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Confessions of a Mother Pt. 02

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I arrived at the office about fifteen minutes early. I sat in the waiting room but I couldn’t help but to unlock my phone and exchange a few text messages with Scott. I had been talking to him for a few weeks now.

The door to Jill’s office opened and she walked out with a short, heavyset, man. He looked grouchy and was reluctant to make eye contact. I guess that is typical behavior in the office of a psychiatrist.

“Come on in. It’s nice to see you.”

I stood and walked toward the open door. Her office consisted of a couch, a desk and two chairs (one of which she wheeled from her desk).

“I hope you weren’t waiting too long.”

“No, just a few minutes.”

“That’s good! How did you feel after your last visit?”

I told her that it felt like a weight that been lifted from my shoulders.

“Good, Lori, that is exactly how you should feel. So, what are we going to talk about today?”

As I took a seat, I was a little curious and I asked her if people typically just sit down and start talking.

“For me, yes. Generally, there are two types of therapists. Some like to ask questions and guide the session. My style is more open. You talk as long as you have something to talk about and I will chime in as I see fit, okay?”

That sounded good to me.

I didn’t have the chance to mention at the last session that I only spoke to Joe once after the incident. I guess he was a little freaked out. You know how men are, right? Once they get what they want they move on. I was a little hurt though. I took a big chance by introducing him to Jayme and either he didn’t appreciate it or he was too chicken to talk about it. Oh well, moving on…

After the incident with Joe, I started talking to a man named Scott. He is a big guy, but not fat. I’m guessing he is 6’3″ and well over 200 pounds. He is no body builder, but he is far from a cream puff.

Anyway, Jayme and I had become closer since meeting Joe. I gave Scott her contact info and she began to chat with him too. He is 28 years old and owns his own business. At only ten years older, he is closer to Halkalı Escort her age so they had a lot in common. They really hit it off.

He got a kick out of talking to a mother and a daughter – too many guys share that fantasy. Naturally, we talked about sex. He talked about sex with me and he talked about sex with Jayme. We all kind of got off on it. Sometimes Jayme and I would sit in the same room exchanging messages with him while giggling back and forth. We had a blast!

The thought of meeting Scott sent shivers down my spine. In this short period of time, I have gone from the mother of a beautiful girl to the a witness (in some ways participant) in her sexual escapades.

Anyway, Scott had his own little fetish. He had shared some videos with us of girls sucking cock at gloryholes. I’ve heard about them in the past, but I really thought they were more of a myth than a reality. Once Jayme and I looked at the videos, we knew they were very real. It was kind of exciting to think about doing it.

One night, Jayme and I agreed to meet Scott at a local diner. The diner was outside of the city, but not too far from where we lived. Just beyond the diner was a small adult book store. I had driven by that bookstore a million times as it was located between my house and work. I never went inside, never even thought about it, but I wouldn’t be able to say that for long.

We met outside the diner and climbed into his truck – we left my car parked. The ride took less than five minutes and there was very little talking taking place. Scott was way hotter than I thought he would be and I was envious of Jayme for having fucked him. I hoped that I would get the chance soon.

It was a small square building with a neon light indicating it was open. There were no windows and the door, which was glass, was covered with a dark tint. We parked in the back with about six or seven other cars and walked to the door in the front. The ‘ding-dong’ of a bell sounded as we entered and Scott approached the counter. For thirty dollars he bought three tokens and placed them in the slot Halkalı Escort Bayan unlocking the turnstile.

It was very dark in the back of that store. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. There was a long narrow hallway with doors lined up to the left. To the right, the hall continued to a theater. The first two doorknobs did not turn indicating that the rooms were in use. The third door opened. It was a tight squeeze but the three of us stepped inside. Scott slide a ten dollar bill into a slot next to a small TV and flipped through a few porn movies until he found the one he liked. Then, he instructed us to take off our tops and kneel on the floor.

He held up a small camera with a bright light and introduced us to the members of our potential audience. Then, he pointed to the hole in the wall and told Jayme to put her finger through. Seconds after her hand returned to her side, a long, thick, cock emerged. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He gave Jayme’s head a push and she began to take it deep in her mouth. I sat and watched as she sucked the cock and I felt warmth between my legs.

It took only a few minutes before the stranger unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed the mouthful with ease. I listened and heard the door of the booth beside us open and close. It was already occupied by number two and it was my turn.

A wide black cock slid through the hole and Scott didn’t have to tell me what to do. I listened to Scott moan as I sucked the mystery cock. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jayme sucking him. The sight of her sucking made me wet and I wanted it even more. Scott whispered for me to keep the cum in my mouth as my pace picked up. I tilted my head back as he shot his load. Most of it went in my mouth but a few drops dribbled down my chin.

Almost simultaneously, he came in Jayme’s mouth – she held the cum too. Then, he asked us to kiss. My eyes met Jayme’s, our mouths each filled with cum, as our faces moved closer together. We kissed.

We passed the thick white cum back and forth as we explored each others mouths with Escort Halkalı our tongues. I had never kissed a girl like that, and never thought of doing that with my daughter. I won’t lie – it was hot. I enjoyed feeling her tongue in my mouth and the feel of the cum being passed back and forth. I enjoyed the taste of it. It was fantastic.

We both showed the cum to the camera one more time before we swallow it together. My heart was pounding as I leaked juice from between my legs. I needed one inside me urgently.

There was a knock on the door and Scott opened it up. He took Jayme by the hand and led her out as another man entered the room. He was older than me but not by too much. He smiled as he closed the door behind him and unzipped his pants.

I was still kneeling on the floor when he took out his cock and begged me to take it in my mouth. I obliged and took it – semi rigid – at once. I moved my tongue around as it grew double, then triple, it’s size. It was warm and I needed it.

I sucked for only a few minutes before standing up and leaning toward the wall. With my arms outstretched, I lifted my butt and let him slide in between my legs. I cried out as he thrust deeper and deeper inside of me. I loved the way it felt – the feeling of a stranger inside of me. I pushed back to match his motion before he pushed me forward and I fell to my knees. With my mouth open and waiting, he spew forth a thick, creamy, load. Just like that, he turned around and left the door open.

I stood up and slipped my pants back to my waist and left the booth to explore.

At the end of the hall, I found Jayme bent over a bench. Scott was recording as she was taking a cock in her ass. There wasn’t just one man, but two, who were taking turns ramming her. As the first came, she cried out and then the second shot on her back. I walked over and proceeded to clean her dripping asshole and back with my tongue.

The room was now empty and we headed toward the door. Once we found ourselves in the parking lot, we had nothing to say. Scott drove us back to my car, kissed Jayme good-bye, and drove off on his own. He never said a word to me after we left the building.

The ride home went quick. We couldn’t help but laugh and giggle as I drove us home.

Once we arrived, we went to our separate bedrooms and, I don’t know about her but, I was off to sleep within minutes.

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