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Come Dance with Me

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My name is Robert but everyone calls me Bob. My wife died a couple of years ago in an automobile accident. Since that time I have been pretty much on my own. My wife and I had been really close. We were child hood sweethearts and married soon after we graduated from High School. We had a really good life together. We had one son, Rob, which was now in his early twenties and married to a wonderful woman, Linda.

We had been fortunate that the boat business I had started turned out to be very successful. After the first couple of years money was never a problem and we traveled a lot. Together we had seen and done all that we wanted to do. Our first sex was with each other and until she died she was still my only one. I am sure that it was the same for her. We learned together and sex became a very important part of our life. It was good and not many days went by without us having sex.

After I loss her I pretty much just with drew from the social world. Even the friends we had finally quit asking me to parties and outings that we normally were always attending. I had loss my will to exist. About the only ones that still came around were Rob and Linda.

Rob was a nice young man that had never given us a minute of trouble. He was over six feet tall with dark hair and eyes. Even now he and I still look a lot alike except at 40 years old I had a little gray starting to show through the black.

Linda was his high school girl friend and they had married after they finished college. She had always been a favorite of my wife and I. Linda was tall at 5 feet 10 inches and she had a beautiful figure. Her hair was long and dark, her legs were the type that made a man think about having them wrapped around him during a moment of passion. Her breasts were at once her crowning beauty and her down fall. She was an excellent dancer that could have danced professionally except her breasts were over developed for a ballerina. What was a distraction for a ballerina was a joy to every man that saw her.

As much as I had loved my wife I still felt a tinge of jealousy that Rob had such beautiful breasts at his beck and command. Just because I had never been with another women didn’t mean that I was immune to the touch of her breasts against me when she kissed me hello are good bye.

After Jo died I left the running of the boat business to Rob. I would only go by the office a couple times a week. He was smart and the business was doing as good or better than before. I stayed away more and more. Linda and Rob tried to get me interested in other things but the grief I felt just would not let me enjoy life.

Two years had passed and one morning I woke up and realized that I had loss touch with nearly all my old friends. That day I made up my mind to start my life over. I didn’t need another job as the money was still coming in from the business. I thought about dating again but it was hard after all the years of spending my time with only one woman.

I had a couple of dates that didn’t turn out to good. Women had changed since I had first married. The ones I went out with made it known that they would love to spend the rest of the night in my bed. This was something of a shock since I was use to women that didn’t make a move unless the man did first. And never on the first date. After turning them down I no longer saw much of them.

When I told Rob and Linda what happened they just laughed at me. Linda said, “Dad, times have changed since you were dating.”

“I’m only 40, how did it change so fast?”

“You just need to get out more. It want take long before you will be chasing them instead of them chasing you.”

“I’m not sure I want to chase them. It has been a long time since I chased a woman.”

Linda said, “I’m sure you will get use to it quick. You are still a handsome man that women would loved being seen with.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence but I still think I am a few years behind. The other night when we went out dancing I didn’t know any of the new dances. I ended up watching from the side line as another man danced with my date.”

“Why that will be easy to fix, I will teach you the dances.” Linda was a dance teacher in her own studio.

“Now wouldn’t I look good out there in the middle of all those little girls in their Tu Tu?

“You can come after they leave and I will teach you to dance. They will never know why you are there.”

Rob said, “that is a good idea. Linda is a good teacher and it would give you something to look forward too.”

They finally talked me into giving it a try. The next Monday afternoon found me standing in the doorway watching Linda as she taught a dance step to one of her students. I knew that she was a beautiful woman but watching her as she moved around was a sight to see. The tights she wore showed ever curve of her body. Her breasts were high and firm and I had trouble taking my eyes away from her body and not stare. The thoughts I was having should not have been the thoughts of a father-in-law.

