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Consequences Of A Dare

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Working as hard as I do I get few pleasures in life. The few I do get are far and few between sometimes. Driving truck has always had it’s draw backs, but then it also has a few surprises.

I got one of those surprises one cool morning while waiting for my truck to warm up. A friend of mine had never rode in a large truck before and had asked if she could come along. Being the gentleman I am I said sure why not. We were sitting in the makeshift office where I worked, in front of an electric heater. Lin slid next to me to add to her warmth and I teased with her a bit about trying to sit on my lap. She laughed and just said I’d enjoy something like that way to much. I teasingly told her she was a big tease that needed her butt bared and then spanked for being bare. With fire in her eyes she allowed that I wouldn’t dare to ever bare her butt and then spank her. I grinned mischievously at her, she knew I had never turned down a dare in the past, and I saw worry spread across her face and eyes as she realized what she had just said. She bolted upright trying to reach the door for escape. To late, I was already in the process of grabbing her firmly around the waist.

Reaching around her waist with my right hand, as my left arm held her tightly in my grasp, I found the buttons to her Levi Jeans. As each button was released she wiggled and tried in vain to escape. Lin was a small gal, weighing in at ninety ponds soaking wet, with shoulder length blonde hair and wonderful blue eyes. As the last button was released I reached inside the top band on her pants and pulled them to her knees, her panties rolled in a small ball just below her exquisite ass. I threw her across my knees and laid my hand Kütahya Escort on her ass cheeks as she begged not to be spanked. I looked at her sweet round firm ass and marveled at the fact she was just over eighteen. I could feel her squirming harder as my hand rested lightly on her bare skin. As she continued to plead and beg I explained I never backed down from a dare and she had a good old fashioned spanking coming to her for daring me. The first swat to her bare skin brought a yelp of surprise and pain from her. I could see her cheeks redden with each of the next few swats and looked at her face to see tears and reddened cheeks there also. Taking pity on her delicate situation being at the mercy of my hands, I gently massaged the reddened cheeks of her ass with my hands. As I rubbed her cheeks she began to squirm even harder, but this time it was in a different way, like she was enjoying my attention to her cheeks and the fire she felt in them. As I rubbed I moved closer to her womanhood with my fingers, reaching the slit that told me I was where all dreams come true I felt a wetness. Lin was turned on by the spanking or the attention I was giving her ass cheeks, either way I didn’t mind a bit. I was beginning to get turned on as well and my cock begged for release from it’s confines in my levis. And with each wiggle Lin made it made it even more desirable to get it freed.

I leaned over and gently placed a kiss on each reddened cheek and then stood Lin on her feet. She looked at me, with need, shame, and desire as she stood there her bare womanhood staring me in the face. She spoke softly and with urgency asking if I was going to finish what I had started. I looked at her Kütahya Escort Bayan smiled as I said yes, but added she had started it with the dare. Reaching over to help steady her, she took her levis off along with her panties and placed them on the bench. She then reached up taking her shirt off and letting her perfect breasts fall into view. Standing fully naked in front of me now I could only gaze upon her perfection. She reached for my hand helping me to my feet in front of her. I reached my arms around her and began to kiss her softly. Feeling her nakedness with my hands as I rubbed her from shoulders to bare bottom. She reached in front of her and found the zipper to my pants as she tried to free my enraged member from it’s confines. Sensing her need I let go of her and found the zipper and belt easing my pants to the floor as my member poked out from it’s confines beneath my boxers. Lin never hesitated at this point she quickly pulled my boxers to my knees and stared at my manhood as it finally came into view. Lin ran her tongue across her lips as she slid down to view her prize at eye level. She placed her delicate hand around it’s shaft and commented on how large I was, and wondered if I would ever fit into her young womanhood. I assured her as to how I knew it would fit perfectly and that she would soon find out.

Reaching down I took Lin into my arms lifting her up so she was off the floor touching my chest with her fine bare breasts. She then in turn crossed her legs behind my back as I ever so slowly lowered her down towards my erection. As the tip of my manhood met her ever wet womanhood there was a sigh from Lin. She kissed me as my manhood entered Escort Kütahya her sweet wet treasures. Her legs locked, she rode me like there was no tomorrow, moving up and down on my shaft slowly at first then with ever increasing speed. Slowly I settled down with the two of us still locked together on the bench. This gave Lin freedom to move at will, which she did with ever increasing urgency to her driving need. I could feel her juices flowing down over my balls and on to the bench. I raised my hips to meet her as she came down on my hardened member. With each thrust I could feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on my engorged member. The heat from her was exciting and intoxicating and the same time. I kissed her breasts as she rode me ever faster and faster. Suddenly she stopped squeezing me hard with her legs and pussy as she climaxed. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as wave after wave racked her small petite body. I reached up taking her softly in my arms again, turning her down on the bench. Being on top now I slowly started pumping deep into her wetness as she lay there, feeling the walls of her lovely pussy milking my cock with each wave of orgasm. Soon I was pumping faster and faster, feeling my balls pull up as my own climax erupted into her depths.

Lin kissed me softly as our climaxes dwindled and the fires of lust subsided. She then said that if this was the punishment she got every time she was naughty, then she would have to be naughty and dare me more often. I kissed her and smiled, as I told her any time, any time at all.

Soon we were on the road chatting about our experience. Lin mentioned a few miles later she thought she was ready to be naughty again. I looked over at her to see a grin and gleam of lust shining in her eyes. I told her she wouldn’t have to dare me this time to get what she deserved, and smiled as I drove towards a pull out farther down the road knowing it wouldn’t be long before we both were naughty. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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