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My wrists hurt. It was a stupid thing to concentrate on considering what I was involved in but I couldn’t help it. Jenny’s and my own body weight pressed the leather cuffs into my back, which in turn dug the metal studs on the inner surface into my wrists. I couldn’t cry out. My mouth was covered with Jenny’s dripping pussy as her ass was fucked millimetres from my nose. Trey’s monster of a cock was being driven deep and hard into her, and I could smell his sweaty balls mixed with the lube. Every so often I managed to tilt my head back and run my tongue across his moist scrotum, but it was all too brief as he pulled back for another thrust and Jenny’s hips drove her vagina back onto my mouth. I could feel Jenny grunting through her chest. She was on top of me in the 69 position enjoying a close up view of my ass being penetrated by Steve, the upward curve of his thick meat prodding hard at my prostate. Her arms were in front of my calves holding my legs wide open. It was a position I had come to adore over the last 18 months.

After close to half an hour Steve’s rhythm increased in speed and became erratic. I knew he was about to ejaculate, and squeezed my sphincter around him but he pulled out before the moment came and ran around to Jenny’s ass. Trey pulled out, Steve pushed in and grunted, then cried out as he was allowed to fill Jenny with his famously copious quantity. Moments later I felt another cock pushing in me, and from the feel and technique I knew it was Cody. Another fucking commenced and I grinned into Jenny’s wetness as Trey rammed himself back into her before any of Steve’s spunk leaked out.

Just a few minutes later it was Trey’s turn to orgasm. He emitted an almighty growl and mistimed his thrust, spraying his first shot onto instead of in her hole. The thick salty goo dribbled down her crack and over her perineum, and I stretched my neck muscles trying to lick it off. I managed to get most of it while Trey slammed himself home and finished firing his semen inside her. He slowed to a stop and paused, then pulled out and let his softening beast fall into my mouth. I sucked and licked at it like the hungry slut I was, desperate not to miss a second of joy from having him in my mouth.

“Good boy Tommy.” He growled above me, his voice a deep vibration in the air. Then he was gone, and I had no time to change position before Anthony drove himself into my girlfriend with a satisfied grunt and a wailing groan from her.

This was our Sunday afternoon. Jenny had been desperate for weeks to be pumped full of cum, and I had been pretty keen to be the one to suck it out. So after several aborted attempts to ensure the whole gang was involved, we managed to organise it. Now we were both being used as fuck toys while she was the cum dump. They all started in me, except Trey, and finished off in her. After many months of practice I still couldn’t take Trey first time and needed a good session or some patient foreplay to get relaxed enough. For this session we just needed to take them. The plan was for Trey to start in Jenny then get hard again while the others used us, then pound me before filling her up. Part one was complete. Now he just had to get aroused again.

The intimacy between Cody and me was deeper than any of the other guys, and went way beyond what even Jenny would suspect. We’d seen each other an increasing amount over the last year or so and had taken to secret meetings. For this reason I knew the point Cody started to build to orgasm and felt the tremble as his knees weakened. They always did when he came standing up. I knew he would be pulling out any moment and sure enough within moments he grunted, sprinted around me and nearly knocked Ant over as he was pulling out of Jenny. I stretched my neck and managed to suck one of his balls into my mouth at the same time he pumped his sweet load into her. A surreptitious hand slid between his thigh and her ass cheek and caressed my forehead. I let his testicle go with some reluctance.

Ant returned his cock to the now gaping asshole above me before any cum could leak out. Three loads, three to go. My mouth was watering at the prospect and I busied myself with her pussy lips and driving my tongue into her. She was so wet she offered no resistance at all. It was like licking a handful of Vaseline while someone slapped the top of my head. It was Toby’s turn in me. He started they was he often did, by teasing himself and pushing just his head inside before pulling out again. He repeated this several times before ramming himself home and making me judder under Jenny. Above me, Ant pounded her.

