitha whispered, gently pushing the girls head down her belly. “Let me feel your tongue there!”

“But….but, I’ve …never done anything like this before” she protested.

“I’m sure you will do just fine, dear!” Tabitha replied, gently, but firmly pushing the redhead’s face between her legs.

Zoë planted a tentative kiss on the moist folds of the nun’s pussy, experiencing the taste of another woman for the first time. It was soft, salty, different from anything she had ever experienced. The scent was intoxicating. She extended her tongue, pressing the tip between Tabitha’s lips.

“Open them up! Lick!” Tabitha breathily asked, rolling her hips to get more contact.

Zoë wrapped her arms around Tabitha’s thighs, gently spreading the outer lips, exposing moist, pink tissue. Using the flat of her tongue, she swiped upward, caressing the soft inner skin, gathering more of the strongly scented liquid seeping from within.

Tabitha let out a long low moan. “Yessssss!” holding the young girl close, and rolling her hips, smearing her essence onto Zoë’s face. “Deeper! ….Please!” she added, as Zoë licked again. Eager to please, the teen thrust her tongue farther in, feeling the heat, tasting the juices hidden in the soft folds of the nun’s cunt. “Mmmmmmm! Yesss!”

Margaret whispered some encouraging words into Zoë’s ear. Her response was to swipe her tongue up the length of Tabitha’s slit and feather her tongue against the nun’s swollen, protruding clit, making her groan with pleasure as she held the young girl’s face tight to her crotch.

Margaret took Zoë’s left hand and guided it to Tabitha’s outer lips. Zoë slowly pushed two fingers deep inside, caressing the moist tunnel as she surrounded Tabitha’s clit with her lips.

Tabitha pushed her hips upward against Zoë’s face. “Oh God! …Oh fuck! …Don’t stop! ” she panted, “Margaret!…get my cross…please?”

Her companion did as asked, handing it to Zoë.

“Fuck me with it!” she demanded, releasing Zoë’s head from her tight grip.

Zoë slid the long end against the leaking lips, letting it slip inside, stretching Tabitha’s cunt open.

“Ahhhh! Yessss! Deep! Hard! Fuck me!” she demanded.

Zoë pistonned in and out, sinking the cross to the hilt before pulling it out and pushing it back in. The glistening wood impaled Tabitha to the point where she babbled incoherently, wanting to cum.

Zoë reached out and circled Tabitha’s clit with her thumb as she continued to bury the cross in her cunt. This finally sent Tabitha over the edge, wailing in ecstasy as she writhed on the bed, waves of orgasm washing over her.

A sheen of sweat, covered her breasts as her breathing returned to normal. Tabitha took the crucifix from her oozing cleft and brought it to her lips, kissing and sucking on the shaft, enjoying the taste of her own juices as she came down from her sexual high.

Margaret stood, gathering up the robes, saying, “Father awaits! And you know how impatient he gets!”

The three girls dressed and headed for the great hall, and Zoë’s ceremonial deflowering.

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