The students finally left and I was alone with Şişli Escort her. Just watching her had my cock starting to get hard. I couldn’t remember the last time I had even felt the desire for a woman. We sat down and drink a coke while she rested a while before she turned on the stereo and put on some slow dance music. She motioned for me to stand and join her on the floor.

“It has been a long time since I have danced. Even back then I wasn’t very good. That is the reason Jo and I never did much dancing.”

“Don’t worry I can teach you.” She held out her arms and I moved to her. I put one hand at her waist and held her hand with the other. Her other hand was resting on my shoulder. We moved a few steps across the floor with us at arm length from each other. It wasn’t very graceful and she stopped.

“Is this the way you held Jo when you danced?”

“Yes. No. What do you mean?”

“Did you always keep so much distance between the two of you?”

“No, but.”

“No buts, hold me closer. You have to feel your partners body and move together as one.” She moved closer until I could feel her body touching mine. Her arm went from my shoulder to around my neck. She brought my other hand around her waist and then took my hand in hers and moved it between our bodies. I could feel the swell of her breast against the back of my hand. I knew that she could feel it but she didn’t make any move to move it away. It caused my cock to stair again in my pants. This I knew she could feel and it embarrassed me to be getting in this condition with my daughter-in-law.

I tried to pull back but she stopped me. The music was still playing when she stopped moving but didn’t pull back. She looked up into my eyes and I could see she was smiling. My face turned red, as I knew my cock was getting harder every moment we stood together.

“I see you are like your son in more ways than one.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” I tried to pull away but she moved with me.

“Don’t be sorry. I take it as a compliment. Most men have the same reaction when they dance. Rob is ever worst than you. Just relax and let our bodies move together. I like to know I have that kind of affect on you.” She squeezed my hand and started moving to the music. At first I was stiff and clumsy, but as we moved I soon begin to relax and let my body move with hers.

Dance after dance we moved across the floor. Some of what I remembered from my younger years came back. My cock had finally grown use to her body and no longer trying to press a hole through her tights. Her body felt as light as a feather as we danced across the floor. We danced as one with our bodies connected together. She felt wonderful in my arms.

Later she taught me some of the newer moves and finally ballroom dancing. An hour went by and it seemed like only a few seconds. I knew that she had to get home and I finally called it quits. “I know you need to get home. I could just keep on but I know you have been dancing all day.”

“Will you come back tomorrow? The students leave earlier than they did today and we can go over other steps.”

“Yes, that is if you want to take the time with an old guy like me.”

Her answer brought red to my face once again. “You didn’t feel so old to me.” Both of us knew what she was talking about.

The next day I found myself trying to hurry the time so I could be back at her studio once again. The lessons started much like the day before with the same results. It wasn’t quite as embarrassing for me as the first time it happened. This time she didn’t make any comments at all. She just let her body fit closer to me until once again my cock softened a little. To say it went down and stayed would not be the truth. It had its moments and she didn’t let on.

We danced several different dances with her stopping to show me different moves. None of the dances were as good as the ones when I could hold her close in my arms. She seemed to like those as much as I did. She was a sexy lady and the close dancing even brought her nipples hard against my chest. I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the dancing.

All week we danced each afternoon. By the end of the week I have to say that I had got pretty good at it. Compared to Linda I was just a beginner. She knew every step and move and showed me ways to do others. Each day I could hardly wait to get to the studio and hated to see the day end.

That weekend I had a dinner date with a lady who was visiting one of Jo’s old friends. She needed another male to make the setting even at her table. The lady was about my age and very attractive. It wasn’t hard at all to be her date for the night.

After dinner that night the band started up and I asked her to dance. Jo’s friend look shocked that I would even try to dance. Jean was a good dancer and we danced several dances before returning to the table. Jo’s friend asked, “When did you learn to dance like that?”

“Just something my daughter-in-law taught me.”