Ant was an odd one and none of us knew quite why he was brought in to begin with. He sported a bushy clump of hair above a sweet face that always seemed to be sniggering, a cheeky glint in the eye enhancing the effect. His chest was smooth and mostly flat, his pectorals barely defined, but as you moved down his body his hairiness returned. A line of dark brown drew the eye to his thick bush of pubic hair in which nestled bursa eskort bayan his fat meat. That meat was now hard as a rolling pin and plugging up Jenny’s ass. I had a forehead full of heavy, hairy balls. Everyone else was either naturally hairless or, like myself, took steps to keep it at bay. Getting fucked by Ant was as close to getting nailed by a dog as you could get, at least without the illegal act itself, and it was strangely addictive. His hair would brush and rub against you and his hands always seemed to be in a position where his nails worked into your skin. He fucked with an upward motion like he was trying to penetrate and lift at the same time, and when he came with any force he’d pant during build up and howl as he ejaculated.

This was now the sound I heard as Jenny was pummelled like a train then actually lifted up off my face with the force of his final thrust. At the same time Toby pulled out from me and came around to my face. I was allowed to suck his bulbous head a few times before he went to work on Jenny. Before he pushed his cock inside her I saw how big her hole had become. I bet she felt like a wizards sleeve now.

Toby was half Indian and his muddy tan always stood out against Jenny’s pale skin. I liked Toby. He was very friendly and had a wicked sense of humour. More than that he was very cuddly and I’d had many wonderful times snuggled up with him kissing and fondling each other. Watching him work on Jenny I noticed he wasn’t nearly as into it as he was when he fucked me. I wondered why but was then distracted by the final member of the gang, Will.

Unlike the others, Will was tentative. I knew he was asking Jenny’s permission before even touching his cock. Now I felt it being pushed in with what can only be described as reluctance. I got a poor shafting and it lasted a bare few minutes before he was running to Jenny’s ass, and Toby had to pull out and allow him to come in her before returning to her hole. He even went back to Jenny’s head to thank her. From the corner of my eye I saw him return to the side of the room and fiddle with his groin. I knew he was putting his chastity device back on. Fucking moron.

My thoughts were interrupted by Trey forcing his huge cock up me. I squealed and squirmed. Even after a thorough pounding I still wasn’t ready for him, but I was relaxed enough to get used to him quickly. It took just a few minutes of suffering before I began to relax further, and a few minutes after that I was begging him to fuck harder. Once he was in Trey could be an animal and today he didn’t disappoint, both Jenny and I jerked under the pressure of each thrust and Toby had to alter his timing to prevent himself popping out. He didn’t have to for very long however. With a shout he let himself go and added his spunk to the rest in my girlfriends guts.

“Plug me!” Shouted jenny, and Ant came bounding over with a cone shaped butt plug, which he rammed home with some delight. Jenny grunted then settled down to watch close up as Trey nailed my ruined ass. I started to laugh at the sheer pleasure I was enjoying and muffled it by burying my face in Jenny’s pussy. She was dripping wet and as soon as my tongue touched her hole she rolled back and sat on my face, forcing me to lick her. The handle of the butt plug was jammed up against my forehead and I knew I’d have an embarrassing bruise.

I don’t know how long I was rutted for but I felt delirious. Ages seemed to pass when in quick order Jenny knelt forwards off my face, someone removed the butt plug with a popping sound, and Trey rammed himself into her ass. She squealed, not quite ready for his size, but I watched as he forced the whole thing in. It was beautiful. His magnificent cock penetrating and stretching her pretty asshole. Three thrusts and he ejaculated with a roar. He remained in place for several minutes and Jenny rocked back and forth to get the last pleasure from Trey’s softening cock. He slipped out and let it fall into my waiting mouth. I cleaned him off. He tasted of cum and sweat.

Now it was my turn. Some of the guys came closer to watch but I knew Cody and Trey wouldn’t be among them. Jenny shifted forward and knelt up, bringing her gaping hole closer to my open mouth. Within seconds cum came dribbling out and fell onto my tongue. A few seconds more and it seemed a torrent was pouring forth. I strained my neck to avoid missing any. As the flow slowed back to a dribble, and finally to mere drops, I locked my lips around her sphincter and sucked. I got a little more and pulled back, running my tongue around her hole for good measure. My mouth was full. As in completely full. It tasted strange, not quite like cum, but also stronger. I don’t think I’d ever had all the guys cum in my mouth as once before.

