Come on Over to My Place

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Hello, how are you? It’s been a long time.

I remember wantonly looking back at you as I invitingly positioned myself on my black leather settee, spread my arse and waited for the exhilaration of your cock entering me. I needed your thick arms to wrap around my beating chest. Those kisses we had exchanged after I had invited you to my home were so deep and full of lust, they willed me to your passion.

As your strong hands fondled my arse cheeks and your cock’s luscious pressure began to broaden my erogenous zones, I exhaled: “J you are making me gay.” That is partly true. All those times we had fucked and made love before had built into me an acceptance of the truth: I could be in love with a man. You weren’t actually making me gay I was just giving free reign to that side of my sexuality.

We had stripped in the hallway with eager and purposeful hunger. I loved pushing you back against the door and unzipping your trousers, saw you smile as you stepped out of them. I reached for your erect hardness and felt the ooze of your honeyed precum. I love cock.

Do you recall me holding our bulging-vein cocks together as those first kisses shut out the world except for you? I was milking and collecting your amazingly copious precum on my fingers while you tugged at my nipples with your fingers, producing sensations that went from head to brain and filled my nerve endings with desire. I loved placing your cockcream on your receptive nipples, which I then teased and savoured as I rolled my tongue over them, igniting your craving.

My own precum started to flow, so I mixed ours together and shared the taste with you. We moaned low and full of yearning; we were in sync. I never described the kinky joy I felt when smearing precum over your full lips with my sex-scented fingers and then licking it off your lips with my tongue.

And when I put my fingers in your mouth, you were in ecstasy tasting our combined precum; you were thinking of cock in your mouth. When you suck my cock, first you mesmerise me with your eyes before exhilarating me with touch. You learnt how my sensitive body responds to your leisurely exploration of its erotic points. The way you draw your tongue up and down my shaft while pushing a finger or three slowly inside my arse…I feel casino ┼čirketleri sorry for the man who cannot feel or admit to such rapture.

In fact, you turn every part of me into an erotic point. It wasn’t always that way but since that time you fucked me with your fingers and simultaneously sucked me to orgasm, you have known how to induce that man sex craving in me.

That first time your cock entered me. I had straddled you and moved my arse across you. I wanted to be filled by you, by a real cock. I felt your cockhead twitch and jump as it found and slicked my hole, stimulating me. I surrendered to seeking bodily pleasure and forgot all else. I felt only delicious delight as you entered me and I felt only satisfaction when you pumped sperm into me. Later that evening, I was confused by the apparent submissive nature of my act. But now I want sheer pleasure not some arcane idea of sin and manliness. I want to wrap my legs around you and whisper sexily: “Plough me deep! Fuck me. Hit that sweet spot!”

I told you that I too now love the taste and feel of cock in my mouth and I made to head south. Before I could move down your chest to swallow your shaft, you greedily dropped to your knees and took my cock. Took it all the way to its base with a lingering, skilful slow movement of tongue and raking teeth — you flooded my brain with sexual pleasure.

In the background, images of hot, muscled bears kissing and fucking played on the big screen. It heightened the erotic atmosphere, but we were focused on each other. We were rhythmic and imaginative in hitting that sex beat. I took and used you as you held on to the bannisters of the stairs, I threatened to tie you up there and fuck you mercilessly and you almost begged to be used.

I slapped your arse harder and faster as my cock stroked harder and faster and deeper and ever closer to orgasm inside you, but I tormented you by edging. I felt so in control. I slowed to a stop but pushed as deep as possible into your heat and held you from behind while confessing how much I wanted you and how your hot arse and masculinity turns me on. I wanted to hear and feel your ragged gasps. I sensed how you reacted to the beating of my heart as well and we slowly, wordlessly adjusted our breathing to a steady, casino firmalar─▒ shared pace.

We fucked slow with you feeling every millimetre of my cock as it moved deliberately within the embrace of your man cunt. The feeling was deeply erotic and uninhibited; you clasped my carnality as your arse clasped my cock — warm, loving and desirous. I refused to cum then because I wanted to look you in your sultry eyes and delve into your soul as we came.

I felt compelled to go missionary and make love and kiss you and hold your magnificent masculine head while rotating my hips against yours, grinding my cock around inside your fervent, vigorous arse, reaching the extreme edge of passion and control again and again — but not cumming. I wanted you to feel and see my love, even if I couldn’t say those words.

The sweat we produced while scaling ever increasing peaks of sensuality. The sweet ache in our muscles. The fierce sex. I wanted to make you my man and possess you. It was wild, thrilling fucking. I craved a final mental-state-altering climax.

Tired, we slowed down and talked and kissed like lovers should do and that little romance turned me on even more. I spoke about how the taboo of sex with a man had always excited me and how I had wanted to explore my sexuality. I confessed that my desire of giving and receiving anal play from women had led me to seek out a hot, juicy cock but that I hadn’t known what to do with a man.

Now I was confessing that gay sex was so fucking pleasing and that I felt no shame in lusting after men and wanting to take from and provide sexual pleasure to men. Gay sex was far more erotic and far better than I had imagined, I had learned to better appreciate the male body and to better understand my own as a result.

Intimacy between our minds was established and honesty too as we lay down beside each other. We unhurriedly caressed our naked bodies and revealed something of our souls and emotions with tender words. You turned so I could spoon you, hold you from behind as lovers do. Amorously, you started to slowly and sensuously grind your sexy buttocks back into my hips. My cock swelled and hardened as I held you tight and kissed your neck and licked sweat from the nape.

Aroused with now uncontainable g├╝venilir casino lust, I eased my engorged cock into your willing arse once again. We fucked hypnotically then powerfully while I whispered fantasies of wanting to see you suck cock as I fuck you, wanting to share cock while I fuck you, wanting to be fucked as I fuck you.

I remember grasping your wrists and dominating you with my thrusts that produced glorious grunts and moans of pleasure. You met my need for orgasm by pushing back into me and demanding I shoot my load deep inside and breed you.

The explosion of cum was mighty, I bucked and roared and disconnected from this realm to float in an ocean of voluptuous bliss. The sensations were as intense and as satisfying as with any female lover I had given myself over to.

I wanted to tell you I loved you. I loved you because I was as ecstatic and fulfilled as I had ever been and because of the passion and spirit I felt from your touch and words.

I felt no shame or conflict in our love making, I was proud to be a lover of men. I kept my cock inside you, nestling up tight against your satiated body. Time passed and I slipped away from your heat, but we remained entwined talking and kissing until we had to move to allow blood to circulate.

Of course, I didn’t tell you I loved you. You have your man to go home to and I have my female lovers. If asked, I would deny love, I would probably say I was intoxicated by the feelings you aroused in me. Yet when I try to recapture that feeling, I think I gland that same intoxication. I mean, I think of you and I pine for you, I want you here. Is that love or lust?

What is true is that you have shown me the pleasure and joy of sex with men; it comes as natural to me now as that of having sex with women. It’s hot, horny, dirty, thrilling, sensual and beautiful.

My only regret was that we couldn’t spend that last night being even more intimate. I want your lips on mine again, your fingers and teeth raking my nipples, your precum making me slick and sticky with your man lust for me. I desire your tongue licking from my shaft to my hole and opening me up to being taken deep inside.

I wish to be with you in a room that is fragrant with male cum and testosterone. And I want you to be exhausted but slaked with sex, passion and intimacy as we fall to sleep. I want to wake up next to you, shower, fuck and walk out the door with you and kiss you passionately with love before we go our separate ways to work.

How about it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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