I really had a good time with Jean that night. Being Şişli Escort Bayan the same age we related pretty good to the same things. I believe I could have taken her to bed that night but the first date thing kept popping up in my mind. If it were meant to be then it would happen sooner or later. Jean was going to be back visiting again in six weeks. I asked her to go out with me when she was back in town. She accepted.

The next night Linda and Rob asked me over for lunch and dinner. Their home was out in the country and very private. For lunch we had sandwiches around the pool and grilled steaks for dinner. I enjoyed my time with them. I especially like the way Linda looked in the swimsuit she had on. It wasn’t one of those g-strings types but it left a lot of bare skin and showed off her body to perfection. She was very easy on the eyes.

Rob asked how our dance lessons were going? “You better ask Linda. She could tell you better that I can.”

“It is coming along fine. Another couple of weeks and he will be ready to turn pro.”

I said, “Don’t know about that but I did have a date last night that enjoyed the dancing.” I was shocked to see an expression cross Linda’s face that looked like jealousy. She quickly covered up and the talk turned to something else.

The rest of the evening I felt a little strained. By the time the steaks were ready the mood had change back to more of the good feelings from earlier in the day. We ended up on a more positive note.

Monday afternoon I was back at the studio early. I watched again as she worked the young girls. Even with them Linda moved gracefully across the floor. Again the thought came to me, what it would feel like to have that graceful body move beneath me while my cock was deep in her cunt.

The girls left and Linda took time to rest again before we started to dance. “Linda, I would like to ask you something.”


“Yesterday when I told you and Rob about dancing with Jean I got a feeling you didn’t like it.”

Her face turned red. “I’m sorry, but for a moment I was jealous. I know it’s silly but I had the idea that you were my dance partner.”

“I know something about how you feel. I feel the same way when I see you with Rob. I know you are his wife and nothing you have said or done indicates any difference. Still I feel a little jealous when I see him touch you. Father-in-laws are not suppose to feel that way about their daughter-in-laws.”

She started the music and I held out my arms to her and she moved to me. We danced together the better part of an hour. We went from one type dance to another. We were a perfect match. In the short time I had been dancing with her I had really become a better dancer. Her body molded itself to mine as we moved about the floor.

He loved the fill of her body against his. His cock still grew hard when she moved against him and her tits were hard as they pressed against his chest. He could feel her nipples, as they became hard. Just as she could feel all of him touching her stomach and his leg as it made contact with her cunt as he spun her during the turns. She knew he was letting her feel him on purpose but didn’t make any move to stop him.

When the dancing was over she led him back to the table. As they drink a coke she said, “you have really become a good dancer, and I was wondering if you would like to be my partner in a dance contest?”

“What contest?”

“There is a ball room dance contest down on the coast in two weeks. If you would like we could practice and enter it. Rob, you and I could go down and stay the night. The dance is Saturday night and we could go down that morning and come back the next day. The top five couples qualify for the finals the next month. The winner of that one will be hired for a movie that is to be made down there next year.”

“I can’t dance that good. Why don’t you just take Rob?”

“Rob doesn’t dance nearly as good as you and he just doesn’t want to dance in front of all those people. I can teach you a lot in the next two weeks. Maybe enough to make the semi finals and that would give us time to get ready for the finals. Even if we don’t make it would be fun to try.”

I let her talk me into it. Even Rob thought we might have a chance. He took care of all the arrangements while Linda and I spent every spare moment practicing. Hour after hour we took out turns across the floor. Even if we didn’t win, it was worth it to hold her in my arms that much. It was heaven to hold the beautiful young wife in my arms. I could have spent even more time with her if she had not had to teach her students. I welcomed every moment we were together. I realized that I had fallen in love with her; my own daughter-in-law.

Saturday morning we were all set to go and they had a problem at the plant. Rob had to go in and take care of the trouble. He called back an hour later and told us to go with out him. It would be to late by the time he finished to make it to the contest. Linda and I drove down in about four hours.