She climbed off me and knelt on the floor, her head tilted up and mouth open. I struggled to stand and realised how much my ass was going to throb. On shaky legs I stood above her, leaned down placing my hands on her shoulders for balance, bursa merkez escort and allowed the reclaimed cum to dribble into her mouth. I watched her swill it around for a bit. We were now supposed to kiss and share it, but to my disappointment she swallowed it all and shot me a triumphant look. I held her gaze for a moment then turned away. The guys had started to gather their clothes and get ready to go. Toby, Ant and Trey gave me a kiss and a hug, thanking me for a good fuck. Will ignored me when I went over to see him and I brushed him off. I found Cody in the hallway already making his way to the door. We whispered our next meeting before he hugged me and bounded down the stairs.

I found Steve in the bathroom. He was about to piss when I shouted at him to stop. I’d come over all dirty again and wanted to be his human urinal. I knelt down and just whispered;

“All of it.” I clamped my mouth around his soft member. I felt him release and he filled my mouth with hot, fresh piss. I swallowed as fast as I could. Steve pissed like a horse and I choked twice but recovered when he stopped the flow for a moment. My eyes were watering at the end but I hadn’t missed a drop.

“Thanks toilet.” He grinned at me.

“You’re welcome master.” I replied with a wink. We both left to find everyone gone. Including Will. Jenny was sat naked on the sofa. We watched Steve dress and leave, after kissing us both, and that’s when the chill set in.

I watched her toy idly with her pussy for a bit, enjoying the view and yet not. There was a coldness between us that cropped up more and more. Something rotten was settling in. From my side Jenny seemed to be getting nastier and more extreme. She’d turned Will, my Will, from a strong man into a snivelling bitch, forcing him to wear a chastity device and even making him seek permission to piss. She’d also suggested a couple of things that were a bit too out there for me. One was definitely illegal. She hadn’t given voice to any issues she had with me, but in the last six months or so had become colder, more severe. She was too quick to snap these days. It was depressing that my beautiful, fit slut of a girlfriend seemed to be drifting away from me. I remember the day at the pool when she first hooked me. In some ways it didn’t seem over eighteen months ago and in others it seemed like a lifetime. Back then I hadn’t ever thought about guys sexually for instance. Now I couldn’t get enough cock.

She was glaring at me. I noticed this after several minutes when I was able to tear my gaze from her snatch. She looked annoyed, so my complaint didn’t help the situation.

“We were supposed to share that cum.”

Ignoring me she snapped at me; “Who gave you permission to drink Steve’s piss?”

“Permission?” Nonplussed, I glared at her, anger setting in. “I don’t need your fucking permission!”

She tried controlling me before but I only went so far with the submission. I didn’t get off on being a permanent slave. Trey and Cody had both told me that was the reason she’d switched to Will. I’d even heard a rumour that she’d threatened to deny him access to me. Once he’d submitted once, she had him.

“And what if I wanted his piss?” A petulant reply and she knew it.

“This is ridiculous.” I said and stood. “I’m not arguing about who wanted Steve’s piss.” I left the room and went to find my clothes in the bedroom. I’d managed to pull my boxers into place and had one leg in my jeans when she was up against my back, her hot body pressing against me, her breasts squeezed into my back. As it always did, my resolve wavered under the onslaught of her sex.

“Maybe I had a little piss surprise for us both after.” She whispered while pinching my nipples. My cock began to firm up. “Maybe I just got a little jealous.”

That was a lie. Jenny didn’t get jealous. There were eight of us in the sex group and we all had sex with each other as often as possible. Sometimes in twos or threes, and sometimes in big groups. I knew Jenny, Trey and Ant often had a threesome and after the first few times, I stopped minding. Despite the lie, I was submitting. She rubbed at my cock.

“Do you need a piss baby?” Her voice had slipped from anger to goading little girl. It was working even though I knew I shouldn’t let it. I nodded. “Want to fill your little slut with pee baby?”

Shit. Of course I did. She knew I did. She could feel my desire via my stiffening cock. She pulled the boxers down and hooked the waistband under my balls. Now free of constraint, I came to full hardness. She stroked me, just a gentle motion with a feather touch.

“My ass baby. My ass is begging for you to fill it.” Without waiting for an answer she got on the floor, crawled over to the bed, climbed up on it and pressed her face into the duvet. Her ass was high in the air wiggling at me. Her pink puckered hole pulsated at me. I caved in, hating myself as I did so. I bent over and pushed my tongue against bursa sınırsız escort bayan her hole. It relaxed immediately and I found her ready, some cum and lube dribbled out giving me no reason not to insert myself. I stood. She wiggled her ass again.

“Piss in me baby. Piss in your little slut’s ass.”

Would you refuse that? I wouldn’t, and didn’t. I guided my cock to her hole, paused for effect, then pushed it all the way in. She squirmed under me and squealed. I knew it was for my benefit, not because it hurt. The usual tightness was gone of course after the slamming we’d both received and it reminded me of the throbbing in my own ass. It was something I had become used to over the last year and a half. But she remained tight enough to hug my cock and the thought of penetrating ass was still a massive turn on for me, even as a bottom. Shifting my feet I got comfortable and released my bladder.

“Ohhhhhh.” She moaned into the covers. Pissing inside someone hold its own special arousal. It’s quite difficult to describe. Receiving it is another level again and I knew first hand the sensations she would be feeling. A warming and filling of the lower belly. As it grew inside her it would push on her internals which at first is fantastic but if you go too far it’s painful. A bladder is usually just the right amount. She might even feel it seeping through her guts, warm liquid working its way backwards through her system. It was at once warming and erotic and dirty, like being hugged by an aroused elderly porn star. I squeezed the final drops using clenching of my pelvic muscles. Then I started a slow thrust. I was horny now and wanted to ejaculate but she stopped me with a hand reaching behind her and pushing against my belly.

“No baby. Pull out.” Disappointed I pulled back slow, giving her time to clench her sphincter and avoid spraying it across the carpet.

“Now drink baby. Drink and I’ll suck you dry.” I should have guessed that was coming, but in my horny state I did as I was told. I dropped to my knees and pressed my tongue up against her hole. She released and my piss came flooding out her ass, almost at the same speed it went in. For the second time that afternoon I drank piss at speed, barely having the time to breathe between gulps. She reached behind her and gripped a handful of hair behind my head.

“OH YES! Baby yes. My little bitch!”

The steam ended. I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d released. I licked her hole clean as the odd drop squeezed out. After another minute or so I sat back on the floor. An expectant look on my face and a massive erection pointing at the ceiling.

“Wank for me baby.” She demanded.

“You said you’d suck me off.” Annoyance flooded me. She was going to do it again wasn’t she?

“Changed my mind baby. You like it when I watch don’t you? Come on slut.”

“Fuck you!” I shouted and stood up. She giggled. She had done it again. She’d manipulated me into doing what she wanted. She always got her way. She watched me get dressed, giggling again when I stumbled trying to get a leg into my jeans. I was angry enough to grab my t-shirt and storm from the flat before putting it on. She didn’t come after me and that just made it worse.

* * *

The argument with jenny had left me in a foul mood and I stomped along the street in the vague direction of Jason’s place. I knew I couldn’t turn up like this, it wouldn’t be fair, and so I took turn after turn in a circuitous route. I passed by the coffee shop in which I worked. It was quiet.

I saw Mattie resting her ass on the counter and tapping into her phone. She was a hot Goth. Long black and purple hair hung to her shoulder blades and across half her face, which was white as a ghost and oh so pretty. Her nose ring, tongue stud and four piercings per ear seemed only to enhance her looks, rather than ruin her as some of the older clientele took pleasure in reminded her of. While she wasn’t skinny, she was by no means fat and had a wiggle when she walked that made me cream myself more than once, with some help from Mrs. Palm obviously. I’d tried for close to three years to get some of her but no dice. Best I ever managed was a drinking session shortly before I met Jenny. Not even a kiss. I smiled at my many attempts.

After several kilometres I’d worked up a sweat and the exercise and memories of Mattie failures had calmed me enough to approach Jason’s place. By the time I knocked on his door my anger had been replaced by the now familiar feeling of anxiety. It wasn’t an improvement. He was my best friend, and I fancied him. Well lusted after him anyway. It had become quite awkward for me and I dealt with it in the worst way; by avoiding him. I should have known he’d take it bad but of course I just panicked. He’d reacted oddly nearly two years ago when I first told him about trying a threesome with Jenny and another guy, one moment encouraging and the next angry. Then he’d kissed me. It seemed to me it all started with that. Since then Cody had convinced me to stop being a twat and get back together with my friend. I could never tell him about my lifestyle though. He’d asked several times if I’d had any more threesomes and I said only with other girls. That was true, but I missed out the tri weekly fucking I received from any number of six guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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