We had time Escort Şişli to check in at the hotel and get dressed for the dance. Rob has reserved two separate rooms but they had connecting doors they could be opened and go from room to room without having to go through the hall.

I opened her door and helped her in with her luggage and then went to my room. I had just started unpacking when she knocked on the connecting door. I opened my side and she was standing there. “Could we just leave the doors open? I don’t want to be over here alone.”

“Sure, that will be fine with me.” I could tell that she was really excited about the contest. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me but if she wanted to be in it I was all for it. “Don’t be so nervous. We will do alright.”

She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me close to her. “I know but I just want to do good. Thanks for coming with me.” Then she kissed me. Not just pecks on the cheek, but a full mouth to mouth kiss. I don’t think she realized what she had done for a second. Then she broke the kiss. She blushed as she released her arms from my neck. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Don’t be sorry, I really liked that. You can do it anytime you like.” She turned away blushing and went to her bathroom to dress. I went back into my room still thinking how warm and soft her lips had been on mine. I hoped it would happen again.

The dance consisted of several rounds. After each round they would eliminate five couples. Our first round wasn’t very good because we were nervous. Luckily so were several others. We made it to the next round.

The second round we were starting to loosen up and it went better than the first. Linda was starting to move like she did when we were alone. Again we made the next round.

Each round went by and we were starting to move together as one. Even I knew we were doing a pretty good job. Linda was now melting into my arms and each turn we moved as one. Her body was now molded to me as close as two people could be and still be dressed.

Finally we had made it to the next to the last round. If we could move on we would qualify for the championship the next month. We watched as the dancers in front of us went through their routine. They were all good. When our time finally came we were both nervous. I said, “If we don’t relax we want make it through this round.”

“I know but the butter flies are really in my stomach.”

I leaned down and kissed her lips. I let my tongue touch her lips and she opened her mouth to me. It was the first real kiss between us. I broke the kiss and met her eye to eye. I grinned, “Now does that relax you?”

“No, but it gives me something else to think about.”

I let her onto the floor. She came into my arms as if that was where she belonged. The dance was over before we realized it. We had made the final cut.

The last round was coming up. All five couples that danced in the final round knew that they had qualified for the championship. We danced again like we had the dance before. We came in second. You would have thought we had won the championship. Linda threw her arms around me and kissed me again. I finally had to break the kiss. All the others were watching. Linda turned red again when they all laughed at her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and back toward the hotel.

We went into her room since the door between them was open. She was still jumping around with excitement. I had to laugh at her as she just couldn’t be still and just kept talking about the dance and the finals the next month. She was already talking about the changes we could make with that much time to practice.

She finally slowed down long enough to call home and tell Rob how we came out. He was happy to hear we would move up. Mainly because Linda was so trilled.

While she was on the phone I had ordered a bottle of champagne from room service. It came while she was still talking to Rob. I poured us both a glass and sat down in a recliner to sip my drink and watch her face as she described each dance to Rob.

When she hung up the phone she came over to me and I handed her the drink. She surprised me by setting down in my lap and leaning back against my chest. As we sipped our drinks I could feel my cock getting hard under her and knew that she was going to be able to feel it herself in just a moment.

She turned and took my glass from me and leaned over and sat both of them on the table. “Thanks for the kiss. It really took my mind off the dance and made me relax.”

`”I can assure you that it was all my pleasure.”

“It wasn’t all yours.” She leaned forward and our lips met again. This time no one was watching and I let my tongue push into her open mouth to be met by her thrusting tongue. My arms went around her and turned her to me. She didn’t resist at all as I pulled her sexy body close to me. I could feel her tits pressing my chest as she returned my kiss.

Soon the kiss grew with more and more passion. My hands were starting to stray over her beautiful body. No thought was given to Rob by then. My fingers came down and covered the material over her breasts. My hand was full of the firm flesh that I had so long admired. She made no attempt to stop me. She only let out a soft moan that I could feel through her kiss.

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